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As a digital fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, Story + Rain uncovers the emerging trends and tastemakers that matter right now, as told to by the visionaries who set these moments in motion. On this podcast, through candid conversations with our community of cultural arbiters, we provide a resource to discover today's most interesting people, projects, and products, as well as a platform to explore the global references and origins that led to game-changing ideas and careers. By unearthing unexpected juxtapositions, we act as a catalyst for creativity. There's magic in the mix.

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As a digital fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, Story + Rain uncovers the emerging trends and tastemakers that matter right now, as told to by the visionaries who set these moments in motion. On this podcast, through candid conversations with our community of cultural arbiters, we provide a resource to discover today's most interesting people, projects, and products, as well as a platform to explore the global references and origins that led to game-changing ideas and careers. By unearthing unexpected juxtapositions, we act as a catalyst for creativity. There's magic in the mix.

    Ep 92. Justin Hartley: Award-Winning Actor, Producer, + Director

    Ep 92. Justin Hartley: Award-Winning Actor, Producer, + Director

    In the works for a while, this week with excitement we launch our debut men’s issue, and with the perfect cover subject, Justin Hartley. Millions of viewers have fallen in love with the actor and the character he’s played since 2016 on NBC’s This Is Us, in its final season. A season much anticipated---and at the same time, dreaded---by fans far and wide, simply because of its imminent end; fans who can’t get enough of the multigenerational family drama with complex and palpably human storylines that span decades.  We can’t tell you how great it’s been to get to know Justin on our cover shoot and in conversation. His passion for his work, the arts, and life, is contagious, and you’ll catch all of that here on episode 92 of Story + Rain Talks.  We loved hearing about Justin pre-This Is Us, about his views on acting, and his life as a former soap star. We talk all about being a part of iconic television, how he’ll choose what’s next, and his relationships with cast and crew, including director Ken Olin with whom he's also working on upcoming The Never Game, the series he’s producing, and where he gets to get physical as an action star. A departure from his current role, but one that fits him well. Not a stretch, right? And there’s more. We discuss comedy, playing a stripper, and working on the upcoming Netflix film, Senior Year, alongside Rebel Wilson and Alicia Silverstone. On the topic of directing, we go in depth with Justin about his technique as a director, and about directing upcoming episodes this season along with This Is US co-stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. We chat about the moment in his career when people started taking him seriously, and the time he wrote a 50 million dollar episode for Smallville. Justin explains how others inspire him, how he figured out how to grow as an actor, and the speech he listens to, to get going every single morning. We get personal. We talk about his love of love, his understanding of women, and the importance of friends and family. Of course we talk all things Kevin Pearson, and how This Is Us has impacted Justin’s friends and fans, alike. It’s a treat to hear Justin give his beloved character even more life by sharing the nuance and detail for how he views and has created him, along with what to expect from Kevin Pearson as the series comes to a close.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for this true talent. Listen to the entire conversation and discover more Justin Hartley and some of the things he loves, here:
    This Is UsRevel SpiritsJustin Hartley's #Obsixed Obsessions:
    Nespresso Vertuo

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    Ep 91. Danielle LaPorte: Writer, Teacher, Pillar in Self Help + Wellness

