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New Talk about travel, politics and society, and news. A unique approach to sound and content creation.

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New Talk about travel, politics and society, and news. A unique approach to sound and content creation.

    Dog-Fashion-Show-2-4-1-Bob Davis Podcast 906

    Dog-Fashion-Show-2-4-1-Bob Davis Podcast 906

    First of all I came back from the mega road trip for a friend’s event in Minneapolis. Second back in the studio and sharing some final thoughts about the road trip. Check it out in Dog-Fashion-Show-2-4-1-Bob Davis Podcast 906.

    These days no one talks about these events where people from all walks of life have interests that bring them together. I talk a lot about events like that in my podcasts.

    So it was most noteworthy to attend an event that helps animals in need. In fact it was a surprise to find out I was going to have to emcee the event!

    Even more coming back for this event made me think of all the places and experiences I had on a road trip that turned out to be much longer than I thought it was going to be. Learn more in Dog-Fashion-Show-2-4-1-Bob Davis Podcast 906.

    Especially relevant? Coming away from these road trips in awe of how big this country actually is. Moreover the contrast between the smallness of social media and how diverse we Americans actually are!

    In the second half of this podcast some final thoughts about broken politics. Especially relevant? Russian Trolls ‘influencing’ the 2020 election. Again.

    I have to point out the glaring difference between what we appear to be on social media and how we really are.

    Finally my critics on one side of the political spectrum can’t seem to understand why I covered ‘the democrats’ in Iowa. Seems like no one can bear to listen to something they might disagree with!

    I tell the story of getting kicked out of a Mike Pence event versus being welcomed with open arms by the supposedly ‘horrible’ democrats. I’ll also tell you why I am sitting this election and future elections out.

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    Dog-Fashion-Show-2-4-1-Bob Davis Podcast 906

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    TruckStop-Washday-Four-States-24hours-Bob Davis Podcast 905

    TruckStop-Washday-Four-States-24hours-Bob Davis Podcast 905

    Seven States

    First of all after hitting seven states in less than three weeks, it’s time for a break. Learn more about my latest mega trip in TruckStop-Washday-Four-States-24hours-Bob Davis Podcast 905.

    Questions About Travel

    These days I am asked a lot of questions about my travels.

    Food and Laundry

    Certainly the best questions are about simple stuff. What do you eat? Where do you do your laundry? Is Mobile Podcast Command an RV?

    Truck Stops

    Let’s start with two friends of the traveler. WalMart and Truck Stops.


    When it comes to Truck Stops I have my favorites. Flying J, Pilots, Loves and T/A’s. Even more, some of the truck stops with names I can’t remember are great. Pilot is my favorite.

    Wash Day At The Truck Stop

    In TruckStop-Washday-Four-States-24hours-Bob Davis Podcast 905 we spend wash day at the Pilot south of San Antonio, Texas. The music’s classic rock, the People’s Court is on TV and there’s a full range of stuff to look at.

    Travel In An America You Don’t See On TV

    In addition in this podcast I make some observations about travel in an America saturated with political ‘news’ coverage.

    Stressed Drivers and Travelers Need Calm

    In contrast at most of the truck stops there’s no CNN, or Fox News or talk radio. There’s country, and classic rock, and a generally calm atmosphere for stressed truckers and travelers.

    Back On The Road

    Fill up. Get Something to eat. Take a shower. Do some laundry. Back on the road.

    24 Hours of Driving and Back To Minnesota

    Four states in one day in this podcast. From San Antonio to Dover, Oklahoma, and then onto Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, to finally end in Minnesota on an unusual sunny and warm day in February.

    Unsung Heroes

    Here’s to the unsung heroes on the road. The drivers, the people at the Pilot, the WalMart, the guy in Oklahoma who stopped to talk to me about my T-shirt.

    No Academy Awards Here

    Especially relevant is the fact that none of these people will probably ever win an academy award, run for congress, or even make a speech beyond funerals or their kids’ birthday parties.

    On The Job

    Above all though, they’re back on the job every day. All across this vast country.

