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Join Paul Hudson as he speaks to a range of guests from the Swift development community, asking questions from the audience and more.

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Join Paul Hudson as he speaks to a range of guests from the Swift development community, asking questions from the audience and more.

    Episode 16: Cate Huston

    Episode 16: Cate Huston

    In this episode, Paul talks to Cate Huston about tracking data, open source development, giving talks, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    Why is user privacy vital for app developers?
    How important is ethics in software engineering?
    What data should iOS apps track?
    When should you store tracking data remotely?
    How can you find a balance between analytics and ethics?
    Is there a difference between tracking and analytics?
    Should iOS developers tell users what is being tracked?
    Why measuring is better than tracking for iOS apps
    How can we track users in a privacy-conscious way?
    How does being open source help DuckDuckGo?
    Does being open source help companies build trust?
    How to balance doing the right thing and a company’s public image
    Does using open source help when hiring developers?
    How to get started with open source development
    How to encourage engineers to use open source
    Where to look for open source projects to contribute to
    How to prepare an iOS talk
    What makes a great technical talk?
    How to deal with stage fright and impostor syndrome
    What’s the benefit of attending conferences?
    Wrap up

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Episode 15: Christian Selig

    Episode 15: Christian Selig

    In this episode, Paul talks to Christian Selig about Apollo for Reddit, community input, how to improve accessibility, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What was the hardest part of making the Apollo app?

    Do you get much support from Reddit?

    What are your tips for doing great networking in apps?

    How do you keep up with Swift Evolution?

    Are you planning to use GraphQL?

    Will you try out Combine or other new APIs?

    How long did it take to make Apollo so successful? 

    How do you structure a large iOS project?

    What's your advice for someone who wants to get into iOS development?

    What inspired Apollo's designs?

    How to improve accessibility on your app

    How did you perfect your implementation of dark mode on iOS? 

    How did you design your app's themes?

    What was the inspiration for Apollo's widgets?

    When will Apollo for iPad ship for real?

    How many of Apollos's features come from its community?

    How do you track app usage while respecting user privacy?

    What's the best advertising approach for apps?

    Does being featured by Apple help get app downloads?

    How to reach out to Apple for app promotion

    Are you making enough money from Apollo?

    How to sustain revenue growth of indie apps

    How do you decide when a feature is ready to be released?

    Could Apollo go open source?

    Where is Apollo going to be in 5 years time?

    Wrap up

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 14: Jordanna Kwok

    Episode 14: Jordanna Kwok

    In this episode, Paul talks to Jordanna Kwok about the Netflix interview process, skills sets for iOS developers, moving from iOS development into management, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What made you move from being an iOS developer to a manager?
    How long did it take to stop missing coding?
    How did your team respond to expanding?
    Do you build internal iOS apps for Netflix?
    What is your approach to handling mistakes in your team?
    How to manage a remote team of developers
    What makes someone stands out amongst applications for developers?
    What specific skills sets are you looking for when hiring an iOS developer?
    Do you need to have a CS degree to work at Netflix?
    How to attract a diverse range of job applicants
    What is the Netflix interview process?
    What are the most common mistakes developers mae during job interviews?
    How important is cultural fit at Netflix?
    What is the process if a new hire doesn't do well?
    Why did Netflix move from UIWebView to UIKit?
    What took so long for Netflix to add corner radius to thumbnails?
    How much is A/B testing driving your development?
    How is the Netflix app so efficient?
    How do you keep your team up to date with tech changes?
    What drove to implement autoplay when viewing a movie detail view?
    What is your approach to supporting legacy iOS versions?
    Do you ever borrow ideas from competing apps?

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Episode 13: Ish Shabazz

    Episode 13: Ish Shabazz

    In this episode, Paul talks to Ish Shabazz about how to integrate UIKit and SwiftUI in the same application, how to succeed as an indie developer, programming with purpose, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What are the advantages of SwiftUI over UIKit?
    What should you use for new apps: SwiftUI or UIKit?
    Has SwiftUI made you want to build apps for macOS, tvOS, and watchOS
    How to integrate UIKit and SwiftUI in the same application
    What is the best process to work on an indie app?
    How to make your app stand out on the App Store
    How to get featured by Apple
    How could Apple make the App Store better for developers?
    Programming with purpose
    How to help someone get into programming
    How does curiosity apply to iOS developers?
    Do you need a CS degree to be an iOS developer?
    How to break down a huge project into manageable parts
    How to find your purpose in life
    Wrap up

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Episode 12: Mayuko Inoue

    Episode 12: Mayuko Inoue

    In this episode, Paul talks to Mayuko Inoue about the key to success, the most important skills in software engineering, tips for getting your first job in software development, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What is the key to success? 
    What are the best tools for large projects? 
    Is it important to learn new things, beyond iOS? 
    Are CS degrees really necessary? 
    Why is iOS development culture weird?
    How can we make the iOS development community more inclusive?
    What are the most important skills in software engineering?
    Tips for getting your first job in software development
    How programmers can write a great resume
    The best tools for large projects
    Is the iOS community getting more diverse?
    How to manage side gigs while having a full time job
    How can you make your side job become your main job?
    Why kindness is so important in the development community
    Does having live coding sessions make you more productive?
    Advice to start making your own video tutorials
    What’s next for Mayuko?

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Episode 11: Chris Lattner

    Episode 11: Chris Lattner

    In this episode, Paul talks to Chris Lattner about the early history of Swift, his tips for learning the language better, and his thoughts on Swift Evolution.

    Detailed topics:


    How did you start creating Swift?
    Could you have improved Objective-C instead?
    Was there a risk of Swift splitting the community? 
    When Swift was first designed, were you only thinking about Apple platforms?
    How and when did Swift get its name?
    How did you decide what went into Swift at launch?
    Were the changes between the first Swift beta and release?
    What was it like getting on stage at WWDC14?
    How important were Playgrounds and the reference guide?
    If you were starting from scratch today, what would you do differently?
    What's the best way of learning Swift?
    What made Swift grow such a thriving community?
    Running Swift for Mac OS 9
    Chris Lattner explains optionals
    Chris Lattner explains closures
    Why is the word 'in' part of Swift's closure syntax?
    Is Swift getting too complicated?
    Multiple Trailing Closures in Swift
    When will async/await come to Swift?
    What made Result finally appear in Swift?
    Is Swift becoming a multi-platform language?
    Is Swift Evolution working well?
    Is there anything you would change in Swift?
    Will Swift Evolution ever slow down?
    Wrap Up

    • 1 hr 47 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

luismg ,

Great content!

Paul is great! I love his content and this podcast is no exception. It touches on many aspects of development from many different perspectives.

fl0psh0t ,

What the Swift Community Needs

Absolute best podcast about swift. A must listen

Makwan.BK ,

Love it!

Another great podcast by Paul Hudson and other brilliant iOS developers. Absolutely love it!

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