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A podcast about How to win in life every second physically mentally spiritually financially consistently

Survival guide to life Ammaar Salih

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A podcast about How to win in life every second physically mentally spiritually financially consistently

    An Owner’s Manual for the Human Operating System

    An Owner’s Manual for the Human Operating System

    Our internal systems are complex. And with a world throwing challenges at us from every direction, now is the time to build upon your awareness of how your nervous system was programmed by your past, how unresolved memories affect your present and may influence your future.


    Glenn Cohen is a Master Neurological Life Coach with two decades of research and clinical practice that has led thousands of individuals and couples to heal their unresolved neurological wounding, growing into the highest versions of themselves. Founder of the Center for Neurological Intelligence, Cohen has authored two groundbreaking books that present his practical learnings into a step-by-step process to gain Neurological Intelligence and master your inner worlds.   Neurological Intelligence, Volume 1: An Owner’s Manual for the Human Operating System and Neurological Intelligence, Volume 2: Strategies and Tools to Heal and Grow are new and practical approaches, tapping into human consciousness to heal the human system.


    Gaining Neurological Intelligence begins with how our nervous systems are formed and programmed and why it operates on repeating patterns that often cause us to experience disconnection, pain and suffering. This begins with what Cohen calls the “Reclaiming Journey”:



    1.     Understanding our neurology or “wiring"

    2.     Identifying our cycles of suffering

    3.     Healing through changing the meanings we assigned in the past, expressing emotions, and integrating memory

    4.     Transforming our journey of life to include a compelling future and new identity. 


    As readers take these steps, they will have a better understanding of how their “inner worlds” work through the thoughts and behaviors they discover in themselves.  They will learn new tools and practice innovative techniques to gain clarity and flexibility in order to grow into the next highest version of their selves.


    With the strategies, tools and techniques presented in both volumes of Neurological Intelligence, readers will get better understanding of how their inner systems work and then begin to heal the unresolved.  Each volume has a comprehensive glossary that helps the reader define the language of Neurological Intelligence to guide them on their journey to healing.


    About the Author

    Glenn S. Cohen is a Master Neurological Life Coach and the founder of the Center for Neurological Intelligence. He has helped thousands of individuals and couples by guiding them to heal their unresolved neurological wounding and grow into the highest version of themselves. Glenn's life calling is to share his passion, knowledge, and discoveries with the world. He lives and practices in South Carolina, and you may find him at www.centerforni.com.


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    Storytelling with Thomas Wilson

    Storytelling with Thomas Wilson

    Thomas R Wilson is the proprietor of R&H Creative Advocacy and Storytelling, a storytelling enterprise. The business specializes in organizing Sensory Friendly Events for the Neuro Divergent, Mental Health, and other communities, prioritizing person-first and empathic facilitation. Thomas has admired the location and dedication to the community for many years and envisions a strong working relationship between the two businesses.

    In the realm of Neuro Diversity D&D, Thomas facilitates peer-to-peer engagement aimed at enhancing community bonds and providing a platform for individuals to share their voices. As a public speaker, he draws from his personal experiences growing up with mental illness and neurodiversity, using his narrative to advocate for these communities. Thomas has several upcoming speaking engagements on topics such as Neuro Diversity, the role of creative elements in mental health, and various Mental Health Events. One notable event is "Finding Meaning After Experiencing Loss," where he shares life-based stories using different techniques to resonate with diverse age groups.

    Thomas specializes in crafting sensory-friendly and original storytelling events suitable for all ages. He actively collaborates with charities for events that benefit underserved communities, utilizing mediums such as Dungeons and Dragons, Interactive Storytelling, and Narrative Videos. Moreover, he is in the process of developing classes on multiple platforms.

    In the realm of youth engagement, Thomas organizes sensory-friendly gaming events to connect youth with extra needs, offering them a platform to connect with peers and discover community resources. Additionally, he aids agencies and businesses in building their following within underserved communities.

