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The Couple’s Table is a weekly livestream podcast hosted by Heather Ramirez and Tom Buck. Join us, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall podcast and stuff!

The Couple's Table Heather & Tom

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The Couple’s Table is a weekly livestream podcast hosted by Heather Ramirez and Tom Buck. Join us, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall podcast and stuff!

    Balancing Monetization and Authenticity

    Balancing Monetization and Authenticity

    How much do you really know about the microphones you use? Join us as Tom uncovers the fascinating differences between seemingly identical Shure MV7 mics and how these disparities impact our audio levels during live streams. We also recount Heather's quest for the perfect custom-colored MV7 that complements her voice beautifully. Plus, we share the joyous memories of the Firebirds' season, proving that the team's journey is far more enriching than the final score.Ever wondered why some YouTub...

    • 56 min
    Redefining Your Creative Identity

    Redefining Your Creative Identity

    Ever wondered how a simple name change can redefine the identity and essence of a venture? This episode of The Couples Table kicks off with a playful discussion about our new hockey jerseys and Tom's amusing antics with his chest protector. But things take a thoughtful turn as we dive into the story behind renaming our initiative from "Small Business Creator" to "Professional Independent Creator." Your feedback was crucial in this decision, and we emphasize that the core philosophy of our ven...

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Balancing Creativity and Monetization on YouTube

    Balancing Creativity and Monetization on YouTube

    Ever wondered how to crack the code of YouTube success while staying true to your values? Join us for an episode packed with insights, laughter, and practical advice as we explore the world of the "creator middle class." We kick things off with some light-hearted banter about our favorite childhood toy—Legos—before diving into a serious discussion on the importance of recognizing and supporting mid-level creators. From our personal experiences and conversations at NAB to real-world examples, ...

    • 1 hr 34 min
    The Truth Behind Sponsored YouTube Content

    The Truth Behind Sponsored YouTube Content

    Is the authenticity of YouTube sponsorships fading away? Join Heather and me, Tom, as we explore whether the pressures of money and brand deals are compromising the integrity of your favorite content creators. We'll examine how viewer discernment is reshaping the landscape of YouTube sponsorships, discussing the shift from organic endorsements to content that feels more like commercials. With personal anecdotes and audience contributions, we dissect what makes sponsorships feel genuine versus...

    • 1 hr 25 min
    The Future of Content Creation

    The Future of Content Creation

    Ever wondered how a simple windscreen could revolutionize your audio setup? Join us at the Couple's Table as we share our colorful journey testing out the new PodMic USB microphones with vibrant windscreens, and hear the hilarious behind-the-scenes story of our 90s trivia video. We also geek out over the iconic Shure SM7B and its customization options, giving you the lowdown on where to find the best quality windscreens and insider tips on shipping.Are you struggling with video editing in Fin...

    • 1 hr 20 min
    4 Years of The Couple's Table!

    4 Years of The Couple's Table!

    It's our 4 year anniversary! 🟣 CONNECT WITH HEATHER —My Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/heatherjustcreateMy Tutorial Channel: http://www.youtube.com/heatherramirezInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/heatherjustc...Website: http://www.heatherjustcreate.com🟣 CONNECT WITH TOM —YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/tombuck Instagram: @sodarntom

    • 59 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Sam_Hypnotoad ,

Great! Love it

I really love this podcast, I am only a few episodes in, but Tom is like the dude I would want to hang and talk tech with. I am new owner of a Rodecaster pro, and his videos helped me so much, plus the amount of knowledge he has is amazing in all types of media. As a instructional media developer at a college in AZ, I really love his YouTube channel and look forward to more listening of this amazing couple. My wife and started a podcast as well, and it’s really amazing to hear the love and the friendship Heather and Tom share, working from home over COVID will give me a good chance to really listen to all of these episodes.

PatBoBomb ,

Ruined/Elevated an episode with a Ska question

Here’s the thing, I found Tom

jaredspink ,

Simply Fantastic

Heather & Tom are both just so great. They are very knowledgeable and this show is packed full of great info and hilarious stories.

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