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Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk Microsoft 365 with fellow industry experts. The show formerly known as Office 365 Podcast is back!

Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast Jeremy Thake / Paul Schaeflein

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Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk Microsoft 365 with fellow industry experts. The show formerly known as Office 365 Podcast is back!

    Fluent UI with Micah Godbolt

    Fluent UI with Micah Godbolt

    Jeremy and Paul talk with Micah Godbolt from Microsoft about the FluentUI project and the various libraries they publish.
    Links from the show:
    Fluent UI
    Fluent UI on GitHub
    Microsoft News
    .NET Standard version of SharePoint Online CSOM APIs
    Simplifying declarative deployments in Azure
    Community Links
    Connect to Application Insights and Log Analytics with Direct Query in Power BI
    Configure your Azure AD application with Integration assistant

    • 54 min
    Microsoft Lists with Lincoln DeMaris

    Microsoft Lists with Lincoln DeMaris

    Lincoln DeMaris from Microsoft talks with Paul about the Microsoft Lists offering and what it means for developers. Lincoln shares his insight Lists in the context of the Power Platform and in the broader productivity market, as well as some roadmap items for upcoming months.
    Microsoft Links about Lists:
    Announcing Microsoft Lists - Your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365
    Microsoft Lists – evolving the value of SharePoint lists and beyond
    4 building blocks for every collab app: Templates, Sites, Lists and Tasks
    Microsoft News
    A Lap around Microsoft Graph Toolkit Day 8 – Microsoft Graph Toolkit Recap at Build 2020 & What’s in Season 2
    Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps (preview)
    Use our new Office 365 Groups Mail Connector!
    Community Links
    The easiest way to store user settings of your Microsoft 365 app

    • 38 min
    Using the Identity libraries with Christos Matskas and John Patrick Dandison

    Using the Identity libraries with Christos Matskas and John Patrick Dandison

    Paul is joined by Christos Matskas and John Patrick Dandison from the Developer Advocacy team in the Identity Division at Microsoft. Christos and John discuss a new .NET library named Microsoft.Identity.Web that improves and simplifies the integration between ASP.NET Identity and Azure Active Directory. They also discuss several samples that the team published recently. These samples make use of the Microsoft.Identity.Web and Microsoft Graph libraries in various app scenarios.
    Links from the show:
    Microsoft identity platform documentation
    Christos Matskas blog
    John Patrick Dandison blog
    Call MS Graph APIs from ASP.NET Core 3.1
    Publisher verification overview - Microsoft identity platform
    Build 2020: Fostering a secure and trustworthy app ecosystem for all users
    Azure Active Directory Uservoice​
    Microsoft News
    Service principal API in Microsoft Graph is now generally available
    Build advanced queries in Microsoft Graph with $count, $filter, $search, and $orderby
    Announcing support for new Groups properties via Microsoft Graph API
    Our Microsoft Identity Platform developer training videos are published (Matthijs Hoekstra @mahoekst)

    • 44 min
    Infrastructure as Code with Sam Cogan

    Infrastructure as Code with Sam Cogan

    Sam Cogan (@samcogan) talks with Paul about Infrastructure as Code. They discuss what Infrastructure as Code is and why you want to use it. The discussion covers approaches to infrastructure configuration such as scripts/commands and tools (both Azure-based and third-party) for provisioning and managing your cloud infrastructure.
    Now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0FFpLMPSTyDAysIIhJJ2zw
    Links from the show:
    Sam's blog
    Sam's ARM Template Masterclass
    Why Infrastructure As Code?
    Microsoft News
    Microsoft Graph community call-June 2, 2020
    Just updated the #MicrosoftGraph http://ASP.NET snippets sample to http://ASP.NET Core 3.1 with latest Graph SDK and the Microsoft.Identity.Web preview library. @jasonjohmsft
    Azure / Developer from Build
    Build 2020 - Introducing Bot Framework Virtual Assistant 1.0
    Build 2020 - Conversational AI updates
    Author rich content in QnA Maker knowledge base and enable role based sharing
    What is Windows Terminal?
    Windows Package Manager Preview

    • 40 min
    Blazor and Web Assembly with Jeremy Likness

    Blazor and Web Assembly with Jeremy Likness

    Paul talks with Jeremy Likness about the new .Net-based Blazor technology combined with Web Assembly (WASM) to run code in the browser instead of the server.
    Links from the show:
    EF Core and Cosmos DB with Blazor WebAssembly
    Azure AD Secured Serverless Cosmos DB from Blazor WebAssembly
    Microsoft News
    Build ASP.NET Core MVC apps with Microsoft Graph
    Community Links
    Announcing the Application Insights Annotation Github Action
    Setup WSL2 for SPFx development

    • 53 min
    Fluid Framework with Sam Broner

    Fluid Framework with Sam Broner

    Sam Broner from Microsoft sits down with Jeremy to cover the latest information about the Fluid Framework from Build 2020.
    Links from the show:
    Get Started with Fluid Framework Preview
    Microsoft News
    Session Videos on Channel 9
    Microsoft Build Skilling Sessions
    Microsoft 365 developer platform live show Playlist
    Introducing the first Microsoft Fluid Framework experiences in Outlook and Office.com

    • 55 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Rob Roach ,

My new fav!

For the job that I do - I love this podcast! Perfect spot on information around office365 development!!

vball525 ,

Fantastic Cutting Edge Office 365 Podcast

Jeremy Thake is fantastic on this podcast. It is always up to date and discussing the latest updates around Office 365 development. I am not sure how to keep up without it. Even though Jeremy works for Microsoft, it’s not a PR bit, this is real world developer focused and the interviews and news reflect that. - @timferro #office365dev #swag

tgskiman ,

Great podcast

Technical yet easy to listen to. The conversational format works very well for distilling complex topics as well as disseminating news. Keep up the good work. @tgskiman

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