    Thomas oversees Youth Peer Engagement Events, fostering active play between peers to strengthen community connections through friendships. Through World Building Groups, he imparts knowledge and mentorship to stimulate creative thought processes and peer-to-peer relationships.

    Having attended various Author Events, Thomas actively encourages community members to connect with local authors. With over 11 years of experience as an event facilitator and nearly nine years as a youth and young adult mentor, he brings a wealth of expertise. His extensive training includes certifications in HIPAA, CPR, Baseline Job Coaching (ACRE Certified), Mental Health First Aid, and Peer Specialist training.

    Operating in Colorado, Thomas collaborates with numerous organizations as a storyteller, partner, and educator. His approach at events involves telling stories in a sensory-friendly manner, catering to the needs of attendees, particularly children, with a foundation in empathy and person-first care.

    As a Professional Public Speaker, Thomas advocates for Mental Health and Neuro Diverse Communities, educating businesses, community members, and individuals on the strengths of these communities. He runs multiple collaborative events monthly, speaks at conventions across Colorado, and collaborates with local charities, such as the ongoing project on "Finding Meaning after Experiencing Loss." Thomas also shares his expertise through teaching platforms like Outschool, Skillshare, Udemy, and Khan Academy. While his qualifications extend beyond this overview, he focuses on keeping them manageable.

    The bash
    Skills are
    Out school


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    Cyber Salih GRC Specialist

    Cyber Salih GRC Specialist

    In this episode, we have a cybersecurity expert who's here to demystify the intricate world of cybersecurity and help your business navigate it with confidence. Join us in conversation with Cyber Salih, a seasoned professional with a mission to empower organizations to bolster their security posture and compliance standards.

    🛡️ Key Takeaways from the Episode:

    Cyber Salih holds a CISSP certification, demonstrating a solid grasp of security principles, risk management, and threat mitigation. Learn how this certification can benefit your organization's cybersecurity strategy.

    As a CISA Associate, Salih is well-equipped to conduct comprehensive audits and assessments of your IT systems, uncovering vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they become liabilities.

    Discover how Salih's certification as a Cyber Essentials Assessor simplifies complex compliance requirements, making it easier for your organization to enhance its security posture.

    Salih's expertise in crafting clear and concise policies, aligned with industry and regulatory standards, ensures that your organization stays compliant with ISO standards, NIST, GDPR, and more.

    Learn about Salih's proficiency in developing business continuity strategies that ensure your organization can operate seamlessly, even in the face of disruptions.

    Explore his experience in creating comprehensive incident response and disaster recovery plans, which are vital for minimizing the impact of security incidents and various crises.

    Salih's exceptional communication skills ensure that policy changes are effectively conveyed to all stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding of expectations.

    Discover how he collaborates with cross-functional teams, including senior management, to gather input and ensure policy consensus, fostering a holistic and unified approach to cybersecurity.

    Tune in to this episode to gain insights into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and to learn how Cyber Salih can help your organization stay secure and compliant.


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    Unlocking your tech potential with the Titan of tech John Barker

    Unlocking your tech potential with the Titan of tech John Barker

    In the latest episode of "Survival Guide to Life: How to Win in Life Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially Consistently," we have a captivating interview with John Barker MBA PMP CISSP, a true tech strategy guru! 🔮🚀 Tune in to hear about his journey into the world of technology strategy consulting, working across diverse industries from manufacturing to legal and medical. What are the common challenges these businesses face? John shares fascinating insights.🔍 Discover a real-world example of a complex tech strategy problem he solved for a client and the key takeaways from that experience. 🧩🌟 John's expertise spans both billionaires and startups. Learn how the tech strategy needs of these two groups differ and his invaluable advice for businesses at different stages of growth.📰 As a tech columnist for local news outlets, John explains how he makes complex tech topics accessible to all. Why is it essential for everyone to understand these concepts?🌐 Stay ahead of the curve! Find out how John keeps up with the latest tech trends and translates this knowledge into practical solutions for his clients.🤝 Collaboration and alignment are key in tech initiatives. John dives into the importance of teamwork and shared goals in successful tech strategy implementation.🛡️ Worried about cybersecurity? John shares fundamental steps businesses can take to enhance their cybersecurity and gain the trust of their clients.🤯 Busting tech myths! John talks about common misconceptions and how he addresses them with his clients.🏋‍♂️ On a personal note, John discusses his work-life balance, unwinding, and the importance of family and furry friends in a high-pressure industry.🚀 Exciting projects ahead! Find out what John is thrilled about in the world of tech strategy and cybersecurity.🚀 Calling all aspiring tech consultants! Get priceless advice from John on making a difference in the industry, especially when working with 8-figure+ businesses.