    Real America


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    Iowa-BugOut-Texas-Coast-Bliss-Bob Davis Podcast 904

    Iowa-BugOut-Texas-Coast-Bliss-Bob Davis Podcast 904

    Iowa BugOut Mega Road Trip

    I told myself I would take a long road trip after Iowa Campaign Coverage. Certainly this is already a mega road trip. Learn why in Iowa-BugOut-Texas-Coast-Bliss-Bob Davis Podcast 904.

    Objective Texas Gulf Coast

    Moreover the target; The Texas Gulf Coast, sure looked like a hop skip and a jump from Iowa. On a map!

    Oh yeah. Texas Is Really Big

    Most noteworthy, the sheer size of Kansas, Oklahoma, and especially The Lone Star State.

    Galveston! Oh Galveston!

    First of all, Galveston Island. Especially the old sections of downtown Galveston you don’t usually hear about. Second, the famed ‘seawall’, bars and resorts and more.

    Matagorda Beach Bliss

    Above all I wanted warm humid weather. I wanted the beach. After two more days driving I found the Matagorda Peninsula. Why do I love Texas? For fifteen bucks you buy a permit, drive onto the beach, and start your fire.

    Beach Town? We Have A Winner!

    Even more, under a full moon, it was magical. Finally the other end of the Peninsula which I keep calling ‘North Padre Island’, includes the great beach town of Port Aransas and a state park near there where I chilled for a night.

    A Road To Nowhere Was Best Of All

    Above all South Padre Island. What I call the ‘north end’ of South Padre Island. A road that leads nowhere but between dunes and the shore. A full moon. Boondocking on the road. Alone. Another full moon. Bliss.

    Finally, from South Padre Island onto Brownsville and the border. All to come.

    Surf’s Up!

    These days people who live in the cold northern reaches usually want to get on planes and head for the South Pacific or Virgin Islands. Hard to believe you can just drive to Texas, and right onto the beach.

    If you’ve got a little time.

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    Iowa-BugOut-Texas-Coast-Bliss-Bob Davis Podcast 904



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    Taking-Media-Road-Less-Traveled-Bob Davis Podcast 903

    Taking-Media-Road-Less-Traveled-Bob Davis Podcast 903

    Independent Not Taking A Side

    When it comes to political coverage these days there’s no one to depend on. Learn more in Taking-Media-Road-Less-Traveled-Bob Davis Podcast 903.

    Current Travels

    Especially relevant? My current travels. On the road covering democratic candidates in Iowa.

    Rolling Through Back Roads America

    Moreover I’ve been driving a lot. That gives me time to talk to friends.

    Jumping On The Bandwagon

    One of my friends was upset because she said her favorite talk show hosts are jumping on the Trump bandwagon.

    Get On The ‘Team’

    More importantly my friend wanted to how independent hosts suddenly end up on someone’s ‘team’. Consequently I explain some of the reasons in this podcast and in some other recent podcasts like this one.

    Been There Done That

    Certainly I’ve been there. Been told to be “more positive” about republican candidates.

    Money Talks

    It’s all the result the political climate. Doesn’t matter what platform a host is on.

    To scale today you need money.

    Money for media outlets, especially political media outlets, isn’t free.

    Carrying Their Water

    Certainly those putting up money want their point of view represented. Above all, republicans want so called ‘right wing media’ to do their fighting for them.

    They’re Told To Get On Board Or Get Out

    I feel sorry for my colleagues on certain platforms, where there’s pressure to get on board, or get out.

    I Control My Content

    In conclusion I’m not taking sides. Independent means not telling listeners what they want to hear. Therefore I definitely won’t carry anyone else’s water.

    Moreover, I decide the content of my podcasts.

    Not Bought and Paid For Media

    Finally, no svengalis here. Just a lone wolf and independent content creator. A road less traveled, but much more rewarding.

    Hence, not bought and paid for.

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    Taking-Media-Road-Less-Traveled-Bob Davis Podcast 903


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    Iowa-Democratic-Caucus-Chaos-Bob Davis Podcast 902

    Iowa-Democratic-Caucus-Chaos-Bob Davis Podcast 902

    Caucus Chaos

    Especially relevant is the current situation in Iowa, with delayed results from the Democratic caucuses. Go inside a caucus and hear for yourself what it’s like in Iowa-Democratic-Caucus-Chaos-Bob Davis Podcast 902.

