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Walk with me as we hold sacred space and learn of ordinary people embracing their Power of One ability to create extraordinary moments that can change a life for the better!

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Walk with me as we hold sacred space and learn of ordinary people embracing their Power of One ability to create extraordinary moments that can change a life for the better!

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #10 A Heart to Heart with Father Michael Mannion (Father Mike) of Discovery Ministries, Inc.

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #10 A Heart to Heart with Father Michael Mannion (Father Mike) of Discovery Ministries, Inc.

    Welcome to all of our listeners and subscribers!  Thanks to you, the Tell Me podcast has hit over 4500 downloads since its inception!  This is a big deal as we only have a total of 26 episodes published, so I am so thankful to all of you for walking on the path with me and my guests.  To date, we are being heard in 60 countries, 1750 cities and are in every continent.  As we grow, we are welcoming the opportunity to partner with sponsors, so if you would like to become a sponsor of our show, please reach out to me at lgrahambook@gmail.com.
    I truly love what I do.   As I always say, everyone has a story, and I believe there is much to learn from one another.

    Anyone who knows me knows my faith is very important to me.   That's why when I got the opportunity to interview Monsignor Michael Mannion, aka Father Mike, I jumped right in.  In addition to being the Chaplain for the NJ Fraternal Order of Police and working with other branches of law enforcement including the FBI,  he also ministers to veterans, parents who have lost their children to murder or addiction, and his retreat program is home to many who have felt they have simply lost their way.
    When you are in the presence of this man, you truly feel like you are in the presence of something so much larger than yourself.  Call it God, call it spirit, call it the best of what humanity has to offer.   It is no wonder or surprise that he enjoyed a deep spiritual relationship with one of the most beloved mothers that has ever walked the earth, Mother Teresa.

    But don't let the gentle nature of his demeanor fool you.  In this quiet strength, and maybe sometimes not so quiet when he's fighting for a cause he believes in, he has singlehandedly impacted the lives of millions of people.  Young and old, from all backgrounds and faiths, he has made a significant life changing and in many cases, life saving difference, in the lives of people from all over the world.

    Founder of Discovery House in Hammonton, NJ, The Discovery Ministries Retreat program was founded in 1974.   Since then over 30,000 youth, young adults, and family members have participated in spiritual retreats that have helped participants grow, pursue their dreams, and develop their God-given talents and gifts. To say that these experiences have included a few miracles of hope and healing is an understatement!

    Discovery Ministries now also provides social, recreational, and spiritual opportunities for families with chronically ill children, handicapped children, or special needs children. Discovery House thus serves as a “home away from home” for families who deserve our special care and attention and who honor us with their presence.

    Located in the beautiful pinelands of South Jersey (3730 Richards Ave, Mullica Township, NJ 08037) near Hammonton, the newly renovated and expanded Discovery House also hosts workshops, conferences, meetings, and training sessions sponsored by church and community groups, service and educational organizations.

    For more information about Discovery House and its programs through Discovery Ministries, visit their website is discoveryministriesinc.org or click on the link below:

    You can also reach out directly to Father Mike via e-mail at: mtmannion@comcast.net.

    For more information about my newly released children's books and to learn more about our Healing Hearts campaign for children, visit our website at https://www.lgrahamauthor.com

    Finally, a heartfelt thank you goes out to Liam Graham and Anna Yanessa for providing the musical soundtrack for our show.

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    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #9 Susan Silver and Genevieve Piturro: They Made It After All!

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #9 Susan Silver and Genevieve Piturro: They Made It After All!

    Susan Silver and Genevieve Piturro have an amazing connection.  Their love for the Mary Tyler Moore Show...and children.

    Susan Silver was one of the first female TV comedy writers, with credits like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Maude, and Bob Newhart, among others.  As the lyrics from the iconic Mary Tyler Moore Show said, “She made it after all!” From another Midwestern town, Milwaukee, with all its 1960’s values and normalcy, Susan went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood, had a successful career as one of the first women in TV sitcoms, and reinvented herself in different prominent arenas in New York.  Along the way, she “Searched for Mr. Adequate,” her well-received dating column, had many romantic adventures, loves and loss, and she’s ‘still here!’ Though her story is unique due to the career she chose, her life is relatable to all women. 
    Hot Pants in Hollywood is a showbiz memoir and much more. It tells of a baby boomer’s life on steroids though her story is unique, due to the career she chose, her life is relatable to all women looking for advice in work or love: baby boomers dealing with divorce, dating, aging parents and young women of today.   She is also a cancer survivor and talks about the 3 Rs:  Resilience, Reinvention, and Relationships and how important a role they each play in her life today.
    You can find out more about Susan by visiting her website:

    Follow the link to her radio show:

    Genevieve PIturro was a successful television marketing executive until she dramatically changed the direction of her life. In 2001, she jumped off the corporate ladder and founded the hugely successful national non-profit, Pajama Program, when a six-year-old girl’s question changed her life forever! Almost twenty years later, Genevieve’s Pajama Program has delivered 7 MILLION magical gifts of new pajamas and new books to children throughout the US. Genevieve is now a professional speaker and consultant on The Human Connection, sharing life and leadership lessons she learned through her Pajama Program journey. Her first book: Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning, was released August 4, 2020. 

