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Tune in to learn from people who have created successful podcasts.

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Tune in to learn from people who have created successful podcasts.

    Developing a Premise for Your Internal Podcast with Marketing Showrunners’ Jay Acunzo

    Developing a Premise for Your Internal Podcast with Marketing Showrunners’ Jay Acunzo

    Today’s conversation is with Jay Acunzo, Founder of Marketing Showrunners. Jay Acunzo helps companies produce their own shows, and is the final episode of our three-part miniseries about internal podcasting. Throughout his career, Jay has believed in creating content that keeps listeners coming back whether it be an internal or external podcast. For Jay, the most important aspect of creating a show is developing the premise. He thinks the biggest challenge of creating an internal podcast is producing for an audience when you are the audience. Jay believes internal podcasts can develop trust and build community within a company if the show is focused on participation, not promotion.

    Hear about how to develop the premise of your internal podcast and create a show that will keep listeners coming back each week in today's conversation.

    Key Takeaways:
    🧑‍💻 3:29-5:08: Focusing on the premise, format, and talent with internal and external podcasts
    🎧 5:55-7:03: Finding the motivation and rigor behind your podcast's premise
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 10:41-11:20: Building community for your internal show versus your external show
    🎙 12:32-13:31: Creating a brand-driven internal show that participates in the company community
    🗣 14:46-15:51: Developing the premise and style of the podcast around the host
    ❤️ 16:08-18:41: Creating an internal show that develops trust and love and its challenges
    🔬 18:57-20:55: Researching the audience for your show when you are the audience
    🎨22:56- 23:28: Allowing yourself to be creative and act before you have everything you need
    🎁23:38-24:33: Producing a podcast that feels like a gift for your employees
    ⏰ 25:36-26:06: Spending time developing the premise for your internal podcast

    Related Resources:
    Jay’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayacunzo/
    Marketing Showrunners’s website: https://www.marketingshowrunners.com/blog/
    Marketing Showrunners's Premise Guide: https://www.marketingshowrunners.com/blog/podcast-premise-guide/

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    How Internal Podcasts Can Liberate Your Employees with Prophet's Mat Zucker

    How Internal Podcasts Can Liberate Your Employees with Prophet's Mat Zucker

    Today’s conversation is with Mat Zucker, Marketing Practice Lead at Prophet, and host of Rising podcast. In June, Mat wrote and published an article with Forbes Magazine about what internal podcasts are and what they can do for business. Mat has been a fan of podcast since the beginning, in the ‘90s, and he currently hosts two podcasts: Rising and Cidiot. For Matt, podcasts are a great medium for curiosity. In his opinion, the best shows are the ones that follow a question and try to answer it. He believes internal podcasting is a liberating tool that can help employees learn something while they are doing something else. Mat is fascinated with the way internal podcasts can build trust and establish relationships within a company.

    Hear about the trends Mat has seen in internal podcasts and learn about how to build a stronger community within your business in today’s conversation.

    Key Takeaways:
    ❓ 3:34-3:50: Pursuing a question through an external or internal podcast
    🎙 4:19-5:52: Three different approaches to internal podcasting
    🎧 8:38-9:58: Listening and learning from a podcast while doing something else
    💡 12:14-14:09: Figuring out a content strategy for your internal podcast
    🧑‍💻 15:25-15:44: Designing a program around your internal podcast
    📈 17:21-18:13: Understanding how audio technology and the podcasting market is evolving

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    What Happened When HubSpot Hit Record with Lindsay Tjepkema at INBOUND

    What Happened When HubSpot Hit Record with Lindsay Tjepkema at INBOUND

    We’re all fans of HubSpot here at INBOUND, but you’ve never heard the origin story of some of the brand’s most important content: its network of podcasts and videos. This story starts more than a decade ago and includes characters who went on to become big marketing names you follow today, like Dave Gerhardt, Mike Volpe, Jeanne Hopkins, Ellie Mirman, and Meghan Keaney Anderson. Listen in to this special episode of the Casted Podcast to hear about their common thread - the throughline that differentiated HubSpot, these marketing leaders, and the brands they went on to build.

    Key Takeaways:

    🧩 11:33-12:56: Mike Volpe: Creating a personal connection with marketers
    🧡 13:27-14:47: Ellie Mirman: Staying true to the HubSpot brand
    🎁 15:02-15:58: Jeanne Hopkins: What HubSpot TV gave the brand
    🌱 16:59-18:51: Mike Volpe: Using The Growth Show to reach a new audience
    ✨ 19:18-21:12: Dave Gerhardt: How podcasting led to a serendipitous role for a marketing fave
    🧵 24:52-25:58: Sam Balter: Tailoring shows to different audiences
    👩‍🏫 28:02-28:48: Meghan Keaney Anderson: Podcasting with a purpose
    🤔 29:09-29:34: Mike Volpe: But... why podcasting?
    💼 30:08-30:48: Meghan Keaney Anderson: The business benefits of podcasting
    🏛 33:09-33:38: Dave Gerhardt: Podcasting as a pillar of marketing
    ➕ 34:42-34:49: Meghan Keaney Anderson: Create a show that adds value
    🐠 35:41-36:06: Ellie Mirman: An opportunity to be unique
    ➗ 40:33-40:50: Mike Volpe: No one formula for great podcasts

    The Podcast Effect: https://casted.us/the-podcast-effect-at-hubspot/
    How We Wrung-Out The Casted Podcast to Create “What Happened When HubSpot Hit Record”: https://casted.us/how-we-wrung-out-the-casted-podcast-to-create-narrative-episode/