    Ep 91. Danielle LaPorte: Writer, Teacher, Pillar in Self Help + Wellness

    We open 2022 with such a good one. Episode 91 of Story + Rain Talks brings you Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of The Heart Centered Membership---discussed here on the podcast---and she’s of course the author of The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, and White Hot Truth. Her own podcast, With Love, Danielle ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 for wellness with over 1 million downloads. On the podcast, we open with a question based on a quote from Danielle about the lines between work and life being blurred, an interesting and timely concept to consider. A pioneer and pillar in wellness and self help, we talk about Danielle’s innate go-getter attitude, if deadlines freak her out, and the common thread she’s seeing in the people she connects with in her membership community and at large. We talk about her serious expertise in creating a strong brand. Speaking of brands, we discuss her full circle moment and experience with the Oprah brand, which is where Story + Rain founder, Tamara, was first acquainted with Danielle, when she was looking to feature the book that she co-authored, Style Statement, in Oprah Magazine. Well that business fell apart, Danielle flew solo, and it changed the course of her life; Danielle shares all the details here. Danielle says these are the times for collaboration. We discuss how she chooses people to work with, how she hires a team, people who are red flags, The Tolerance Trap. We discuss more on entrepreneurship, motherhood and leaving room for imperfection and building community, how she wants people to meditate and how she can see disruptions coming. We talk about the practice of "reflective living;" living a reflective life and not a reactive one, also the subject of her next highly anticipated book.  We loved talking to Danielle about her creative process, how she collects and hones ideas, and burning notebooks in ritual. We get into social media, its pros and cons, and how it contributes to what she calls “unease.” There's a conversation around mental illness and how more content needs to be about the SOLUTION. Then there's Danielle’s #obsixed list, filled with great tips, items, and tools for kicking off this year with health and high vibes, that you can discover and shop here:
    DanielleLaPorte.comHeart Centered Full-Year MembershipHeart Centered Monthly MembershipGuided Meditation Bundle: The Complete Healing CollectionDaily Ritual Deck BundleRelationship Nourishment + Releasing: Guided Reflections BundleAttunements: The Virtues Class SeriesThe Fire Starter Sessions Audio CourseWhite Hot Truth: Digital BundleStyle StatementDaily undiluted oregano essential oilDaily vitamin DOne drop of liquid melatonin for sleep

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    Ep 90. Lea Michele: Actor, Singer + Story + Rain Contributing Wellness Editor

    Ep 90. Lea Michele: Actor, Singer + Story + Rain Contributing Wellness Editor

    Our final podcast of 2021 is the perfect treat. We caught up with actor, singer, and Story + Rain wellness contributor Lea Michele, to cover it all during the end of what she calls “her intense year of growth, reflection, and softening”. We discuss how she’s recently relocated back to the east coast, and how being in the New York City area is helping her in motherhood---a topic she is deeply passionate about---and also the unspoken loneliness in motherhood. Then, we talk New York versus LA, and the cherished wellness circle she found on the west coast. Lea gets candid about the extreme blessing it’s been to have worked so much, but how it's also taken its toll. On this podcast, Lea explains that this year she’s felt the most herself she’s ever felt in her entire life. Of course we talk theater, theater prep, all things Spring Awakening, including its recent revival, and her special friendships there. In fact, we talk in great detail about the many relationships Lea’s had with creative friends and collaborators, and the flip side that exists. As you listen to episode 90, you’ll be a fly on the wall as Lea’s asked for fashion advice during this very recording, you'll hear her thoughts on the nostalgia trend in entertainment, and what it was like learning to be professional at such a young age.  Lea shares the important life lesson she’s learned about perfectionism and not forgetting to connect with those around her. And then there's Glee. Lea explains how working on Glee was like being in the Olympics, and the specific story behind meeting Ryan Murphy for the first time. She dishes about how she was so nervous to shoot with Ashton Kutcher in an elevator for the movie New Year’s Eve, kissing him in Times Square in front of a ton of people, and how he convinced her to join Twitter. We talk in depth about how she manages her relationship with and presence on social media, and before we end our chat, Lea fills us in on the wellness practices she’s focusing on during the winter. We’re excited to share that at the top of 2022, Lea will be back on Story + Rain with her column: Beauty Body Baby. We’ll also be bringing you two of her exclusive recipes in our Recipe Box. Lea shares the back story for her amazing new lullaby album, and the #obsixed items she’s currently obsessed with, including the pieces that make up her current chic go-to look. This is a joyous chat filled with good stories, great insights, lots of positivity and hope--- the best conversation to wrap up the year with. And for you incredibly lovely and devoted Lea fans whom we talk about on this podcast, this one’s especially for you. We’d love to hear from you, so be sure to rate and review. Episode 90 features one of our favorite people, a wellness warrior, our guest editor, and one of the world’s most beautiful voices and talented performers. Discover + shop Lea Michele here:
    Apple AirPodsOrganic Italian Red WineNatural Epsom SaltCozy Earth Bamboo SheetsOnce Upon A Farm Organic Snack PouchAnine Bing Leather PantWatch Lea in Glee, Scream Queens, + New Year's Eve Listen to Lea's albums: Forever, Christmas in The City, Places + LouderHear her on the Broadway musical Spring Awakening's album

