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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

The Business Credit and Financing Show Ty Crandall

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In The Business Credit and Financing Show we tackle all types or topics relating to how you can get business credit and financing to start and grow your business. We also discuss marketing and growth strategies with top influencers and industry experts, to help you start and grow a profitable business.

    How SEO Boosts Your Traffic

    How SEO Boosts Your Traffic

    Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation.
    Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, where she co-founded her first tech start-up. Alexis has been recognized for her passion and hard work as a business owner by the City of Santa Barbara, the Camarillo City Council, California State Legislature, and the US Congress; and was awarded the Emerging Business Award by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation. She is a frequent speaker at educational and motivational events, publishes articles across various disciplines, and is a consultant for marketing and business practices in addition to running Simply Branded.
    During the show we discuss:
    How SEO help businesses
    Relationship between SEO and SEM
    Different types of SEO
    Good SEO strategy
    White hat SEO techniques
    Effective SEO strategies
    Tools to use with SEO
    Predicting the success of an SEO strategy
    Measuring SEO success
    What affects SEO ranking
    Keyword research
    Conducting keyword research
    Where to put SEO keywords
    Link building and why it matters
    SEO factors that are not in your control
    Black hat SEO practices to avoid
    Qualities to be effective in SEO
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    How to Boosts Your Innovator’s Mindset

    How to Boosts Your Innovator’s Mindset

    George Couros is currently an “Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant”, speaker, as well as the author of “The Innovator’s Mindset” and “Innovate Inside the Box.”  Formerly, he was the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, and have over 20 years of experience as an educator.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● How learning changed over time and in the time of the pandemic
    ● Getting into the education field
    ● How innovation helps individuals in the future
    ● The innovator’s mindset
    ● Importance of “mindset” in learning
    ● Develop innovator’s mindset through remote learning
    ● Skills for innovation
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    How to Start a Successful Business

    How to Start a Successful Business

    Falicia Fracassi, is a creative entrepreneur who owns a chain of beauty boutiques that specialize in eyelash  extensions, eyebrows, Botox and she also owns a blow dry lounge. She is also the evening host @WDKX The Quiet Storm which talks about relationships, love, family, and business. Falicia has been featured on Amazon Style code live, Black Enterprise, Cosmopolitan & Essence magazine...
    During the show we discuss:
    ● Getting into radio
    ● “The Quiet Storm”
    ● How social media helps business and career
    ● Starting your business
    ● Pros and cons in having a business
    ● Preparation before starting a business
    ● Tips and tricks to a successful business
    ● Importance of building relationship with customers
    ● What is there anything new you are working on?
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    Better Funding with SBA Loans

    Better Funding with SBA Loans

    During this show, you’ll discover …
    ✅  How SBA loans work
    ✅  All about SBA loan eligibility
    ✅  Details on all of the SBA coronavirus funding options…
    ✅  … including Economic Injury Disaster Loans…
    ✅  … and SBA Express Bridge Loans …
    ✅  … and the SBA Debt Relief program
    ✅  How preexisting borrowers can defer payments for six months
    ✅  How SBA Lender Match works
    ✅  Details on traditional SBA loans…
    ✅  … like the SBA 7(a) loan…
    ✅  … and including the SBA CAPLines program
    ✅  How the SBA Express program can help you
    ✅  Plus information on SBA 504 loans…
    ✅  … and how SBA microloans could be just what your business needs
    ✅  Plus how Credit Suite can help your business choose and get SBA loan alternatives

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    How to Excel at the Subscription Economy

    How to Excel at the Subscription Economy

    Nick Fredrick is an experienced operational and technology leader with a deep focus on enhancing customer relationships and improving internal processes. Nick’s expertise brings clients improved revenue and reduced expenses while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability.
    The relationship with the consumer has never been more important for subscription businesses. They expect immediate and consistent experiences that delight. With companies like Netflix and Dollar Shave Club leading the subscription revolution with homegrown solutions, Rebar is stepping in to give a competitive leg up to high volume subscription businesses in the streaming, monthly box, and insurance sectors – allowing them to customize like a homegrown solution and avoid getting locked into a vendor that doesn’t scale.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● Subscription model
    ● How subscription businesses work
    ● Why businesses should consider a subscription model
    ● Subscription business ideas to start in a pandemic
    ● Why transaction recycling matter to a subscription business
    ● Pitfalls to avoid when setting up a subscription business
    ● Can any business transition into a subscription business?
    ● Starting a subscription business
    ● Growing your subscription business
    ● Things to consider when starting a subscription business
    ● Testing the effectiveness of a subscription model
    ● Best practices for a subscription business model
    ● Having a product-market fit with a subscription model
    ● Best ways to save the relationship for customers who are about to cancel
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    How to Prosper as a Real Estate Investor

    How to Prosper as a Real Estate Investor

    After a successful technology career in Silicon Valley, Sean OToole purchased and flipped over 150 residential and commercial properties. He exited the market in 2006, right before the credit bubble burst.
    Combining his technology and real estate experience, Sean launched ForeclosureRadar in 2007. ForeclosureRadar was quickly recognized as the nation’s best foreclosure information source, growing to help tens of thousands of real estate professionals prosper in an otherwise devastating market.
    In 2013, Sean launched PropertyRadar, expanding beyond foreclosures to create a property data and owner information platform that powers thousands of investor, real estate professional, home service and other property-centric businesses. More than just a data company,  PropertyRadar levels the playing field by giving small businesses the same opportunities found in public records that big businesses have long enjoyed.
    During the show we discuss:
    ● Investing in real estate during a pandemic
    ● What foreclosures will look like after the COVID epidemic
    ● How foreclosures have changed since 2008
    ● How it’s easier to stay in your home now more than ever even when you miss payments
    ● Which is better: Residential or commercial investment
    ● Where to learn or study real estate investing
    ● Getting insider details on properties before you buy
    ● Tapping into an auction and public record data to thrive in real estate investing
    ● Getting property records to market and grow in investing
    ● Getting loan and mortgage data for hyper-targeted marketing
    ● Easily locating other flippers who can be mentors
    ● Why you need a mentor to grow faster
    ● Following other investors to see their history of success
    ● Helping others and profiting during times of change
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
104 Ratings

104 Ratings

Marisa J2 ,


Ty offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! This is a must listen!

the_charles ,

Great Advice on Small Biz Financing

Great advice and tips for keeping your business financially strong. The guests are very knowledgeable and share a lot of practical info to help entrepreneurs. Thanks Ty!

KatieJoy0514 ,

Money Magic For Any Business!

Ty and his wide variety of knowledgeable guests are truly rockstars! They deliver quality (and free!) business finance knowledge in each and every episode. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Ty - keep up the great work!

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