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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

The Business Credit and Financing Sho‪w‬ Ty Crandall

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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

    How Analytics Boosts Digital Marketing

    How Analytics Boosts Digital Marketing

    JP is the CEO of boomtime. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing, digital strategy and product management for companies ranging from startups to global brands such as Madison Square Garden, General Mills, DFS Group Ltd., Johnson & Johnson and National Geographic. JP has worked for or helped companies in both the B2C and the B2B sectors and founded three digital strategy and marketing agencies after working for many years on the corporate  side of marketing. JP’s passions are analytics, digital products and creating the  right strategy at the right time for the right audience. 
    During the show, we discuss:
    ● How analytics help with business growth
    ● How analytics help with digital marketing results
    ● Numbers to look at
    ● Why digital marketers should pay attention to analytics
    ● What metrics to look at when focusing on getting new leads
    ● Importance of facts (and numbers) in digital marketing decisions
    ● Why automation in campaigns is and how to use it to grow your business
    ● Proving and/or calculating digital marketing ROI
    ● Available tools to use for analytics
    ● Calculating or reporting ROI to digital marketing
    ● Creating the right digital marketing strategies for your business
    ● Proven digital marketing strategies to boost B2B sales optimization
    ● One form of marketing that really works
    ● How ‘Word of Mouth’ works in digital marketing
    ● Tips to make people talking about you

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    Alternative Small Business Loans

    Alternative Small Business Loans

    During this show, you’ll discover …
    ● Learn about several options for alternative small business loans
    ● Find out what private lenders are all about
    ● Get peer to peer lending explained
    ● Find out all about lines of credit…
    ● … and when merchant cash advances may be the best choice for you
    ● Learn the difference between rewards-based crowdfunding…
    ● … and equity crowdfunding…
    ● … and which may be better for business funding for your business
    ● When business bridge loans are a good idea…
    ● … and when hard money funding is a better idea
    ● Get federal grants explained…
    ● … and learn about local grants
    ● Look at angel investing vs venture capital
    ● Get to know purchase order financing…
    ● … and account receivable financing
    ● Find out how Credit Suite’s credit line hybrid financing can be the idea solution for your business funding needs…
    ● … without having to try for a business bank loan

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    How Turn IT Challenges into Advantages

    How Turn IT Challenges into Advantages

    Jon Schram is an IT support expert and the founder & CEO of The Purple Guys, a tech company that has grown since 2001 to become the Midwest’s premier provider of IT support services. The Purple Guys is a fast-growing, 7-digit business that has helped hundreds of companies grow by solving their IT problems and providing them with stress-free,  bullet-proof tech support.
    During the show, we discuss:
    ● Importance of digital readiness for business
    ● IT challenges exposed by COVID
    ● The biggest problem with technology
    ● Business solutions for pandemic challenges
    ● Security & IT challenges that pandemic created
    ● How IT teams adapt to the pandemic
    ● The right time for a business to hire an IT company
    ● The biggest struggles work-from-home IT
    ● Limitations in work-from-home IT teams
    ● Secrets of successful remote IT teams
    ● Ensuring the security of your database
    ● Tips in building a secured system
    ● Preventions from any hackers or IT problems
    ● Turning IT challenges into an advantage
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    How to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value

    How to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value

    Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. Michelle has sold over 500 businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. Michelle Seiler Tucker holds the following professional designations and certifications: The Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA), Best-Selling Author, and Panelist for M&A Source.
    Michelle Seiler Tucker is the leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses, as well as increasing a business’ revenue streams. Over the past decade Michelle has sold several hundred businesses and franchises. She continues to help buyers from all walks of life buy the American Dream, create financial freedom, be their own boss, and obtain a better quality of life.
    Michelle is passionate about sharing her considerable knowledge and experience with others through her mentoring, training, and partnering programs. These programs have helped many individuals become successful M&A advisors. Michelle has also spoken alongside other prominent speakers: Eric Trump, Kathy Ireland, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Stedman Graham and more. She makes regular radio and TV appearances including interviews on Fox Business News, Forbes, CNBC, and is featured in INC and USA Magazines.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● The percentage of businesses never sell
    ● Importance of pre-plan early on selling your business to get max value
    ● Things to do early in business to get maximum value
    ● What the GPS Exit Model is and how it will help you sell your business
    ● Why you need to know early how much you want to sell your business for
    ● How often should you get your business valuation
    ● How to determine who your potential business buyers will be
    ● Why private equity groups are a potential buyer for your company
    ● Should you consider selling through an auction or not
    ● Why it’s important that your business doesn’t revolve around you if you want to exit
    ● 6 “P’s” of selling your business
    ● Why the roles people fill essential to business value
    ● Why you need to have the right product mix to get max value upon exit
    ● 6 aspects being proprietary that are essential
    ● Why you must have well-developed processes in their business
    Show resources:
    888-526-5750, text MICHELLE

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    Monitoring D&B, Experian, Equifax Business Credit

    Monitoring D&B, Experian, Equifax Business Credit

    During this show, you’ll discover ...
    ● How to monitor business credit with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax
    ● Find out the major differences between business credit and its reports...
    ● ... versus personal credit reports
    ● Learn what business credit monitoring at Dun & Bradstreet is all about...
    ● ... including current prices and features of various D&B credit monitoring packages
    ● Your choices to monitor Experian business credit...
    ● ... including your best value for the money
    ● Your options for monitoring Equifax business credit...
    ● ... including what you get for your money
    ● Plus how to save money on business credit monitoring through Credit Suite

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    How to Get Your Money Working for YOU

    How to Get Your Money Working for YOU

    Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor, is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to get their money working for them TODAY! He’s an author, podcast host of the Chris Miles Money Show, has been featured in US News, CNN Money, EOFire, and has a proven  reputation with his company, Money Ripples, getting his clients fast, life altering financial results. In fact, his personal clients have increased their cash  flow by over $200 Million in the last 10 years!
    During the show we discuss:
    ● Creating an “Anti-Financial Plan”
    ● Why financial advisors suck
    ● Managing your money without financial advisors
    ● Increasing your financial literacy
    ● Steps to financial success
    ● Getting your investment money to pay you TWICE
    ● Tools for financial goals
    ● Tips for planning your financial goal
    ● Rules to follow when considering an investment
    ● Kinds of investment to put your money
    ● How much of your income should you invest
    ● Secrets to get your money working for you
    ● Beyond Rice and Beans
    ● Chris Miles Money Show
    Show resources:

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4.8 out of 5
104 Ratings

104 Ratings

Marisa J2 ,


Ty offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! This is a must listen!

the_charles ,

Great Advice on Small Biz Financing

Great advice and tips for keeping your business financially strong. The guests are very knowledgeable and share a lot of practical info to help entrepreneurs. Thanks Ty!

KatieJoy0514 ,

Money Magic For Any Business!

Ty and his wide variety of knowledgeable guests are truly rockstars! They deliver quality (and free!) business finance knowledge in each and every episode. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Ty - keep up the great work!

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