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I use the lessons I’ve learned as a family man, combat-tested leader, and business owner to help you take command of your life and live your dreams without fear!

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I use the lessons I’ve learned as a family man, combat-tested leader, and business owner to help you take command of your life and live your dreams without fear!

    Former Soldier Relates to Tom Brady's Struggle

    Former Soldier Relates to Tom Brady's Struggle

    Tom Brady retired today. I had recorded this podcast hoping to upload it next year while Tom was playing. I thought it may provide him and listeners with an empathetic ear from a man who's been a few tough places. 

    I pray this helps you develop as humans and as leaders in your world!


    Abbreviated Transcript from the show

    I think the best way I can illustrate this is with a short story about an experience I had talking to a a soldier at the end of his like illustrious career. So this guy is a ranger, you know, tabbed out, you know, a bad mofo...

    So I had an instructor at the ranger school reach out to me a couple of years ago and he just asked me, he's like, can I just ask you a couple questions about civilian life? I said, always if I have time to give to a veteran or a military service member who needs my help, you have, what can I do for you? And he's like, I just want to know, you know, he was in the seven, he was getting ready to process out of the army is getting ready to retire. And so he asks me be like, I dipped my toe in the pool of the civilian world and these were his words and I'm paraphrasing, but he said something to the effect of is it is bad out there as it seems or as it smells to me. And my response was, it's 1000 times worse jump in. It's 1000 times worse than you think it is jump in.

    Let me qualify the statement. What is he asking me? I've had some interactions with civilians. I didn't really like those interactions much because I saw very quickly that my values and their values professionally are not the same thing doesn't make them bad people and be a good person or vice versa, just different. And I can see there's going to be conflict down the road and he sees correctly what tom brady is going to find as much like my ranger instructor buddy from the army is that tom brady is not only crazy. Crazily talented, he's also crazily driven and he has an off the planet work ethic. What does that sound like to you? Every single soldier who's ever been able to wear the uniform has to be that person to succeed, especially if you're a soldier who lasts long enough to retire. You have to be a tom brady character to do that. It's hard. Army life is not easy. 

    Military life is not easy, right? And so what I'm telling him is worse is not, oh civilians are evil, You're gonna hate them all. No, you're gonna be used to working at a level that no civilians do because they don't have to in their job. Nobody dies at the end of the day if they screw up, right? 

    And and and what a lot of people seem to think is veterans. We come to think we're better than other people because we've been through harder stuff. No, we signed up to do that hard stuff that doesn't make us better people. That makes us we kept our word and we did. That makes us, if anything, just people of integrity that keep our word, just because I've been through something harder than you, doesn't make me a better person. 

    Because if I don't turn my hardship into something positive for another human, my hardship was worthless, right? 

    So don't get it in your head that we think we're better than you. We just understand that we have a different work ethic and a different value ethic. And the way that we approach work, stereotypically, there are civilians that operate exactly like soldiers

    It is Darwinian in the army. You either lead progress and become more awesome or we put you out on the street, there's no job like that.

    Most people I know are looking for shortcuts not like and what I teach my people in my spartan says there is no easy life. So if you're looking for that, don't call me looking for mentorship because there isn't one right? 
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    Cowards Seek Pity. Warriors Find Love

    Cowards Seek Pity. Warriors Find Love

    Spend less time chasing pity for your shortcomings and instead work to improve them to make yourself more lovable.

    Join The Bryant Chambers Movement Community (This link expires after 7 days)

    Warrior Reads - A Warrior Needs Rest

    Show Script:

