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An independent podcast with the people in and around CircuitPython. Created and hosted by Paul Cutler.

The CircuitPython Show Paul Cutler

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An independent podcast with the people in and around CircuitPython. Created and hosted by Paul Cutler.

    Anne Barela

    Anne Barela

    Anne Barela discusses her time at Adafruit, writing the Python on Hardware newsletter, retro tech, and more.
    00:17 Welcome and Anne’s start with Adafruit
    01:15 Anne’s first two books on microcontrollers
    03:38 CircuitPython through the years
    5:40 What goes into writing an Adafruit Learn Guide?
    7:30 ThePython on Microcontrollers newsletter
    10:30 When did Anne first get into computers and electronics?
    14:05 Turn the tables
    16:05 Which microcontroller?

    • 17 min
    Pierre Constantineau

    Pierre Constantineau

    In episode ten, Pierre and Paul have an in-depth conversation about mechanical keyboards and how CircuitPython has helped Pierre with development.
    00:15 Welcome and starting with computers and electronics
    2:00 Building custom keyboards
    4:10 BlueMicro keyboards (get screenshot)
    6:40 Developing the BlueMicro keyboard firmware
    7:40 What goes into building a custom keyboard?
    11:20 Microcontroller keyboard matrices
    13:55 Changing from Arduino to CircuitPython for keyboard development
    17:35 How has CircuitPython helped with troubleshooting?
    20:15 Turn the tables
    21:30 Which microcontroller?

    • 22 min
    Liz Clark

    Liz Clark

    Liz Clark joins the show and shares her maker journey, music background, and we talk MIDI for beginners.
    00:25 Welcome and Liz’s music background
    4:30 BlitzCityDIY https://www.youtube.com/blitzcitydiy
    6:30 Getting started with MIDI
    10:38 Adafruit MIDI Learn guide, MIDI for Makers: https://learn.adafruit.com/midi-for-makers
    12:26 Liz’s music setup at home
    15:20 Turn the tables
    16:20 Which microcontroller?

    • 17 min
    Melissa LeBlanc-Williams

    Melissa LeBlanc-Williams

    Melissa and Paul talk Blink, retro tech, and more.
    00:38 Blinka
    03:00 What it means to be the maintainer of Blinka
    04:37 How Melissa started with CircuitPython
    07:12 Melissa’s YouTube channel
    07:57 OpenSign Library
    8:05 Melissa’s CNC machine
    09:28 Melissa’s current retro tech projects
    10:30 Retro Macs
    12:30 A mysterious box appears
    14:35 Turn the tables
    15:22 Which microcontroller?

    • 16 min
    Alie Gonzalez

    Alie Gonzalez

    Alie Gonzalez joins the show and shares her maker journey, how she started her professional career, and the tech scene in Miami.
    00:50 Welcome and Alie’s journey to becoming a maker
    2:22 The start of Alie’s career
    4:30 Sparkfun and Alie
    6:40 Miami Hack Week
    14:45 The tech scene in Miami
    18:20 Which microcontroller?

    • 19 min
    Season 2 Trailer

    Season 2 Trailer

    A preview of the upcoming season two and its guests.

    • 56 sec

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

tcf19 ,

Interesting first show

I really liked the first show, and hope the focus on community continues!

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