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Fostering connection, deepening Ecological Intelligence

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Fostering connection, deepening Ecological Intelligence

    Episode #29 Back To The Answer of Knowledge, with Juanfran Lopez

    Episode #29 Back To The Answer of Knowledge, with Juanfran Lopez

    Juanfran Lopez is an agricultural consultant and educator who works with subsistence farmers to empower them in their own knowledge by educating the science behind their traditional farming and behind his own regenerative farming tools of biofertilisers, Native microorganism formulations and circular chromatography testing. Juanfran represents and continues a deep tradition from spanish speaking agro ecological revolution starting from Francis Chabousou, and pushed further by Sebastiano Pinhero, Jairo Restrepo and Enugnio Gras. This deep contribution to the collective development of regenerative agriculture is often overlooked or remains unknown due to the publications and research remaining in Spanish.  The foundational tools of this tradition include biofertilisers using cow dung, native microorganism formulas and circular chromatography testing.  The approach is deeply scientific, highly intuitive and eminently applicable. Being originally developed from ex monsanto scientists for subsistence farmers throughout Latin America, the empowerment and low cost, high profit success  of the farmer is a high priority.  Knowledge, both of the farmer and inherently invested within the tools used, is the coin of the system and the natural intelligence of the farmer is highly valued. Networking of farmers is highly encouraged and facilitated to accelerate knowledge and learning.
    I really value your interest and input.
    If you have any comments or have a guest you'd like me to talk with shoot me a fb message HERE,  or email me at aharon@ecoiq.org
    we talk about in this episode
    local knowledge and farmer empowerment with deep science 
    exchanging knowledge with local farmers as scientists 
    plant health and farmer focus vs soil as foundation and biology as the focus
    empowering and freeing farmers with deep knowledge and farmer networking
    Juanfran starting his Phd on regenerative agriculture in Barcelona
    Working in semiarid ecologies and seasonal biological activity
    cultivating native microorganisms for formulations in the semi arid 
    "everything you learn today you need to share tomorrow, because maybe tomorrow you are not here.." 
    "the more you give, the more you get.."
    the scientific approach of 'Mineral, Microorganisms and Organic matter'
    uses and purposes of native microbe formulas, and biofertilisers as nutrition amendment 
    feeding biology and chelating minerals within biofertilisers
    using biology to assimilate various compounds, hormones and micro nutrients into biological metabolites
    importance of Redox in testing biofertiliser for facultative microbes
    quality ingredients, proper equipment and effective fermentation 
    linage of teachers and research from Chabbousou, Sebastiano, Jairo and Juanfran
    Juanfrans new book and using local resources
    ecological agriculture as a tool for personal transformation
    using microbiological formulas for human consumption
    Juanfrans new 300Ha semi arid project  

    Juanfran Lopez website for info, consultancy and learning
    Buy Juanfran Lopez online ebook, The Biofertiliser Manual
    Regrarians webinar with Juanfran Lopez

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    1.28 The Road To Abundance And Liberty On The Land with Curtis Stone. Understanding The Law To Protect Your Personal Sovereignty

    1.28 The Road To Abundance And Liberty On The Land with Curtis Stone. Understanding The Law To Protect Your Personal Sovereignty

    This episode was with Curtis Stone. Curtis is the founder of the Urban Farmer (https://theurbanfarmer.co), a platform teaching how to farm in an urban or semi urban environment and turn a real profit. Curtis is the author of The Urban Farmer book (https://theurbanfarmer.co/book/). He manages the innovative Paperpot co (https://paperpot.co) farming tools shop with Diego Footer from Permaculture Voice. Hosts a high quality podcast, Liberty on the Land (https://libertyontheland.com), and a new and a amazing high value membership learning platform, From The Field (Fromthefield.farm) . 

    Curtis farms his own homestead and is collaboratively developing a collective family based property as an abundant stronghold in turbulent times. With over 30 million views on Youtube and 360k subscribers. Curtis has helped thousands, jump from courses into profitable farming businesses. 

