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How is your organization emerging from the pandemic? Are you returning to the office, working remotely, or trying a hybrid format? Turbine Labs’ Daily 3 minute "The Future of Work Briefing" singles out the most impactful return to work, economic recovery, and related headlines powered by our AI platform, so you are guaranteed essential information to start your day.

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How is your organization emerging from the pandemic? Are you returning to the office, working remotely, or trying a hybrid format? Turbine Labs’ Daily 3 minute "The Future of Work Briefing" singles out the most impactful return to work, economic recovery, and related headlines powered by our AI platform, so you are guaranteed essential information to start your day.

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    Transportation costs rise, adding to supply chain issues - September 17, 2021

    Transportation costs rise, adding to supply chain issues - September 17, 2021

    Italy became the first European country to make a COVID-19 certificate mandatory for all workers. Any Italian workers that fail to present a valid certificate will face suspension and could have pay stopped. The document will detail whether a person has been vaccinated, recently recovered from the virus or tested negative. Currently, nearly two-thirds of Italians are vaccinated.
    Will Biden's mandates work? Macron's vaccine pass gamble may hold some clues - CNN
    Which countries are enforcing mandatory Covid jabs – and how? - The Guardian
    @ClareinItaly: Yes, Italy's new Covid green pass extension really does apply to all workplaces and no, your anti-vax colleague won't be left with a great deal of options. Here are all the details about the new rules coming in next month
    Once used sparingly around the country, religious exemptions are growing in popularity as more COVID-19 vaccine mandates are implemented. An estimated 2,600 Los Angeles Police Department employees are citing religious objections to try to get out of the required vaccination, and thousands of state workers in Washington are seeking similar exemptions. No major denomination opposes the vaccine, even the Christian Science Church whose adherents largely rely on prayer rather than medicine.
    This pastor will sign a religious exemption for vaccines if you donate to his church - The Washington Post
    Vaccine Resisters Seek Religious Exemptions. But What Counts as Religious? - The New York Times
    Transportation costs emerged as another supply-chain hurdle, overwhelming many businesses already confronting higher wages and raw material prices. Some CEOs said they expect elevated freight costs to stretch in 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to port lockdowns and container ships being taken out of service, resulting in an overall reduction capacity. The cost of shipping containers across the ocean is now higher, truck drivers are in short supply and gasoline is more expensive.
    How the pandemic turned humble shipping containers into the hottest items on the planet - CNN
    Get Ready for an Expensive Revenge Christmas - Bloomberg
    @SahilBloom: The chart of the number of container ships stuck at anchor outside the LA and Long Beach ports is insane… It crossed 60 today—a figure that shatters all previous records—and most industry experts say there is no end in sight. Holiday shopping season could get very interesting.
    Millennials were the first generation to disrupt the traditional ways of working and introduce a more purposeful approach, but now Gen Z is the largest demographic in the workplace. Unlike any cohort before them, Gen Z is a digital native generation whose formative years have been defined by the pandemic.
    42% of Gen Z Prioritize Work-Life Balance Over Other Job Perks, Survey Says - GOBankingRates
    What Students Are Saying About What It’s Like to Be Back in School - The New York Times
    More than 30% of vaccinated Americans have in some way stopped socializing with friends, family members or acquaintances because they’re unvaccinated against COVID-19. A further 27% said they haven’t “cut ties” but that it “upsets them.” Gen Z respondents were the largest group to be vaccinated but have family members that aren’t.
    Delta variant vaccinated vs. unvaccinated: This new CDC chart shows how well COVID-19 vaccines work - Fast Company
    ‘My Parents Wouldn’t Get Vaxxed to Attend My Wedding’ - The Cut
    You’re Not the Mean Lady at Work - The New York Times
    "Monitoring Incidence of COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths, by Vaccination Status" - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Source: CDC

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    Poverty fell last year as federal aid softened job losses - September 16, 2021