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    Building Passion and Loyalty Through Internal Podcasts with Scott Monty Strategies's Scott Monty

    Building Passion and Loyalty Through Internal Podcasts with Scott Monty Strategies's Scott Monty

    Today’s conversation is with Scott Monty, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Scott Monty Strategies. Scott Monty is a pioneer of internal podcasting and kicks off the first episode of our three-part miniseries about internal podcasting. Before starting Scott Monty Strategies, Scott Monty was the Global Head of Social Media & Digital Communications at Ford. Throughout his career, Scott has used podcasting and social media as a way of building relationships and creating communities with his audiences. For Scott, podcasting is one of the most intimate mediums out there today. He believes that podcasting is a great way to directly communicate with listeners or employees and create an individualized experience for each person. Scott uses internal podcasts to engage his employees, create passion, and build loyalty within the company

    Hear about how to build relationships with podcasts and use internal podcasting as a tool to connect with your employees in today's conversation.

    Key Takeaways:
    🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 4:14-5:43: Creating a community, building relationships, and making connections
    🗣 9:28-10:59: Using podcasts to build loyalty and talk directly to your audience
    🎧 14:43-15:41: Engaging your employees using internal podcasts
    🧑‍💻 17:25-18:14: Communicating with your employees using this three-pronged approach
    📖 19:25-19:49: Building passion for the company with individual stories in a podcast
    🎙 20:07-21:19: Understanding why you want to start a podcast and how it fits your business goals
    ⏰ 21:52-22:41: Focusing on quality and taking your time with podcasting

    Related Resources:
    Scott’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottmonty/
    Scott Monty Strategies’s website: https://www.scottmonty.com/

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    Establishing the Audience and Goals for Your Podcast with HubSpot's Meghan Keaney Anderson

    Establishing the Audience and Goals for Your Podcast with HubSpot's Meghan Keaney Anderson

    Today’s conversation is with Meghan Keaney Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot, and host of The Growth Show podcast. Meghan’s journey with podcasting started with The Growth Show five years ago. At the time, HubSpot had popular blogs that attracted mid-level marketers. However, her team needed a vehicle to reach people later in their careers — in decision-making roles — that didn’t have time to read blogs. They believed a podcast could capture the attention of those executives during their own little windows of time, and they were right. For Meghan, each podcast has a distinct problem it is trying to solve or a distinct theory it is chasing down. She believes that podcasting can fill a unique space in the market and attract new audiences if done successfully. Hear about how to establish that audience, understand the purpose of your podcast, and measure its success in today's conversation.

    Key Takeaways:
    🌱 2:04-3:13: Why HubSpot started The Growth Show podcast
    🗣 6:18-8:02: The evolution of HubSpot’s podcast network
    💡 8:23-9:02: Creating a podcast to solve a distinct problem or chase down a theory
    🎙 10:00-12:23: Growing your podcast by establishing what need you are filling
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 13:02-13:58: Determining what audience your podcast is trying to reach
    📦 14:57-16:13: Repackaging the stories gained through podcasting into other marketing materials
    📈 20:45-21:19: Defining the goals of your podcast so you can accurately measure success
    🧑‍💻 21:45-22:25: Studying discoverability and unpacking what works on different distribution platforms
    ➕ 22:41-23:34: Creating added value and making an experience for your fans

    Related Resources:
    Meghan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meghankeaney/
    HubSpot’s website: https://www.hubspot.com/
    The Growth Show Podcast: https://www.hubspot.com/podcasts/the-growth-show

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    Sharing Your Expertise Using Soundbites with SquadLocker's Jeanne Hopkins

    Sharing Your Expertise Using Soundbites with SquadLocker's Jeanne Hopkins

    Today’s conversation is with Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at SquadLocker, and former host of Table Fries podcast. Before SquadLocker, Jeanne Hopkins was the Chief Marketing Officer at SmartBear Software, Chief Marketing Officer at Lola.com, and VP of Marketing at HubSpot. Throughout her career, Jeanne has used podcasting as a way to humanize her brands. For Jeanne, podcasting is a great tool that can show the company’s personality and share expertise with the customers. She believes that podcasting can help marketing teams capture and amplify the voices of experts already within the company.
    Hear about how to share your expertise in soundbites and use podcasting as a tool to humanize your brand in today's conversation.

    Key Takeaways:
    🎙 2:46-3:35: How podcasting defined HubSpot and gave the brand personality
    🗣 7:06-7:42: Using a podcast to share your expertise with your customers
    💡 13:20-15:22: Thinking about the content plan and your goals before starting
    🚧 18:20-20:36: Getting over that hurdle and starting your podcast
    ⏺️ 20:45-21:05: Recording and editing your first podcast and getting over your fear
    🧑‍💻 22:52-24:04: Why consistency is important in both marketing and podcasting
    Related Resources:

    Jeanne’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannehopkins/
    SquadLocker’s website: https://www.squadlocker.com/
    Table Fries Podcast: https://tablefries.com/

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5.0 out of 5
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12 Ratings

Brendan @ Entrepreneurs&Coffee ,

Love this show!

Your episode with Jay Acunzo was FANTASTIC. A must-listen for all creators.

AHro827 ,

A podcast for podcasters!

Lindsay and team have developed a show that supports the growing podcast trend... and how we can all capitalize on its popularity while serving our audience better. Kudos!

Hollyvichammond ,

Tips from successful podcasters!

A must listen if you’re a B2B content marketer who is podcasting (or thinking about it). Lindsay is a fantastic host, so calm and inviting. The conversations are insightful and honest and you walk away from each episode with actionable tips from top podcasters. I can’t wait to hear who Lindsay interviews and season 2!

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