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Style and Give is an online community focused on shopping sustainably through the resale of Luxury Items ~ clothing, accessories and more. We are a community that not only cares about the planet through repurposing and reselling items to be consumer conscious but while doing so, thoughtfully gives back to charities in need.

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Style and Give is an online community focused on shopping sustainably through the resale of Luxury Items ~ clothing, accessories and more. We are a community that not only cares about the planet through repurposing and reselling items to be consumer conscious but while doing so, thoughtfully gives back to charities in need.

    Accessories Today 💛 [Episode 20]

    Accessories Today 💛 [Episode 20]

    This week we are talking about accessories and how they can change your look. We also dive into a discussion about the array of accessories, where to get a deal, and more…

    What are the Many Types of Accessories 
    What Accessories could I be missing in my closet or jewelry box?
    Where to Shop for Accessories
    How to Change Your Fashion Look Using Specific Accessories
    The Best Accessories in 2023


    What are the Many Types of Accessories:

    Handbags (Clutch, Shoulder Bags, Crossbodys, Satchels, Backpacks, Wristlets, Belt Bags, Handle Bags, Tote Bags)
    Shoes (Sneaker, Flats, Flip Flops, Clogs, Wedges, Mules, Hels, Sandals, Kitten Heels Pumps, Booties, Boots)
    Jewelry (Earrings, Bangles and Bracelets, Necklaces, Body Chains, Anklets), 
    Hats (Beanies, Wide Brimmed, Cowboy, Baseball)
    Hair accessories (Headbands, Hair Clips, Hair Pins)
    Belts (Beaded, Classic, Thick, Waist Cinching, Decorative,  Elasticized, Western and Chain-Link)
    Eyewear (Glasses and Sunglasses)
    Scarves and Bandanas 
    Umbrella (Get a bold color or just stick to a simple black, navy  or dark green)
    Nails - Is this considered an accessory?
    Perfume - Hmmm is this an accessory?

    What could I be missing in my closet or jewelry box?

    Do you own a pair of gold or silver hoops (in different sizes)
    A pair of pearl earrings
    A pair of diamond studs
    A pair of huggies (hoops that hug ears)
    Several statement earrings
    A statement ring
    A cocktail ring
    Stackable Rings
    Classic Watch - I recommend a Cartier Tank or Preloved 
    If you only wear your Apple Watch - Think of Changing up the Bands for a different look 
    A Bolo - Bolo’s are big this year
    Black Belt
    Brown Belt
    Beaded Belt
    Chain-Link Belt
    Belts with Silver Detail and Belts with Gold Detail
    Snakeskin Belts
    Western Belt 

    Where to Shop for Accessories

    Your local Resale Shops, Goodwill, Estate Sales & Garage Sales
    Online (Etsy, TRR, Current Boutique…etc)
    Try Beni - Their site helps you find anything secondhand - Shop your favorite sites & Beni will show you the best resale listings that match what you're shopping for. Owners - Sarah Pinner(CEO/Co-Founder) and Celine Mol CTO/CO-Founder - Beni was born in 2021 when a broke student trying to find something cute to wear to a wedding was frustrated by the number of secondhand sites she had to search through. Today, it's a must-have shopping tool for thousands of people looking to save money and feel good about their purchases. Check it out at JoinBeni.com

    How to Change Your Fashion Look Using Specific Accessories

    Add Statement Jewelry 
    Add a Bold Sandal, Heel, Pump or Boot
    Add a Sculptural Art Piece such as a Belt, Jewelry or Shoe
    Layer Your Jewelry
    Add a Hair Accessory
    Add Color (Bright Handbag or Shoe)
    Put on a Statement Belt (One with Color, Design, Texture or Unique Belt Buckle) 
    Try Nail Art or Do you Nails - This adds to any outfit 
    Grab a Scarf and Wrap Around your Handbag or Tote Bag

    The Best Accessories in 2023

    Supersize Bags - Large Tote Bags in Raffia or Bold Colors 
    The Ballet Flat
    Stiletto Heels 