    Sanders Versus Clinton in 2016

    First of all, in 2016 there was quite a rumble between the Sanders and Clinton campaigns.

    Rules Changes

    Second, because of that the democratic party instituted rule changes for the 2020 caucus.

    Presidential Preference Cards

    Most noteworthy were the addition of ‘presidential preference’ cards and an application to send results back to HQ.

    No Results

    By the end of the night the party was unable to announce caucus results because of software failures and other issues. Certainly this controversy makes Iowa-Democratic-Caucus-Chaos-Bob Davis Podcast 902 salient.

    Posting This Podcast Immediately

    More importantly I am on the road to Texas. I recorded at the caucus in Fairfield Iowa. When I listened to my audio files from last night, I knew right away this was something I had to post immediately.

    Feel For My Iowa Friends

    Finally, I feel for my friends in Fairfield and in Iowa. Volunteers run caucuses in both parties in the state. The caucuses are a source of personal pride for many Iowans.

    Media Creates High Expectations

    In addition, the media has turned what is in fact a chaotic process when viewed from the outside, into a primary. The Iowa caucuses are not a primary.

    End Of Grassroots Politics?

    More importantly the main purpose of the caucus is the grass roots selection of delegates for county, and state committees and conventions.

    It would be a shame if this kind of controversy assisted in killing of town meeting style choice.

    To hear all the podcasts going inside the campaigns in Iowa click here.

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    Iowa-Democratic-Caucus-Chaos-Bob Davis Podcast 902


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    Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901

    Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901

    Series End With Bernie Sanders

    First of all, this most noteworthy podcast series draws to a close with Bernie Sanders. Go inside one of this signature events in Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901.

    Running To Get Candidates On Record

    Certainly it has not been easy to get all the remaining presidential hopefuls on the record in Iowa.

    Michael Moore’s Mileage

    Likewise for Michael Moore, one of Senator Sanders’ surrogates. Moore proudly touts putting ‘fifteen hundred miles’ on his car in the previous ten days.

    Moore’s Got Nothing On Mobile Podcast Command

    I got a good laugh out of Moore’s bragging. Mobile Podcast Command has easily added more than two thousand miles in less than a week. Even more on back roads in the winter.

    Political Storm Chasing

    There is a storm chasing quality about chasing several candidates running an expensive statewide race. All for a straw poll. A feature of hundreds of caucuses held across the state on Monday night, February 3rd.

    Two For One

    It’s especially relevant that this podcast is the only one of the series that features two events. Senator Sanders was stuck in Washington for the Clive, Iowa event. So, I hotfooted it further east to Iowa City, to get a full Sanders speech, up close and personal. Hear it in Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901.

    Feel The Bern

    Finally you get the whole ‘Feel The Bern‘ experience in this podcast. A big event featuring live music, a slice of how the team uses these events to organize volunteers and canvassers and a profane rant by a screaming Michael Moore. Moore struggled to fire up a crowd waiting for the Senator.

    All About Organizing

    In conclusion there’s no question Senator Sanders’ candidacy has attracted an army of young devotees. The question is going to be whether organizing those supporters will deliver caucus goers.

    Caucus In Fairfield

    So, from Iowa City it’s on to a caucus in Fairfield, Iowa.

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    Election2020-Iowa-City-Bernie-Sanders-Bob Davis Podcast 901



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Shaine Parr ,

Such a great take on the human experience!

Bob is a genuine soul who always has an excellent perspective on the world around us. Love this podcast!

winesmylife ,

New listener!

What a great experience meeting Bob, then listening to a few of his podcasts and now getting connected into the group of listeners! I enjoy his marketing pieces in the podcast and really love the walk and talk experience!
Thank you for this new experience Bob!

Jordon Peterson ,

Hurricane Hysteria

On point: It’s because Millennial journalists stopped reporting the news (what happened) and now only report what might happen. I hate election time too. Polls are not news. Media is both lazy and stupid.

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