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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

    Truckers Can’t Find Places To Eat At

    Truckers Can’t Find Places To Eat At

    TRUCKERS CAN'T FIND PLACES TO EAT AT. Since the pandemic has begun, it has disrupted people in many ways. Truckers are no different to these sufferings. Finding a common place to sit down and enjoy a hot meal has been challenging for most Americas Truck Drivers. A recent poll by CDLLife found that over 75% of all OTR Truck Drivers are having difficulty finding a good hot meal and a place to enjoy it on the road.

    Truck Stops and other places are finding it hard to keep employees working during the pandemic. Many workers are choosing to stay home and collect unemployment instead of taking a chance and working in the general public. This has put a strain on the restaurant business which intern has affected the Over-the-road truck driver.

    Companies could capitalize on this situations. Another problem that had plagued ti United States, is finding truckers to fill their empty trucks. A trucking company could possibly help with their own problem of the lack thereof, by installing microwaves, inverters, electric burners and crock-pots. This would attract drivers to a truck that is set up to provide "hot home cooking" right in the comfort of their very own assigned company truck.

    TalkCDL Trucking Podcast Interviews

    If you are someone that is in the trucking industry and would like to appear on the show, please write to Ruthann@TalkCDL.com and tell us what you would like to talk about. We are always looking for people that have some good juicy stories in trucking.

    Thank you to everyone that supports the show by listening to every episode. We appreciate all of our listeners.

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    Trucking Companies Not To Work For

    Trucking Companies Not To Work For

    TRUCKING COMPANIES NOT TO WORK FOR. Are you a driver that is having a hard time getting a job, because of your past references? If you are, then you are not alone. Many truckers have been duped into working for certain carriers only to "not' have a job reference when they have terminated employment.

    Driver that work for small carriers run the risk of being ghosted when leaving a trucking company. Many small carriers do not run their business as professional as the larger carriers and therefor are not compliant with other. carriers when they are in need of a reference from said company. They often times will not even pick up the phone when they see another trucking company calling them, knowing they might be losing an employee.

    Oil field companies might just top the list of carriers to avoid. Many trucking companies have complained over the last decade, how impossible it is to obtain any kind of a reference from this industry. In fact, not only do they avoid giving references but many time an Oil Field Carrier either they go out of business because of the volatile nature of the business or they seem to be changing names along with new owners always buying them out.

    Family owned businesses across the board are also making our list of companies to be careful of when gaining employment. Not all family owned companies are bad but in many cases, we have seen the "family Owned" businesses take it personal when an employee quits their job.

    Suggestion would be to always check carrier reviews before proceeding with employment. What you want to avoid, is a carrier that will not have the courtesy of giving you a professional job reference once you quit their company.

    The reason for all of this is truckers are judged by future carriers on many things. MVRs, A cadet history, criminal history and job history. If a trucker does not have at least one year in the last three years of verifiable work history, he runs the risk of not getting. good job when the opportunity comes.

    A few tips; one, ask you're recruiter if they are a company that reports to Hireright. If they are, then whether you quit or stay you will have a life time reference because Hire-right is a company that keeps record for all trucking companies that participate in their plan. You will then have at least ten years till that reference is no loner held on record. TRUCKING COMPANIES NOT TO WORK FOR

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    1099 Truck Drivers Legal or Not

    1099 Truck Drivers Legal or Not

    1099 TRUCK DRIVERS LEGAL OR NOT. We recently sat down in the studio and talked about the ever growing pool of 1099 truck drivers. We were asked a question. Is it legal or illegal to pay a truck driver without holding his taxes back, thus calling him a 1099 truck driver? We went to the best resource to find out and that was the IRS.

    The IRS has a series of questions they ask when determining if a company is legally or illegally paying their drivers correct. They call it the "IRS 20 factor test". It is a series of strategic questions that you may ask yourself, to determine how to classify your drivers. 1099 TRUCK DRIVERS LEGAL OR NOT

    We won't go into all the questions, but you can go to the "factor test" yourself for the complete list of questions.

    The first question on the list is, what Is the Level of Instruction? The answer from the IRS is simply "Independent contractors render services on their own terms. If a business demands how, where, and when to do a particular job, it’s indicative of employment". Another question is Are there materials and tools provided? The answer the IRS gives is simply this "Again, independent contractors invest in tools and materials required for them to their job efficiently. If a business provides these resources, they are working with an employee". Im sure you get the point!

    Fines and Penalties

    Ruthann looked up the penalties for mis-clarifying your drivers. There were two separate ways the IRS looks at it when determining the penalty. One, was it just an accidental misclassification? And two, was it an intentional misclassification.

    The penalty for a mistake is a moderate fine plus the carrier is made to pay the FICA, Medicare and Social Security taxes that would not be "back-due". The penalty for those that the IRS determines to be in violation on the count of intentionally mis-classifying a driver and paying him on a "1099" basis instead of a 'W-2" basis, can be much steeper. In addition to paying all the above mention "back taxes", a carrier can be made to pay an additional 20% of the employees wages.

    So if you think about how steep this can get, think of this. If you had 20 drivers that you are paying on a "1099" basis. Let's say you have been doing this for 5 years. Now, let's say the IRS steps in and determines that you did this intentionally. Just in fines alone, it would be $16, 000 per year per driver if the driver has been earning 80K per year. the grand total for this would be $1.6 million dollars in fine plus the back taxes you would have to pay in for the employees.

    Troy's Solution

    Troy thought about it for a while and said, re-classify your drivers now before it's too late. Turn them into "Lease Drivers"! That's right, make contracts and lease the trucks to the drivers. Now you have proper contract drivers instead of an employee that you are paying on a 1099. Better yet, speak to a Lawer or a good tax accountant. Make sure before a driver that's angry with the company decides to turn you in to the IRS.