    The Rosette Detail (Around Neck, Waist or Worn in Hair or on Shirt or Garment)
    Sheer, Leather, Cropped, Fingerless or Elbow Gloves
    Raffia Totes & Sun Hats
    Sculptural Heels
    Oval Framed Sunglasses

    Article from WHO WHAT WEAR - 6 Major Accessory Trends You'll Want to Bookmark in 2023 by MAXINE EGGENBERGER

    Article From Vogue We Asked Buyers to Predict Summer’s Bestseller Accessories—Here’s What Made the Cut BY ALEXIS BENNETT


    Reminder if you need to get styled, need a closet edit or just want to go shopping check please check out teracoughlinstyling.com and for your circular fashion needs please check out styleandgive.com 

    So follow on instagram and tiktok @styleandgive

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    Swim Fashion - Episode 19

    Swim Fashion - Episode 19

    This week we are talking about what is trending in swimsuit designs. We also dive in to discuss cover-up ideas you might not have considered wearing.

    Join us as we share….

    Swimsuits in 2023/ Styles, Cuts & Colors
    Amazing Swimsuit Brands
    What Cut is Best for What Body Shapes

    Swimsuits in 2023/ Styles, Cuts & Colors 

    Swimsuits in 2023 are smaller than ever. Bottoms are cheekier, triangle tops have shrunken down to minute proportions, and underboob seems to have become an inevitability. If you are not going for the itty bitty string bikini, there are ways to update your swimwear wardrobe by incorporating prints and design details.
    Long Sleeve Swimsuits - Sheer Sleeves, Cutouts & Bright Colors 
    Athletic Swimwear - Super Sporty, Asymmetrical Straps, Lots of Color Blocking. In 2023, athletic bikinis offer full-coverage tops and bottoms while still incorporating a detailed cutout.
    Metal Accents & Ring Bikinis - (Thank you Julia Fox) - 
    Sequined Swimwear - We are seeing sequins on Bikinis and One-Pieces.
    Shimmer Swimwear  - It’s all about the texture and how it glistens in the pool - Think Bold Colors, Lime Green, Coral, Reds & Oranges…or go for a Sparkle Black Suit.
    Mermaid Style Swimsuits -  Scallop-Edge Bikini tops, themed prints, and mermaid scale-inspired textures that go between a  metallic and a  shimmer. (Think Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Nail Trend)
    Color Blocking - Used across the Board in every Swimsuit Style this Season. Could find more Subtle Color - such as Light Corals, Browns, Nudes, White and Black.
    Vintage Silhouettes - Silky Fabrics, Ribbon Closures, Bows and Ruffles - Softer Romantic Sexiness
    High-Waisted One Pieces & Bikinis - Supposedly have more Coverage in the stomach area pulling that waist in
    Bralette (think Lingerie inspired) Swimsuits - Bra-like styles like Demi, Balconette and Super Deep Plunge Cuts.
    Off The Shoulder Swimsuits - Think Bandeau, V Neck, Square or Sweetheart Necklines - Add Bows at Shoulders…even Draped Design Detail at Arms.


    Swimsuit Brands

    La DoubleJ
    Hunza G
    Frankies Bikinis 
    Skims Swim
    Monica Hansen
    Mara Hoffman 
    Tropic of C
    Jade Swim
    Vix Paula Hermanny
    Vitamin A
    Monday Swimwear
    Cin Cin
    Karla Colletto
    Lisa Marie Fernandez
    Maygel Coronel
    Louisa Ballou 
    Cover Swim
    Aqua by Aqua Bendita (Obsessed)
    Heidi Merrick 

    Vogue’s 2023 Article on Top Swimsuit Brands:  26 Need-to-Know Swimsuit Brands to Shop Now by Alexis Bennett


