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A beacon of light in a gloomy environment.

The Biofriendly Podcast Biofriendly

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A beacon of light in a gloomy environment.

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings
12 Ratings

What a great podcast! (Not about toilets)

When I first heard the title Biofriendly Podcast, I thought it was a show about polite restroom usage. Although that topic may come up in future episodes, the current batch is entertaining and informative regarding environmental topics. Highly recommended.

Quoi_Eddie? ,

Great Hustle, gents

Very glad you two broke down the issues and gave concrete ideas for improving our recycling habits. You are not alone in wanting to do even the smallest things that can help us leave a better world for those who follow.

You may be happy to know that there are design courses at Art Center which focus on sustainably designed products. Every component of a product is analyzed, evaluating the environmental cost of sourcing materials and creating designs that can be broken down and reused when the product has reached the end of its usefulness. Professor Heidrun Mumper-Drumm is one of the professors training future designers to create sustainable products.

Here’s to your continued success, gentlemen.

Randomguy420420 ,

Great podcast

Just started listening to the podcast but it truly sheds a light on how we as a society can improve and it’s hosted by two genuinely funny people. Keep up the good work!

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