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Ideas, stories, and inspiration for creating and leading a more memorable and transformational classroom, one that is epic.

The Epic Classroom with Trevor Muir Trevor Muir

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Ideas, stories, and inspiration for creating and leading a more memorable and transformational classroom, one that is epic.

    32: From Problems to Projects

    32: From Problems to Projects

    Coming up with engaging project and unit ideas takes a little creativity, but it's worth it to give students authentic and purposeful learning experiences. Here are my favorite ways to come up with engaging and meaningful project ideas.

    • 23 min
    31: Teaching How to Give and Receive Critical Feedback

    31: Teaching How to Give and Receive Critical Feedback

    Giving critical feedback can be a very difficult task for anyone, especially students who are working with their peers. It is the job of the teacher to model this process, and show how being critical can be different than being negative.

    • 25 min
    30: What's the Point of Grades?

    30: What's the Point of Grades?

    Are grades meant to reflect how much a student has learned; a snapshot of their knowledge and skills at a specific moment in time? Or are they a measure of work ethic and integrity? Is it possible to do both? Let's dive into it.

    • 22 min
    29: Using Service Learning to Boost Student Engagement

    29: Using Service Learning to Boost Student Engagement

    What if the primary motivation for learning wasn't grades or pressure from parents or teachers?

    Research shows that when students are engaged in service learning, they experience measurable growth in social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development. And I think we could all use more student engagement right now. Let's dig into it.

    • 28 min
    28: How to Get Your Students’ Attention (Without losing your cool)

    28: How to Get Your Students’ Attention (Without losing your cool)

    Most teachers have been through this exact scenario: You try to start class with a line like, “Okay everyone, we’re going to get started.” And a couple students might glance up at you, indignant that this adult is bothering them. So a little louder you say, “Everyone! Time to start class!” This gets the attention of a few more students, but still the majority of kids keep talking to each other, ignoring the fact that their teacher is in the front of the room with a face that is becoming redder and redder. Finally, you lose your temper, RAISE YOUR VOICE, the room goes quiet, and you are left feeling a little embarrassed, and even more, frustrated that it takes yelling to get your class’ attention. Struggling to start off class or return from a group activity is a challenge every teacher faces. However, as important as it is to get your students’ attention and be as efficient with time as possible, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 10 ways to get the attention of even the noisiest group of students without raising your voice or losing your cool.

    • 33 min
    27: Developing the Ideal Graduate

    27: Developing the Ideal Graduate

    When we see young people struggling in the workforce, or data that shows that the top reason people are fired from their jobs is because they don’t have soft skills, I think we have to ask if these skills are being emphasized enough. When standardized tests are primarily focused on one piece of the ideal graduate, or college admissions just look at GPA and test scores, it has a ripple effect on the rest of k-12 experience. And yet the k-12 experience is supposed to be about helping grow students into people ready to take on the world, and thrive in their workplaces, and be pillars in their communities, and know how to solve real problems, and work hard, and have passion, and never want to stop learning. 

    So let's talk about how we can frame our student's time in the classroom to help develop them into the Ideal Graduate.

    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

Regis89 ,


Every podcast has resonated with me in perfect timing.
Podcast #16 is one I will be listening to throughout the year to remind me to get back on track.
So easy in a smaller school setting to allow negativity, chit chat, other’s words can really impact how we continue the day. Starting off great and then just one conversation can flip how we proceed. Taking a step back and just breathing and reminding myself of what is positive or self talk can help get back on track but at times it seems to be a hamster wheel.
Thank you for your words- we as teachers and in the profession in one way or another head you.
Keep spreading your insight!

Mrs. G4 ,

Great pep talks!!!

As the year is winding down, I’m so glad I discovered this podcast! I have been listening during my cup of tea as I get ready for school. I can hear the smile on Trevor’s face as he is talking about the profession I hold so deeply in my heart. He reminds me to smile and offers great reminders about valued practices.

idontlikethesnapchatupdate446 ,

Thank you for sharing :)

As a current student teacher, I love to hear Trevor talk about his own experiences in the classroom! His advice and enthusiasm are the reasons I come back to listen each week!

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