    I think today's Podcast is gonna be titled pity I think today's Podcast is going to be titled pity is the cowards I think the title for today's Podcast is gonna be something like pity is the coward's version of love I want to unpack that a little bit before you let you know a little bit about where I've been and what's going on where the podcasts been were about a week off by the time you're listening to thi'm you're listening to this and the truth is I made the deliberate decision to take some time away from pretty much everything on the Internet to square away and in really reinforce a lot of the mental and emotional health work I've been doing over the years There's you get to a point where you spend the bulk of your life in it those who listen to the Podcast only see probably 3% of my life because what I do online is such a small percentage of what I do in the world but when you you dedicate your life to pouring another people and trying to be of service and help you eventually get to the bottom of that well afforded turn you gotta go back and fill it up so I decided to do that I've taken time away from pretty much everything I was doing online that wasn't directly working with my men's teeth so I'm not going to take any time away from people that I've committed to to helping them but I'm taking time away from basically everything else I haven't been streaming Add a really done to your Podcast in about things been about 2 weeks since I've given you one but I had to stop while I was late in bed last night and I wanted to express it and because I thought it would be helpful for you to think about love in a different way and to think about pity and in much a different more way and to think I about pity don't and want in to a say negative light but I want to say in a much less useful ligit's useful light what I see a lot of people doing in the world it's rolled is trying to get pity because it's an easier form of love it's easier to get I don't want to kind of squash that because this whole show Podcast where you want to call it's really just a narcissistic rant of a man who was frustrated with the world and wants to help make some positive change in the areas that I think aren't right and maybe I'm wrong maybe 500 years from now they'll play this Podcast and say this guy was an idiot and that's OK I will accept the judgment Of you know the future 500 years from now if they find out that there was a better way I'm all for it but the way I see the world right now I'm seeing a lot of people who are underdeveloped emotionally and mentally weaker than they should be and by no fault of their own and in not blaming the system or some conspiracy are really blaming our parents for not being better equipped in knowing how to raise men women and others to be prepared for the real world where no one gives a shit about you and nobody really has a lot of sympathy for your problems but your problems right and I don't mean that in an evil way like the world just doesn't care about you not because they're evil because they've got their own problems and whatever thing you think should be pity about your life believe me everybody has a thing you're not special And that's coming from a person and I would say those same exact words to me a person who was abandoned abused sexually assaulted all the above I'm I'd not special know people with to me I don't like to compare stories like who's better who's worse because 
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    The Fast and Easy Way to Determine Your Life's Purpose

    The Fast and Easy Way to Determine Your Life's Purpose

    This is the system Bryant uses to help 1000s of people all over the world determine and achieve their life's purpose.

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    Right off the break, let us apologize for the audio. We did everything we could to salvage the audio of this recording while also making sure it doesn't make ears bleed.

    Because of that, today's podcast will be a bit more quite and less rich-sounding than usual.

    But we are warriors so we will get through it. 
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    My Son Brought Me to Tears Yesterday When He Did This

    My Son Brought Me to Tears Yesterday When He Did This

    Check out Warrior Reads (warriorreads.com)

    Show Script

    .... Would you be OK if I used today's Podcast to just tell you a brief story that happened to me yesterday something that really touched my heart and I think if we really capture is pure the soul of this experience yesterday and yesterday and we can find a way to it too inspired this type of thinking this type of feeling in this type of behavior in other people other people I really think we have a shot here as I always say on my show to create a better humanity man one that's less depressed 1 that's less anxious and upset about so many things 1 that can focus on the good and see the good and things see the positive in things certainly there's a lot of bad going on out here but as you guys know our brains what we focus our brains on our brains are like us Satellite dish and I don't know if you guys know that or have been taught that because it sounds conceptually implausible and it sounds kind of hyperspirational but it actually is not I can actually backed this up with a decent amount of science do we know everything about the brain no we know very little but what we do know we can use to help us and if we can our brains are like a satellite what we focus on becomes our reality not because of some hyper spirituality right but because of because some hyper now spirituality spiritual right books but teach us because you had very wise people a long time ago in human history because humans studied humans instead of studying things So they knew this when they wrote these things in spiritual books today it sounds crazy because we don't spend time observing people the way these people from our 10000 years ago past had the time to do but our brains whatever we focus our attention on that eventually becomes our reality but why well because when we focus our subconscious brain I'm going to oversimplify this just to not make the explanation go deep into a bunch of neuroscience that I probably can't explain anyway but the bottom line is when you begin to focus on something let's let's make that practical you talk constantly constantly about about a her frustration that you have in your life that focus is going to cause you to only be able to see that frustration And you're gonna be much more heightened in your awareness of this thing you're gonna see it more often because you've programmed and primed your brain to pay attention for it because it's caused you emotional to rest as it doesn't have to be hyper spiritual what you focus on eventually becomes your reality because your focus affects your behavior and then you start having habitual behaviors that happen sometimes at a subconscious level and I think it's Charlie mungler a warm buffet that say the chains of habit are often too weak to be felt until they're too strong to be broken so the story I want to share with you today is going to address that if we get this positivity thing right I don't mean being positive as spin or trying to make something that is inherently negative into positive I'm talking about taking all things on this planet and making them into something positive It's alright you're with me so today's Podcast is brought to you by Warriors and I'm super excited to be able to say that on a Podcast righthat on a Podcast right to be able to say this show was sponsored by because it's not sponsored by some BS company that I reached out to because I needed to fund the Podcast is sponsored by Warriors because it's a company that I have the honor to own a portion of so when I'm telling you this show was sponsored by Warriors I am giving you something that is mine and I'm really proud of it so if you want to sleep better and you want to wake up with less anxiety go to warriors.com use the promo code Spartan...
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    The Hardest Question Ever

    The Hardest Question Ever

    What do you do for a living? It's a question Americans obsess over. But why? Why does it matter 'what' I do? Shouldn't 'why' we're doing it and the outcomes we want to see in life be the real question? 

