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Host Rebecca Wanner dives into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, conservation and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure and the one that got away. Hear not just about the gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone!

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Host Rebecca Wanner dives into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, conservation and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure and the one that got away. Hear not just about the gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone!

    Capture the Wild: How To Hunt with Your Camera

    Capture the Wild: How To Hunt with Your Camera

    Capture the Wild, that’s the theme. Learn how to inspire the next generation to explore the outdoors by hunting using the camera on a phone while learning techniques to improve your own photos! Plus News Too. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!


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    According to the Dallas Morning News, tens of billions of dollars in holiday gift cards go unspent. Under federal law, gift cards cannot expire for five years.

    Nutritionists have revealed that the ideal time to eat dinner is three to four hours before going to bed. This is because eating too close to bedtime can disrupt your body’s sugar regulation and increase the risk of diabetes and other disorders. The recommended time to have dinner or supper is no later than 6:30 p.m. if you go to bed at 9:30 p.m.

    According to Zenger News, Tuesday is the most “afternoon slump” induced day of the week. The average afternoon slump lasts 29 minutes and occurs at 3 p.m. Top causes for slumps: lack of caffeine, boredom and a lack of energy. How to combat work slumps? Experts say to beat the slumps people should take a walk, eat a meal or exercise.

    The University of Cambridge has revealed in a new study that walking only 11 minutes per day can lower the risk of premature death by 25%. 10% of deaths can potentially be avoided with minimal daily exercise. Easy 11 minute walks: Walk to mailbox, Walk around the block, Vacuum the house or take in a quick hike around a nearby park.
    According to Daily Mail, home insurance companies warn that displaying a “Beware of Dog '' sign can attract burglars. By advertising the presence of a guard, homeowners are inadvertently revealing the presence of valuable items. The sign also suggests that the dog serves as the primary security measure, making it easier for burglars to bypass alarm systems.



    Wildlife Photography - Learning to hunt with your camera

    Learn to keep a “Low Profile” - Sneak


    Learn about the animals you’re scouting

    Using tripods, selfie sticks or other accessories

    Practice, practice. 

    Understanding the importance of “lighting”


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    The Outdoors, Rural America, And Wildlife Conservation are Center-Stage.
    AND how is that? Because Tigger & BEC… Live This Lifestyle.
    Learn more about Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt & Rebecca Wanner aka BEC here: TiggerandBEC.com

    Tigger & BEC are News Broadcasters that represent the Working Ranch world, Rodeo, and the Western Way of Life as well as advocate for the Outdoors and Wildlife Conservation.
    Outdoorsmen themselves, this duo strives to provide the hunter, adventurer, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher and/or successful farmer, and anyone interested in agriculture with the knowledge, education, and tools needed to bring high-quality beef and the wild game harvested to your table for dinner. They understand the importance in sharing meals with family, cooking the fruits of our labor and fish from our adventures, and learning to understand the importance of making memories in the outdoors. Appreciate God’s Country.
    United together, this duo offers a glimpse into and speaks

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    How To Have A Walt Disney World Theme Park Successful Vacation

    How To Have A Walt Disney World Theme Park Successful Vacation

    Prepare for the ultimate Walt Disney or theme park experience and make memories that last a lifetime! Learn essential tips before booking or leaving on the adventure. Plus News Headlines you've missed. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!

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    In January the Polar Vortex had more than an effect on the people, it also chilled the alligators too. The Gator Country Adventure Park in Beaumont, Texas had their gator’s pool ice over. The park’s alligator’s snout froze protruding above the ice for air. Alligators use a hibernation process, called brumation, to cope with the cold weather.
    Field Reporter: Heather Krohe, Little Rack Taxidermy

    Florida's fight against the invasive species Burmese pythons is not getting any easier.

    A North Little Rock, Arkansas cowboy, Doc Leavy, during a recent snowstorm used his horse, Champ, to help drivers stuck in the snow. The Cowboy believes his horse is just as strong as a tractor. He has helped dozens of stranded drivers in the past and continues to ride through trails when adverse weather occurs to help others.

    During Iowa’s recent winter storms in January, Dr. Chase Brown from Shenandoah, Iowa didn’t let a snowstorm stop him from delivering a baby. Dr. Chase hopped on his ATV and braved the snowstorm, sub-zero temperatures and snow drifts to get to the hospital where he delivered a healthy baby!



    Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime at Disney World with these essential tips for success!
    Who would have thought in this day or age, that expensive family destinations like Walt Disney World or Walt Disney Land, Universal Studios too could quickly undo any joy there was to be had by not planning for the destinations as well. We’re not talking about the stress of gathering the family, or the high prices that come with visiting these theme parks. We are talking about the overwhelming feeling of once arriving on property to only then learn, for example Disney has its own nomenclature, its own language. 
    So much is the overwhelming factor over taking guests to these theme parks, visitors are taking classes on “Walt Disney World” prior to boarding a plane. The complicated system that Disney World functions upon has left many unprepared travelers with the let down feeling and regretting having done the trip, as learning the Disney lingo and landscape can almost feel monumental instead of “Magical”. Today we are tackling tips to survive Disney World located in Orlando, Florida.
    First thing to know about Walt Disney World is it is made up of four main parks, but then there are also the Disney Water Parks too. The four Walt Disney World Parks are Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Disney World is not meant to be seen in ONE day. Instead, it is highly recommended to enjoy it over several days if time and money allows. This means visiting one Disney Park per day and even reserving a day in between for rest around the pool or some down time.

    If you have never traveled to Disney World and are going with a group that includes children, we suggest booking through a trusted travel agent and one that offers travel insurance or through Disney’s booking agents and inquiring about their travel insurance. Reason being is that depending on your party size, age and the cost; peace of mind knowing that at the last minute your trip might be canceled or cut short, all the money is not lost. If booking thru Disney World or a travel agent, be sure to ask if there are any special offers, for example there are

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    Learn Important Fundamentals First & State Hunting Regulations

    Learn Important Fundamentals First & State Hunting Regulations

    Excited to share your love for hunting, fishing or a new hobby? Learn how to set up another for success by teaching the fundamentals first to guarantee a solid foundation to build upon. Big Game hunting regulations, understand the state you plan to hunt and be checking for application dates and regulations changes. Super Bowl pizza is easy and the whole gang will love. Plus a home remedy for the Cold & Flu season. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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    Americans used the polar vortex to make snow ice cream. The trend started on Tik Tok and such stars as Reese Witherspoon have all joined in the fun. The ice cream is made with snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla. People then have been topping their ice cream with nuts, cherries and chocolate syrup making Snow Sundaes.


    What remedies work for cold and flu? Cleveland Clinic suggests that people battling cold and flu season drink pickle juice to feel better. The pickle juice is good for soothing sore throats, fights infections, balancing gut bacteria and prevents blood sugar spikes. The salt and vinegar in pickle juice calms inflammation and targets bacteria.

    A letter mailed in 1943 to DeKalb, Illinois residents Louis and Lavena George was recently delivered to a family member after resurfacing at the local Illinois Post Office. The letter expressed condolences to the recipients on the loss of their daughter. A post office worker tracked down a relative who was then able to share the letter with the daughter of original addressees: Louis and Lavena, George.


    If you are planning to hunt big game this year, you best hurry to start the planning. Every state has its own regulations on hunting big game which includes elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mule deer, bear, mountain lions, etc. These regulations may change from year to year including what is involved for Non-Resident applications. Learn the rules of the states where your focus is on, then plan accordingly to be sure to meet the time constraints for applying, can save for the cost of the tags and begin planning on if this is a guided or self guided adventure.

    Often those of us that are skilled in hunting, skiing or many other hobbies become overzealous in wanting to share our knowledge with hopeful new individuals to the activities. This especially holds true if for example you are a father wanting to show your son for the first time how to use a bow. Another great example, assisting in teaching a spouse. Frustrations can come quickly as often expectations are that another will learn quickly your often decades learned skill in the sport. What also comes into play is the accidental missing of not teaching the safety of each skill or activity too. It is highly recommended that for the very first lesson, consider hiring an outside professional or other known individual to walk through the basic fundamentals. 

    Let that individual be set up for success where they can feel free to ask questions as basic as they might be and the intimidation will quickly ease. It’s important to remember, your knowledge, though vast and experienced, did not happen overnight. It was acquired through years of practice, failure and learning what works for you… Which may not be what works for another. 

    Fundamentals Are Key

    Strong Foundation Is A Must

    Safety First

    Make a GREAT first experience to guarantee a lifetime of enjoyment!



