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A podcast covering everything about the most important subject you'll ever study, yourself. Real people, real conversations, discussing the real things that matter. Tune in for your weekly dose of introspection. Please send all inquiries to coaching@nicobarraza.com

Starve the Ego Feed the Soul Nico Barraza

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A podcast covering everything about the most important subject you'll ever study, yourself. Real people, real conversations, discussing the real things that matter. Tune in for your weekly dose of introspection. Please send all inquiries to coaching@nicobarraza.com

    The Uncovering with Mark Groves

    The Uncovering with Mark Groves

    As stated in the intro of the show I'm offering 40% off throughout the month of May for a 4-pack of one on one coaching sessions. Head over to www.nicobarraza.com to learn more and book.

    This week's guest doesn't need an introduction but I'm going to give him one anyways, Mark Groves has built a following with his straight to the point self-help and relationship advice. Starting the Mark Groves Podcast and @CreateTheLove years ago where he has engaged with some of the brightest minds in the understanding of self, love, life, and purpose.

    Today, Mark is a human connection specialist, speaker, writer, motivator, creator, connector and collaborator. All. The. Things. As a bridge between the academic and the human, Mark invites people to explore the good, bad, downright ugly, and beautiful sides of connection.
    As he puts it: “My brain and heart are home to a lot of relationship nerding-out. Here’s the deepest truth I (currently) know: I’m not here to eff around on this planet during this lifetime. I don’t want to ‘kinda’ do things. I am here to rock the boat. I’m here to share my truth.”
    Mark’s purpose? Empowering individuals to step into their power, transform the way they relate to themselves and others, and create authentic change – for a life + love they’ll look back on with a resounding “f*ck yes.”

    Learn more and connect with Mark via his websites https://markgroves.com/  https://createthelove.com/

    You can tune into the Mark Groves Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts and follow him on social media @CreateTheLove. He is also a co-founder of the Mine'd app which you can learn more about on Instagram @doyoumined

    I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mark. Until next week!

    Nico Barraza

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Freedom From Ego Through Gratitude with Jamie Anderson

    Freedom From Ego Through Gratitude with Jamie Anderson

    If you are interested in the 40% discount for a 4-pack of one on one coaching sessions head over to www.nicobarraza.com to inquire more or book your sessions. 

    This week's guest is one of the most decorated snowboarders in the history of the sport. Jamie Anderson won the gold medal in the inaugural Women's Slopestyle Even at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and repeated winning another gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, making her the first female snowboarder to win more than one Olympic gold medal. Including her performances at the Winter X Games Jamie has won 25 total medals: eighteen gold, five silver, and two bronze. All of these accolades make Jamie Anderson a force to be reckoned with in the world of snowboarding, however what caught my eye about her is her perspective around living life in harmony with one's Soul vs one's Ego. 

    Jamie has been featured in a host of articles and print media around her blend of spirituality, yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness and how these practices have not only influenced her athletic performance, but also her life in general. 

    Jamie has a calm and compassionate demeanor. Her warmth and smile exude an invitation to ask questions and learn more. If you weren't a snowboarding aficionado, chances are you would connect with her because of her kindness and have no clue she has won 25 medals between the Olympics and Winter X Games. This is by far the most impressive stat in Jamie's accomplishments throughout her career, is the person she has built through the work she has done and the awareness she brings to the conversation outside of her dominance in the sport she competes in.

    It was a breath of fresh air to talk to such an accomplished athlete who is also an ambassador for sustainability, mindful living, and treating oneself and others kindly. 

    To learn more about Jamie please head over to her website https://www.jamieandersonsnow.com/

    Also, to learn more about Jamie's foundation and to donate please go here 

    Articles featuring Jamie that are applicable to our conversation:




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    Science & Spirituality with Dr. Lisa Miller

    Science & Spirituality with Dr. Lisa Miller

    I'm offering 40% off for a 4-pack of one on one coaching sessions for the month of May. To inquire more go to www.nicobarraza.com

    This week's guess is Dr. Lisa Miller. An NYT Bestselling Author.