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    Ep 89. Deborah Hanekamp Mama Medicine: Healer + Author

    Ep 89. Deborah Hanekamp Mama Medicine: Healer + Author

    The story of healer Deborah Hanekamp is both inspiring and miraculous.

    Profoundly affected by the experiences of two powerful water rituals in her life---her baptism, and during a moment while studying plant healing---have led her to what she calls her artistic medium, her beautiful and unique healing modality: ritual baths. Another source of inspiration is travel, and it’s part of what's contributed to her richly colorful life. She loves putting herself through intense culture shock and seeing what connects us all. On episode 89, Mama Medicine, as Deborah is called, talks about her treasured time in Thailand and life-altering days in the Amazon. But it’s been her willingness to find the good in difficult experiences that has not only carried her through life but propelled her higher, and towards her life’s work. At age 17 she was working four jobs and found herself living on her own. When she was told she had a tumor in her ovary that would prevent her from having children, she refused to accept it, and embarked upon a deep dive into becoming her own healer. Forever led by the strong sense that she had no option to ever give up, today Deborah helps others see the bigger picture in life through her medicine readings, and is a guiding conduit of healing through her signature ritual baths. On this podcast, we discuss her gorgeous book of the same name, and we talk about how, at age 12, she recalled talking to friends about the auras of color she sees around people and around certain inanimate objects, including the Statue Of Liberty! Mama Medicine’s mission is to encourage and empower people to become their own healers, like she, by seeing their own auras, and creating mindset shifts. You’ll also listen to a discussion on the commonality she’s seeing in people these days; how we’re taking accountability, and looking to go deeper. We touch on the pandemic, and how grief can be a spiritual activator while providing a wider view of the world.  We get into the specifics of color aura, and how she sees rainbow color, for example, around her celebrity clients. Deborah shares how she accesses her most creative self, her journal ritual, her love of writing, and her desire for how writing will play a role in her future. We talk charlatans, motherhood, religion, and how her interest in and view of psychedelics and plant medicine (a big topic these days) has changed. A powerful and thoughtful soul, and a beauty from the inside out, discover and shop more Mama Medicine here:
    MamaMedicine.com Follow @MamaMedicine on Instagram Shop the Mama Luna Ritual Bath Collection designed for Mama Medicine's "Be Your Own Skin Healer" Course

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    Ep 88. Chloe Fineman: Actor, SNL + Story + Rain Cover Star

    Ep 88. Chloe Fineman: Actor, SNL + Story + Rain Cover Star

    Story + Rain cover star Chloe Fineman is gifted. Achieving viral popularity and success in both comedy and drama, the Saturday Night Live Breakout star is the whole package. With memorable roles on Search Party, Apple TV+'s Dickinson, and Zoë Kravitz’s series adaptation of the film High Fidelity, up ahead for Fineman are roles in the film version of the book White Noise adapted by critically acclaimed Writer-Director Noah Baumbach. She’s also a part of the mega all-star cast of the film Babylon, and we’ll wait anxiously to see her rock the role of the wedding planner in the latest remake of Father Of The Bride, co-starring Andy Garcia. Chloe grabbed inspiration for the film’s ever-memorable roles of planner-flanked-by-assistant, based on a combo of Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods and design assistants from the popular series, The Home Edit. This season Chloe returned for her third season of Saturday Night Live, where she’s made a serious impression. Literally. Britney Spears; Drew Barrymore; Timothée Chalamet---are amongst the characters she nails, with just that perfect bit of extra flair. On this podcast we talk to the Berkeley native about her “quintessential bohemian hippie doodle”---as she calls it---artistic upbringing, her training at Tisch and Stella Adler, how her time at Upright Citizens Brigade and Groundlings prepared her for SNL, and what weekly prep for the show is really like. We discuss collaborating with the SNL's exciting hosts, how she gets her best ideas, how social media has contributed to her career, and her funniest friends. We talk comedy versus drama, and how she favors an intertwining of the two. We got the details behind her upcoming film roles, past appearances on a few popular series, and her creative process. Listen to this conversation with the smart, funny, and talented modern master mimic we love to watch, with so very much ahead of her. We love Chloe’s great taste and looked forward to hearing about her current obsessions, that you can discover and shop here:
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    Ep 87. Patricia Field: Entrepreneur, Stylist, Costume Designer + Consultant, Art Fashion Gallerist

