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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

The Business Credit and Financing Show Ty Crandall

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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

    How to Elevate your Results in Real Estate

    How to Elevate your Results in Real Estate

    In this episode, Stacy Bahrenfuss otherwise known as Stacy B. shows a proven system that helps real estate agents create explosive growth with the proper training and insider knowledge that helps them take their real estate business to an unprecedented level.
    About Our Guest
    Stacy Bahrenfuss is the Founder + CEO of Catalyst Group, and Creator of the Limitless Realtor Circle, a professional training program for Realtors. Stacy started her real estate company at the early age of 19, sustained her company through the housing crisis of 2007-2010, and continued to scale her business beyond the 7-figure mark, to become one of the top-performing real state teams in the state of Idaho. Stacy brings a unique perspective to the real estate world as her experience is vast; she has been a single agent, has run a large team, and has even operated as a Designated Broker for Catalyst Group as a brokerage. She has personally funded a development project consisting of 11 upper-tier new luxury homes while still operating her real estate team at Catalyst. In a traditionally male-led industry, Stacy had paved the way for other female leaders, leveraging her intuition and over a decade of experience in meditation, personal development, and results coaching.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● What realtors missing from their education
    ● Starting real estate business at the age of 19
    ● Going into recession without any formal training
    ● Is formal education needed in real state investing
    ● Kind of mindset to have a successful business especially in real estate
    ● How integrating mindfulness and meditation help elevate results
    ● Winning morning routine
    ● Ways Real Estate Team Leaders, Managers, and Brokers work to better empower Realtors
    ● How to choose a niche to specialize in
    ● Seizing that opportunity in real estate
    ● Ways that realtors help to raise the industry standard, and provide even better service to clientele
    ● Managing positivity and helping the team with their energy and inner state
    ● Tips to become a magnet for more opportunities and more clientele
    ● Most effective ways to advertise real estate properties to prospective buyers
    ● Most important information when creating a new listing on the Multiple Listing Service
    ● Qualities to be a good real estate agent
    ● Lessons from a recession
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    How to Handle Credit Line Deductions

    How to Handle Credit Line Deductions

    During this show, you’ll discover …
    ● How to handle a credit card limit decrease
    ● Steps to take as a business when your business credit card limit is reduced
    ● How lenders are changing the way they do things
    ● They are lending less
    ● Some changes are positive for borrowers
    ● Some changes are negative for borrowers
    ● Lenders are monitoring business accounts for risky behavior
    ● And some are even reducing existing credit card limits based on perceived risky behavior
    ● The Credit CARD Act of 2009 does not protect from this
    ● Neither Does the Truth in Lending Act of 1968
    ● What should you do if your business credit card limit is decreased?
    ● How to monitor your personal and business credit
    ● Why you shouldn’t close accounts with decreased card limits
    ● How to look for options to bridge the gap
    ● Options like the Credit Line Hybrid
    ● What is the Credit Line Hybrid?
    ● What benefits does the Credit Line Hybrid offer?
    ● Why you need expert help to guide you through the business financing process
    ● How to get expert help on how to handle a credit limit decrease

    • 30 min
    The Secrets to Great Health and Being a Successful Entrepreneur

    The Secrets to Great Health and Being a Successful Entrepreneur

    In this episode, Thom King reveals his secrets to building a hugely-successful company and having optimal health so you can be the best version of yourself. 
    About Our Guest:
    Part CEO, part personal development wonk, and part biohacker info geek, Thom King is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. While his favorite book list contains many success-oriented and personal-development classics, the traditional definition of achieving success (e.g. make a lot of money) is not what inspires or motivates King. He follows more of a “you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing some good” line of thinking. King’s company has been built around the simple principle of “do the right thing”.
    In 1999, Thom’s personal passion for food and his concern over the explosion of metabolic disease led him to found Steviva Brands known as Icon Food, with a mission to help food manufacturers replace unhealthy sugars in their products with natural options. With 20 years of R&D work, Thom has helped hundreds of manufacturers improve the quality of their products. In recent years, his passion for food and optional health has intersected with his embrace of a ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diet.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● What makes a successful entrepreneur
    ● How to build a business with ‘why’
    ● Key habits and mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur
    ● Important things to know before pursuing entrepreneurship
    ● Why drive and determination are essential with running a successful business
    ● Smart ways to win competitions
    ● Why a lot of people failed to start or grow a business
    ● Common mistakes when starting a business
    ● “Catalysts” or exponential growth points for business
    ● Importance of a business plan
    ● Should you or should you not use venture capital to grow
    ● How to use crowdfunding to grow
    ● Why self-care is important to your success
    ● Best way to market your product
    ● What makes a successful marketing strategy
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    How to Know Yourself and Bring Joy Into Your Life

