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New Talk about travel, politics and society, and news. A unique approach to sound and content creation.

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New Talk about travel, politics and society, and news. A unique approach to sound and content creation.

    Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984

    Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984

    Virginia Midnight Walk And Talk Podcast

    Above all it’s finally warming up in Virginia which makes it perfect for a midnight walk and talk podcast. Even more it’s been awhile since a free wheeling walk and talk. Listen to Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984.

    Chomping At The Bit

    Firstly still stopped down in Virginia dealing with family matters. Secondly I am chomping at the bit to get going.

    Travel Means Full Engagement

    Certainly I’ve noticed that when I am on the road I am fully engaged. Up early.

    Bored Sitting Still

    Most importantly the longer I am stationary the more bored I get.

    Up Late

    Up late. Watching COPS on YouTube. Sleeping late.

    Nomad Thing

    Secondly it reminds me how fully committed I am to this ‘Nomad Thing’.

    Short Trip Ahead

    Meanwhile I plan a short trip to Florida in the coming weeks. Certainly just getting back on the road will make me feel better.

    Back To The Pacific Soon

    In the same vein I’m excited at the prospect of getting back to Quartzsite, Arizona to continue my wandering across California’s deserts and up the Pacific Coast.


    But interesting questions have come up.

    Why Does The Universe Throw Us Curve Balls?

    Most importantly I’ve noticed when someone makes a decision to go ‘all in’ does the ‘universe’ throw curve balls every now and then just to test me?

    Here’s a Nice House

    For example I now have the opportunity to say here in a nice house if I want to. Essentially free.

    Don’t Take The Easy Way Out

    And people wonder, why wouldn’t you take a free house rather than driving around in that truck?

    Choose Adventure

    On the other hand I choose the adventure. Don’t want to take the easy way out.

    What Does The Heart Want?

    Finally I believe a firm choice in the direction my heart wants to go is the right choice.

    Follow Your Passion

    Moreover I think the ‘universe’ rewards those who follow their passion. Mine happens to be to move.

    Buh Bye House

    Therefore we’ll be selling the house.

    Nomad Adventure in Three, Two…

    In short it won’t be long before this great nomad adventure continues.


    For me happiness is a clean windshield and a full tank of fuel.

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    Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983

    Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983

    Difficult Winter Calls For Summer Sounds Winter Relief

    Firstly we are having a difficult winter and a Summer Sounds Winter Relief is the perfect antidote. Therefore headphones on for Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983.

    No Talk

    Secondly and perhaps most importantly I don’t talk much in this podcast.

    Power Of Sound

    Above all one of the things I’ve learned is sound has a lot of power.

    Sounds Of Summer

    For example and maybe the best example, the sound of summer.

    Bugs and Storms

    Certainly summer is loud. Bugs. Storms. Lawnmowers. People driving by with their radios up and the windows down. Boats. And birds!

    Memory and Warmth Trigger Warning

    However it is those sounds that trigger the best memories.

    Winter Sucks

    Especially in the depths of a terrible winter.

    Deep Freeze

    For instance ice storms, deep sub zero temperatures and snow storms. Seemingly everywhere in this country!

    We Need Relief!

    Meanwhile we all need relief.

    Velvet Summer Sounds

    Welcome to the velvet sounds of summer in Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983.

    Headphones On

    In short put your headphones on and turn it up.

    Warm You Up

    To clarify if you are cold, this will warm you up. Got the winter blues? This podcast will ease your pain.

    Sound Does The Talking

    Finally I concluded the best thing to do is to shut up. Podcasts are a talker’s game. But sometimes the sound does the talking.

    Magnificent Midwestern Summer

    As a result I spent last summer recording the sound of a magnificent Midwestern Summer.

    Walk Through Summer

    To sum up, now all you have to do is put headphones on and walk through that incredible summer.


    The heat. Storms. All the things we associate with summer you can hear in Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983.

    Sound Recording Geek

    In the same vein listeners to these podcasts know I get around. As a nomad I get to record sound from where ever I go. I often can be seen with headphones on pointing a microphone in the direction of some interesting sound. Meanwhile, others are enjoying whatever is going on.


