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Ssippin' Science follows science stories and conversations shared at the Oxford Science Cafe, Oxford MS

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Ssippin' Science follows science stories and conversations shared at the Oxford Science Cafe, Oxford MS

    Archaeology: Our Teeth Tell Tales!

    Archaeology: Our Teeth Tell Tales!

    Archaeologists reconstruct the past in multiple ways, using novel scientific techniques, historic records, oral traditions, and artifacts. Lexi O’Donnell and Carolyn Freiwald talk about their research on ancient migration in northern New Mexico and today’s Mexico City 800 years ago using the biological and chemical differences in human teeth. Who were migrants in Tlalnepantla, Mexico?  What happened to the Gallina people in northern New Mexico when their homes were abandoned? Dental morphology and isotopic analysis are key forensic techniques that answer questions posed by historical records and oral traditions.

    Edit: At 5:30, there do exist other stone towers in the Southwest, but outside the region where this research was conducted.

    • 25 min
    Mars 2020: Shades Beyond Red

    Mars 2020: Shades Beyond Red

    In the build-up to the launch of Perseverance: the Mars 2020 rover, we talk with Dr. Janice Bishop, Chair of the Astrobiology group at the SETI Institute. Her research involves using spectroscopy to shine a light (of multiple wavelengths) on the molecular structure of different minerals found on Mars. Listen to how Perseverance is going to be instrumental in expanding this avenue of research and enjoy stories about how the rover landing site was selected.

    Read more about the mission and Dr. Janice's research:



    • 18 min
    Earth Day Special

    Earth Day Special

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day, we invite a panel of experts to have a broad conversation around global environmental issues, implications of the present coronavirus situation and how it ties with local issues in Mississippi regarding sustainability, the well-being of the river ecosystem and raising awareness to protect public health and the environment.

    The panel features:

    Lindsey Abernathy, Associate Director of the UM Office of Sustainability and Chair, UM Green Fund Committee

    Dr. Cliff Ochs, Professor, UM Department of Biology and instructor for the UM climate change class

    Dr. Ann Fisher-Wirth, Professor, UM Department of English and Director of the Environmental Studies minor

    Lydia Koltai, Leader, Oxford chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby and an herbalist, permaculture gardener, and homesteader

    • 42 min
    Quarantine Skies

    Quarantine Skies

    As we spend our time locked up inside in the midst of a pandemic, gazing at the beautiful night sky outside can offer a bit of solace. Astronomer Dr. Maria Weber (Delta State University) takes us on a tour of the springtime skies and points out exciting celestial objects to look out for.

    Some resources to help you get started:

    * Starwalk 2: Augmented reality smartphone app. https://www.vitotechnology.com/star-walk-2-guide-sky-night-day.html

    * Stellarium web: Planetarium in your web browser! https://stellarium-web.org/

    • 17 min
    Silence of the Crickets

    Silence of the Crickets

    Spring is here, the crickets are chirping.  In 2004, they suddenly fell silent on an island in Hawaii.

    Dr. Susan Balenger (University of Mississippi) tells us why.

    As told at the November '19 Oxford Science Cafe.

    • 7 min

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4 Ratings

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