    How to Know Yourself and Bring Joy Into Your Life

    In this interview, David A. Schwerin, Ph.D author of Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life reveals the best way to know yourself, get in touch with your soul, and how to bring true joy to your life. 
    About Our Guest:
    David A. Schwerin, Ph.D., founder and former President of D J Investment Advisors Inc., is the author of three books and dozens of articles published worldwide. His latest book, co-authored with Diana Muenz Chen, Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life, was published in late 2019. His other books include Conscious Globalism: What is wrong with the world and how to fix it, and Conscious Capitalism: Principles for Prosperity.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● Getting to know yourself
    ● What mystery schools are and how can they help
    ● How to discover why you are the way you are
    ● How to learn more about your soul
    ● How to determine the life path you should be on
    ● How to know your soul’s true intention
    ● How to better assess what you should be doing with your life
    ● How to know when you’re on the wrong path in life
    ● How to best discover what it is you should be contributed to life
    ● How to overcome uncertainty
    ● How to get in touch with your higher self
    ● Why meditation is so important
    ● What’s the origin of your soul
    ● How to best overcome the most emotionally painful obstacles in your life
    ● How do you bring true joy into your life
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    How to Avoid SBA PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Scam

    How to Avoid SBA PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Scam

    During this show, you’ll discover …
    ✅ How efforts to combat the financial effects of the novel coronavirus have caused other problems for small business owners
    ✅ How scammers are trying to take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program
    ✅ How a combination of unprecedented need…
    ✅ … $2 trillion in funding…
    ✅ … some relaxed rules…
    ✅ … desperation…
    ✅ … and unethical people…
    ✅ … has created a situation where some are trying to cheat the system
    ✅ How bad actors are already trying to game the system
    ✅ Ways to protect yourself against SBA loan scams
    ✅ What the Small Business Administration says about avoiding scammers
    ✅ What to look for
    ✅ How and why a dose of skepticism is healthy
    ✅ Where online lenders fit into the picture…
    ✅ … and how they may end up being able to participate in the SBA Paycheck Protection Program…
    ✅ … and how reputable online lenders can be a part of getting your business back on its feet
    ✅ How federal oversight affects the SBA PPP and the CARES Act
    ✅ How to get a forgivable loan from the stimulus package
    ✅ How to get a legit SBA PPP loan
    ✅ Where we have up to date information on the SBA Paycheck Protection Program…
    ✅ … which we are updating regularly

    • 21 min
    How to Create a Podcast and Sales Funnel that Convert like Crazy

    How to Create a Podcast and Sales Funnel that Convert like Crazy

    In this interview, Mark Kumar reveals the easiest way to get a podcast off the ground, the best way to host your show, and how to use a sales funnel to maximize your podcast potential and grow your online business. 
    About Our Guest:
    Mark Kumar is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

    He coaches entrepreneurs to run a profitable online business by sharing their own advice.

    If you ever helped anyone with your advice, then you are ready to create and run a successful online business today.
    During the show, we discuss:
    ● What lifestyle entrepreneur is
    ● Turning your passion into a profitable company
    ● How to take offline businesses online during the pandemic
    ● What SaaS Company is
    ● What sales funnel is
    ● How to be the best host on an online podcast
    ● How popular is podcasting now
    ● How hard is it to get a podcast off the ground
    ● What kind of people can succeed podcasting
    ● Which channels you need to have your podcast on
    ● What kinds of analytics and tracking is available with podcasting
    ● Using a sales funnel with podcasting
    ● Importance of building a sales funnel
    ● Using a sales funnel for a business
    ● Secrets and powerful tips in building sales funnels
    ● How to use Pixeling to grow an online business
    ● Aligning marketing strategy in the sales funnel
    ● Getting paying clients for online businesses
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    • 25 min

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4.8 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

Marisa J2 ,


Ty offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! This is a must listen!

the_charles ,

Great Advice on Small Biz Financing

Great advice and tips for keeping your business financially strong. The guests are very knowledgeable and share a lot of practical info to help entrepreneurs. Thanks Ty!

KatieJoy0514 ,

Money Magic For Any Business!

Ty and his wide variety of knowledgeable guests are truly rockstars! They deliver quality (and free!) business finance knowledge in each and every episode. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Ty - keep up the great work!

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