    In conclusion to some degree I experience life through headphones.

    Feel Better

    Truth is, it made me feel better just to produce this podcast.

    Summer’s Around The Corner

    Summer’s around the corner,

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    Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982

    Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982

    Inside Virginia Ice Storm

    Firstly while most of the country struggles with winter weather I am inside a Virginia Ice Storm. Ever wonder what it sounds like? Hear it in Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982.

    Stories From The Road

    Secondly my rig Mobile Podcast Command has been through a lot. Time to share some stories as ice and branches fall all around me.

    My Rig Is A Character Too

    Above all my 2000 Ford Super Duty Ambulance is as a much a character in these podcasts as I am.

    All About The Rig

    In addition as a nomad I’ve learned it”s all about the rig.

    A Name And A Story

    And the rig has to have a name and a story. To hear the beginning click here.

    Sound Of An Ice Storm

    Most importantly as a Chicago native, I am fascinated with the sound of an ice storm.

    Winter As A Way Of Life

    Certainly Northern tier US States have more experience with winter weather.

    Therefore clearing roads during snowstorms or getting power back on during an ice storm can be a challenge in the South.

    Winter Not Part Of Virginia Lifestyle

    In short severe winter weather is not a regular thing here in Virginia. In fact spring usually arrives in some form at the end of February!

    Bitter Cold

    I‘m used to the bitter cold of Chicago and the Twin Cities.

    Mobile Podcast Command Loves Winter

    In the same vein Mobile Podcast Command did its service as an ambulance in Wisconsin.

    Desert Too

    On the other hand Mobile Podcast Command has been through the heat of the desert, sand storms on the beaches. I’ll tell some stories in Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982.

    Getting Stuck. Again.

    Even more, I have been stuck at a political event during Iowa’s primaries. And stuck on the beach in Texas.

    Through A Lot Together

    Finally we’ve been through heavy rains and wind on the west coast and heavy snows on Wyoming mountain roads together.

    Part Of The Adventure

    In conclusion if we nomads love our rigs, it’s because they are as big a part of the adventure as we are.

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    When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981

    When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981

    When Will Dark Times End

    When Will Dark Times End? Most importantly there seems to be a lot of grief to go around these days. A friend asked me to do a podcast about the subject, Find out why in When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981.


    Certainly I am dealing with a loss in my own life.

    Don’t Want To Talk About It

    Even more I don’t like talking about it.

    Many In Grieving

    However my friend said lots of other people are in the same position these days.

    Sharing To Help

    Moreover, he said, my experiences and thoughts might help.

    Don’t Want It To Be About Me

    I don’t want this to be about me. But many people are dealing with grief in these dark times.

    When Does Darkness End?

    Therefore When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981 wonders when the dark time will end.

    Any Loss Can Cause Grief

    Firstly death isn’t the only cause of grief and bereavement. For instance many of us can be deeply effected by the loss of an animal, a breakup or the loss of a job.

    Subtle And Long Lasting Effects

    And the effects of grief can be subtle and long lasting.

    Above all I don’t have any clinical experience in these matters. In fact I tend to be rather stoic in these situations.

    Travel Helps

    On the other hand I have traveled across the country most of this year and last.

    Darkness All Over America

    Consequently I can speak with authority on a general sense of what can only be called darkness that seems like it’s been with us forever.

    Tough Times

    To sum up it’s not inaccurate to suggest many are going through tough times.

    Secondly the cure for me is travel. Just hearing the tires on the highway makes me happy.

    Finally as my friend suggested, talking about it seems to help.

    Spring Is Coming

    Meanwhile the days are getting longer and spring is coming. Maybe the dark time will end soon for everyone.

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    When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981

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    Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980

    Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980

    VanLife Nomad Backlash

    Suddenly there’s a Vanlife Nomad Backlash. Certainly it’s fun to be free and living out on the road. What’s the problem? My reaction in Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980.

    Full Commitment

    Firstly I’ve just recently made a full commitment to living on the road. Learn more about that here.