    What Cut is Best for What Body Shapes

    Know Thy Measurements - Shoulders, Torso, Bust, Waist & Hips
    Pear Body Shape - Highlights your bust or chest area, Flatters your lower body curves, Pick a suit that accentuates your waistline/torso
    Inverted Triangle Shape - You want to Draw attention to the neckline or hips, Pick Bottoms that have big details Accents
    Apple Body Shape - Plunging Neckline make sure to Accentuate the neckline, Gathered or Accent details at the waistline, A swimsuit that shows off the legs
    Athletic Body Shape -Tops with Thick Bands that Show off Shoulders, Bottoms that have side accents or details, Bold Waistband or Bold Waist Details
    Hourglass Body Shape - Supportive Bikini Tops, One-Piece Swimsuits, High Waisted Bottoms that show off Hips and Waist
    Rectangle Body Shape - Details that draw attention to the shoulders and neckline, Supportive tops that accentuate the bust, Bold waistline details such as gathered sides or asymmetrical patterns are best

    Cover-ups - Think outside the box:

    Use an oversize silk cardigan or see-through cardigan
    Seeing lots of One Pieces with Jeans creating a bodysuit and jean look (nice idea) 
    Use Ponchos - Fringe or Crocheted
    Shorts (Cut-off RE/DONE or Vintag

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    Memorial Day - Fashion Tips & Top Trends 💛 [Episode 18]

    Memorial Day - Fashion Tips & Top Trends 💛 [Episode 18]

    Memorial Day is almost here….

    What are your plans? BBQ, Family Get Together, Pool Parties, Golfing or Maybe a Trip?This Episode

    We share:

    Our plans and diving into to:

    What to Wear for your Memorial Day Weekend Events?

    What to Pack in your Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend?

    Styling Ideas using the Top Trends in 2023!

    How to Shop Your Closet?

    What are your favorite drinks, food or appetizers to bring to a Memorial Day Get Together?

    ⁠READ ALL THE Tips and Links:⁠


    Memorial Day is almost here…

    Guess I am coming over here….bahahahah! No really, I mean it:) If the weather is good..I will definitely be outside enjoying some nature.  

    Oh and and going to start self tanning NOW!

    Barbeques, Family Get Together, Pool Parties, The Lake, Golfing or Maybe a Trip?

    What to Wear for your Memorial Day Weekend Events?

    Obviously, the colors red, white & blue (even if it’s just one color you stick with) 

    Beautiful all white summer dress is my favorite pick and then add an accessory. I will usually get a silk or cotton scarf and roll it up like a choker necklace and tie it around my hair or I will wear it in my hair. Madewell has some amazing silk and cotton bandanas that are light enough to not totally make you faint when wearing in the heat. They literally saved my life when I lived in New Orleans.

    Any and all light airy dresses, striped, patterned or monochrome - Halter, Cutouts and Maxi’s are in this season.

    A long flowy skirt with a basic t-shirt and then load on the jewelry

    Basic White T-shirt dress in White - Usually very reasonable priced and you can add a red or blue sandal and loads of jewelry and look like a million bucks

    Denim Shorts with a long sleeve striped silk, linen or seer sucker button up 

    Jumpsuits….they’re your friends!

    What to Pack in your Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend?

    Sunscreen (Bahahaha) I love SuperGoop GlowScreen (Gorgeous Glow with 40 SPF)

    A Sun Hat



    Light Airy Dress

    Matching Sets


    Cover-up Options

    Day to Night Looks….Such as a dress you could add jewelry and change shoes for a nice look if needed

    Think of fabric that works well in heat - Most activities or parties are usually (for the most part) outside.

    Styling Ideas using the Top Trends in 2023!

    I mean anything oversize - Wear an oversize men’s t-shirt as a dress?  Why not?

    Cargo Pants - If cotton cargo’s aren't appealing think of doing a pair in silk or satin?

    Maxi Dresses


    Denim on Denim

    Big Bold Color - Lime Green, Magenta, Red, Yellow…and of course a bright Blue for Memorial Day!

    Anything Mini

    How to Shop Your Closet? 

    This is hard to hear but always try to shop your closet first!

