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Water and Wastewater Professionals

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Water and Wastewater Professionals

    On Transitions and Continuity of Care

    On Transitions and Continuity of Care

    How to keep your culture strong and provide optimum care to clients. It comes down to culture, giving employees the training and opportunity to do what they are good at doing. That’s why we have a depth of knowledge and great bench strength to secure our clients. Al Meyer, CEO & Chairman of PeopleService, and

    • 22 min
    The Value of Water

    The Value of Water

    Understanding the world of water has changed and importance of partnering with the right water/wastewater experts. People take water for granted. They feel it’s a right to have clean water rather than a product they need to support. Listen to Minnesota Region Managers, Paul Christensen and Greg Stang, share how vital it is to partner

    • 23 min

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