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Interviews with Digital Nomads about Location Independence, Travel and Online Business

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Interviews with Digital Nomads about Location Independence, Travel and Online Business

    25: Instanbul for Digital Nomads (My Experience)

    25: Instanbul for Digital Nomads (My Experience)

    My review of Istanbul, Turkey after one month of living and working remotely in Europe’s biggest city.


    00:00 Introduction

    01:15 Why Istanbul?

    03:25 Covid situation

    06:04 Internet access

    11:45 Gyms & Fitness

    14:01 Transportation options

    17:48 Accomodation

    21:30 Where to stay

    26:16 Being scammed

    37:11 Weird things about Istanbul

    44:13 Pros

    45:55 Cons

    48:50 Top tips

    54:05 Audience questions

    01:05:28 Conclusion

    Links mentioned

    Riley’s Video on Istanbul - https://youtu.be/uqDpSN5bMLA

    The gym in the Green Park Hotel that I used - https://g.page/FiClubTaksim?share

    NomadList - https://nomadlist.com/

    Instanbul Digital Nomads (Facebook Group) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1160472153963742

    • 1 hr 6 min
    24: Lisbon, Portugal - Does it live up to the hype? feat. Sergio Sala

    24: Lisbon, Portugal - Does it live up to the hype? feat. Sergio Sala

    In this episode I sit down with fellow nomads Sergio Sala and Ivan Kreimer to discuss the hype around Lisbon. How is it for digital nomads?


    00:00 Introductions

    00:49 How I ended up in Portugal

    01:56 Chris and Sergio share their experience entering Portugal - Covid restrictions?

    04:11 Face mask requirements in Portugal

    09:05 Lisbon vs Gran Canaria (the top two destinations on NomadList currently)

    15:18 Things that make Lisbon cool

    18:07 The issue with Lisbon coffee shops

    18:58 Our experience checking out Outsite coworking cafe and Selina coworking space

    23:00 Ivan breaks down the coworking scene in Lisbon

    24:17 Digital nomad community in Lisbon

    30:16 My least favourite thing about Lisbon + Ivan’s recommended areas to stay

    34:58 What sets Lisbon apart from other destinations

    38:20 Cost of living in Lisbon

    43:10 Good area to stay for a few days

    46:10 Best coworking space with a view

    48:00 Chiang Mai vs Lisbon

    51:53 Addressing Max Rovensky’s twitter thread on Lisbon

    58:29 Shoutout to Sergio’s Youtube channel

    58:54 Lisbon 5 years ago compared to now

    59:27 Best times of the year to visit Lisbon

    01:01:17 Summary

    Links mentioned

    Heden Coworking Space


    Avila Spaces Saldaha


    Max Rovensky’s Twitter thread about Lisbon


    Sergio’s Youtube Channel


    • 1 hr 8 min
    23: What's Thailand like in 2022? with special guest Riley Bennett (Livin That Life)

    23: What's Thailand like in 2022? with special guest Riley Bennett (Livin That Life)

    In this episode Chris and Riley discuss what it’s like in Thailand since covid hit from an expat/digital nomad perspective.


    [00:00] Introduction

    [01:12] Riley shares his experience living in Thailand over the last 8 months

    [02:11] Chris’s experience with masks in Koh Phangan

    [04:02] The bright side of COVID restrictions for Riley in Thailand

    [07:07] Current entry requirements for Thailand and Chris’s experience getting into Thailand in April 2022

    [09:03] Riley’s experience getting into Thailand in September 2021 and what’s coming up from June 2022

    [12:10] ‘Security Theatre’: Why Thais are required to wear masks

    [13:05] What has changed in Chiang Mai

    [15:46] Chris’s Bangkok experience with covid restrictions

    [17:40] Audience Q&A

    [50:20] Summary of Thailand in 2022 (post-covid)

    Links mentioned

    Riley’s video on Rawai, Phuket


    The seat sleeper


    Follow Riley on Instagram


    • 51 min
    22: How I Became Location Independent

    22: How I Became Location Independent

    In this episode, I share more about who I am and how I came to be location independent. In doing so, I hope to help you figure out your path to location independence and overall freedom.