    One of the best days of Gen's life was the day she received a message from Susan in response to a social media post.  It was Gen's birthday.

    Join us on the path to learn how two complete strangers were brought together for their shared affinity for both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and their love of children.

    See you on the path!
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    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #8 Bank On It with Mary Silver

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #8 Bank On It with Mary Silver

    Author and Coach Mary Silver knows what it takes to walk a journey alone.   

    Mary is so easy to talk to, and is such a great coach and mentor.  We talk about everything  dating back to her childhood and her need to connect with people at an early age, to her relationships and finally to her life's work which shows others how to build one's belief system from the inside out, empowering them to find happiness and their true purpose.
    Mary received her Master's in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1997 and is a business & success expert, author, speaker, and coach. She helps coaches, authors, consultants, and visionaries build a business they love by using a formula that attracts their soulmate clients. The formula is unique to their style and allows them to shine while making the money their desire. This allows them to have more free time to make the impact they desire in the world.

    She is the author of the best-selling book Impact Millions- The Easiest Way To Attract Your Soulmate Clients Every Day, creator and developer of numerous programs, reports, articles, webinars, talks, speeches, and tele-seminars focusing in this area. She is a 3 time published author in collaborative books with other industry leaders.

    Yahoo Finance named her as one of the top 10 Success Coaches to follow in 2021. She was named one of the top professionals in her field in 2018 by Powerful Professionals and has been featured in major media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Bustle, ASK, Medium, Thrive Global, The Boston Globe, The CW, The Miami Herald, and many more.

    Mary is a coach, speaker, author, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Rapid Results Coach, Certified Cash Injection Specialist, Certified Business Breakthrough Coach, Certified Marketing Coach, and many more who focuses on helping coaches, visionaries, creatives, and heart-centered service providers attract their soulmate clients while building a business and life they love by following their own unique blueprint for success! Mary also has facilitated The Abundance Principle coaching group and the Ideal Body for the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

    Specialties: Energy work such as Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, and meditation, business coaching, on-line marketing, relationship marketing and sales.

    Other areas that Mary is experienced in: Community education, public speaking, writing, group trainer, group facilitator, online business building, course creation, abundance coaching, purpose & passion coaching, relationship coaching, finding your soulmate, & life coaching.

    I really had fun with this walk on the path.  I know you will too!

    See you on the path!

    To learn more about Mary, visit her website at https://www.marybaileysilver.com

    Follow her on Linked In at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marybaileysilver/

    Follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marybaileysilver

    Follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheMarySilver

    Follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/marybaileysilver/


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    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #7 Work Hard...Have Fun...Be Nice! with Jeff Zoul

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #7 Work Hard...Have Fun...Be Nice! with Jeff Zoul

    Jeff Zoul did not like school.  In fact, he said it sucked.  Today, he is a  lifelong teacher, learner, and leader. His daily post on Twitter reads: "Work Hard...Have Fun...Be Nice...Today!"

    What I loved about our walk is how open and honest he was about his journey as an educator and the trials he faced growing up.  Fully transparent, he takes us on his journey from the struggles as a young boy and adolescent who never felt he fit in, to his troubled days as a teenager who never found that connection with a mentor in high school.

    Then in his senior year, that all changed.   One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, both educators who never had children of their own, gave him hope and validation.

    "They were magnets for troubled teens," said Jeff, "just good people."  Mr. Campbell looked past the labels and destructive behavior and took him on as his own.  Both heroes in his eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were role models Jeff looked up to.  They saw something in him no one else did  at a time he needed it most.

    While he didn't have the ideal experience as a student is an extreme understatement, the positive influence his mentors had on him inspired him to enter into education.  His goal was to do better, to provide a better experience for students by incorporating fun and laughter into teaching and to not be satisfied with simply checking off a "to do" list, but to commit to being all in and seek collaboration to help students solve their problems.

    He found a way and we are so lucky to have him as a resource.
    During Jeff’s distinguished career in education he has served in a variety of roles, most recently as Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning with Deerfield Public Schools District 109 in Deerfield, Illinois. Jeff also served as a teacher and coach in the State of Georgia for many years before moving into school administration.

    Zoul has taught graduate courses at the university level in the areas of assessment, research, and program evaluation and has been recognized as a local Teacher of the Year and as an outstanding principal in the State of Georgia. He also served as principal at a national School of Excellence in Illinois.

