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Super. Black. combs through the history of pop culture characters; seeking out awesome and terrible examples of representation for your enjoyment. Join Carl and Dan as they explore the multiverse of Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Image, Independent comics, TV, and Film for Powerful Characters of Color!

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Super. Black. combs through the history of pop culture characters; seeking out awesome and terrible examples of representation for your enjoyment. Join Carl and Dan as they explore the multiverse of Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Image, Independent comics, TV, and Film for Powerful Characters of Color!



    If I told you to name one Black X-Men character, the very first person to jump to your mind would be? Storm, obviously. But next is definitely Lucas Bishop.

    In honor of the release of X-Men ’97, I finally work up the nerve to do a Bishop episode. Between this guy and Storm, I’ve had podcast anxiety for years. TIme to saw “F’ IT! We’re doing it live!”

    X-Men ’97

    Check out the X-Men ’97 trailer, featuring the man of the hour.

    Bishop Show Notes:

    Lucas Bishop is a product of devastation and misery. Born in a dystopian future and bred to hunt his fellow mutants, Lucas eventually broke free and joined the ranks of the X-Men. Today, he is one of the most well-known and, in my opinion, underutilized X-Men characters on the roster. This episode is dedicated to the time-jumping, energy-absorbing mutant hunter known as Bishop.

    Bishop from the 90s

    Marvel.com Lucas Bishop Stats: https://www.marvel.com/characters/bishop-lucas-bishop

    Juggernaut Comparison Stats: https://www.marvel.com/characters/juggernaut-cain-marko

    Quicksilver Comparison Stats: https://www.marvel.com/characters/quicksilver/in-comics


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    Storm, Goddess of the Marvel Universe

    Storm, Goddess of the Marvel Universe

    It’s been a long time in the making, but I finally worked up the nerve to cover the weather goddess Storm. Working up the nerve to talk about Ororo Munroe has taken years. Given the status of such a character, I put so much needless pressure on myself. I ended up talking myself out of every attempt (10, to be exact). After picking up the X-Men ’97 Storm figure on a toy hunt with the family, I said, “Screw it! Time to record this freakin’ episode!” That exclamation did garner weird looks from everyone around me, but that’s irrelevant. Today marks a huge step forward for Super. Black. as we move into a post-Storm era of the podcast. A weight has been lifted!

    The Storm has come

    Feel the Storm!

    This isn’t the first time Storm appears on Super. Black. Ever winder how powerful is Storm from the X-Men? Well, we get into it! I wrote an article on her infamous line in the first X-Men movie. Not to mention the countless times I referenced how scared I was to do this episode in other Super. Black. Podcasts. I rambled for maybe 28 minutes about how cool Storm is, but what else could I do?! Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. Subscribe to the show on our YouTube channel or any other platform you like. Tell a friend or two (or seven) about the show. It’s free and kind, and I would appreciate it.

    If there are any characters you’d like this show to cover in detail, please let me know in the episode comments on YouTube or drop me a line. Thanks for listening!

    More Storm in X-Men ’97

    The new animated series X-Men ’97 is out on Disney Plus. Relive some 90s nostalgia with Storm and the crew. Also, check out some more Storm coverage outside of Supre. Black.

    * X-Men ’97’s Storm actress remembers the racist bullying that inspired her character

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    Why Do So Many Black Superheroes Have Electricity Powers?

    Why Do So Many Black Superheroes Have Electricity Powers?

    We wrote an entire piece about it, and now it’s time for the audio version. I am here to answer the question…

    Why do so many Black superheroes have electricity powers?

    Black Lightning being cool as hell: why do so many black superheroes have electricity powers?

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    Marvel’s Blade

    Marvel’s Blade

    updated December 2023

    With Arkane announcing an in-development Blade game the character regained his rightful place on the hype train. Eric Brooks, a.k.a Blade is on everyone’s mind. It’s only right that we run it back and give the Dhampir his flowers in 2023.

    We also can’t forget the new Blade actor Mahershala Ali. With all the renewed interest in the Daywalker, let’s revisit our original episode all about Blade.

    Arkane’s Marvel Blade video game trailer

    original post

    As we close out 2016, we thought it only right to put out some episodes to cap the year. Our first of 2 covers one of the more well-known black superheroes, Marvel’s Blade. Dan and I wax poetic on our experiences with the leather daddy, vampire hunter and have some fun in the new segment we call…

    The Forge rethinks Marvel’s Blade.

    After a lengthy conversation on the history of Blade in cinema and TV, Dan and Carl slide into their creative mode and brainstorm a new avenue for Eric Brooks. We take him back to his roots in England and have him chase the notorious “Jack The Ripper”. Is The Ripper a fellow Daywalker? Perhaps it is Dracula themself. I can’t even remember what we came up with. Check out Dan’s concept art below.

    Marvel’s Blade: Dead or Alive poster. Art by Daniel O’Brien

    Blade – Art by Daniel O’Brien

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    Andre Bishop

    Andre Bishop

    A new episode of Super. Black. is here. Today, we dig into the world of video games with Black leads. Ea’s Fight Night: Champion campaign features Middleweight contender turned Heavyweight champion Andre Bishop.

    Heavyweight Champion Andre Bishop

    Follow Andre Bishop on his journey of redemption

    We played the full Champion Mode over on Twitch, posted the complete video on Youtube, and came here to talk about it. A full complement of content for a game worth all the praise.

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    • 15 min
    Which TMNT am I? All of them.

    Which TMNT am I? All of them.

    I recently asked which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you are. I figured it was only right to tell you which TMNT I am. Turns out, I am pretty much all of them at different points of the day.

    TMNT and Me

    This episode of Super. Black. revolves around my love of TMNT and how their influence not only shaped who I am today, but how I closly identify with the turtle characters.

    • 20 min

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