    Do you own a white dress?  If not, this is a great time to pick one up because you can add color to the dress by adding accessories and a pop of color with your sandals, heels or Samba Adidas Humanrace Sneakers 

    T-Shirt Dress

    White Shorts with a White Top - Go Monochromatic and add a red shoe or red lipstick or even a belt

    Denim on Denim - Cutoffs with a Button-up and roll those sleeves up…and some killer gladiator sandals and you're done.

    Do you have a matching set?  Matching sets are now staples….pick one up they're all over TikTok and Amazon …and my personal favorite Free People…specifically I like the Tovah Set, Beach Bash Sweater Set, Take me To Paris Low Back Set, Augusta Set, The Bliss Set, The Clean Coastal Denim Set and the Rolla’s Dallas Short Suit Set 

    What are your favorite drinks, food or appetizers to bring to a Memorial Day Get Together?

    I love a watermelon salad

    I feel like a really good potato salad is a must…I prefer one made with mustard 

    I mean my favorite….wait for it…Coconut Cake - It’s light and you can decorate the top with blueberrie

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    The Met Gala 💛 [Podcast 17]

    The Met Gala 💛 [Podcast 17]

    The Met Gala 

    What is the Met Gala (Back Story)

    Theme: “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,”

    Vogue’s Latest Front Cover Suggests Specific Models will be Attending 

    Discuss This year’s Co-chairs (Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz,  Roger Federer and Dua Lipa) & Discuss the Livestream Hosts ( La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg & Chloe Fineman)

    How to Get an Invite to The Met Gala 

    Our Fashion Favorites 

    Additional Comments on the Gala

    The Met Gala!!



    What we cover in this amazing recap of the 2023 METVlog:

    What is the Met Gala (Back Story)
    Theme: “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,”
    Vogue’s Latest Front Cover Suggests Specific Models will be Attending
    Discuss This year’s Co-chairs (Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz, Roger Federer and Dua Lipa) & Discuss the Livestream Hosts ( La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg & Chloe Fineman)
    How to Get an Invite to The Met Gala
    Our Fashion Favorites

    What is the Met Gala (Back Story)

    The Met Gala is a charity fundraiser held the first Monday of May to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and to celebrate the newest fashion-related exhibition each year. It’s also the fashion world’s hottest social event, not just anyone can buy a ticket just because it’s a charity event. The guest list, since 1995, has been carefully presided over by Vogue editor Anna Wintour and her team, with only around 600 people making the list each year.Theme: “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,”A theme is chosen each year - 2023 Theme is….“Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,”A single ticket costs some $50,000 though designers may opt to buy an entire table for at least $300,000.Although it has been said that tickets can start at $35,000. The tickets seem to range in price…most likely depending on the buyer.This year’s Co-chairs (Michaela Coel,

    The Met Gala



    Vogue’s Latest Front Cover Suggests Specific Models will be Attending:

    And, the latest issue of American Vogue also signals some clues as to who will be attending. As a celebration of the Met Gala, the issue pays tribute to Karl Lagerfeld with the cover featuring 10 models he loved working with the most, who have been shot in works by 10 different designers, all been inspired by Lagerfeld. Models; Anok Yai, Shalom Harlow, Kendall Jenner, Liu Wen, Adut Akech, Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, Gigi Hadid, and Devon Aoki appear on the cover, and will therefore most likely be attending the big event. (Article by Amy De Klerk for Harper's Bazaar)

    A single ticket costs some $50,000 though designers may opt to buy an entire table for at least $300,000.

    This year’s Co-chairs (Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz,  Roger Federer and Dua Lipa) & Discuss the Livestream Hosts ( La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg & Chloe Fineman)

    This year’s co-chairs include Emmy-award winning British screenwriter and actress Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer and Dua Lipa. They will join Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who has organized the event since 1995.

    Their role consists of helping create the guest list, a menu for the evening and assisting interior designers with the decor, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (Article by Evan Nicole Brown from the Hollywood Reporter)

    The livestream will be hosted by actor and producer La La Anthony, television personality Derek Blasberg, and Saturday Night Live actress Chloe Fineman.

