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A man talks to women about videogames old and new. A place to hear voices that you won't find anywhere else.

Talking to Women about Videogames Jonathan & Tanya

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A man talks to women about videogames old and new. A place to hear voices that you won't find anywhere else.

    Sexy Sephiroth, Iconic Croft, Sweet Jesus

    Sexy Sephiroth, Iconic Croft, Sweet Jesus

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about the BAFTA's ranking of iconic game characters and the "golden age" of the Wii U. Guests Rydia and Maggie talk about what makes a videogame character sexy and what it's like to be a Christian Gamer.

    Time Codes:

    0:00:00 - Picking a Bone with Famous American Rock Band Live0:04:29 - Is Jonathan in the Top 100 Biggest Mansplainers?0:06:53 - What Makes the Videogame Men Sexy? with Rydia0:29:25 - Bizarre BAFTA Rankings0:35:06 - How Has Faith Shaped Your Videogame Identity? with Maggie1:00:22 - Rose-Tinted Wii U1:05:40 - Wrap Up/Plugs/Thank You Patrons!1:10:00 - Sex Pest

    Watch Rydia's interview (with sexy men!) here!


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    Rydia: https://twitter.com/mzsylver

    Maggie: https://twitter.com/AvengerMags

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    PAX Innerplains Tum & Bum Lan Party

    PAX Innerplains Tum & Bum Lan Party

    Tanya is back to talk PAX, Tum & Bum gaming/anti-congestion chairs, and the pros and cons of saying the lord's name. Guests Merritt K talks about LAN Party, her amazing new book, and Mouse Works Studio talk making music and her emotions-based RPG The Innerplains.

    0:00:00 - Bad Bitches Won't Say The Lord's Name0:03:40 - Packing Nintendo Force0:05:30 - I Think Therefore I LAN w/ Merritt K0:32:30 - Hambergers & Lobster Rolls at PAX 20240:35:41 - Making Music and Videogames with Mouse Works Studios1:02:44 - An Unexpected Tangent1:04:35 - Is PAX For the Indies or the AAAs?1:09:07 - "Tum and Bum" Product Review1:14:31 - Wrap Up/Plugs/Thanks Patrons!1:19:50 - Tum and Bum

    Get Merritt's book here: https://www.thamesandhudsonusa.com/books/lan-party-inside-the-multiplayer-revolution-hardcover

    Check out her writing here: https://www.otherstrangeness.com/

    Enjoy Mouse Works Studios games and music here: https://mouseworksstudios.itch.io/

    Get your Tum & Bum here: https://tumandbum.com/

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    • 1 hr 21 min
    The Sweet Stephanie Sterling Baby Special

    The Sweet Stephanie Sterling Baby Special

    Our cohost Tanya is sick so Steph Sterling tagged in to talk about the budding resurgance of anti-diversity and anti-journalism in gaming, and what they plan to do about it.

    Show Notes:0:00:00 - Breast Size is Back0:02:09 - What is Woke?0:03:15 - GG 2.0. F*****g Hell...0:07:05 - Meaningful Art vs. Meaningless Videogames0:09:00 - What are People Mad About?0:11:10 - It's OK to Not Be the Boss0:16:28 - How to Deal with Attention Seekers0:18:06 - The Importance of Logging Off0:20:35 - The Lonely Element0:23:54 - The Success of Diversity0:25:18 - The Anger Algorithm0:29:57 - Diversify Your Interests0:35:37 - Socialization Isn't Always Easy0:39:02 - Should Videogames Be Junk Food?0:41:24 - Weird Myths about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion0:44:20 - I'm So Glad You Brought Up Nazis0:45:57 - Throwing Gamers Under the Bus0:48:22 - What Does the Future Hold?0:56:37 - Wrap Up/Thanks0:58:04 - Trying to Find a Lover0:59:36 - Freak Out

    Steph on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimSterling

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    Mother 3, Unicorn Overlord, and Localization Dynamic Range

    Mother 3, Unicorn Overlord, and Localization Dynamic Range

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about how you can't ever change someone's opinion about videogames, why Mother 3 will never be officially localized, and Xbox's multi-platform strategy. Guests Kyra and Secret Sarah talk about working in the games industry as an developer and a translator, respectively.

