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Published weekly as a supplement to the 'That Was The Week' newsletter, this podcast features Keith Teare and Andrew Keen discussing the events in tech that will shape the future of startups, venture and angel investing. https://thatwastheweek.com

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Published weekly as a supplement to the 'That Was The Week' newsletter, this podcast features Keith Teare and Andrew Keen discussing the events in tech that will shape the future of startups, venture and angel investing. https://thatwastheweek.com

    Robots and Humans

    Robots and Humans



    Essays of the Week

    State of Private Markets: Q1 2023

    Fund Size Is Still Strategy - The Growing Disconnect Between Founders and VCs

    'ZIRP' No More: A Founder Playbook for the Market Downturn

    Series D Hits Lowest Point In Years. What Does That Mean? 

    Nearly Half of YouTube’s U.S. Viewership Is Now on TVs, Helping Drive Ad Shift

    The Unified Content Business Model

    Video of the Week

    Greg Brockman at TED

    Yejin Choi at TED

    AI of the Week

    Google "We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI"

    Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?

    Lina Khan: We Must Regulate A.I. Here’s How.

    Google Suffers a Major Loss

    Slack updates aim to put AI at the center of the user experience

    Profit in AI

    News Of the Week

    OpenAI closes $300M share sale at $27B-29B valuation

    New Unicorns Led By AI Companies In April, And Two Dropped Off

    ARM registers for US initial public offering

    Twitter Plans to Enable Publishers to Charge Per-Article to Bypass Paywalls in the App

    Startup of the Week

    Elon Musk Continues to Transform Las Vegas

    Tweet of the Week

    Paul Graham


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    Editorial: Shrinking

    Essays of the Week

    These 4 Charts Show That, Slowly But Surely, Startup Funding Deal Sizes Are Shrinking 

    The Fintech Funding Crunch In 4 Charts

    M&A for venture-backed startups has fallen to the lowest quarterly level in a decade

    Elon Musk Is Transforming Twitter, Not Killing It

    The Mother of All Pivots

    Grimes invites people to use her voice in AI songs

    2023 State of AI in 14 Charts

    The History of AI in 7 Experiments

    Michelle’s Approach to ChatGPT Has Me Convinced Google Will Launch a Direct Competitor

    The first babies conceived with a sperm-injecting robot have been born

    Facebook Parent Meta Soars After Blasting Q1 Earnings Forecasts; Zuckerberg Sees More Cost Cuts

    First Republic Plunges To Fresh Record Low Amid FDIC Receivership Report


    Benedict Evans


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    Gone: DVDs, Magazines and Buzzfeed News

    Gone: DVDs, Magazines and Buzzfeed News

    Content this week from: @jonfingas, @harrymccracken, @TurnerNovak, @fredwilson, @kwharrison13, @ballmatthew, @ttunguz, @timoreilly, @davidcummings, @NeilThanedar

    Netflix will shut down its DVD rental business in September

    The End of Computer Magazines in America

    Shuttering of BuzzFeed News Signals Shift to Survival Mode

    Can Substack Save the Social Network?

    What Is A Protocol And Why Does It Matter?

    Building an Actual Unicorn

    2023 Private SaaS Company Valuations

    Is Twitter finally dying?

    Why Every Startup Needs an AI Strategy

    Sam Altman: Size of LLMs won’t matter as much moving forward

    You Can’t Regulate What You Don’t Understand

    China’s new GDP figures may restore faith in its economy

    Elon Musk wants to develop TruthGPT, ‘a maximum truth-seeking AI’

    Google Looks to Turbocharge AI Efforts With Combined Brain, DeepMind Unit

    VCs Challenged by the Downturn

    Tiger Global Management’s $12.7 Billion Venture Fund Records 20% Loss

    Apple launches Apple Card’s savings accounts with 4.15% interest rate



    This week’s headline is “Gone.” Specifically, Nexflix’s DVD service, Maximum PC and MacLife Magazines, and BuzzFeed News. The latter was “shuttered” today.

    We could extend the meaning to include unicorns, later-stage venture funding, and Elon Musk’s first Starship.

    In the case of the first three, it is surprising that they survived this long.

    But I think these closures are a moment to acknowledge and mark. They have already been replaced long ago, and their passing is a testament to the work Netflix has done with streaming, the emergence of the newsletter and blog, and the frustrations we all have with headline writers seeking clickbait.

    The downbeat tone continues with a Vox piece asking (with an implied answer) Is Twitter finally dying? Vox is no longer a news publication when it comes to Twitter, it has become a rag with a campaign seeking to fight against the company’s very existence. It is the Fox News of Twitter coverage.

    A more thoughtful piece from Kyle Harrison is still, however, downbeat. It asks why almost all unicorns have never made a profit but overlook that many have enormous free cash flow that they decided to spend on growth as a conscious strategy. Spending profits (thus removing them as profits) is what startups should be doing. Amazon has done so for decades successfully.

    Turner Novak writes about Substack, one of the emergent platforms, and asks the question, “Can Substack Save the Social Network?”