    Curtis has become pretty famous in that interesting space of market gardening, and although the space of market gardening differs somewhat from my own passionate focus for many years on regenerative farming and a more broad acre and transformational approach, never the less the skills and knowledge and growth that manifests out of market gardens, have, i believe, incredibly high value in the whole picture of human transformation through a deeper connection with ecological processes. 

    Having the ability to create  very fast turn around food system that can be set up rapidly and with basic knowledge and minimal investment. To experience rapid abundance for your family and community. Thats can be life changing or life saving for most of us. Curtis is well and truly aware of that transformational side that is born out of living from the land.

    This was a really surprising episode for me, I knew from my previous talk with Curtis that there was way more to the urban farmer than market gardens and entrepreneurial farming. This episode I made a decision to follow the advice of my mentor and let my guest open up and explore his own message and ideas unfettered, and pivot my questions to encourage that.  

    We went into uncharted waters (literally!) about the importance of liberty on the land. what is 'citizen ship', and about the tradeoff between freedom and convenience.   About the intimate and intricate link between liberty and personal responsibility.  

    About how big ag and big pharma are removing our ability to assume more responsibility for our lives, our families and the land we live on, and should be living from. The result is ultimately way less freedom for us. 

    Curtis covers the difference and importance of common law which is really the REALITY ON THE GROUND, and the legal law which is a created law. We also continually keep returning back to idea that abundance is a natural state and that a mindset of scarcity is a constructed reality. Encouraging more responsibility and cooperation or..... no responsibility and competition.

    Curtis also shares a possible approach when dealing with the legal law vs the common law and your personal rights. I find this conversation very critical in our times for farmers especially and all peoples involved in entrepreneurship and harmony on the land. 

    I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and let me know what you think through the short questionnaire link below...


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    1.27 The Transformative Mind, with John Kempf. How Make An Impact In A Time Of Crisis

    1.27 The Transformative Mind, with John Kempf. How Make An Impact In A Time Of Crisis

    "The outcome of an intervention has nothing to do with the skills of the intervener and it has everything to do with the place within from which the intervener comes." (Otto Scharmer)  "There are few areas that lend themselves to transformation as readily as farming.... ...all living processes are fundamentally transformative.." (John Kempf) For this episode I had the great pleasure to interview a recent hero of mine John Kempf. 

     This interview was very special for me personally and one of the real highlights of the show so far.  I really resonated with Johns’ approach to farming and ecology.  John's approach is a balance of excitement and seriousness about the work.  I found John to have a deep and high resolution image of the science behind regenerative farming and a firm stance on the important and sacred role of human beings within their nested farming ecologies.  

    I really felt a renewal of potential from my talk with John and a genuine joy at his stories and experiences of resilience and transformation on all levels. The subtle blend of spiritual awareness and intellectual knowledge and wisdom really made me see John as a brother in arms.  It my opinion and I think John would agree, that there is a very clear path to a deep spiritual awakening and transformation through the open, intense and subtle use of the mind in trying to understand the complexity of living systems.  We will never get there but the journey is inherently empowering and eventually leads to the most natural miracle of all...   


    John Kempf is the CEO of the Regen Ag Academy (https://www.academy.regen.ag/) an online education platform, Advanced EcoAgriculture (https://www.advancingecoag.com/), an on-the-ground consultancy company, the sole contributor to his blog site John Kempf (https://johnkempf.com/blog/), and the host of the hugely popular and amazingly in-depth Regenerative Agriculture Podcast (http://regenerativeagriculturepodcast.com/). If that wasn't enough! John recently finished his book Quality Agriculture (https://www.qualityagriculture.com/), where he weaves the experiences of some of his most prominent guests together to showcase a growing global movement and a deepening relationship with agro ecology. John serves thousands of farmers in making a shift to the harmonious approach of regenerative farming.  Big on the bottom line for farmers, John is also outspoken on our need to shift our thinking to a more nuanced mindset that can more readily approach the stewardship of such complex living systems.  

