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Sales tips, tricks, and strategies for door to door salesman.

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Sales tips, tricks, and strategies for door to door salesman.

    Jonathan Sherwood - Shift in The Roofing Industry

    Jonathan Sherwood - Shift in The Roofing Industry

    If you didn’t know, the roofing industry is undergoing rapid evolution. From the days of bitter infighting between roofing companies, the industry is gradually tilting towards collaborations between contractors and roofers helping roofers.

    Today, we bring on Jonathan Sherwood, one of the pioneers leading this transformation in the roofing industry. With over a decade of experience, Jonathan shares tested-and-proven techniques for roofers to excel in the contemporary roofing landscape.

    Among other things, Jonathan shares insights on how new roofing companies can accelerate their growth by tapping into strategic networks and mentorships. 

    Jonathan also enlightens us on increasing your brand visibility to critical decision-makers in your target audience.

    Aside from the professional insights Jonathan furnishes us with on this podcast, he goes on to share his blueprint for achieving an enviable work-life balance.


    • 17 min
    Dev Dayalal - Ways to Start Prospecting Successfully

    Dev Dayalal - Ways to Start Prospecting Successfully

    One of the hardest things to do in door-to-door sales is prospecting. Most of us prefer closing deals to facing the emotional rigors of prospecting cold homeowners.

    Well, Dev Dayalal is one tough guy who enjoys the hard grind of prospecting, and yes, Dev has an astonishing portfolio of success in prospecting. Barely eight months into solar, Dev closed 50 solar deals in just 3½ weeks!

    This is the equivalent of 520kilowatts with a revenue equivalent of $27m in solar sales within a ridiculously short span.

    How did he pull off this feat? What systems did he integrate for his prospecting? How does he break homeowner preoccupation?

    How does he accurately evaluate prospects (to know whether it is worth continuing the customer conversation or terminating)?

    We will learn these and many more hacks from Dev Dayalal in this podcast episode as he showers us generously with his secret and terrifically effective hacks.


    • 31 min
    Carlos Villanueva & Roberto Castaneda - Ebb and Flow of Being Solar Entrepreneur

    Carlos Villanueva & Roberto Castaneda - Ebb and Flow of Being Solar Entrepreneur

    With the impact of climate change becoming more evident, the world is becoming more interested in eco-friendly energy solutions. 
    This explains the recent boom in the solar industry. But what does it mean to run a thriving solar industry in 2021?
    In this podcast, we brought seasoned solar entreprenuers, Carlos Villanueva and Roberto Castaneda, to extensively educate us on the industry's insider secrets.
    In this podcast, these solar gurus generously lavished us with the secrets that helped them scaled their companies into multimillion entities that consistently grow.
    Some of the game-changing solar hacks you will learn in this podcast include:Building the thought systems and self-awareness for ultra-performance  Investing in the 21st-century-optimized educational resources and technology to scaleStrategically build valuable networks and integrate into progressive communities with the rights values and career enthusiasmAvoiding complacency and building the obsession for hitting KPIsLearning the respective pros and cons of zoom closing, in-house selling, and door knockingThis podcast will furnish you with valuable insights that will accelerate your growth in the solar space.

    • 38 min
    Tony Kassaei - Trusting Entrepreneurship - Making a Difference

    Tony Kassaei - Trusting Entrepreneurship - Making a Difference

    We make a lot of money in door-to-door sales, but how do you retain and multiply the money you make? In this podcast, we learn from an outstanding financial advisor in the person of Tony Kassaei.
    Tony Kassaei boasts an illustrious career in financial advisory, spanning 20 years in Wall Street. He opens the floodgate of knowledge he has accumulated across the decades in this podcast.
    Some of the nuggets Tony shares in this podcast include how to:
    Build credibility and trust in businessManage the emotional rollercoaster of investingExecute rigorous due diligence to avoid investment fraudsBuild sufficient resilience and backup systems for worst-case scenarios in investingThink out of the box and tap into innovative investment opportunitiesOvercome a victim mentality and take responsibility for your life


    • 35 min
    Sam Taggart - Five Leadership Questions

    Sam Taggart - Five Leadership Questions

    Leadership is one of the most vital skills you can have in the 21st century. The capacity to pull a team of diverse elements, talents, values, and even cultures to a common goal takes some guts.
    Having led tons of teams and even enjoyed close-quarter mentorship from some of the most outstanding leaders in the corporate space today, Sam Taggart shares with us some valuable leadership nuggets that allowed him to build the business empire he leads today.
    In this podcast, Sam opens up on his personal experience regarding five of the most critical questions in leadership. These questions are:
    When did you first see yourself as a leader?What are some of the greatest challenges you faced as a leader?What contributed to your growth as a leaderWhat do you do currently to grow as a leader?What is the biggest piece of advice you have for someone who aspires to be an effective leader?Listen and learn how Sam pulled through the intimidating obstacles in leadership, learn the challenges he has encountered, and how he consistently upgrades himself to a better leader.

    • 22 min
    David Triplett and Alec Krekel - From the Blue Line to the Front Line

    David Triplett and Alec Krekel - From the Blue Line to the Front Line

    How far about is a job in law enforcement job from a job in door-to-door sales? Really far, right? Well, David Triplett and Alec Krekel managed to make that transition, moving from their cop jobs to the hard grind of knocking on doors. 
    And guess what? They didn’t just transit to direct sales and got sucked up among the average performers. David Triplett and Alec Krekel thrived knocking doors, achieving rare success. How did they manage this feat?
    In this podcast, David Triplett and Alec Krekel share their prized hacks on what has helped them seamlessly adapt to door-to-door sales and hit high sales numbers.
    Some of the nuggets you will learn in this podcast include:
    The mentality of transitioning from certainty (in terms of job security) to uncertaintyTransmitting credibility and authority when you approach a homeowner Deriving sustainable motivation for consistent peak performanceBuilding a steady pipeline of referrals       …
    This is the podcast your ears need to hike your performance this week!

    • 34 min

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4.8 out of 5
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232 Ratings

Ellskin ,

Great guidance!

Being somewhat of a lone Wolf ST’s content is priceless! I can’t count how many times I have been listening to one of his podcasts and thinking “He totally did this podcast for me” so often it’s exactly what I need to hear. Keep up the great work !

JamesFestini ,

Festini says it’s great…

So it must be.

majsnnend ,

Sam. I love you!

Man! Thank you so much for putting all this together

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