    Need to sleep better and wake up with less Anxiety? Check out our new product called Warrior Reads! Bryant used this system everyday in combat to keep his head, stay alive, and take care of his people. https://warriorreads.com
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    A Totally Narcissistic, Self-Serving Rant about My Shitty Psychology - Morning Meditations

    A Totally Narcissistic, Self-Serving Rant about My Shitty Psychology - Morning Meditations

    New jump off friends! We are calling this one, "Morning Meditatons" (working title). This is a chance for Bryant to dive deep into the recesses of his mind to find ideas, perspectives, and simple truths that can help all our everyday lives.

    Would you like to support the Podcast? Check out Bryant's new company Warrior Reads - This is the Calm App for Warriors. We think you will love it. 

    Partial Transcript Below

    Hey, welcome back to the movement warrior. I'm glad you stopped by got a quick update for you before we jump into the meat of today's discussion. A couple of updates actually about what's going on here with the podcast. As always, I would love to hear your feedback on it. Today's podcast is the pilot for something that I'm calling morning meditations and that's the first update I have for you. So while I've been uh here at the cabin on vacation, some of you have seen the cabin on tick top with my family as the cabin we escaped to. I've had time to really sit with my thoughts and and dig into some of the deeper recesses of my ego and my dark side. It really starts to face the parts of myself that I don't like so much and in doing that, when you commit to doing that type of work on self development, you discover things that are very useful for you and as I'm discovering them, I think are useful for me and as I discovered them, I want to pass them on. So this is the pilot episode two morning meditations and think of it like this, Marcus really is the emperor in Rome In Rome. Uh The roman empire, caesar Kaiser. However you want to say it. He wrote a book called meditations. Well at least that's what they called the book. I don't think he wrote a book called meditations. I think he wrote down a lot of stuff and they turned it into a book. Mhm. But that's a really powerful book from a guy that did a lot of things and had a lot of insight because of his, his good side, his dark side, his evil. This was a person who was very self reflective and outwardly looking into the world in a way where he could break things down at a surface level and make them useful for other human beings and that's something that I'm working to do myself. So think of this the this part of our podcast series as my version of Marcus releases meditations. Now, mind will at times, because this is my morning meditations be very narcissistic and self serving. That's why I put that in the title so that, you know, I'm gonna be talking a lot about myself. But the point behind it isn't just to be a narcissist who likes to talk about himself in front of other people. Cause honestly I don't uh what I do like to do is pass on information that I'm finding about myself that's helpful for other people because believe it or not, I hate doing self promotion more than anybody else on this planet. Like I don't mind when other people self promote because I I'm a live and let live guy, I don't have an issue with you doing it. But me personally, in my world and my ethics promoting myself, I hate doing it and I really don't know why I'm not bad at it, I've learned how to do it over the years, I just don't like doing it, so I don't want this to come across as just a dude who had a bunch of shit on his mind and wanted to event at you for an hour and a half. That's not what this is about. These are intended to be shorter meditations, me thinking hard through things that I'm experiencing. In fact, today's episode is going to be about uh an inadvertent altercation that I had with my mother. That's that's part of the topic. It's a very small part because we move into other things after that. But me and my mom had gotten into an altercation that was just based on a miscommunication. 
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

QuietRoar J ,

Hooah! 🇺🇸

Few people can land traction in the warrior caste mindset. Bryant Chambers is the embodiment legendary gentleman and a scholar.

The depth of wisdom he brings to podcasting is the much needed practical application of mindset, action and big picture thinking necessary to find balance in chaotic times; coupled with the science and time tested results that anchor those actions.

I highly recommend his podcast, its worth exchanging your time as a veteran, and someone who wants to see our world improve.

Thank you Bryant for your street smarts to cyberspace. The world will be a better place because of you. 🇺🇸

Tinyricebowl ,

Life inspiring

I found this amazing and perceptive man on tik tok. His views are incredible and inspiring. Such a humble and good man incredible content. I love listening to his different views and having it open my mind to see things from a different view. I find his content very helpful and truly believe that his views are life changing. 100% with listening to his podcasts, YouTube videos or anywhere you can get his content.

Deadlyk1ss ,

Life changer

I found this humble man on tiktok. I was browsing some funny content to battle the PTSD and depression episode. This man been giving nothing but value and sincerity on his tiktok and youtube videos.

I decided to give his podcasts a listen. This man who doesn’t know me personally has pulled me out of a very very dark place and helped me find propose in life.

I signed up to his Book of Life series and i paid the monthly fee as a show of appreciation.... only to find out that he was giving me more value than what i paid for.

I started building my business and i’m forever in your debt.

I believe in your mission ,Chambers. Let’s change the world.

“We is stronger than I” - Bryant Chambers

Thank you.

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