    Dr. Lisa Miller is perhaps the world’s foremost expert in the relative study of psychology and spirituality. Dr. Miller is Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she founded and currently directs the Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute, to innovate, disseminate, and train healers in foundationally spiritual treatments. Dr. Miller solo-edited the Oxford University Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality (2012) and has published over seventy articles and chapters on spirituality in mental health and wellness. She has acted as Principle Investigator on several million dollars-worth of grants from corporate and family foundations as well as the National Institutes of Mental Health.

    You can purchase Dr. Miller's books (The Awakened Brain) & (The Spiritual Child)  and find out more about her research and work here https://www.lisamillerphd.com/

    Her TedTalk on Depression and Spirituality can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c5t6FkvUG0

    Connect with her on Instagram at @Dr.LisaMiller 

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    Awakening of Self with Zack Alexander

    Awakening of Self with Zack Alexander

    Don't forget to use the 10% off code to the Starve the Ego Feed the Soul Store "FEEDTHESOUL" by going to the shop and entering the code at checkout https://nico-barraza.myshopify.com/

    Interested in working with me one on one? I'm currently offering 10% off purchasing a 4-pack of one on one sessions as an individual or couple. Head over to www.nicobarraza.com to learn more.

    This week's guest is Shadow Work and Men's Coach Zack Alexander. Known for his no-nonsense approach to spirituality, plant medicine, and shadow work. Zack has an incredible personal story that he shares a bit about with all of us. 

    You can connect with Zack on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zackalexander___/?hl=en and find the rest of his links there.

    It was a great conversation and I hope you all enjoy it!

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    Sex, Shame, & Pleasure with Dr. Tara

    Sex, Shame, & Pleasure with Dr. Tara

    Work with me one on one! I work with individuals, couples, and athletes of all ages. Head over to www.nicobarraza.com to inquire more and book a session.

    This week's guest is sex, love, and relationship coach Dr. Tara. Dr. Tara has a PhD in Human Communication and considers herself a practitioner of new-age sex education. She is a wealth of knowledge around sex and sexual intimacy in relationships. 

    This is an X rated episode :) but worth your while for so many reasons! No matter your gender or sexual orientation, you will walk away with some great tips on sex, pleasure, and healthy sexual communication.

    You can connect with Dr. Tara through the links below


    Her podcast can be listened to here https://www.luvbites.co/luvbitesbydrtarapodcast

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Building Better Relationships (Solo Episode)

    Building Better Relationships (Solo Episode)

    Today is the last day to register for my Build Better Relationships Course at the $70 discounted price. Click this link to read more and sign-up! https://www.nicobarraza.com/bbr

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

Tsegedelic ,

Inspiring, educational, real, and relatable!

This podcast offers a very relatable and real perspective on topics that affect everyone. Nico highlights issues such as self awareness, spirituality, science, relationships, and mental health that have affected his friends and communities around the world. He is unique in that he delivers his messaging in a very bold and unscripted way. He is not afraid to push the envelope and break the stigma around these discussions. For instance, he applies his own background as a professional athlete and being raised by a single mother, and relates it to those who endure loneliness, depression, and loss. You definitely want this podcast in your weekly lineup!

Nico Barraza ,


Is an understatement. Cannot say it enough, I think you all are really going to enjoy these conversations! I hope you find meaning and take aways embedded within the realness. 🙏🏽♥️

MrsCC2013 ,

Keeping it Real

I stumbled upon Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul; not intentionally but perhaps the universe knowing that I needed this podcast in my life. There is such quality and genuine content within Nico’s podcasts and interviews. One word that I would say makes his podcasts unique is “perspective” and I’ve recently discovered that perspective is one of my personal core values. I can absolutely appreciate the effort that Nico has put into this show. While I haven’t had the privilege to listen to all of his episodes yet, I am working on it daily and it gives me something to look forward to. Thank you NB!

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