    Extended Travel

    Secondly extended travel has been a part of these podcasts since the beginning.

    Social Media…Again

    However recently some have taken issue with some over the top social media accounts.

    Hollywood Has Discovered The Modern Nomad

    To clarify reporters and Hollywood have suddenly discovered the nomad trend.

    Blame It On Instagram

    As a result it seems like detractors want to attack the whole lifestyle as ‘fake’ because of a few over the top Instagram accounts.

    Not For Everyone

    Meanwhile my experience has been it’s not a lifestyle for everyone.

    Demanding And Tough

    In fact the nomad lifestyle can be demanding and tough but be very rewarding at the same time.

    Nomad Life Is Hardscrabble

    In the same vein I haven’t met too many nomads driving around in vehicles costing at least six figures.

    The Majesty Of A Walmart Parking Lot

    For example a nomad might experience the majesty of a campground in a national forest one week. And the majesty of a Walmart or Truck Stop lot the next.

    Adventure and Fun

    To sum up it’s not always glamorous. But it’s always an adventure.

    Back Out On The Back Road

    Most importantly while I am stuck in a driveway in Virginia as we deal with a death in the family I can’t wait to get back on the back road.

    Real Experience

    In Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980 it’s time to talk about the real experiences I have had as a newly minted ‘nomad’. And most importantly the depth of those experiences.

    Family and Friends

    Even more I realize many nomads are interrupting trips with long stays with family and friends. Why? Because we can.

    So What?

    On the other hand. Who can blame us?

    Shore Power and A Hot Shower

    After months of taking showers in truck stops and cooking over campfires, shore power and a hot shower at ‘home’ are pure luxury.

    All About The Vibe

    Most importantly is the reality of a true positive vibe that comes from travel in any form.

    Doesn’t Matter What Rig You Have

    Whether you’re rig is a broken down conversion or a Prevost,

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    Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979

    Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979

    Future Dreams After Covid

    Firstly it’s time to talk about our future dreams after Covid. We’ll do that in Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979.

    Live From The Driveway

    Secondly I am podcasting live from my mom’s driveway in Virginia for the time being. Learn why by listening here.

    Dark Time

    Most importantly we’re living through a dark time. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that statement.

    Brittle and Emotional

    In addition the way we talk to each other is often brittle and emotional.

    Collaboration and Rationality

    On the other hand we’ll need to communicate in a more collaborative and rational style in the future.

    Social Media Sucks

    Certainly social media emphasizes stark differences.

    Remember When Optimism Drove Us?

    On the other hand after the Spanish Flu, optimism and enthusiasm drove the country.

    Positive About The Future

    Finally I’ve had a lot of support from friends and business contacts recently. As a result I feel more positive about the future.

    Tech Stepped Up

    Moreover technology really helped us during the Corona Pandemic.

    How Has Work Evolved

    In conclusion we need to ask how, where and when our work has evolved positively.

    Networking and Working For A Nomad

    For example remote work for my tribe of nomads. In addition small towns are seeing growth as people move from large population centers. Why? Because they can.

    Tired Of Negativity

    To sum up I am tired of down in the mouth, nasty, brittle and angry.

    No More Fighting Over The Past

    In short fighting over the past does nothing for me.

    All About The Future

    It’s all about the future now. I think we need new ways of communicating and thinking to create a future that works.

    In contrast I don’t think the old ways of thinking and communicating serve anyone anymore.

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    Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979



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4.6 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Jewel.Cat ,

The journey of life...

Love your podcasts! Every Tuesday morning I take the time to listen while getting ready for my networking meeting!!
So descriptive, real and down to earth I can vicariously experience the rain, sun, road, people and other encounters you have have along the way!
Thank you from a former world traveler~
Buh bye 🙋🏻‍♀️

Don "Radio" Anger ,

Nomad across America.

Bob is On The Road full-time. I can’t get enough of his podcasts.

Shaine Parr ,

Such a great take on the human experience!

Bob is a genuine soul who always has an excellent perspective on the world around us. Love this podcast!

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