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Underserved is the podcast for the rest of the technology industry. No startup or gadget worship, just real stories, lessons, and interesting topics from real people in the technology industry. Special emphasis on software development culture and history.

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Underserved is the podcast for the rest of the technology industry. No startup or gadget worship, just real stories, lessons, and interesting topics from real people in the technology industry. Special emphasis on software development culture and history.

    Journey to a Mission

    Journey to a Mission

    Season 9 of Underserved kicks off in-studio with our guest Tanya Bulkovshteyn. Tanya's family moved to Canada and quickly found out French immersion was not optional. Dad's push toward a technical career led her to computer science and the United States. Tanya describes how being a woman in the field has been at times a nice, novel way to stand out and others a hard way to fit in. This has led Tanya to help mentor other women coming up in the field and taught her the value of building a network of like-minded peers.

    • 33 min
    AI Invasion

    AI Invasion

    Underserved has reached Episode 100! We celebrate this special landmark with a very special show. We bring back three previous guests (Mike Breault from #007, Eli Goldberg from #069, and Steve Kaufer from #013) and add one new one (Rachael Rosen) to form a panel of distinguished experts. We discuss with our panel how artificial intelligence is going to change the software development game forever.
    ChatGPT: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt
    CoPilot: https://github.com/features/copilot
    Prompt Perfect: https://promptperfect.jina.ai/
    The Tyrell Corporation: https://www.speculativeidentities.com/research/tyrell-corp

    • 51 min
    Triple Major

    Triple Major

    Our 99th episode features Tim Sebel from Bullhorn. Tim was able to leverage his AP classes from high school into an unusually wide amount of choices in college. Or rather, not having to choose between three different majors and completing them all! Tim moved on to startups doing semantic search, helping small cable companies, and assisting folks with dementia before moving on to a large time-tracking company. The latter led him to Bullhorn, where he has helped transform their toolset into a one-stop-shop for running a staffing company.
    Tim on LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timsebel/
    Emory University: https://www.emory.edu/home/index.html
    SimpleC: https://www.simplec.com/
    Bullhorn: https://www.bullhorn.com/

    • 38 min
    Running the Shop

    Running the Shop

    Episode #098 of Underserved features Gu Xie live from Texas. We start with his unlikely story of growing up as a Chinese immigrant in Belize, moving to the US, and learning some tough lessons in and out of the classroom at the University of Georgia. Also discussed: leaning into data analytics, superior toolsets driving more mental strain to understand them, and why 10 years in data feels like 3 lifetimes.
    Show Notes Links:

    • 41 min
    Fighting Spirit

    Fighting Spirit

    Komal Maliekal is our featured guest for Episode #097 of Underserved. Komal channeled her mother's fighting spirit to succeed in a difficult engineering school, job market, and technology landscape in her native India. We talk about the culture shift moving to the United States, what to do when your test devices get stolen, and giving back to women in the tech industry. 
    Komal's LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/komal-maliekal-4553b38/
    Article on Devices : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-cloud-based-medical-device-platform-komal-maliekal/
    Info on anitab.org : https://ghc.anitab.org/
    Athenahealth : https://www.athenahealth.com/
    Dr AIT college : https://drait.edu.in/

    • 39 min
    Super Stoked To Be Here

    Super Stoked To Be Here

    In Episode #096 of Underserved, our guest is Chris Boutiette. Chris had to ask his high school to add computer courses, only to find them unexpectedly challenging. This didn't deter him from pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or working his way through college running a tech support firm. We talk about working your way up the organization from QA, wrangling rampant robots, and clearing your head from the saddle of a motorcycle.
    Chris' LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-boutiette-aa3b1239/
    Symbotic https://www.symbotic.com/
    BMW Motorcycles https://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/en/home.html#/filter-all
    Shell Tech Works https://www.shell.com/energy-and-innovation/entrepreneurs-and-start-ups/shell-techworks.html

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
2.4K Ratings

2.4K Ratings

Mategel ,

Down to earth tech talk! Best sound quality

I am someone who works in technology but not as a developer. I have listen to a bunch of podcasts that have tech news or how some start up raised 500 million and they all seem to blend together. Underserved has some great interviews that relate to my network and I love the origin stories! Oh and the sound quality is amazing, they must use a production company.

MM4528 ,

Relatable Technology

It’s exciting to hear the stories behind some of the individuals leading technology forward. Often times, we get wrapped up in the technical components with little thought to the people behind them. Really interesting to hear the journey of these individuals.

VP of Engineering ,

I.T Berg

Such a breath of fresh air. Very insightful and educational. Great listen!

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