    He is the author/co-author of more than a dozen books.  In 2015 he founded Connectedd with long-time friend and respected colleague Jimmy Casas.   Two of the most recent releases are Handle With Care: Managing Difficult Situations in Schools With Dignity and Respect, as well as Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms: Preparing Learners for Their Future.

    Other books include What Connected Educators Do Differently; Start. Right. Now. - Teach and Lead for Excellence; Improving Your School One Week at a Time; The Principled Principal; and Leading Professional Learning: Tools to Connect and Empower Teachers. Zoul has spoken at conferences and school districts in more than thirty states. Jeff has earned several degrees, including his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and his doctoral degree from the University of Alabama. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys running and has completed over a dozen marathons.

    You can follow Jeff’s blog at: jeffreyzoul.blogspot.com 
    Connect with him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Jeff_Zoul
    E-mail him at jeffzoul@gmail.com
     Connect with him on Linkedin at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffzoul
     Visit his website at:  https://www.connectedd.org

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    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #6: Founder of Pajama Program Genevieve Piturro Listen to Your Heart Voice

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #6: Founder of Pajama Program Genevieve Piturro Listen to Your Heart Voice

    Have you ever heard a little voice inside your head? 

    Genevieve Piturro, my good friend and guest, tells a compellingly beautiful story about two little voices that gently but clearly spoke to her...directly from her heart.

    One in the middle of the afternoon in her NYC apartment and the other on a NYC subway in the form of a raindrop that kissed the top of her head.

    Best selling author, speaker, and founder of Pajama Program, her story will truly touch and inspire all who are blessed to hear it.

    Genevieve was a TV executive in NYC for 20 years when a little girl's question changed the course of her life.  It was at that moment she jumped off the corporate ladder and began listening to her heart voice as she calls it - urging  her to follow her passion for helping children.

    She began delivering pajamas and books to children in shelters and in 2001 founded Pajama Program, a national non-profit which is recognized not only for her story but for its success - to date having delivered 7 MILLION new pajamas and books to children through 63 chapters across the US.

    Genevieve is a professional speaker and personal strategist, inspiring people to listen to their heart-voice connection to achieve success and true happiness.

    Her first book, an Amazon best seller, Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning, was released in August 2020.  Her debut TEDx Talk: "1 Idea + The Human Connection = 7 Million Pajamas and Books" also debuted in August 2020.

    Genevieve has been interviewed on various media including most recently Hallmark's Home & Family Show, OPRAH, TODAY, GMA, CNN, Fox & Friends, O Magazine and Forbes.  She has rang the Nasdaq bell in 2016 and is the recipient of many awards.

    She can be reached at


    E-mail : gen@genevievepiturro.com

    Listen to your heart voice!  It's telling you something!

    See you on the path!

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    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #5:The Power of Art and the Creative Process with Ashley Monteil

    Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #5:The Power of Art and the Creative Process with Ashley Monteil

    Meet Ashley Monteil...a New Jersey-based artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

    I am super excited to bring you her story because as you know, this season is all about imagination and creativity.  If you've been following our show, you also know that I love to give exposure to young artists. 

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ashley on my recent children's book, Randle Finds His Light (due to be released sometime in July...go to lgrahamauthor.com to get updates!!)  I needed an illustrator, wanted to support and give an up-and-coming artist a chance, and through my local college, was able to connect.   

    You will hear all about our journey of the challenges and joys of the creative process.  My need to create characters, vision and storyline and her need to bring those images to paper while maintaining her art form and remaining true to her style.  We talk about the ups, the downs, and the breakthroughs that in the end, made it all worthwhile. 

     Ashley works in fine and digital art, and while much of her artwork focuses on an ethereal theme that have a storylike quality, she also has a passion for graphic design.  She brings beauty into functionality and purpose.

    I am so proud of her as she recently graduated from her class with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude! She has an amazingly bright future and is currently in the process of moving to Portland Maine to pursue the next leg of her creative journey a.  t the  Maine College of Art.

    She is available for hire on a project-by-project basis and can be reached:
     E-mail her at

    Follow her on Instagram

    Follow her on Twitter
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4 Ratings

Momsfurboys ,


Lisa and her guests all embody goodness. Real goodness that is so rare in today's world. Kudos to Lisa, her team and her guests for connecting people to their goodness.

Miss Maiabella ,

Great podcast!

I love this podcast - I learned a lot and Lisa has a great podcast voice.

limitlessenergy1 ,

Shout-Out to Lisa & Guest John Murphy!

Awesome, inspiring podcast today from two of the best of the best I'm blessed to know . . Thank you both for yet another of those precious "MOMENTS", and I can now launch my day with a bigger bounce in my step and have at it!!! Why? Because "there's no traffic jam in that extra mile . . . !!" Justice Never Rests!!! Keep inspiring . . . And don't let up.

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