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    Truckers & Companies Lying to EaCh Other

    Truckers & Companies Lying to EaCh Other

    TRUCKERS & COMPANIES LYING TO EACH OTHER. There is a major problem in the Trucking Industry. Some truckers are constantly lying to trucking companies. Then there's the trucking companies that lye to truck drivers. Not every trucker is a liar and not every trucking company is a liar, but there are enough on both sides that have really made the industry smell.

    Lies that Drivers Tell. How long they have been working for a past company. Some drivers exaggerate about their work history. Some drivers lie about their MVR. Some driver lie about their accident history or their criminal background. Look the bottom line is, any good carrier is going to check you out, so just be up front. The next time you interview for a driving job, just start out with, "Let me be ip front about everything before I waist your time Mr. recruiter. You will gain much respect and you have a better chance of a carrier trying to help you verses chalking you up to "just another liar". I do have to keep reminding everyone hearing the podcast, that not all drivers lie, this segment is about the ones that do.

    Lies that tricking companies tell. We got a brand new Peterbilt we are sticking you in. Will get you home every week, guaranteed. We have a dedicated run we are putting you on if you sign up. Will keep you south. These are some blatant lies that carriers say to drivers to bait them in. Again I will remind everyone that not all carriers intentionally lie to drivers, only the desperate and bad carriers do this.

    Advice to truckers that lie. When searching for a job, if you are up front with each carrier about something in your past, you will save allot of time by getting the thing that you are worried about, out in the open, with in 30 seconds of each call. There are plenty of carriers that are willing to help you but you sure can waist allot of time trying to fool all the carriers.

    Advice to Carriers that lie. Reach into your pocket and spend the money needed to find enough drivers interview. If you talk to enough drivers and are honest, you most likely will find a driver that willing to give you a chance. You might also consider upping your pay or investing in better trucks or even hiring a salesmen to find freight that meets the needs of potential drivers. Either way, you have to realize that, in order to have a successful trucking company these days, one must take account that a trucking company is made of its drivers more than anything. TRUCKERS & COMPANIES LYING TO EACH OTHER

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    United States Recruiting Truckers From Africa

    United States Recruiting Truckers From Africa

    UNITED STATES RECRUITING TRUCKERS FROM AFRICA. Did you know that the United States Trucking Industry is now recruiting truck drivers from South Africa. With the struggle to recruit truck drivers, the United States has started a campaign to invite South African truckers to relocate to North America.

    The US will need One Hundred Thousand extra drivers by the year 2023. One US Transport company was quoted saying "all we need to do is teach them how to drive on the right side of the road.

    A recruiter for Groendyke Transport, Holly McCormick has been coordinating with an agency in South Africa to source foreign drivers. UNITED STATES RECRUITING TRUCKERS FROM AFRICA.

    The Us has been struggling with the shortage of truck drivers for many year but the recent pandemic has escalated the problem. You can watch the video that was sent in by a TalkCDL view right here.


    TalkCDL Interviews

    Contact Ruthann@TalkCDL.com and tell us why you would like to be on the show. We are always looking for someone that can tell a great story from out on the road. We are also looking for those that work with in the trucking industry that can appear on the show.

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    Semi Truck Hits Stopped traffic 10 Dead

    Semi Truck Hits Stopped traffic 10 Dead

    SEMI TRUCK HITS STOPPED TRAFFIC 10 DEAD. On June 19th, along Interstate 65 in Alabama at mile post 138 near the bridge over Pigeon Creek was the location of a deadly scene. Ten people were killed, including 8 children, teenagers and 2 adults, when a semi truck failed to stop at a queue, as the result of a series of accidents. A second semi truck also failed to stop, which also struck vehicles.

    Initial reports said that 10 people were killed and 26 people were injured when rain from a tropical storm made the road slick and hard to navigate. But since then, there has been several lawsuits filed, claiming negligence on the part of the truck drivers and the trucking companies that are named as defendants.

    The report from the accident is described as a Hansen & Adkins tractor-trailer, caught up to a queue of vehicles, striking a 2020 Ford Explorer from behind, then veered left and struck the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch van. The Hansen & Adkins tractor-trailer struck other vehicles and the left rail of the bridge before coming to a stop in the roadway, the NTSB report says.

    The Ford Explorer overturned and struck several other vehicles. Two passengers in the Ford Explorer died.

    Following those collisions, an Asmat tractor-trailer came upon the stopped vehicles, veered left, mounted the left bridge rail, and struck a Girls Ranch van, which wound up in the median between the two tractor-trailers. The van and other vehicles caught fire.

     The Beasley-Allen law firm in Montgomery is representing Mrs. Candice L. Gulley. “The defendants, in this case, were negligent and displayed a complete disregard for the lives of fellow travelers around them,” Allen said in the release. “As a result, 10 people died that day, including eight children who were trapped in a van driven by Gulley. Those children burned to death needlessly. It is hard to imagine a more tragic and gut-wrenching set of circumstances, which demand justice and accountability to the fullest measure.”

    A statement from Tom Terry who works for Hansen & Adkin is as follows

    “Our hearts go out to everyone involved in the tragic accidents of June 19th and those affected by them,” “We believe the investigations will show there was a series of near-simultaneous accidents that stopped traffic on the bridge and that were caused by a number of different factors, including heavy rains from the remnants of a tropical storm. We also believe that the investigations will show that our driver was traveling at or under the speed limit. Click here to read the full story.

    TalkCDL Interviews

    TalkCDL is once again looking for great people in trucking to interview. If you are somewhat tied to the trucking industry and have a great story or have a subject you would like to talk to us about on the show, contact us at Ruthann@TalkCDL.com SEMI TRUCK HITS STOPPED TRAFFIC 10 DEAD.

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