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Your beacon of light in a gloomy environment. Search for 'The Painless Green' Group on Facebook, find us on Twitter @BiofriendlyOne, on Instagram at @biofriendlyplanet, and visit us at biofriendlyplanet.com

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Your beacon of light in a gloomy environment. Search for 'The Painless Green' Group on Facebook, find us on Twitter @BiofriendlyOne, on Instagram at @biofriendlyplanet, and visit us at biofriendlyplanet.com

    A Sustainable Day in the Neighborhood

    A Sustainable Day in the Neighborhood

    Won't you be my sustainable neighbor? In a world full of smartphones, Zoom calls, and digital workspaces, the opportunity to build a community in the world around us has become increasingly difficult. This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we list off 10 steps for creating a sustainable neighborhood, discuss the art of candle shopping, and has Jacob been a spy this entire time?

    • 54 min
    Your Mom

    Your Mom

    It's Mother's Day weekend and some of you are out there scrambling to find a last minute gift for your amazing mom... shame on you! But have no fear, we've got your back with some environmentally friendly ideas that will show her how much you care without breaking the bank. This week we list off some creative gift ideas from our very own Biofriendly Planet, find out why Jacob was traumatized by alarm sheets, and will this episode get us a free XBOX?!

    • 35 min
    It's Our Time... Down Here!

    It's Our Time... Down Here!

    Do you know what a healthy coral reef sounds like? Well fish and underwater life sure do, and scientists have discovered that harnessing this sweet sound could be the key to saving damaged reefs. Join us this week as we ponder the generational philosophy of The Goonies, follow Noel's vitamin regimen, and talk about underwater neighborhood gentrification. 

    • 52 min
    Don't Swarm Me, Brood!

    Don't Swarm Me, Brood!

    The cicadas are coming! What ever do we do?! In a rare occurrence, a trillion cicadas from two different broods will fly in the skies over the Midwest and Southeast regions of the U.S. in the end of April, but have no fear! Cicadas are harmless and actually very good for our environment. Join us for a famously tangential Biofriendly Podcast full of Shakespearean quips and portable office cuisine as we eventually find our way to this historic swarm of cicada broods. 

    • 43 min


    You won't believe the amount of toilet paper we use every year, especially in the United States. In an effort to reduce the amount of Canadian forest we rely upon to wipe our sweet patooties, startups are springing up all over the place with treeless toilet paper-- but what does that mean? Toilet humor takes center stage in this week's Biofriendly Podcast where we give a crap about everything from wiping our behinds to winning a game of darts for chocolate. 

    • 37 min
    Tool Time with Gen Z

    Tool Time with Gen Z

    As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce, you may be surprised to hear that trades like plumbing and electrical are on the rise. This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we talk about how everything from skyrocketing college tuition to job longevity are influencing the younger generation, and did Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 stop by the show to sing a few songs? 

    • 49 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

podlover7 ,

Best Podcast Jingle and More!

Love this podcast, and the jingle is so catchy! I’m hooked!! What a fun way to learn about bio friendly practices! These hosts are the best! :)

megracedog124 ,

The best

My uncle is the best and the funniest he does a good job geting the word across and doesn’t make you feel like a jurk love Grace

Dag2015 ,

Funny and friendly

I love the information I get from this show without the feeling of impending doom. These dudes are seriously funny!

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