    Timecodes for this episode!

    0:00:00 - Live from the Shit Room

    0:05:02 - Cracking the Family Code w/ Videogames?

    0:09:19 - Game Development w/ Kyra

    0:40:27 - You Thinkin' About Shigesato Itoi?

    0:45:04 - Secrets of the World of Translation with Secret Sarah

    1:15:11 - Xbox's Multiplatform Plans

    1:16:17 - AAA Games Are Sort of On the Outs

    1:18:11 - Wrap Up/Plugs

    1:20:36 - Thank You Patrons!

    1:21:31 - The Bush

    Our guests "on the web"!

    Kyra: https://linktr.ee/ky_is_here

    Secret Sarah: https://twitter.com/QueenAwk

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    • 1 hr 23 min
    Yellow Paint Storytelling and the end of Xbox Fallout

    Yellow Paint Storytelling and the end of Xbox Fallout

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about the Yellow Paint signposting in games like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the potential end of the Xbox line of consoles. Guests Coco and Kim Spirit wax poetic about storytelling in games and the pros and cons of digging into titles from 15 years ago.

    0:00:00 - The DJ Rewinds It0:20:36 - Goodbye Yellow Paint in Final Fantasy?0:09:42 - Narrative Design Choices w/ Coco0:39:37 - The Very Romantic Xbox Podcast0:45:29 - Revisiting Old Games without Nostalgia w/ Kim Spirit1:09:23 - Helping People with Gender About Videogames1:10:00 - Wrap Up/Plugs1:15:17 - Thank You Patrons!1:16:04 - Crimson Streamer

    Our guests on Twitter:

    Coco: https://twitter.com/sailorco_co

    Kim Spirit: https://twitter.com/Catie_V

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    • 1 hr 17 min
    Switch 2 talk, Palworld and Bloodborne Kart legal weirdness

    Switch 2 talk, Palworld and Bloodborne Kart legal weirdness

    Tanya and Jonathan talk about how the Switch 2 may be a hybrid of a hybrid console (the DSwitch? The Swiitch?!), the chances of The Pokemon Company suing Palworld, and the end of the beginning of Bloodborne Kart. Guest include Kade, who talks about gender, identity, and nontoxic masculinity in gaming, and returning darline Elsa, who explains why she still loves Final Fantasy 11 after all these years.

    Time codes:
    0:00:00 - Telly Savalas Appreciation0:04:07 - The "Crecipice" of Taste0:04:51 - Palworld: Beyond the Pal(e)0:09:49 - Bloodborne Kart Legal Woes0:10:29 - Culture in a Nutshell with Kade0:34:26 - Swiitch0:36:34 - A Brief History of Nintendo's Sequel Consoles0:40:50 - Mixing the Old and the New with Elsa1:00:52 - Wrap Up/Plugs1:05:59 - Thank you Patrons!1:06:46 - You Seem Like a Wonderful Man

    Catch Daniel on the Fun and Games Podcast talking about WarioWare!


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    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

lesibab42 ,


If we lived in a sane and reasonable society Johnathan Holmes would already be famous, but in hopes of healing the earth I shall write this review and encourage all comers to listen to his excellence

Seth Sturgill ,

I Just Can’t Help It

I’m a longtime Jonathan Holmes fan and yeah — he’s excellent. Of course he is. But I feel like Tanya is the secret sauce of this show. Not only do the two of them have fantastic chemistry, but she’s just casually one of the funniest people on the planet. And I love that neither of them are afraid to experiment with the structure of the show. TTWAV is one of my favorites!

Coy ote ,

One of the good ones

Jonathan is one of the most insightful minds in video game journalism. The takes he has are thoughtful, unique and reflect a mind that understands the nuances of human psychology, all delivered with a kind, humble affect. As the title hints at, the show frequently discusses flash points in video game culture wars stuff, and does so with grace and great humor. What a mensch! I also love when he wears his mesh tank top.

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