    Ep 87. Patricia Field: Entrepreneur, Stylist, Costume Designer + Consultant, Art Fashion Gallerist

    Patricia Field is a visionary in fashion with legendary status. The entrepreneur, stylist, costume designer, consultant, and Art Fashion gallerist has made an indelible mark on style. Between 1966 and 2016, the style-conscious flocked to her one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty retail store that was something of a New York City landmark. And then there’s Sex And The City. Fashion was changed forever when Pat paired ballet tutus with tank tops, and curated covet-worthy shoes and handbags for the show’s stars like delicious candy. As years went by, fans couldn’t get enough of the style she served up, devouring her decadent costumes just as much, if not more---than the smash hit series’ weekly plotlines. Pat has taught the world to embrace the mix and match and embrace vintage. She’s taught people to find their fashion in an array of out-of-the-box places, and she’s taught us how to accessorize, all by making on-screen magic with her eclectic, high-low, savvy style. Ugly Betty; The Devil Wears Prada; Emily In Paris and more---we just can’t get enough of her courageous costumes that both honor creative expression and create trends. On this podcast, Tamara sits down with her fellow native New Yorker to talk the cyclical nature of fashion, and New York and fashion across the decades, including the club scene---for which Patricia Field has had a front row seat. She shares the incredible story of her start, and how she bloomed because of blouses. We of course talk all the details behind her legendary boutique, and the ins and outs of her eclectic life and style that celebrates diversity. We discuss what it's like to have the shared experience of being both a retailer and a costumer. We get granular discussing her biggest projects: Sex And The City, Emily In Paris… and she dishes about Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty. We get into cultural appropriation, her latest projects and a lot more. Tamara first interviewed Pat when she was a fashion editor at Cosmo, reporting in the early days on Sex And The City style. Our Story + Rain Talks podcast series would never be complete without picking up where we left off with Patricia Field those many years ago. Enjoy this in depth conversation with the lady whose legacy has changed and continues to change fashion in such a significant way.

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4.7 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

ely3769 ,

Justin Hartley

I so truly enjoyed listening! Such a great podcast!
Tamara, fantastic job!

PPDittee ,

The stars aligned

Tamara Rappa has a sixth sense in finding the culture stars we all need to know. She introduces the newest talents and reminds us/ schools us on those who paved the road and highlights their innovation. Bravo!!

Morgz G ,

Episode 48: Dove Cameron

I definitely enjoyed the conversation. Not many celebrities or influencers take the time to show their authentic self to their fans. The questions asked really got me thinking along with Dove. I definitely connected with Dove when she was expressing how she felt she was being “looked at not seen”. I, as a teen, feel the same way, I don’t feel as though people have a complete understanding of who I am and how my mind works, lol, and just hearing that being said by another human being not just a celebrity made me feel that it’s ok to feel that way. Dove mentioned she emotionally removed herself from her family and I see that within myself. We also share the same viewpoints of women and their body and sexuality, even though I’m not fully in touch with myself yet I still share those beliefs with Dove. Overall this podcast was really fun, informational, and made me feel I was apart of the conversation as well. Great job!

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