    Poverty fell last year as federal aid softened job losses - September 16, 2021

    Retail sales posted an unexpected gain in August despite fears stemming from escalating COVID-19 cases. Sales increased 0.7% for the month against a Dow Jones estimate of a decline of 0.8%. Applications for U.S. state unemployment benefits rose last week, led by a jump in Southern states following Hurricane Ida.
    America’s Grand Reopening, Postponed - The New York Times
    China’s Economy Weakens on Delta Outbreak and Wary Consumers - Bloomberg
    @JamesVGrimaldi: Resilience is the word of the day with retail sales report: U.S. re­tail sales rose 0.7% last month, a sign the economic recovery has staying power despite the Delta variant.
    State and local governments have shed more than 400,000 jobs since the beginning of 2020, and those jobs have been far slower to return than the private sector positions that rebounded. Despite more Americans’ incomes falling last year, fewer people were living in poverty. The economic toll was balanced by the trillions of dollars in federal aid offered to the millions of people who were laid off.
    Long-Term Impacts of the COVID-19 K-Shaped Recovery - Investopedia
    How the U.S. Nailed the Economic Response to Covid-19 - The Wall Street Journal
    President Joe Biden called a meeting of top business leaders Wednesday to build for a sweeping vaccine mandate that will impact most of America’s workers. The message centered on vaccine efficacy and how the stalled uptake is holding back the economy. Biden invoked commentary by Wall Street firms, which have said vaccinations have a positive impact on jobs and the economy.
    EEOC Files First Lawsuit Against Employer for Failing to Accommodate Work Request due to COVID-19 - JD Supra
    @LaurenSHirsch: President Biden is meeting w/ top execs from Microsoft, Disney, Walgreens and others to discuss the federal effort to require employees of large companies to be vaccinated or regularly tested.
    Alaska’s worsening COVID-19 situation prompted the state’s largest hospital to implement a “crisis standard of care” in an effort to ration resources. The state reported new virus infections that were 13% higher than last week. The delta variant is affecting other states’ care as well – Idaho and Nevada both announced they would limit care amid higher-than-average hospitalization rates.
    Overfilled ICUs put non-COVID patients' health at risk: "These are people suffering unnecessarily" - CBS News
    Analysis: Hospital strain to test UK's vaccine-based winter COVID plan - Reuters
    @AnthonyAdragna: Truly grim and tragic situation in Alaska, where hospital rooms are overflowing with Covid-19 patients.
    Gov. Gavin Newsom will remain in office after California’s historical recall election, and a closer look at county-level results revealed a strong relationship between the governor’s support of COVID-19 vaccination rates. The data found a clear divide by geography along the two measures – residents in smaller, more rural places were less likely to support Newsom and get vaccinated.
    California Democrats voted along broader political lines to save Newsom, CNN exit poll shows - CNN
    Gov. Gavin Newsom beat California recall election effort with COVID-19, vaccine policies - MSNBC
    Newsom’s Anti-Trump Recall Strategy Offers Republicans a Warning for 2022 - The New York Times
    @ronlin: California counties with higher COVID-19 vaccination rates were more likely to support Gov. Gavin Newsom "Counties with the lowest vaccination rates were most eager to oust Newsom...inoculation status has became a new indicator" for votes
    "Covid-19 Pandemic Aid Kept Millions of Americans Out of Poverty in 2020" - The Wall Street Journal / Source: Census Bureau

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    Vaccine mandates face lawsuits and increased pushback - September 15, 2021

    Vaccine mandates face lawsuits and increased pushback - September 15, 2021

    A new review found none of the data on coronavirus vaccines so far provides credible evidence in support of boosters for the general population. Experts have also said that whatever advantage boosters provide would not outweigh the benefit of using those doses to protect the billions of people who remain unvaccinated worldwide. The Biden administration’s push to roll out booster shots this month has largely been shaped by unpublished data from Israel’s vaccination campaign, which is set to be made public as soon as this week.
    Three big questions you probably have about Covid booster shots — and answers from top experts - CNBC
    Third shot: UK to offer COVID booster jabs to over 50s - ABC News
    Here’s What the Next Six Months of the Pandemic Will Bring - Bloomberg
    @jburnmurdoch: Now with two injections (sorry) of nuance: 1) I don’t think it’s helpful to think of vaccine supply as a zero-sum game. Vaccine manufacturers respond to demand, and it’s not as simple as booster doses being diverted from Africa
    Federal and local vaccine mandates are facing increased pushback and new lawsuits from individuals, employees and city governments. A group of employees with the Los Angeles Police Department are suing the city, claiming the vaccine mandate is a violation of their constitutional rights. Dozens of Washington State Patrol troopers are also suing Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. The lawsuits come amid a spike in officers threatening mass resignations.
    Judge suspends NY state vaccine mandate for health care workers who claim religious exemption - CNN
    Arizona AG files first lawsuit against Biden vaccine rules - Associated Press
    Tucson says vaccine mandate is working amid lawsuit with state - KOLD News 13
    Wells Fargo pushed back the date when its employees in the U.S. will return to the office to the beginning of November, marking the third time the lender has delayed its schedule. The firm has the biggest workforce of any U.S. bank. Microsoft, which announced earlier this month it was again postponing bringing employees back to the office, summed up the best reason for the delay: uncertainty.
    Forget the Return to the Office. It’s a Return to Chaos - TIME Magazine
    1 in 500 US residents has died of Covid-19 - CNN
    @erinmulvaney: Firms delay office returns, and some law firm leaders are afraid of ‘irreparable harm’ to office culture in the long-term. In the meantime, fear of Covid-19 surges have pushed back return-to-office plans for many.
    While overall airline passenger numbers have surged recently, companies appear to be taking a more cautious approach. The delta variant is likely playing a role in limiting improvements – the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Air Lines said the variant caused a “bit of a pause” on segments of business. The expected decline in business travel is prompting airline companies to try to capture more leisure travelers.
    All Those Business Travel Chickens That Airlines Were Counting? They Aren't Hatching, Undercutting Forecasts. - Forbes
    Boeing's Allen: Return to Office will Spur Businesses Travel - Bloomberg
    @jonathanjosephs: MY LATEST: ✈️US plane maker Boeing says it expects it will take another 2.5 years for global aviation to return to pre-pandemic levels. And that a coordinated global approach on travel restrictions is "tremendously important" for the recovery.
    Previously retired workers are entering the workforce again to do gig work largely due to financial situations, but also because it offers something to do. Older Americans faced more financial challenges during COVID-19 than in other wealthy nations – 19% of U.S. adults 65 and over reported using their savings during the pandemic.
    America's new retirement age is 62 — or younger. The 'Great Resignation' is giving boomers their golden years back. - Insider
    Opinion: Think you’ll stop working in your 60s? Get real