    ***There is no a phone and no social media policy.  However, some do post a selfie or two.

    How to Get an Invite to The Met Gala Our Fashion Favorites



    As we leave you to go take on the world - We hope this podcast has helped in some way


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    Coachella RECAP [Podcast 16] 💛

    Coachella RECAP [Podcast 16] 💛

    Coachella Music Festival

    Coachella takes place every April for 2 consecutive weekends. The first festival was in 1999. The 22nd Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place on the weekends of April 14th, 2023 and April 23rd, 2023.  It was held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA. (about 23 miles east of Palm Springs/ 127 miles out of Los Angeles.

    Tickets prices were tiered (1 thru 5) ranging from $549 to $649 - VIP tickets started at $1,069

    Celebrities, influencers and surprise performers show up yearly.  Typically…you can expect the 2nd weekend to go smoother as a whole.

    Celebrities and Influencers typically show up on the first weekend to make sure they get the first look at everything.  So for sure…influencers are always there for weekend one and The Revolve Festival which took place April 15th and April 16th.  A Lot of my favorite fashion looks went down at the Revolve Party. 

    Coachella Headliners & Top Musical Performances 

    Blondie -Debbie Harry is a legend.  She wore a sheer long sleeve top with leather vest and gray acid wash gloves that matched her acid wash pants - but the mirrored poncho that she came out in and later took off just made it for me.  I absolutely LOVED IT!

    Bad Bunny -Bad Bunny made history being the first Latin artist to headline Coachella - This gorgeous man wore a custom all-black Mugler look consisting of a leather jacket, buckle-waist pants, and a zipped hoodie with sheer corset paneling at the torso for one of his sets (my personal favorite). He also rocked an open puffer jacket and was showing a beautiful new chest tattoo, six-pack abs and diamond chains.

    Rosalía - Holy Smokes, is she fantastic or what??? YESSSSSS! Rosalía wore as custom Acne Studios, including a sheer pink robe with lace-up detailing, a black bustier top, and leather pants. Then came out with black bustier shiny leather pants and a sheer blouse much like the light pink. She rocked Rick Owens futuristic Kriester Sunglasses (one of the hottest products in 2023) Oh and if you missed Rosalía  in a white  bodysuit, shiny white sarong and white block heeled boots.  WHAT…YES!!! Here is a link to see it!

     Learn More About Rosalía and Acne Studios Campaign - Acne Studios custom made 128 pieces for her Tour that kicks off in June in Barcelona, Spain..

    Frank Ocean - I love this man. 

    Trends We Saw at Coachella 2023

    Anything sheer or see-through - Dresses, Mini Skirts, Skirts, Blouses…any garment will do!
    Baggy Jeans and Cargo Pants
    Vests (studded, leather, chained and beaded)
    Bralettes (lace, leather, shiny, satin) 
    Bralettes paired under Vests and Jackets
    Sequin Dresses and Sequins in General including barely there micro tanks
    Corsets for Corset Detail 
    Denim on Denim 
    Different Acid Wash Denim
    Plaid Ensembles 
    Wild Expressive Mini Dress Prints
    Loads of either Silver, Gold or Beaded Jewelry and layered on thick!
    Mini Shorts 
    Body Chains

    Rachel’s Favorite Coachella Looks and Fashion Highlights

    Zendaya rocked a pink corset-style top and matching frayed skirt, layered over a white tank, with black thigh-high, lace-up stiletto boots. Accessories -  large silver hoops and rings. She performed with Labrinth on the songs “I’m Tired” and “All of Us”

    Hailey Bieber wore a crisp white cropped tank top, faded oversized light-wash jeans, a black Streets Ahead belt, Mejuri earrings, a gold body chain and several layered gold necklaces. Let’s not forget the streak of yellow eyeliner and bright lime green nails. Loved it!

