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A weekly podcast covering the latest essential UK technology news and how it impacts our teams. Hosted by Sanjay Purswani, Neil Studd and Gwen Diagram.

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A weekly podcast covering the latest essential UK technology news and how it impacts our teams. Hosted by Sanjay Purswani, Neil Studd and Gwen Diagram.

    Ep 8 - Who's Watching Our Kids?

    Ep 8 - Who's Watching Our Kids?

    In an episode which we promise is considerably more entertaining than the subject matter might suggest, the TWW crew take a look at the rise of digital monitoring software within schools and the workplace. We discuss the trade-offs between safety and snooping, the challenges of verifying the success of such tooling, and propose some possibly less alarming ways to help protect children online.

    Plus: Sanj finally manages to refuel, Neil shares how he almost lost his job because of Google Analytics, and we get to the bottom of what Gwen would be willing to sacrifice for quicker software updates.


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    01:15 The Stand-Up
    06:23 Social Engineering
    09:38 This Week's Epic
    28:13 News Bytes
    34:46 The Wash Up


    YouTube: Postman livestream: A Busy Developer's Guide To Testing (Thursday 21st October, 7pm BST)

    Black Tech Fest (19th-21st October)

    State Of The Browser (30th October)

    The Guardian: A boy wrote about his suicide attempt. He didn’t realize his school’s Gaggle software was watching

    The 74: New Research: Most Parents and Teachers Have Accepted Student Surveillance As a Safety Tool — But See the Potential For Serious Harm

    Gaggle (PDF link): The State of Student Safety 2020/21

    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Schools Are Spying on Students – But Students Can Fight Back

    Vox: The hidden racism of school discipline, in 7 charts

    TechCrunch: Aware raises $60M for tech that monitors internal messaging platforms for legal compliance, sentiment analysis and more

    UK Council for Internet Safety

    Internet Matters

    Peloton Reddit: Update on User Flair

    Pen Test Partners: Free BrewDog beer with a side order of shareholder PII?

    TechRadar: Tesla’s driver safety scoring system could be a game-changer for car insurance

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    Ep 7 - Disaster at Facebook!

    Ep 7 - Disaster at Facebook!

    This week, we've got basically no choice other than to cover everything that's been happening during a chaotic week at Facebook. There's been downtime, whistleblower revelations, and rumours of a reversal of the company's "WFH Forever" policy (which has been denied since we recorded). Meanwhile, Neil battles through a horrible bout of flu in order to have a dig at the Tories.

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains some discussion of eating disorders.


    00:00 Start
    01:26 The Stand-Up
    08:25 Social Engineering
    13:15 This Week's Epic
    34:25 News Bytes
    38:04 The Wash Up


    Facebook Engineering: More details about the October 4 outage

    The Guardian: Facebook and Instagram say issues now fixed after second outage in a week

    The Guardian: Facebook aware of Instagram's harmful effect on teenage girls, leak reveals

    TechRadar: Facebook denies end to 'WFH forever' rule in wake of mega outage

    The Guardian: "I might delete it": Facebook's problem with younger users

    Haystack: Facebook Outage Increased Developer Throughput By 32%

    BBC News: Conservative conference: Get off your Pelotons and back to work, says Oliver Dowden

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    Ep 6 - Buy Now, Pay Later!

    Ep 6 - Buy Now, Pay Later!

    Faced with a tight deadline, the team finally manage to deliver an episode of about the desired length! This week, Gwen, Neil and Sanj are looking at the explosion of new digital players in the 'Buy Now Pay Later' market, looking at the ethics of building features which can generate profit from the vulnerable, and asking whether employers are doing enough to encourage discussions about prudent financial behaviour. There's also discussion about loot boxes and other forms of gambling, during which Gwen gets mad at a fake casino.

    There's still enough time for all three hosts to pick scarily similar stories in News Bytes - if you're interested in overpaying for novelty tech, this week is the episode for you (apart from Sanj's story, which could get you arrested if you're a careless Australian).


    00:00 Start  
    00:56 The Stand-Up  
    06:10 Social Engineering  
    09:54 This Week's Epic  
    25:13 News Bytes  
    34:12 The Wash Up


    YouTube: #LeadDev - Marco Rogers - Creating a career ladder for engineers

    YouTube: Postman - The Busy Developer's Guide to Testing (21st October livestream)

    CNBC: British fintechs are jumping into the booming buy now, pay later market

    Mastercard: Mastercard reinvents installments to give consumers more payment choices wherever they shop

    Money Saving Expert: First-ever financial education textbook lands in schools

    Polygon: EA calls its loot boxes "surprise mechanics", says they’re used ethically 

    Citizens Advice Bureau

    StepChange debt charity

    The Guardian: An0m - the inside story of the most daring surveillance sting in history

    Stack Overflow: No joke - you can buy our copy/paste keyboard right now

    Digital Undivided: supporting Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs

    The Independent: Amazon's new Astro robot is a "privacy nightmare"

    Twitter: @DimaKrotov - the stranded Roomba

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    Ep 5 - Talking Openly About Pay!

