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A bi-weekly podcast to improve the quality of life and leadership for assistant principals.

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A bi-weekly podcast to improve the quality of life and leadership for assistant principals.

    Five for Friday June 4-9, 2023

    Five for Friday June 4-9, 2023

    Today’s episode of Five for Friday recaps the strategic leadership emails for the week of June 4-9, 2023.

    • 16 min
    New to the game?

    New to the game?

    I’ve been hearing from a number of people who are getting ready to be brand new assistant principals in the fall and I have been thinking about the most critical things for them to do during the summer and the first few weeks of school. Of course, you need to build relationships and learn how your school does all the paperwork, and you need to get familiar with your policies. Your new principals and district leaders will help you with all of that.For my suggestions, I wanted to get away from the obvious, so I have 3 suggestions for you to get ready for the wildest ride of your life. And if you aren’t a new AP, I hope you will stay with me because all of these tips will be helpful for experienced leaders too!

    • 8 min
    Five for Friday May 29 – June 2, 2023

    Five for Friday May 29 – June 2, 2023

    Today’s episode of Five for Friday recaps the strategic leadership emails for the week of May 29 – June 2, 2023. 

    I’m going to go completely out of order today and just work through the overall theme which was about solving problems. In today’s episode we will touch on the six dimensions of organizations, the role of leadership, change processes, and an example of identifying root problems. This episode will tie together several of my key conceptual frameworks in more detail than the emails did, so be ready for a meaty episode that begins at 40,000 feet but takes us right down to ground level. The whole week was inspired by a training I did last week with a group of non-profit leaders. We worked through an example of the process of identifying problems and landed in a slightly unexpected space. I’ll share what happened at the end of this episode, so please stay with me.

    • 17 min
    *Secrets* of Teacher Retention with Dr. Luke Simmering

    *Secrets* of Teacher Retention with Dr. Luke Simmering

    Last fall I offered a five-page guide on ten activities to support new teachers during the first two-weeks of school. The activities were designed to achieve three goals:
    ● Create a trusting relationship with the teacher● Lay the foundations for a well-managed classroom● Provide curricular guidance
    Today’s guest has been doing some remarkable work using a high-quality teacher satisfactionsurvey to identify keys to teacher retention. What really stands out to me is that he can providedistricts with data that is most applicable to them, not to every other district in the state orcountry. That said, there are some common things that assistant principals and other schoolleaders can do to help increase teacher retention. So how do these rigorously researched factorscompare to my goals for APs of building the relationship, laying foundations for classroommanagement, and providing curricular guidance? We are about to find out, but I want to offeryou a challenge before we get any further – if you hear one or more simple actionable strategiesto increase teacher retention, will you actually implement them? I wonder...

    • 38 min
    Five for Friday May 22-26, 2023

    Five for Friday May 22-26, 2023

    Last Friday I began with a shoutout to Soupman2545 for leaving a review and helping me improve the show. It felt good to begin the show with a thank you so I’m going to begin doing this regularly on Fridays.

    Today I want to acknowledge the daily email readers and podcast listeners who responded to last week’s challenge to identify the band associated with the titles of each daily email’s subject line.

    • 14 min
    Pause, breathe, flourish with William D Parker

    Pause, breathe, flourish with William D Parker

    I know… you don’t have time to pause, you barely have time to breathe, and you are saving flourishing for summer. You are too busy with all the tasks, and taking care of everyone else. Except for being in this moment, and, right now, this is the only moment that matters because it is the only moment you have. And I am so glad you are here, and today’s very special guest is going to help both you and I make the time to pause, to breathe, and to flourish.

    • 48 min

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4.7 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

soupman2545 ,

Great Content—Helping me for my AP position next year

I am going to be an AP next year and have already begun using ideas from content in this podcast to improve my practice and increase my capacity in my current leadership position. The guests are great and varied to encompass a great deal of topics for improving school function. Dr. Busker has certainly put me on a reflective path for personal growth and improvement through this podcast and daily emails.

If I could offer one piece of feedback, it would be for show aesthetics. I feel content is superior to all other parts of a show format, but something so small as a jingle or catchy tune, might help hook others in and give them something to look forward to each week. This seems really nitpicky, but based on other podcasts, it’s a point that might be worth considering.

StevenMiletto ,

Great ideas!!!

Excellent show. Practical ideas. Useful content. Wonderful guests. Makes me think. Loved the show with Todd Whitaker. I am a subscriber and look forward to each show. Keep up the wonderful work.

CLee0814 ,

Always on point

Dr. Buskey always has a way of making complex situations simple. It was a joy to listen, as always, and can’t wait to hear Ms. Miller on the next episode!!

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