    Irina Shayk wore a sheer black slip dress with diagonal ruffles from Rat and Boa, plus a black choker and cross pendant rosary necklace.I also especially liked her in the Etro Skirt, Versace Top and Burberry Shoes - I had to look 3 times to make sure that it wasn’t a matching look.  Amazing way to wear patterns with similar color schemes.


    CHECK OUT MY BLOG: Uncharacteristic Patterns…LOVE THEM!...to l

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    SAVING MONEY When the Seasons Change 💛 [Episode 15]

    SAVING MONEY When the Seasons Change 💛 [Episode 15]

    On the hunt for the amazing CLOSEOUTS!

    Tips, Tools and Proven Success!

    Visit StyleandGive.com/PODCAST for all the links, details and even more to make the BEST DEAL Shopper!

    Style and Give Weekly Podcast with Rachel Kimball and Tera Coughlin … coming to you with latest fashion ideas and news, style updates, life's challenges, life’s wins, our giving hearts, a whole lot of laughter and of course ….positive vibes.So Please Hit Subscribe….

    Shopping for closeouts - How do we shop for closeouts?
    If you're not using Google Lens you're missing out - How to use/How to scour the internet?
    How to know what to look for?
    What you should be looking for based on the trends, colors and styles.
    What are Rachel and Tera currently looking for?
    Shopping for Special Occasions Early for Great Deals
    Shop Beni ( The FREE browser extension that instantly shows you the best resale listings while you shop your favorite brands online) 

    Shopping for closeouts - How does Rachel shop for closeouts?

    I scour the web…If I know what I am looking for I will take a picture of it and use Google Lens (if you're not using Google Lens You're missing out BIG TIME!

    Here is a Link to my Blog - Get the BEST price on (or find) anything - Google Lens!

    This ensures you see how the item you are looking for is priced throughout the internet 

    Know how to sort on websites?

    (if you don’t know, Here is a Link to my Blog - The Shopping Deadline )

    KEY POINTS: When I shop online, one of my best friends is the “sort” option. If the site you're using has the option to sort by size, price, color, and condition - use it. If you're looking for a specific item like a black mini dress, you will want to type that in the search bar and then start sorting by…

    Your size! (I know I always try to size down when I know I should size up).  Something to keep in mind: if you have a good tailor and see an amazing deal on a larger sized item, take it! It could be a good option turned into an amazing deal after alterations.  I then sort by price - low to high - and if given the option on a resale site, I will add the option of condition and start with the top tier of excellent, pristine, and, at times, very good.  Some sites do not have this option, so you rely on the description and system by which that site labels the condition of the items. This is important. When buying, remember to check the description or scale offered on the item you are purchasing to make sure it is the condition you're expecting and always check measurements (which means know your measurements… I know, but this will help you BIGTIME). 

     I use this sorting option even when I am not shopping resale (gasp) which is usually on bedding or homegoods. It’s an excellent option to use on all retail websites.  

    Places I am Shopping Now….

    Well Obviously…

    StyleandGive.com - We get new items daily…so please check in!


    My Top Picks on StyleandGive.com:

    Jacquemus Crop Top US 4 - $150 
    Theory Bernetta Top Size Medium - $75
    & Other Stories Diamant Sweater With Fringe Crystals XS - $45
    RE/DONE Wool Cardigan in Bright Purple Size Small - $95
    NSF X Bliss And Mischief Sweater (Distressed/Striped) Size Small - $30
    Missoni Cardigan ZigZag Bright Purple/Orange/Black Size 4 - $175
    Lucchese 2000 Cowboy Boots Black Size 6.5C - $95
    Stella McCartney Embroidered  Jeans Size US 25 - $110
    J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants (Grey - Ripped Chrome) Size 29 - $65

    Wag N Purr Shop - wagnpurrshop.org 

    100% of store profits directly benefit pets in need of critical and life-saving care. Shop at Wag N Purr Shop and help the FACE Foundation - face4pets.org

    The FACE Foundation is a charitable organization which provides financial grants to families whose pets require critical or lifesaving care.


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