    Check out also Johns; Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRApdrU3BA0Pzo6MNWTD2jg), webinars (https://www.advancingecoag.com/webinars), and Plant Nutrition Pyramid 

       I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. and please check out the short questionnaire below, and let me know what you think. your feedback is what helps us grow and serve you better. feedback link is here>  https://forms.gle/ZVJjS4wKa7nQ8kvC6

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    1.26 The Peaceful Revolution, with Dr Charles Massy. Lessons On The Power Of Storytelling

    1.26 The Peaceful Revolution, with Dr Charles Massy. Lessons On The Power Of Storytelling

    What a pleasure to host Dr Charles Massy.  Another master storyteller.  

    Dr Charles Massy is a farmer of more than 35 years and by his own account has learned from many deep mistakes on the land. 

    In talking with with Charles I had the wonderful feeling I have with so many guests of intense excitement and hope that seems to accompany so many producers and followers in the Regenerative Agriculture Movement. Having authored several books, the latest being the highly acclaimed "The Call Of The Reed Warbler", Charles deeply believes in the relevance and power of storytelling. His latest book is actually just that! the personal stories that came out of interviewing over 80 farmers that made a transformation into regenerative agriculture.  The actual  story containing the 'call of the reed warbler' was the highlight of the interview... walking across the regenerated land of a farmer and being show a flowing creek restored to a thriving eco system and hearing the song of a bird that hadn't been in that area for maybe a hundred years.  .  ..

    As our listeners know by now I like to go deep with our guests and covered many deep areas of transformations on many levels, with Charles.

    We talk about the importance of communication among all things, the relevance of instinct and bio sensitivity, and the amazing speed of recovery and regeneration on lands managed largely by just 'getting out of the way'. 

    The land, the food, the mind, the body, the soul. I know you'll enjoy this episode as much as I did.

    "Regenerative Agriculture is a knowledge rich agriculture that anyone can own, and you are not dependant on top down corporations, the big machinery or the intellectual property behind the chemicals and patent seeds...........its a bottom up approach that empowers and is democratic.     This revolution is one based on peace and health. its kind of ironic. The Revolution of peace....."

    Hi my friend. If you read down this far it means you appreciate what we doing with The EcoIQ Project. This is just the beginning. Our mission is to foster and empower deeper ecological connection in culture, in business, in body, mind, and soul .  A big part of that will very soon be education and on the ground projects.. Right now we are building our foundations and those are foundations include YOU!  This project is about you and your connection. Your feedback is invaluable to our progress and our ability to serve you and many other in the best way we can.  

    The time to unite and start or accelerate your journey is NOW. Take a few minutes to support us and you and fill out some feedback right HERE        

    ( https://forms.gle/TpKPaUvidbpqU4AJA )

    Thanks for listening 

    Aharon Henderson

    The EcoIQ Project

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    1.25 Becoming A Leader Of Hero's, with Richard Perkins. How to Develop An Independent And Empowered Approach To Farming.

    1.25 Becoming A Leader Of Hero's, with Richard Perkins. How to Develop An Independent And Empowered Approach To Farming.

    Last week we had the good fortune to sit down again with a massive entrepreneurial leader, friend, and hero of mine, Richard Perkins.

    Richard is the founder of Ridgedale Permaculture farm in Varmland, Sweden and the author of Regenerative Agriculture, the most comprehensive book to come out on the subject to date. He hosts a very well followed youtube channel sharing insights and innovations from the farm and recently launched an online monthly membership site showcasing long form interviews of many of the successful young farmers who started out at Ridgedale Farm.  

