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Interviews about math, outreach, and more. Hosted by Grant Sanderson, the creator of 3blue1brown

The 3b1b podcast Grant Sanderson

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Interviews about math, outreach, and more. Hosted by Grant Sanderson, the creator of 3blue1brown

    5 - Tai-Danae Bradley: Where math meets language

    5 - Tai-Danae Bradley: Where math meets language

    Tai-Danae Bradley does research applying tools from physics to understanding language models, all under the broader umbrella of category theory. She is also the brilliant mind behind the blog https://www.math3ma.com/

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    • 1 hr 36 min
    4 - Dianna Cowern: Dead or Alive

    4 - Dianna Cowern: Dead or Alive

    Dianna Cowern is the host of Physics Girl: https://www.youtube.com/c/physicsgirl

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    0:00 - Intro

    0:47 - Ad, Brilliant

    2:03 - Relationship with math growing up

    9:05 - Thoughts on teaching

    16:36 - When students are genuinely curious

    22:02 - Physics at MIT

    27:53 - Alternate value systems

    35:01 - Starting Physics Girl

    40:20 - Taking down videos

    48:49 - Authenticity on YouTube

    53:17 - Advice on documenting learning

    59:13 - Giving talks

    1:07:51 - Dead or Alive

     1:12:37 - Storytelling in explainer videos

    Edited by Ralph Crewe


    • 1 hr 24 min
    3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

    3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

    Steven Strogatz, an applied mathematician at Cornell, is a prominent figure in the field of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and a widely beloved popularizer of math.

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    Brilliant is a great site/app for being more active in learning math.

    --- Books by Strogatz which we discussed ---

    Chaos and Nonlinear dynamics


    Infinite powers


    Unpublished appendix about Newton's letters to Leibniz: 


    --- Other things which came up ---

    Strogatz's senior thesis:


    His first published paper:


    Crick’s paper about linking numbers and nucleosomes with the memorable comment that inspired his experiment with the ribbon:


    The 4-dog chase problem and its solution.



    For a full solution with calculus, see Strogatz's book "The Calculus of Friendship"


    Survey for kids on their desired occupation:



    A radical approach to real analysis


    Twitter thread on what, morally, a normal subgroup is.


    Leibniz formula via patterns from primes


    --- Table of contents ---

    0:00 - Intro

    1:15 - Ad

    1:59 - The perfect problem for a high school student

    12:43 - Starting the Princeton undergrad

    22:52 - The most beautiful proof

    26:58 - What makes someone love a problem?

    36:05 - Putting lessons online

    41:57 - In and out of pre-med

    47:05 - The geometry of DNA

    58:53 - Using teaching as a means to learn

    1:09:47 - Do students like history?

    1:18:39 - The truth of Newton and Leibniz

    1:23:29 - Archimedes, a true great

    1:28:32 - Pitfalls of pure math exposition

    1:39:03 - "Morality" in math

    1:43:20 - An under-motivated culture

    1:51:48 - What's next?

    • 1 hr 54 min
    2 - Sal Khan: Beyond Khan Academy

    2 - Sal Khan: Beyond Khan Academy

    In this conversation with Sal Khan, we discuss his new project (Schoolhouse.world) as well as the Khan Lab School that he started in 2014.

    Sal's new tutoring platform: https://schoolhouse.world/
    The Khan Lab School: https://www.khanlabschool.org/

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    • 44 min
    1 - Alex Kontorovich: Improving math

    1 - Alex Kontorovich: Improving math

    Alex Kontorovich is a research mathematician at Rutgers University, a distinguished visiting professor at the MoMath Museum, and Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Mathematics, among other things. 

    The tweet referenced at the end: https://twitter.com/AlexKontorovich/status/1172715174786228224

    • 1 hr 24 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
140 Ratings

140 Ratings

Ragunther ,


I teach middle school math and this podcast is renewing my enthusiasm in teaching! I’d love some more episodes! They are really helping me!

a_dumb_ox ,

These are amazing please do more.

YEARS AGO YOU SERVED MY FATHER IN THE CLONE WARS. this is out most desperate hour, help us GRANT SANDERSON we need more math podcasts.

Bullfrog245 ,

Fantastic interviews!

Grant is an expert interviewer. He makes his guests the focus and keeps things moving with wonderful questions. The most advanced math class I ever completed was Algebra II, so I don’t understand everything that is being said, but I find the stories of the guests to be endlessly fascinating.

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