    [00:00] Introduction

    [02:09] My story

    [07:30] Take takeaways from my story

    [11:45] More resources

    Links mentioned

    My Skillshare channel: https://www.skillshare.com/user/chrisdodd

    My Youtube channel (for learning web development): https://www.youtube.com/c/CodewithChristheFreelancer

    ‘The Shopify Theme Developer Mastermind’: http://shopifythemedeveloper.com/

    The original Chris the Freelancer Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/christhefreelancer

    Additional articles on how to get started working remotely: https://christhefreelancer.com/blog/remote-work/

    • 12 min
    21: Return to Nomad Life

    21: Return to Nomad Life

    Welcome to season 3 of the podcast! In this first episode I give an update on the ‘Chris the Freelancer’ project since closing out season 2 of the podcast in late 2017 and explain why I’m restarting the podcast in 2022.


    [00:00] Introduction. I’m back!

    [00:50] What’s been going on since the last podcast

    [05:00] Why I’m restarting the podcast

    [13:10] My plan for season 3

    [16:57] Closing remarks

    Links mentioned:

    Brisbane for Digital Nomads (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pgfSV0MZNg

    Digital Nomad Life vs “Normal” Life (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kf29BjaINU

    My Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/christhefreelancer/

    Sydney for Digital Nomads (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_71wNCBy1g8

    The 40 Hour Work Week in Bali (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_Nnjs32iHs

    • 18 min
    20: From Cleaning Windows to Travelling the World | Nick Nerov on his Entrepreneurial Journey with Amazon

    20: From Cleaning Windows to Travelling the World | Nick Nerov on his Entrepreneurial Journey with Amazon

    Nick Nerov is a pro Amazon seller who went from cleaning windows in Toronto to running his Amazon business from locations around the world like Thailand, Croatia and Colombia.

    In this interview, Nick and I discuss dating and culture differences across continents, living in Medellin and his own entrepreneurial journey up until this point.

    Check Nick out at his YouTube channel for more advice specially on Amazon.

    Talking Points

    [01:23] How Nick and his friends found their apartment in Medellin – a 5 bedroom penthouse in El Poblado

    [05:27] How to Negotiate the price of your AirBnB (or anything for that matter)

    [07:20] Nick runs through the list of where he’s been in the last year and how he chooses destinations

    [09:31] Nick reveals his dream destination and an interesting festival he plans to attend there

    [13:16] How Nick learned Spanish

    [15:35] The difference in culture and dating between Asia and South America

    [19:40] A brief history of the pickup industry in Toronto

    [23:31] What it’s like to come home after living abroad

    [25:00] Nick’s entrepreneurial journey from window cleaning to Amazon FBA

    [31:22] What happens when you start to make passive income and become a nomad?

    [35:05] Nick’s plan to expand his Amazon business and move directly to the source

    [39:19] Sourcing products directly in China vs sourcing online

    [44:47] Why most people fail to make money on Amazon and what made Nick successful

    [48:37] Nick’s final advice for succeeding with Amazon FBA

    Links Mentioned

    * AirBnB

    * Never Split the Difference (Book)

    * Kanamara Matsuri (Penis Festival)

    * Baselang Spanish Training

    * Pimsleur Spanish Training

    * David Bond

    * The Game (book)

    * Alibaba.com

    * Poorly Made in China (Book)

    * Nick Nerov’s YouTube Channel

    • 52 min

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4.5 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

amanda-utah ,

Thanks Chris !

Great podcast for nomading!

Karileed ,

Great DN Podcast!

Inspiring podcast with awesome interviews. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Full of information and great advice. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

Tom Morkes ,

top notch

Really big fan of this show. Chris is an engaging host, full of ideas and information. He brings on great guests, and they have interesting conversations

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