    Its always an event to host Richard, as the man has a depth and intensity that, as a host, I feel duty bound to prepare for.  This is a must listen episode for anyone wanting to, or already in the midst of, farming as a business. We go deep into the importance and nuances of an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. The need to be independent of 'middle men' and to share successes openly with others, in particular regarding that highest of innovative intellectual properties, books. We open the subject of systems thinking, accelerated learning and Richard's own insights regarding this profound information and approach. We talk about the various nuances of teaching, learning and mentoring on and offline, and, of course we cover in detail the drive, purpose and backstory behind the latest evolution of regenerative agriculture's most prodigious educator. The Farm Like A Hero Experience. 

    But most instructive and engaging of all is the 'everyday' insights and lessons shared from the journey, and life of a man on a serious mission to influence a movement and empower a community to make profound steps forward in a regenerative farming future for every young wannabe farmer with a dream.

    Like Richard pointed out in our talk "we are all standing on the shoulders of those who pioneered the way before us", but even so, it's slowly dawning on me that in the area of regenerative farming today, Richard Perkins is hands down the leader of the movement forward, in terms of on the ground fully comprehensive, successful students, platforms and learning opportunities available.  

    Highly recommend engaging in every aspect of what Richard and his team are offering.  The massively high value publication Regenerative Agriculture (https://www.regenerativeagriculturebook.com/), the constantly updated Ridgedale Permaculture farm youtube channel, the Ridgedale farm (www.ridgedalepermaculture.com) website itself and all the future courses coming up there, and of course the new and amazing Farm Like A Hero Experience (https://www.farmlikeahero.com). 

    Be sure to leave me some feedback HERE (https://forms.gle/XuAm4XTqZSxZcpQB6), about what you did and didn't enjoy. We grow and evolve, and contribute more, from more interaction with YOU.   


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    1.24 How To Transform Your Life Through Fungi, With Peter McCoy

    1.24 How To Transform Your Life Through Fungi, With Peter McCoy

    Our guest this week was the activist, educator, artist and innovative mycologist Peter McCoy.

    Peter is the self published author of Radical Mycology (2016), a massively comprehensive and in depth look at fungi and its many contexts at multiple levels including agro ecology, bio remediation, medicine, food, cultivation and the various cultures surrounding fungi.

    Seeing another unfulfilled global need, and within one year after his book release, Peter founded Mycologos, the worlds first dedicated school for all things mycology, and the next iteration of his mission to bring to light and share the amazing keystone ecological element of fungi.

    For the last 17 years Peter has been an advocate and an educator for understand the significance of fungi and its connection to basically everything ecologically speaking, including us. His work has featured in numerous news and media outlets and documentaries.

    Peter is also the lead mycologist at Mycocycle a Chicago based bio remediation firm, and an advisor to various other platforms.  With more and more people awakening to the importance of understanding and working in alignment with ecological processes and cycles, his passion for communication and going deep into the rabbit hole of this elusive world brings us into an ever closer relationship with the indefinable and infinitely complex intelligence within our global ecologies and nature itself. 

    Peter also hosts; Radical Mycology, a blog site to showcase blogs, art and other eclectic content, and the radical mycology convergence, a physical culmination of several years of Peters first project into Mycology, a humble zine of the same name, made just for friends. Facebook page is HERE, and HERE. and a new film festival one HERE.

    I really enjoyed this interview, and we covered a LOT of ground regarding fungi, and its many contexts, and of Peter's personal passions and insights in his journey.  We also deep dive into the utility of the learning of fungi as a tool for personal transformation. I have always thought of the fungal world as the element of communication and connection in whole ecologies, and rightly the keystone 'piece' of the whole because of it..  It was amazing to hear this echoed by someone so deeply immersed and learned in the subject.  

    With Peter McCoy "immersed" is the word, he has that natural obsessive drive displayed by so many natural entrepreneurs, the drive to express and expand and develop a unique message to a wider and wider audience. The new entrepreneur whose goal and mission is to share and give.  Something Robert Kiyosaki calls "Spiritual Money"

    Hope you stick around to hear the whole this.  If you dig what we do, your feedback will help me adapt to YOU. You can fill out a small and fun form HERE and let me know what you think.  

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