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We are speaking about wearables, fitness and health, with some of the best CEOs and athletes of our space. Terra is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables.

Terra Podcast - Stay Fit, Stay Connected Terra API

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We are speaking about wearables, fitness and health, with some of the best CEOs and athletes of our space. Terra is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables.

    VP of Teamworks: Sean Harrington

    VP of Teamworks: Sean Harrington

    http://twitter.com/kyriakosel is discussing with Sean Harrington https://x.com/seanharr11 , VP of Teamworks, and founder of Notemeal.

    Sean Harrington shares his journey from working with the New England Patriots to starting his own company, which was eventually acquired by Teamworks.

    He discusses the importance of technology in sports, particularly in areas like nutrition and performance tracking. The conversation also highlights the challenges of selling to different personas in the sports industry and the role of economic buyers in the purchasing process.

    He also discusses the evolution of the company's products and their impact on the sports industry.

    He shares how Teamworks provides an operating system for sports, allowing athletes and teams to access all the necessary tools and information in one place.

    Harrington also highlights Teamworks' expansion into the military space and the challenges of selling to the government.

    He emphasizes the importance of data in optimizing performance and the need for a global policy on wearable technology in the military. Harrington concludes by discussing the future of human performance and the need for a shift toward preventative medicine.


    00:00 Intro
    04:30 Joining the New England Patriots
    05:40 Technologies Patriots are using
    10:20 Starting Notemeal
    13:50 Focusing on sports dietitians instead of athletes
    14:25 The first customers
    21:45 The product journey
    25:25 The acquisition process
    35:45 The product discovery at Teamworks
    42:50 Learnings from the go to market, and data
    47:06 Improvements in the military sales process

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    CTO of Function Health: Mike Nemke

    CTO of Function Health: Mike Nemke

    In our latest podcast https://x.com/kyriakosel is joined by Mike Nemke https://x.com/mikenemke co-founder of Function Health.

    He discusses his background as a Green Beret and the leadership lessons he learned. He emphasizes the importance of building teams and trusting others to maximize outcomes. He also shares the founding story of Function Health, including how he met his co-founders and their mission to empower individuals to own their health. 

    The customer experience involves answering a medical questionnaire, scheduling lab visits, and receiving test results. Function Health provides comprehensive lab testing and analysis to help individuals understand their bodies' systems and biomarkers. It offers an application that shows foods to eat and avoid based on the test results. 

    The company aims to empower individuals to take control of their health by providing them with information and insights. The healthcare industry has slowly adopted this approach, but digital health has enabled remote testing and analysis. 

    Function Health has an extensive waitlist and has seen rapid growth due to its strong business fundamentals and execution. They plan to expand their team and improve their product and marketing efforts.


    00:00 Intro
    02:10 Leadership Lessons and Building Teams
    13:58 The Founding Story of Function Health
    17:32 The Customer Experience
    18:03 Comprehensive Lab Testing and Analysis
    19:11 The Importance of Information Over Time
    19:41 The Role of Digital Health
    20:14 Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
    22:07 Identifying Cancer and Other Concerns
    23:40 Empowering Individuals with Information
    24:43 Function Health's Approach
    25:32 Understanding the Customer Base
    26:04 Partnership with Equinox
    26:52 The Impact of Co-founder Dr. Mark Hyman
    29:58 Function Health in the next five years
    31:26 Utilizing data from wearables and sensors
    34:40 The Future of AI in Health
    35:47 The Value and Limitations of Supplements
    38:13 Building an Outstanding Business
    43:08 Expanding the Team and Improving Marketing

    • 47 min
    John Anthony: Swim.com, WHOOP, Google Health, and Podium

    John Anthony: Swim.com, WHOOP, Google Health, and Podium

    In this podcast, we are joined by John Anthony, who led the teams at Swim.com, WHOOP, Google Health and others.

    He created and led technologies such as AI-based swim trackers, WHOOP's Live Heart Rate functionality, Google's Health connect, and many others.


