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A man talks to women about videogames old and new. A place to hear voices that you won't find anywhere else.

Talking to Women about Videogames Jonathan & Tanya

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A man talks to women about videogames old and new. A place to hear voices that you won't find anywhere else.

    Velma Vs The Last Of Us Vs. Pocket Card Jockey

    Velma Vs The Last Of Us Vs. Pocket Card Jockey

    Tanya and Jonathan pit Velma and The Last Of Us against each other, new guest Maggie says a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 live action adaptation is a bad idea but then sells it on Jonathan anyway, and Gretchen explains that canon is not-canon. 

    Time codes for this episode

    0:00:00 - Kitchen Nightmares: A New Problem
    0:03:48 - People Get Very Salty
    0:05:20 - Gretchen Interview - Does Canon Matter?
    0:28:15 - How Do You Feel About Canon?
    0:30:05 - Velma
    0:36:25 - The Last of Us (TV Series)
    0:46:56 - Maggie Interview - Adapting Xenoblade for Live Action
    1:17:08 - Pocket Card Jockey News/Review
    1:24:21 - Wrap Up/Plugs/"Mouth"
    1:29:05 - Hamburger Helper TV Ad

    Want to be on Gretchen's new shows? DM Kristen on Twitter via @knitsyo. Also follow Maggie on Twitter, she's @AvengerMags.

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    • 1 hr 30 min
    MollyMoonn2's Midnight Bliss

    MollyMoonn2's Midnight Bliss

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about the sexy scary TikTok and OnlyFans star MollyMoonn2 and her potential pivot to game development before squawking about a fan game that puts realistic Chris Pratt in a Mario-style platformer. Guest Susan Arendt talks about her years working as an managing editor for Joystiq and The Escapist, as well as hosting various live gameshows, and Iris gives her thoughts on Demitri's Midnight Bliss.

    0:00:00 - Make You Sweat Till You Bleed
    0:04:06 - Affecting People in the Right Way
    0:07:13 - Susan Ardent Interview "Bringing Out the Best in People"
    0:33:31 - Molly Moon/Interactive Tik Tok
    0:39:20 - Iris Interview "Darkstalkers Midnight Bliss"
    1:02:21 - Being Eaten by Parasocial Relationships
    1:04:27 - Pratt Mario Game?
    1:10:24 - Wrap Up/Plugs
    1:14:56 - Party, Sweat, Till You Bleed

    Our guests on Twitter -

    Susan: @SusanArendt

    Iris: @IrisVVO @NerdsWDice 

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    • 1 hr 17 min
    Was 2022 a Bald American RPG?

    Was 2022 a Bald American RPG?

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about if stories like The Last of Us and God of War are better experienced as movies or TV shows before wrapping up their thoughts on River City Girls 2. Gretchen talks about how she only plans to play old pirated games for now on, and JZ Beasty helps redefine the meaning of RPG. 

    Thumbnail art by Kyatt7: https://twitter.com/kyatt7

    JZ Beasty on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JZBeast

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    • 1 hr 28 min
    ValiDate the Mean River City Girls Too

    ValiDate the Mean River City Girls Too

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about the VGAs, the purpose of genres, Michael Rooker, and their first 20 minutes of River City Girls 2. Guest Dani Lalonders (ValiDate, Spirit Swap) gets into her love and hate for games, and The Redneck Tonberry breaks down horrors of Mean Girls. 

    0:00:00 - Proper Speaking Techniques w/ Tanya & Jonathan 

    0:05:11 - The Video Game Awards 2022 

    0:08:45 - Redneck Tonberry Interview - Mean Girls 

    0:24:28 - A Wild Michael Rooker Appears 

    0:28:40 - Genres - Why Do They Matter? 

    0:32:37 - Dani Lalonders Interview - ValiDate 

    1:01:02 - River City Girls 2 Review 

    1:12:21 - Wrap up/Plugs 

    Check out ValiDate here - https://validategame.com/

    River City Girls 2 here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1920480/River_City_Girls_2/

    And the TtWaV jingles of 2022 here - https://douibyorthst.bandcamp.com/album/talking-to-women-about-videogames-songs-from-the-podcast-2022

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Pokémon bugs, Shovel Knight Dig and Realistic Horror

    Pokémon bugs, Shovel Knight Dig and Realistic Horror

    Tanya and Jonathan consider the meteoric success of the buggiest Pokémon game ever made, the pros and cons of real actors in games horror game like The Callisto Protocol, and review the new Battletoads Double Dragon cart from Retro-bit. Guest Celia Schilling (Marketing and Licensing Manager Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight) talks about her own fun with Pokémon Scarlet, and Rose gets their pants scared off by Super Lone Survivor.

    Episode Timecodes: 

    0:00:00 - The Battle of the Busters
    0:03:35 - Black Friday/Cyber Monday
    0:06:56 - Celia Shilling Interview - Pokémon Scarlet/Violet
    0:27:17 - The Josh Duhamel/Johnny Knoxville/Timothy Olyphant Character Creator
    0:39:01 - Rose Interview - Super Lone Survivor Review
    0:53:18 - Uncanny Valley - Realism vs. Abstraction
    0:55:51 - Do You Like the Horror Genre?
    0:58:24 - Product Review: Battletoads/Double Dragon
    1:02:29 - Wrap up/Plugs
    1:06:02 - Cyber Sex

    Guests this episode on Twitter:

    Celia: @CeliaBeee

    Rose: @TogetherRose

    Yacht Club Games: @YachtClubGames

    Retro-bit: @RetroBitGaming

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    • 1 hr 7 min
    Exploding Head VR and Final Fantasy Diversity Struggles

    Exploding Head VR and Final Fantasy Diversity Struggles

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about VR that can kill you in real life and a recent problem some gamers had with Jonathan. Kaiju and the Redneck Tonberry discover Kaiju's secret grudge, Kim Spirit talks wrestling and gaming, and Sary empathizes with the struggle to get diversity right in fictional game worlds. 

    Timestamps for this episode:

    0:00:00 - Origin of TTWAV Theme Song
    0:01:15 - Men as a Concept
    0:04:30 - Kaiju and Redneck Tonberry in "Kaiju's Grudge"
    0:15:39 - Palmer Luckey's Nightmare Murder Helmet
    0:19:54 - Kim Spirit Interview "The Heart and Soul of Wrestling"
    0:44:03 - Jonathan's Bizarre Adventure
    0:53:55 - Sary Interview "Final Fantasy Diversity"
    1:23:06 - What is Lock On?
    1:24:54 - The PaRappa Connection
    1:28:53 - Wrap Up/Plugs
    1:30:18 - Gonna Dream About It

    Twitter handles for our guests:

    Twitter for our guests:
    Kaiju: @isekaiju
    Kim Spirit: @Catie_V
    Sary: @Saryoak

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    • 1 hr 32 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Seth Sturgill ,

I Just Can’t Help It

I’m a longtime Jonathan Holmes fan and yeah — he’s excellent. Of course he is. But I feel like Tanya is the secret sauce of this show. Not only do the two of them have fantastic chemistry, but she’s just casually one of the funniest people on the planet. And I love that neither of them are afraid to experiment with the structure of the show. TTWAV is one of my favorites!

Coy ote ,

One of the good ones

Jonathan is one of the most insightful minds in video game journalism. The takes he has are thoughtful, unique and reflect a mind that understands the nuances of human psychology, all delivered with a kind, humble affect. As the title hints at, the show frequently discusses flash points in video game culture wars stuff, and does so with grace and great humor. What a mensch! I also love when he wears his mesh tank top.

Metroidkillah ,


It’s fine.

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