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    Fueling Aesthetic Innovation

    Fueling Aesthetic Innovation

    Our newest episode of "Survival Guide to Life" is an absolute must-listen for those who are passionate about empowerment and the aesthetics industry. Releasing This week. We had the privilege of sitting down with two phenomenal guests, Ana Delgado and Megan Smith, who are redefining the game in the world of aesthetics. 💪💄🌟 Ana Delgado: A true visionary and leader in aesthetics, Ana's journey is a testament to sustainable growth and impactful change. Her unwavering commitment to merging innovation with profound impact has left an indelible mark on the industry. Ana nurtures visionary leaders and builds cohesive teams, fostering growth and transformation among aesthetic providers and companies worldwide. 🚀🌟 Megan Smith: Megan is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to igniting aesthetic entrepreneurship. Her unbridled passion, unwavering dedication, and innovative spirit have redefined the landscape for aesthetic providers and companies across the globe. She's all about fueling exponential advancement and pushing boundaries to inspire new possibilities in the aesthetic realm. 🌏💡Together, Ana Delgado and Megan Smith represent the epitome of visionary leadership and entrepreneurial zeal. Their combined efforts have not only reshaped businesses but have also empowered countless individuals to embrace meaningful change and the future of aesthetics. 🌠Join us for an eye-opening conversation with these trailblazers and get ready to be inspired by their journeys and the impact they're making in the aesthetics industry.


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    "From Chaos to Clarity: Uncovering the Secrets of Clutter with Star Hansen."

    "From Chaos to Clarity: Uncovering the Secrets of Clutter with Star Hansen."

    Star Hansen is a Clutter Whisperer and Certified Professional Organizer. She helps successful people who feel like a hot mess to figure out why their clutter isn’t going away so they can finally clear the chaos, and live a life of freedom, joy, and peace. She’s the organizer you call when nothing else works!

    Star’s best selling book, “Why the F*#@ Am I Still Not Organized?”, has inspired countless individuals to tackle their clutter head-on and find lasting solutions. Star has been helping people clear their clutter since 2004. Her boutique organizing firm, Reveal by Star, LLC offers online courses and coaching to help people set themselves free from their clutter.

    Star created the Chaos to Calm Organizing Community in 2019 to support people from across the globe in their organizing transformations. This online community has provided a safe, healing space for people to unpack what’s hiding in their clutter and finally see progress after years of attempts.

    Star’s multi-layered approach is that of mind, body, spirit, & space. She has a knack for seeing through the chaos and into the lives & hearts of the people she works with. Her approach has been featured on OWN, TLC, HGTV, Style, A&E, and NPR. She has been a contributor to O Magazine, Woman’s Day, and Oprah.com. Star’s humorous and thought-provoking TEDx Tucson talk explores what the monsters in your closet are trying to tell you.


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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

Shannon Petrovich ,

Genuine, Compassionate, Caring

Ammaar is a deeply caring, genuine, and compassionate host and takes the conversation into meaningful places.

Tayscarps ,

Great Show! Must Listen!

Ammaar is so knowledgeable and is filled with great energy! The advice provided from episode to episode is something we all need to hear! Each guest offers something different but there is always a great message in the end!!

vh4400 ,

Amazing podcast & host!

Ammaar is kind-hearted, passionate and making huge impact with this podcast. He is a difference-maker and if you want to be inspired this is the podcast for you. Thank you for great content!

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