    00:00 Introduction

    04:19 The AI wearable for swimmers

    10:22 Joining Whoop and the Importance of Product Focus

    25:42 Enhancing Spectator Engagement with Live Heart Rate Monitoring

    29:23 The Potential of Real-Time Performance Metrics in High-Intensity Sports

    38:05 The Evolution of Wear OS: Collaborations and Power Optimization

    44:00 Sensor Fusion: The Future of Wearables

    56:52 Shaping the Next 100 Years of Wearables

    • 59 min
    CEO of Osmind: Lucia Huang

    CEO of Osmind: Lucia Huang

    In this conversation, Kyriakos Eleftheriou is joined by Lucia Huang , CEO of Osmind.

    They discuss the founding story, the problem in mental health, fundraising, and many more.


    00:00 Intro

    03:03 Founding Story

    11:31 User Feedback

    21:19 The Y Combinator Experience

    23:14 Go-to-Market Strategy

    23:50 Tracking Patient Outcomes and Interim Feedback

    25:02 Building a Full Electronic Health Record System

    29:20 Fundraising and Choosing Investors

    31:36 Selecting Good Investors and the Importance of Operator Background

    33:41 Creating Scarcity Mindset in Fundraising

    35:56 Hiring for Values and Building Company Culture

    41:30 Scaling the Team and Transitioning to a Management Role

    44:06 Exploring the Potential of Psychedelic Medicine

    48:06 Looking backwards from 100 years in the future

    • 49 min
    CMO of Oura - Doug Sweeny

    CMO of Oura - Doug Sweeny

    Doug Sweeny is the Chief Marketing Officer at ŌURA Health, home of the Oura Ring. He oversees the company's marketing, growth, and brand. In the latest discussion with Kyriakos, they discussed about marketing, brand, and his journey with ŌURA. Doug has led iconic brands like One Medical, Nest, Levi's, Adidas, and General Motors EV1.

    0:00 - Introduction
    1:57 - Discussion on Doug's career journey and the companies he has worked with.
    3:29 - The mission with Nest Labs
    4:47 - Shift to healthcare and joining One Medical.
    6:03 - Transition to Oura, and why Doug joined
    6:48 - Criteria for choosing companies
    9:18 - How marketing changes through different stages
    11:27 - Initial steps when joining a company as a leader.
    13:03 - Deep dive into Oura's mission and branding.
    15:39 - Product positioning
    19:27 - Partnerships and market expansion
    24:42 - Membership strategies and the launch of new features
    26:53 - The impact of Oura in the tech community
    29:28 - Strategies to enhance word-of-mouth recommendations
    31:49 - Women's health
    34:28 - Global marketing strategies and adjusting to different markets
    36:40 - Expansion through API and partnership integrations
    38:24 - How to deal with competitors
    41:03 - Leadership and team building
    43:53 - Identifying candidate passion and alignment with company mission
    45:34 - Personal leadership style and team interaction
    47:35 - Future of healthcare and consumer-driven health management

    More about Oura ► https://ouraring.com/
    More about Doug ► https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougsweeny/

    More about Terra ► http://tryterra.co
    More Podcasts ►https://tryterra.co/podcast
    Twitter ► https://x.com/terraapi
    More about Kyriakos Eleftheriou ► https://x.com/kyriakosel

    • 49 min
    CTO of Equinox: Eswar Veluri

    CTO of Equinox: Eswar Veluri

    In this conversation, Kyriakos is discussing with Eswar, the Chief Technology Officer for Equinox.

    They discuss Eswar's journey at Equinox and the company's technology and user experience evolution. They also delve into the role of data in enhancing the athlete experience and personalizing workouts.

    The conversation covers various topics related to fitness coaching, data tracking, nutrition, sleep, technology, company culture, collaboration, scaling teams, and future focus.


    00:00 Introduction and Background
    07:19 - Early technology team and growth
    09:39 - Core principles: member acquisition, retention, and revenue
    14:41 - Personalized class suggestions and streamlined check-in
    16:55 - App integration with club's Wi-Fi
    20:51 - Custom content on cardio equipment
    22:54 - Data-driven product development
    26:58 - Coaching product for strength training
    29:01 - Data for fitness progress tracking
    33:05 - Live data for real-time coaching
    35:14 - Role of technology in coaching
    39:27 - Leadership
    45:29 - Team Culture
    47:34 - Building balanced and diverse teams
    51:45 - Future focus on aging, mental health, and nutrition

    • 54 min

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