    He tracks the history of Substack, increasing the tools that enable its writers, creators, and consumers to discover and recommend each other and the impact on subscriber growth. Meanwhile, Tomasz Tunguz of Theory VC states that all startups must have an AI strategy. Fred Wilson says protocols are important but are not well understood.

    These articles and others focus on what is new and what comes next. As Leonard Cohen famously wrote, “that’s how the light gets in.”

    In Silicon Valley, over $11.5 billion was invested in AI startups in the past three months. Web 3 funding has slowed to a crawl but has not disappeared. And biotech funding remains vibrant, along with new energy startups.

    We are entering a phase where a new cohort of companies, funded since the middle of 2022, is attracting capital because of the scale of their ambition and the opportunity it represents. The number of funding rounds at the seed and early stage is declining, but the quality of the investments and the amounts raised are both strong.

    2023 will be a big year for the next generation of successful startups, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.


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    Substack and Twitter: Launch of Notes is a significant move

    Substack and Twitter: Launch of Notes is a significant move


    Product of the Week

    Now live for all: Substack Notes

    Notes questions answered

    Is Substack Notes a ‘Twitter clone’? We asked CEO Chris Best

    Essays of the Week

    ‘We have to move fast’: US looks to establish rules for artificial intelligence

    Prohibition of AI that ‘subverts state power’ in China may chill its nascent industry

    What the End of HBO Max—and the Rise of ‘Max’—Means for Streaming

    Crypto VC Funding Slows to a Crawl

    Here Comes the Startup Panic

    SignalRank Funding Round and the Next Steps

    AI of the Week

    Y Combinator’s Most Recent Winter 2023 Batch Shows A Shift To AI, DevTools And B2B 

    A Brief Note To Our Founders Re: Impact Of Artificial Intelligence

    News Of the Week

    Garry Tan’s First Big Move as Y Combinator CEO Roils Founders

    As tech slumps, SoftBank sells VC unit to Singapore-based firm led by Masayoshi Son’s brother

    European VC Funding Drops 66% As Seed Takes A Hit, US Investors Pull Back

    Twitter, Inc. is now X Corp.

    Twitter partners with eToro to show real-time stock and crypto information

    Twitter Rolls Out Creator Subscriptions

    More newsrooms bail on Twitter as Musk meddles with account labels

    Startup of the Week

    Betaworks’ new ‘camp’ aims to fund transformative early-stage AI startups

    Apple Savings Account

    Tweet of the Week


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    Embrace AI Experimentation

    Embrace AI Experimentation


    Editorial: An Open Letter

    Essays of the Week

    Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter

    The Open Letter to Stop 'Dangerous' AI Race Is a Huge Mess

    Vinod Khosla on how AI will ‘free humanity from the need to work’

    Thinking About AI

    A Short History of Artificial Intelligence

    ChatGPT Gets a Computer

    The Accidental Consumer Tech Company; ChatGPT, Meta, and Product-Market Fit; Aggregation and APIs

    Video of the Week

    Coldfusion - AI is Evolving Faster Than You Think [GPT-4 and beyond]

    News of the Week

    Are solo GPs screwed?

    Death of The Generalist Seed VC

    The NFL Is Quietly Investing Millions Into Its Venture Capital Fund, 32 Equity

    Apple Mixed-Reality Headset May Not Appear at WWDC as Mass Production Pushed Back Yet Again

    Startup of the Week

    Good Eggs Cuts Its Valuation 94% in Lifeline Financing as More Startups Get Desperate

    Tweet of the Week

    Sam Altman


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    Are You a Communist? TikTok CEO Abused in Congress

    Are You a Communist? TikTok CEO Abused in Congress

    Content this week from @stuwoo @mvpeers @JuliaAngwin @chloexiang @vice @neuwaves @jason_keobler @tayhatmaker @pkedrosky @blurcon @billgates @theo_wayt

    Editorial: Are You a Communist?

    Essays of the Week

    Who Is Shou Zi Chew, the TikTok CEO Trying to Reassure America?

    U.S. Tech Should Support TikTok at This Moment

    How to Fix the TikTok Problem

    Banning TikTok Is Unconstitutional, Ludicrous, and a National Embarrassment

    TikTok CEO says it wasn’t ‘spying’ when ByteDance employees surveilled journalists

    Teens Social Media Habits and Experiences

    Society's Technical Debt and Software's Gutenberg Moment

    The Age of AI has begun

    Amazon Faces Moment of Truth on Alexa as ChatGPT Steals Its Thunder

    Video of the Week

    The Age of AI and Our Human Future

    News of the Week

    OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet

    OpenAI and Microsoft Are Partners, Until They Vie for the Same Customers

    Apple reportedly plans to spend $1B a year to release Apple TV+ movies in theaters

    Amazon layoffs will shut down camera review site DPReview.com after 25 years

    JPMorgan to acquire Aumni, provider of venture capital analytics software

    GitHub Copilot X: The AI-powered developer experience

    Adobe Launches Firefly AI

    The FTC Just Announced a Solution to an Annoying Problem

    Startup of the Week

    Character.AI Hits Unicorn Status With $150M Raise As AI Craze Continues

    Tweet of the Week

    Keith Teare (yes, me)


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