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A bi-weekly podcast on topics that challenges existing paradigms or stereotypes - unconventional ideas for a better world!

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A bi-weekly podcast on topics that challenges existing paradigms or stereotypes - unconventional ideas for a better world!

Connect with us: www.spilltheteapods.com

    #37 Wrapping Up the Year

    #37 Wrapping Up the Year

    Reflecting on 2023 in our latest episode!  

    From unforgettable experiences to must-read books and game-changing purchases, we're wrapping up the year with some reflections. Tune in to hear some of our favorite moments, the book that left a lasting impact, and one small purchase that made a world of difference.

    Cheers to a year of growth, learning, and unforgettable stories!  

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    #36 Reimagining Agriculture | Ray Poh

    #36 Reimagining Agriculture | Ray Poh

    Do you need to have a background in farming to be a farmer?

    Not exactly as we get to know Mr. Ray Poh's journey from running his family owned casino business to now growing crops in his vertical farms. A will to contribute to the environment and a passion for technology led Ray start this journey in 2018 and it is uncanny how a 8 member team focusses on crops 40% faster while strategizing to expand the volume of total produce.

    With this innovative and unconventional technique, Artisan Green grows crops in stacked layers, using significantly less soil, water, and pesticides. This initiative is significantly contributing to Singapore's 2030 green plans of 30 by 30 , i.e, 30% of agriculture products grown within the country by 2030.

    • 19 min
    #35 Just Dabao it lah! | Srikanth Katikala

    #35 Just Dabao it lah! | Srikanth Katikala

    Will you not consume a disproportionate cookie? If you get access to that at a discounted price? 

    In this episode, we explore an unconventional strategy to help individuals and businesses control food waste. We discuss the impact of food waste on the environment and economy and share Just Dabao’s unique business model that helps restaurants, bakeries and groceries to provide their customers a platform to consume their produce at competitive prices. 

    [1:15] The big impact of this initiative is providing a platform for minimizing carbon footprint (approx. 2.5 kg of carbon emission with every order) while still eating healthy at a discounted price

    [5.40] How Just Dabao helps businesses and connect partners

    [7.11] The rise of on-demand food delivery platform and its impacts

    [14:45] The biggest business challenge in this innovative business is "awareness" that surplus food is just as good as regular food. How does Sri and his team overcome that?

    [16.23] What's next for Sri?

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    #34 Food for Thought | Nayantara Bagla

    #34 Food for Thought | Nayantara Bagla

    Whether planet or gut, choice of food influence both. Tune in to these fresh perspectives with Functional Nutrition Coach, Chef and full-time Dog mom of two rescued indies, Nayantara Bagla.

    Key Facts:

    [2:25] What is Epigenetics and how does our diet become a critical factor to consider?

    [6:30] The plunge into full-time Functional Nutrition Coach - a larger purpose in life which is looking at the longevity of the planet and humans

    [7:30] Personal transformation story of growing as a "healthy" kid from living a sedentary corporate lifestyle to PCOS medications to finally discovering a real "healthy" lifestyle - physically and mentally

    [13:00] How we grow food and what we eat (as a conventional habit) is associated with the impact we are making on our planet as well as our own health. We discuss why food with better nutrients are expensive and the challenges of living in the capitalist economy

    [19:00] Dietary habits and the impacts on carbon footprint. Is plant-based diet truly sustainable? Nayantara shares her perspective and the hidden truth behind lab-grown mock meat

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    #33 In your wardrobe or landfills? I Suzy & Sarah of Kloth Circularity

    #33 In your wardrobe or landfills? I Suzy & Sarah of Kloth Circularity

    The textile and garment sector accounts for a significant proportion of global carbon emissions. We met Suzy and Sarah - Social entrepreneurs and Founders of Kloth Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. who are college friends and both encountered the innovation or the initiative of turning plastic bottles into textiles. That's where the story began back in 2013.

    Key Facts:

    [3:00] Kloth Cares the parent brand's mission is to keep fabric and plastic out of landfills and oceans and with its multiple sister brands 

    [5.50] The birth of Kloth Cares and how it has evolved throughout the years

    [12:00] It all starts with rethinking how we buy clothes and, most importantly, how we reject them. Do we really want that one-time occasion wear? We discuss about: reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle, it all starts with rethinking!

    [20:00] Thrifting in the clothing industry or fast fashion is a big cause and that is a result of rapid urbanization over the last decade. Is it truly sustainable?

    [23:40] Overcoming eco-anxiety and sharing our experience on our personal journey

    [44:00] Guess how many KG of fabric Sarah and Suzy has collected? We talk more about the numbers and Kloth cares new mission

    [44.30] What is next for Kloth cares? Manufacturing technology, research & development and many more to reach their vision of zero fabric waste in landfills

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    #32 Movement that Matters I Licypriya Kangujam

    #32 Movement that Matters I Licypriya Kangujam

    There is no age to join a movement (bringing changes in lifestyle) that will be the reason for our existence!

    Key Facts:

    [1:50] Born in the beautiful North-Eastern state of Manipur, Licypriya grew up in Odisha. In consecutive years 2018 & 19, she tells us that her home was hit by destructive cyclones, and that's when her family had to move to New Delhi. From cyclone hit to massive polluted air in Delhi, that was Licypriya's formative years which in turn inspired her 

    [2:40] The Child Movement initiative is motivated by the voices of children from around the world asking world leaders to take action - from paper to the real doings!

    [4:30] Heatwaves in parts of India and the adjoining sub-content recently were deadly in the last 100 years. One of the root causes of heatwaves according to Licypriya is the rising emissions causing overall global warming.

    [6:20] Massive tree plantation, reviving of forests that vanished due to deforestation, reducing carbon emissions by cutting down on fossil fuels, and replacing those with clean energy if we want to avoid further damage.

    [8:30] At home, we need to ACT (besides just relying on governments and industries). Licypriya has a word of advice for all children out there - CHILDREN MUST TELL THE PARENTS :

    a. To use bicycles for shorter distances
    b. To use public transport whenever possible
    c. To STOP using single-use plastic products
    d. To indulge in a family activity of planting trees

    [10:30] Responsibility lies with every nation, however when it comes to climate adversity, developing and poor nations are at the receiving end - most times! 

    [16:15] Licypriya strongly feels that world leaders are listening more and doing less when it comes to climate emergencies. By the way, peaceful activism or enthusiasm of our children outside of their studies and playtimes isn't a very easy thing to manage

    The least we can do as mindful adults is to recheck our habits - what we buy, what we consume, how we travel, and overall how do we contribute to our mother earth. The only time we are left with is NOW!

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