    Needing a new twist to your Pizza Night? Latest trend in pizza crusts is using Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit dough as the crust, then adding favorite toppings and

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    Super Bowl - Easy Recipes & Valentine's Gift Ideas

    Super Bowl - Easy Recipes & Valentine's Gift Ideas

    This episode we tackle Super Bowl trending food and what to cook for the Super Bowl. Easy recipes to serve at a gathering. Valentines Day - what to buy Him, What to Buy Her, or maybe What to Do for Valentines is the better question We have answers.  We are here to help ditch the stress and win the lover's day battle. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
    Episode 169 DetailsNEWSSUPER BOWL PIZZA TOPPING IDEASThe Trend now in the world of Pizza Topping is adding Kiwi to your pizza pie! Many are familiar with Pineapple Pizza, otherwise known as Hawaiian Style Pizza and the ingredients are Canadian Bacon or Ham plus cheese with a red tomato base sauce.
    Chefs are whipping up Kiwi Pizza and saying, HOLD OFF ON THE PINEAPPLE and ADD the KIWI! Pizzerias are saying that Kiwi pairs well with Ham, or Canadian Bacon, and cheese. Also, during the winter months now, as when the Super Bowl or Valentine's falls, Kiwi are in season and less expensive than Pineapple. Give it a try, and Let us know what you think!
    SUPER FOOD: ALGAE (SPIRULINA)Often foods high in antioxidants and protein, are considered Superfoods. There is a new one to be added to the list, Algae is now a Super Food. Now we are unsure how good it tastes, or how quick the concept of algae over spinach or blueberries will take off, but they are speculating it to be a Hot Super Food in the years to come as Spirulina easily grows in both fresh and saltwater.
    FEATUREVALENTINES - WHAT TO BUY HIM OR HERWhat to do for the Valentine Holiday, or what to BUY for Valentines? The big questions pondered every year when this almost seems like a "Hallmark Card" made up holiday after just barely recovering from the Festive Christmas Holidays. Feeling burned out still? Not sure what to do? OR do you just look the other way and hope it goes unnoticed that you want to forget Valentines? SMILE all the reasons are okay, and understood. BUT we are here to help!
    WHAT TO BUY HIM FOR VALENTINES?It is not so much what to buy, but instead think of What To Do. Guys, Husbands, Men they enjoy activities. So instead of breaking the bank on a gift, go for the experience. Shoot for a "Guy Thing" which in Tigger's mind, he offers the following. Go out on a "Date" to a Distillery or Brewery, enjoy a flight of the joint's best drinks paired with an appetizer. Another option, try out a new activity like "Ax Throwing" or check with local Gun Ranges, they often actually have specials on "Date Night" to encourage men and women to have fun at the range together. Bring your own firearms, or often you can rent a model of something you've been considering purchasing. Regardless, get out and have fun.
    WHAT TO BUY HER FOR VALENTINES?Women today are thinking not about roses, candy and jewelry for Valentines. Women want Valentine's experience! They want to be surprised, an experience they do not have to plan, arrange childcare or have responsibility. Women appreciate the anticipation of a date. For example, finding little notes or receiving text messages to "clear your evening" or "calendar" and to "wear something nice". On this one day of the year, regardless if it is a new girlfriend, wife or someone special in your life; making the effort to surprise your woman with a carefree, planned evening or day means the world. BEC suggests visiting a Winery, sharing a flight of fine wines with cheese & grapes. Antiquing or visiting quaint boutiques that one drives by all the time but never stops. Starting off the morning with a surprise stop at a new coffee shop or breakfast place.
    SUPER BOWL EASY RECIPES1. CHARCUTERIE BOARD: Use your own homemade sausages and jerky along with adding in a couple favorite cheeses, grapes, nuts and then complimenting it all with Mickey's Mustard! (LOVE Mickeys Mustard - You Will Too!) And don't forget the crackers.

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    How To Save Money & Easily Cook With Frozen Meats

    How To Save Money & Easily Cook With Frozen Meats

    We share tips on how to make easy recipes using the meats already in your freezer, foods that work with you rather than against you and a recap of top news headlines everyone should know about. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
    NEWSOPERATION VIPER: ILLEGAL SNAKE TRAFFICKING RING BUSTEDFox 35, Orlando, reported in January 2023 that Florida's Wildlife Officials had arrested eight people for illegal snake trafficking. Traffickers were bought and sold, hundreds of snakes, some venomous. 
    During the three-year investigation, called "Operation Viper, the Florida Fish and Wildlife commission said in a news release that nearly 200 snakes - consisting of 24 species from seven different regions of the globe - were purchased or sold by undercover FWC investigators to or from wildlife traffickers.
    Wildlife trafficking ranks fourth behind drugs, weapons and humans in global activity according to the FWC. The Wildlife Conservation Society estimates illicit wildlife trafficking to be between $7.8 billion and $10 billion per year.
    A new wild pig problem is on the horizon officials are warning. Wild pigs are nothing new to the United States, that is a 400-plus year history of dealing with invasive wild hogs. According to the University of Saskatchewan's Canadian Wild Pig Research Project, the wild pig issue is relatively new. "We didn't have any here until the early 1980s," says Dr. Ryan Book who leads their project. "There was a big push to diversify agriculture with species like wild boars and ostriches. Wild boars were brought in from Europe to be raised on farms across Canada."
    Fast Forward. These pigs were crossbred with wild boars and domesticated pigs. The hybridization resulted in bigger "super pigs" capable of surviving cold climates. The market for these new hogs dropped out in the early 2000s, thus some escaped operations while others were simply let free as there was no one to sell them to.