    Ep 5 - Talking Openly About Pay!

    This week, our main story is the debate over whether companies (and employees) should be happy to disclose salaries, in an attempt to drive pay equality, a chat made somewhat harder by Neil's repeated inability to pronounce the word "equality". We get deep into discussion about our experiences with knowing (or not knowing) how our colleagues are paid, companies and countries who we've seen get the balance right, and the challenges of introducing salary negotiations in the job-hunting process.

    But there's more! We'll also be talking about a secret new privacy-shattering setting in Chrome which is enabled by default, and bemoaning the lack of accessibility options in some modern games (and championing others which lead the way). You'll also hear what we've all been up to this week, including a top quality J-Lo story from Sanj, unexpectedly relevant election news from Neil, and Gwen basically doing everything under the sun. Plus there's an awful lot of Diablo II discussion for a podcast which isn't from the year 2000.


    00:00 Start  
    02:02 The Stand-Up  
    14:43 Social Engineering  
    21:46 This Week's Epic  
    44:00 News Bytes  
    52:22 Competition Time  
    53:09 The Wash-Up



    Ministry of Testing: Test.Bash() 2021

    YouTube: Neil's Continuous Quality with Postman session

    Jamie Tanna: Providing a Public Salary History page

    GOV.UK: Equality Act 2010

    Blind social network

    YouTube: Kevin Goldsmith: How does Salary Work? (LeadDev 2019)

    The Verge: Apple keeps shutting down employee-run survyes on pay equity - and labour lawyers say it's illegal

    The Register: Google emits Chrome 94 with 'Idle Detection' API to detect user inactivity amid opposition

    IGN: Deathloop's Lack of Accessibility Options Is Disappointing Players

    Tweet thread from Courtney Craven (Can I Play That) outlining Deathloop's issues

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    Ep 4 - Frustration and time-wasting on Slack!

    Ep 4 - Frustration and time-wasting on Slack!

    On this week's episode, we focus on some of the bad habits that we've seen when using communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and how we can help to adapt and prevent lost productivity. Plus one of us has job news, one of us is preparing for a return to the office, and another of us has automated their way to some prime cinema tickets!  

    Additionally we've got another Amazon voucher to give away, courtesy of the meal delivery service CookMyGrub.com!


    00:00 Start
    01:28 The Stand-Up
    07:22 Social Engineering
    13:22 This Week's Epic
    24:48 News Bytes
    43:24 Competition Time
    47:34 The Wash-Up    


    Technically: Vacation isn’t the answer to employee burnout

    Wired: We finally know the true toll of all those bad Slacks

    No Hello

    Neil Studd: My Communications Readme

    TechRepublic: How to make a developer relations team work for your company

    BBC News: Sir Clive Sinclair: Tireless inventor ahead of his time

    Dick Smith's 1978 iceberg prank

    InfoQ: Travis CI Vulnerability Potentially Leaked Customer Secrets

    BBC News: Microsoft's passwordless plans lets users switch to app-based login

    GitHub: Fortran MVC web platform

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    Ep 3 - When Testing In Public Goes Wrong!

    Ep 3 - When Testing In Public Goes Wrong!

    On this week's episode, we look at the controversy behind an issue whereby planning applications were mistakenly modified in production by a junior engineer who thought that they were working in a test environment. We'll discuss whether we should lock-down our production environments more, whether we should protect our staff against being able to make critical mistakes on real data, and our general thoughts on testing in production.  

    Plus there's plenty of our usual life updates in The Stand-Up, where you can find out the result of Gwen's driving test, Neil's week one experiences with his Peloton, and Sanj rolling up his sleeves to work on some (awesome) new graphics for the show, and adding automation to our website! 

    Plus, courtesy of the kind folks at CookMyGrub.com we've got another opportunity to win a £20 Amazon voucher - tune in to find out how!


    00:00 Start
    01:44 The Stand-Up
    14:39 Social Engineering
    22:56 This Week's Epic
    35:14 News Bytes
    45:48 Competition Time
    50:12 The Wash-Up    



    Glean blog: How we discuss engineering improvements at Glean

    Sky News: 'Your proposal is whack': Council worker mistakenly rejects planning applications with sarcastic comments - but decisions are legally binding

    Statement from Swale Council

    Reddit thread: "Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job"

    LondonTechWatch: The August 2021 London Venture Capital Funding Report

    London Tech Week

    Mayor of London: Technology Design Lab

    OWASP Top Ten

    Wired: One Woman's Mission to Rewrite Nazi History on Wikipedia

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