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As a digital fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, Story + Rain uncovers the emerging trends and tastemakers that matter right now, as told to by the visionaries who set these moments in motion. On this podcast, through candid conversations with our community of cultural arbiters, we provide a resource to discover today's most interesting people, projects, and products, as well as a platform to explore the global references and origins that led to game-changing ideas and careers. By unearthing unexpected juxtapositions, we act as a catalyst for creativity. There's magic in the mix.

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As a digital fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, Story + Rain uncovers the emerging trends and tastemakers that matter right now, as told to by the visionaries who set these moments in motion. On this podcast, through candid conversations with our community of cultural arbiters, we provide a resource to discover today's most interesting people, projects, and products, as well as a platform to explore the global references and origins that led to game-changing ideas and careers. By unearthing unexpected juxtapositions, we act as a catalyst for creativity. There's magic in the mix.

    Beth Kushnick: Set Decorator

    Beth Kushnick: Set Decorator

    Meet the set decorator whose rooms you’ve fallen in love with for years. With over 35 years in the industry under her belt, Beth Kushnick diligently deals in the details with expert precision. Transforming blank slates into authentic spaces that can reveal an entire life in seconds, Kushnick did that and then some when she spent seven seasons as decorator for CBS’s huge hit, The Good Wife. Her work generated so much viewer interest that she was able to collaborate to create the first home décor license in television history with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and eventually created her own label, BAK Home, using her expertise to make the aspirational look she’s known for, attainable to customers. “Being fiscally responsible is maybe the biggest part of my creativity” Beth explains on our 146th episode, and she shares specifics around the thrill of when it all comes together. Many a client have counted themselves lucky to have the out-of-the-box thinker and deadline-driven design vet work on their homes; and on the podcast we discuss the differences between building a set and furnishing for real life. We run through her robust resume, going behind the scenes on Howard Stern’s famous biopic, Private Parts, to how she created upper crust culture for Reversal Of Fortune starring award-winning Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close, as well as many more projects. We talk Kushnick’s intimate connection to the city of New York and how its spaces and places have evolved, her greatest influences and mentors, being the best when it comes to budget, and the ardent advice she bestows upon the listeners of her podcast. We rake through recent work, from how Beth served up the supernatural for Patrick Wilson’s Insidious: The Red Door to how she applied authenticity to Yvette Lee Bowser’s Run The World, and when she worked on Katie Holmes’ Rare Objects. We go back to her start in theater, and on the iconic and original Little Shop Of Horrors. Then there’s the author she turns to when it comes to her craft, what’s world-class when it comes to wallpaper, and some for her favorite Amazon finds. Come along for this close look into the life of an artist who creates the vivid visuals we savor on screen. Our conversations continue as Story + Rain Talks to most talented most interesting, Beth Kushnick. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:

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    Insidious: The Red Door on Prime Video

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    The Good Wife on Prime Video

    The Good Fight on Prime Video

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    Private Parts on Bluray

    Art Is Life by Jerry Saltz

    How To Be An Artist by Jerry Saltz

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    Paolo Nieddu: Costume Designer + Stylist

    Paolo Nieddu: Costume Designer + Stylist

    This week we release our conversation with costume designer and stylist, Paolo Nieddu. Best known for the impact he made working on the hit series fabulously filled his colorful costumes---Lee Daniel’s Empire, we dish about details from the set: from key moments and how he dressed Taraji, to little-known secrets and the BTS nitty-gritty of how a stylist organizes and works with wardrobe. Paolo’s latest work can be seen on CBS’s smash The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah, the action series where the fashion is as fierce as its episode plot lines. On the podcast Paolo shares what he does to create the show’s eclectic style and exactly how he conceives of each character’s look----and we’ll be publishing that into a story you can shop on StoryAndRain.com. Then there’s an intimate deep-dive discussion about the magazine industry, being a fashion assistant and intern, and what it’s like to work at Interview. Paolo and our founder Tamara share the unique experience of having gotten their start at Andy Warhol’s iconic publication. Paolo traces back to his first days in New York and working at fellow Story + Rain Talks podcast guest Patricia Field’s legendary boutique, and how he first caught the style icon’s eye. He takes us on his career journey that begins with assisting Pat on a DKNY fashion show, to then working on a Sex And The City film, Confessions Of A Shopoholic, The Other Woman, and more. He talks working with Story + Rain cover star Andra Day on the award-winning Billie Holiday film, shares his take on what makes for a successful fashion assistant, how he researches and preps his projects, how he describes his signature aesthetic, being all about accessories, what he’s watching, collecting, and more. Our conversations with creatives continue as Story + Rain Talks to Paolo Nieddu. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:

    The Equalizer on Paramount+  

    Lee Daniels' Empire, season 1 

    Lee Daniels' Empire, season 2 

    Lee Daniels' Empire, season 3  

    Lee Daniels' Empire, season 4  

    Lee Daniels' Empire, season 5  

    United States v Billie Holiday  

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    Jenny Mollen: NYT Bestselling Author + Podcast Host

    Jenny Mollen: NYT Bestselling Author + Podcast Host

    We’re excited about all the newness from one of our favorite writers and podcast hosts, (and reluctant actor), Jenny Mollen. She’s launching her new podcast, All The Fails, and added a new Substack, The Best Friend Experience. On this week’s episode we discuss everything we love about the one-of-a-kind Substack she shares with Diablo Cody, Can I Ask You A Personal Question? and get into all the details behind her can’t-put-it-down bestselling book, City Of Likes. We get Jenny’s take on the state of social media, and she gets specific about how it’s affected her own life. And it’s not surprising how funny she is when we ask her what it takes to find a following, and about the “vicious cycle” of her voice. We cut right into the openness and honesty at the core of her work, and its origin, and talk about the time when she was rallied to become a writer. Jenny shares what it takes to get the big ideas, the book she’s planning next,  and when to share and be vulnerable, and when to zip it. We discuss her book, Dictator Lunches, how she became The Lunch Lady, and what it’s like cooking in the kitchen with her husband Jason (involves lots of 90’s tunes). Pardon the cliché, but Jenny’s a girl’s-girl, so we ask her what she looks for in a friend and she talks about the kind of women who inspire her. We chat about Chelsea Handler, Jenny’s dear friend and our May 2021cover star, talk where to live, the best salad, seeking out seed oils, and dish about a designer’s dinner party. We’re gonna be honest, there was so much chatting, we had to cut things up and edit things out…talk about a best friend experience. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to Jenny Mollen. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:

    All The Fails podcast

    Jenny Mollen on Substack

    Jenny Mollen + Diablo Cody on Substack

    City Of Likes by Jenny Mollen

    Shop vintage + donate @theshirtsoffmyback

    Dictator Lunches by Jenny Mollen

    Live Fast Die Hot by Jenny Mollen

    I Like You Just The Way I Am by Jenny Mollen

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    Tyler Ellis: Creative Director + CEO Of Tyler Ellis

    Tyler Ellis: Creative Director + CEO Of Tyler Ellis

    The red carpet has one thing in common these days, and that’s Tyler Ellis. The daughter of iconic fashion designer Perry Ellis seems to be fulfilling her destiny by taking Hollywood by storm and with the expansion of her luxury handbag line. On this week’s podcast, we sit down with Ellis, raised in LA by her TV writer and executive mother, her famous father tragically dying in under two years after her birth, to talk the trajectory of the brand she’s proudly built. Tyler shares the major message she received, loud and clear, from the one and only Michael Kors, when and why she felt ready to take on her last name professionally, and the importance in understanding every aspect of business. You’ll hear Tyler’s perspective on the Perry Ellis legacy and learn more about the incredible story behind her birth and brand logo. We get into the intricate attention to detail found in every Tyler Ellis handbag and meanings behind it all, what she aims to deliver in her designs, and talk seasonless sensibility. Tyler shares details around the momentous moment when she purchased her own factory outside of Florence and embracing life as an “Italiano”. Tyler shares what it’s like to compete with other luxury brands, takes us behind the scenes in loaning her line to all those famous faces, and she explains nitty gritty behind exactly how a handbag hits the red carpet. We talk the art of the handbag and working with artisans, the importance in choosing brand partners that feel special and who understand her brand, charity work and life with balance, what six things she’s most into these days, and when it comes to carrying her bags, which celebrity poses positively perfectly. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to Tyler Ellis. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:

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    Cleo Wade: Poet, Author, Activist, + Story + Rain Cover Star

    Cleo Wade: Poet, Author, Activist, + Story + Rain Cover Star

    On our latest Story + Rain Talks podcast, our cover star, Cleo Wade, details the freedom that comes with being a poet. She’s someone who has always had a notebook with her, or napkins she’d write on, napkins with notes she’d often share with friends. Releasing two long-awaited books within one year, Cleo shares how she came to birth her November 2023 release, Remember Love. Feeling moved to write for this moment in time, the author and activist tells us she was interested in the ways in which we can claim and reclaim ourselves to live at a pace that she describes as deeply human, and NOT at the speed of wifi. We discuss her May-release children’s book, May You Love And Be Loved, and how the most important thing she aims to convey in her books for children is that we raise a generation of kids that asks them to go see the world and to know that “we’re all in this together”.  Along with a discussion about her artist parents and first intro to poetry, the New Orleans native says she was raised in part by the city itself, a place where its bon vivant inhabitants work in order to pay their bills, so that they can go to Mardi Gras. On the episode, Cleo describes her dedication New Orleans’ really specific way of living, a way of living she follows everywhere. We get into friendship, and how it has been the “gold” of her life. We talk about the importance in not living in idea-phase, about what work in the world of fashion has taught her, why her husband has been a huge source of inspiration. We tapped Cleo for her some valuable thoughts on social media and what her role on her platforms has been. We discuss favorite things, how to be a friend to yourself, and much more.

    Discover more + Shop The Podcast:

    May You Love and Be Loved: Wishes For Your Life by Cleo Wade

    Remember Love: Words for Tender Times by Cleo Wade 

    What the Road Said by Cleo Wade

    Heart Talk: The Journal by Cleo Wade

    Where to Begin by Cleo Wade

    Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

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    Captain Sandy Yawn: Superyacht Captain + Star Of Below Deck Mediterranean

    Captain Sandy Yawn: Superyacht Captain + Star Of Below Deck Mediterranean

    This week we're talking to the superyacht captain with 33 years of experience who became a public figure in a flash when she began starring in Bravo's beloved Below Deck, the series that's famously found fans far and wide. We sit down with Sandy Yawn to talk about how she is creative in her work, and how she's built a stellar career on the sea. We discuss her early story and what led her to sobriety, and how the before and after of getting sober has contributed to her success. Sandy shares so many stories---from the biggest moments in her career, to behind the scenes on the series and with her crew, and we discuss production, whom Sandy sees as the client, when she's filming. She shares what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, and we ask her about her relationship with the vessel: the huge piece of intricate machinery that she is the boss of. Known for her nurturing, Sandy breaks down the hallmarks of an excellent leader, talks setting boundaries, resilience, her management style, and more. We talk bucket-list travel, and how she finds a sense of place in a life on the move. Sandy gets candid, 8 years in, about whether she was prepared for turning the cameras on and into her professional life, and the oversharing that the cameras beg for. This week's podcast gives you a look into Sandy's joy-filled heart, a peek into her plans for a new home, what her wedding will look like, and the boat she's eyeing for herself. We chat about why she wakes up each day filled with positive energy, but not before getting her to explain exactly how she does it: balancing being kind and generous and empathetic with commanding such respect. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain talks to Captain Sandy Yawn. Discover more:

    Captain Sandy Yawn

    Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo

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4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

meek-love11 ,


Huge fan of the podcast! The episode with Dallas was awesome. A true creative. Looking forward to hearing her speak more! Y’all keep up the good work!

theycallheresquire ,

Dallas Shaw

I love a show that highlights stories of strong women absolutely crushing barriers in their industries! Dallas Shaw is truly inspirational. Would recommend this episode and the entire podcast for those who want to hear real stories from the most influential people in the industry!

ely3769 ,

Justin Hartley

I so truly enjoyed listening! Such a great podcast!
Tamara, fantastic job!

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