    These pigs have an extraordinarily high reproductive rate and are predicted to now roam nearly 620,000 square miles of Canada, mostly in the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. The states most affected by these Canadian Super Pigs are North Dakota, Eastern Montana and Northern Minnesota.

    Wild boar, razorback, feral hog, wild pig. Those are just a few of the names for one of the most destructive, formidable invasive species in the United States. Tremendous damages from these animals currently cost the United States up to $2.5 billion annually to crops, forestry, livestock, and pastures. Feral swine present great risks to human health and safety as well as they can harbor and transmit dozens of parasites and diseases.

    Landowners or hunters who encounter feral pigs in North Dakota must notify the State Board of Animal Health immediately.  The shooting of feral pigs is illegal in North Dakota unless a person is protecting property or livestock.
    Observe or suspect the presence of feral pigs, MAKE THE CALL.
    North Dakota Board of Animal Health at 701-328-2655, Game and Fish Department at 701-328-6300, or United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services at 701-250-4405.


    It becomes confusing in the store at times when you see meat nicely cut, looking fresh versus frozen. Often one assumes those may be the most nutritious or healthiest. That is not entirely true. Almost all meats are frozen at some point before put into the meat counter case, so the display is what looks nicer behind the meat counter than in the freezer aisle.

    Don't be afraid to save a little money purchasing frozen meats. They too are very healthy and regardless if it meat you harvested or raised yourself, or meat purchased all can become nutritious

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    How to Cure Cabin Fever and Winter Safety

    How to Cure Cabin Fever and Winter Safety

    Is cabin fever setting in? We have you covered with winter activities. We feature what you need to know about avalanche season right now and have field reports coming in from across the country.  This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors show The Bend! We have the latest outdoor news and an easy cooking recipe for beef or venison too! Join us on The Bend Radio Show! Listen Now to The Bend Show and SUBSCRIBE.
    Break free from the monotony and make the most of this winter season. Whether you're a snow enthusiast or prefer the warmth of indoor pursuits, we've curated a list of engaging options to keep you entertained.
    For those embracing the winter wonderland, we're providing all the information you need to know about avalanche season. As the snow blankets the mountains and hillsides, understanding the risks and safety measures is crucial. Our comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into avalanche awareness, prevention, and rescue techniques. Stay informed and equipped to navigate the snowy landscapes responsibly.
    But that's not all – our field reports are pouring in from across the country, bringing you firsthand experiences and updates on the current winter conditions.
    FeaturingSteve Senske, Bend Field Staffer
    Captain Deb Deyo @CaptDeb Deyo@bluewatergirlchartersbluewatergirladventures.com
    Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center - @friendsgnfac http://mtavalanche.com/
    National Avalanche Center - @COAvalancheInfo    @KachinaPeaksAvy   @sawtoothnationalforesthttp://avalanche.org 
    G Hughes Sugar-Free "Smokey Mesquite Marinade" - @ghughessugarfreewww.ghughessugarfree.com/marinades
    McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning - @McCormickSpicewww.mccormick.com/grill-mates/flavors/seasoning-blends/grill-mates-montreal-steak-seasoning
    Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or simply building snowmen with the family, we've got tips, recommendations, and exciting stories to inspire your next winter escapade. Unleash your inner adventurer and embrace the season with confidence, knowing that we've got your back with the latest insights and reports.
    So, shake off that cabin fever, grab your winter gear, and join us as we explore the magic of winter through a lens of excitement, safety, and exploration.
    Winter is not a time to hibernate – it's a season filled with possibilities, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.
    FIELD REPORTS & COMMENTSCall or Text your questions, or comments to 305-900-BEND or 305-900-2363Or email BendRadioShow@gmail.comFOLLOW Facebook/Instagram: @thebendshowhttps://www.facebook.com/thebendshowSUBSCRIBE to The Bend YouTube Channel. Website: TheBendShow.com https://thebendshow.com/#catchBECifyoucan #tiggerandbec #outdoors #travel #cowboysThe Outdoors, Rural America, And Wildlife Conservation are Center-Stage. AND how is that? Because Tigger & BEC… Live This Lifestyle. Learn more about Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt & Rebecca Wanner aka BEC here: TiggerandBEC.com https://tiggerandbec.com/

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10 Ratings

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