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    Remembering ALMN & Doom Mods, Destiny 2 – Episode 2

    Remembering ALMN & Doom Mods, Destiny 2 – Episode 2

    ALMN Loved Doom Mods and playing Doom.

    Matt Lackey otherwise known in the internet world as ALMN. He was a great guy and hilarious. I’m not sure what happened but he has since passed away since recording this podcast episode.

    So I decided I should re-release with on the new Full Tech Podcast standard.

    This Episode

    We talk about Doom mods, Duke Nukem and at the time the Destiny 2 Clan.

    This episode is now has a very special place in my heart. While I didn’t know Matt outside of the internet. I really felt like he was a special dude and considered him a friend.

    The Episode starts off with a story that I happened to have right before recording.

    State of Destiny 2Duke Nukem 3D and the MovieHalo 3 sucksDoom in general and Doom ModsBest Retro Console/GamesRoblox or Black squadStreaming in General


    This is ALMN’s Bandpage, I should still have a code if you want to download the music. Just hit me up on Twitter – @realkynerd or Smango#2019 on discord.

    Rest in Piece ALMN.

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    Half-life 1 Best Game Ever? – Episode 1

    Half-life 1 Best Game Ever? – Episode 1

    Half-life 1 could be one of the best PC Games ever made. So its hard to not want to talk about one of my favorite video games of all time.

    This game was easily what got Valve noticed as a video game company. With the awesome in-game cutscenes which hadn’t done before. The Amazing GoldSrc engine. An Engine that was heavily modified from the idtech2 engine. The game Quake 2 was BUILT on.

    Half-life one was breed for success and you can really tell that game was a love project and not just a cash grab. Of course lots of games in the 90s where purely for love.

    Half-Life 1 Episode Topics:

    Discovering Half-life 1Half-Life RetrospectiveMods for half-life Multiplayer Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic

    Of course, there is also all kinds of off-topic or stuff related to discovering Half-life.

    The amount of mods kept Half-life alive and still going today. I’m sure there is still tons of full conversion mods out there being made just for the original engine!

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    PSA – Full Tech Lives!

    PSA – Full Tech Lives!

    Full Tech Podcast Lives!

    Nothing to worry about guys just a PSA about the future of Full Tech, KN and other adventures! I’m looking forward to making more Niched down content now!

    Stay Tuned for Episode 1!


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