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The histories of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, from 376 CE.

The Dark Ages Podcast Herbert F. Bushman

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The histories of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, from 376 CE.

    Origo Gothica

    Origo Gothica

    The Goths, Part One.
    The Goths appear on the Roman border and quickly become a force to be reckoned with.  This episode deals with the Goths origins, early history, conflicts with Rome in the third century, and some things about their culture. Who was a Goth when he was at home? (Spoiler, he didn't wear black or think much about vampires.)
    This episode covers a period from about 100 BCE to 271 CE.
    Music "The Bretons" By Kevin MacLeod freepd.com
    The mentioned map can be found here.
    References are here.

    • 31 min
    Athanaric & Fritigern

    Athanaric & Fritigern

    The Goths, Part 2
    c. 264-378 CE
    The Goths face challenges at home and abroad.  An ambitious Roman Emperor seeks to shore up his reign at their expense.  Religious controversy and rivalry threatens internal stability.  But the greatest challenge arises in the East, and the Goths must abandon their way of life.
    The Lord's Prayer in Gothic
    Map of the Adrianople Campaign
    "The Britons" by Kevin MacLeod freepd.com

    • 43 min
    Alaric the Bold

    Alaric the Bold

    The Goths, Part 3
    378 - 408 CE
    The Gothic Wars end in stalemate as Goths and Romans try to come to terms with new realities.  A new leader appears to push for dignity and power for his people, who will take the fight into the heartland of the Roman world.
    Map of Alaric's invasion of Greece
    Map of Alaric's First Invasion of Italy
    Bust of Eutropius
    "The Britons" by Kevin MacLeod freepd.com

    • 32 min
    The Sack of Rome

    The Sack of Rome

    The Goths, Part 4
    408-410 CE
    The death of Stilicho leaves Alaric and the Visigoths high and dry.  Negotiations break down, and Alaric takes drastic action.  The Sack of Rome of 410 is pointed to as one of the points where the Roman Empire fell, and the resonance of the event would be felt down through the centuries.
    Music :
    "The Britons" by Kevin MacLeod freepd.com
    "Rulers of our Lands" by Raphael Krux freepd.com

    • 28 min
    Five Kings and a Reckoning

    Five Kings and a Reckoning

    The Goths, Part 5
    410 - 451 CE
    The Visigoths move out of Italy, into more years of privation. Along the way there's a royal marriage, long marches, sieges and naval blockades. Ultimately the Goths find what they've been looking for for nearly half a century - a home. But there's another, even greater test on the horizon, and a chance to face an old enemy.
    "The Bretons" By Kevin MacLeod freepd.com
    "The Black Knight" By Raphael Krux freepd.com
    "Epic Strike" By Andrew Sitkov freepd.com
    Music is for this episode is by Andrew Sitkov, Keven MacLeod, and Raphael Krux
    Sources can be found here

    • 35 min
    The Whirlwind of Nations - The Huns Part 1

    The Whirlwind of Nations - The Huns Part 1

    c. 370 - 395 CE
    Where had the Huns come from? Who were they? How did they fight? What made them so scary?
    I'll look for answers in this episode, and may even find some.
    Information on cranial modification is here and here
    An image of the patera is here
    Music "The Bretons" By Kevin MacLeod freepd.com

    • 37 min

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5.0 out of 5
79 Ratings

79 Ratings

Ggghhhddxgehxjcmsj ,


As someone who does extensive research of antiquity in Europe/Mediterranean/Near East, I have found HB’s telling of this often confusing and chaotic point in time to be enjoyable and informative. I appreciate the creativity and hard work out into this show. I love the variety of storytelling and the way he jumps from one group to another without much confusion. This has the makings of a very dry subject matter dealing with religion, politics, and migrations, but the show ties this all together with humor and intelligent insight. I’ve been hooked since episode 1. I can’t wait to catch up but at the same time don’t want it to end. Bravo and keep up the good work!

Qwibbler ,

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁🤭😎❤️❤️👋

This podcast is probably my favorite podcast ever 😁 nobody knows me but I am the daughter of H.B the creator of The Dark Ages podcast my name is Ruby and I actually love my dads podcast! I wrote this review not just to support my dad but to actually be honest!

Muchele-/:;()$& ,


I listen to many podcasts about this period from varied perspectives, this podcast is among the best if not THE best. The tone is balanced, the information is in depth and his deadpan humor is absolutely hilarious!!!! I highly recommend this podcast!!!!!

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