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    COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in southern US - September 14, 2021

    COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in southern US - September 14, 2021

    The consumer price index increased 0.3% from July – the smallest advance in seven months and less than forecast. Compared with a year ago, the CPI rose 5.3%. Inflation expectations among U.S. consumers over the medium term rose to the highest level on record in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s surveys. Consumers expect inflation at 4% over the next three years and are anticipating higher rates of price increases for items like rent and food.
    Stock futures jump after CPI inflation report comes in less than expected - CNBC
    U.S. core consumer prices slow sharply in August - Reuters
    @LizyoungStrat: CPI ex-food and energy m/m is back down to pre-crisis levels. Used cars (-1.5%), car and truck rental (-8.5%), and airfare (-9.1%) contributed to the slowdown. Some of this is a pause from Delta variant, but a cooling in multiple spots.
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday threatened to fine cities and counties thousands of dollars if they impose vaccine requirements on their employees. The share of job postings requiring vaccination skyrocketed following the full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and at the end of August, the share of job postings per million recommending, rather than requiring, vaccination jumped 40% month over month.
    Work in the Covid-19 Era: What the Numbers Say About Vaccine Mandates, Quitting and More - The Wall Street Journal
    Companies have questions for President Biden about vaccine mandates. - The New York Times
    Survey: Employers rethinking return-to-work plans as COVID-19 surges - Fierce Healthcare
    The pandemic accelerated the importance of strengthening supply chains, prompting many companies to invest in resilience, including diversification or the use of advanced technologies to anticipate and minimize risks. Disruptions are slated to increase in magnitude and frequency – one study found companies are expected to experience disruptions lasting at least a month long approximately every 3.7 years.
    Solar prices jumped in the second quarter, reversing recent trends, on material costs and supply chain issues - CNBC
    Three Ways IT Leaders Can Help Boost Supply Chain Efficiency - Forbes
    @CourtReagan: Just a heads up...COVID is still stunting supply chain speed...might be good to consider shopping early for the holidays...
    Hospitals in the southern U.S. are running low on space in intensive care units after the delta variant led to spikes in coronavirus cases. One in four hospitals now report more than 95% of I.C.U. beds occupied. In Alabama, all I.C.U. beds are currently occupied.
    How Well Do Covid-19 Vaccines Protect Against Coronavirus Delta Variants? Here's A New CDC Study - Forbes
    N.Y.C. Virus Cases Appear to Plateau. Could an Uptick Lie Ahead? - The New York Times
    @nycjim: In Texas and Florida, whose governors have done everything possible to thwart simple, common-sense tactics to thwart #COVID, hospital ICU wards are at or near 100 percent of capacity.
    Vogue’s Anna Wintour said the most difficult aspect of putting on this year’s Met Gala was the “COVID protocols.” The annual fundraising gala known for its exclusivity and themes required guests to be vaccinated or provide a negative coronavirus test and wear a mask indoors.
    Nicki Minaj Met Gala vaccine tweets highlight struggle against covid-19 misinformation - The Washington Post
    Jimmy Fallon feels Met Gala signifies new hope after COVID - USA Today
    Here's why you'll be seeing more memes from this year's Met Gala - NBC News
    "Job Postings Requiring Vaccination Climb" - Indeed Hiring Lab / Source: Indeed

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    Rapid test supply strained by vaccine mandate - September 13, 2021

    Rapid test supply strained by vaccine mandate - September 13, 2021

    Some businesses are worried that vaccination-averse workers will quit or job seekers won’t apply for their openings in an already tight marketplace following President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Some workers may switch to smaller companies where shots aren’t required. A new analysis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the U.S. will add 11.9 million jobs through 2030, though the bulk of that will simply reflect a recovery from the damage caused by the COVID-19 crisis.
    Labor unions, a key Democratic ally, lukewarm on Biden vaccine mandate - NBC News
    AHA concerned federal vaccine mandate could exacerbate severe worker shortage - Fierce Healthcare
    A hospital says it won’t deliver babies after staffers resigned over coronavirus vaccine mandate - The Washington Post
    Many companies in the U.S. are seeing an increasing number of workplace conflicts related to inoculation status, according to a new study. Oft-changing COVID-19 safety policies have cultivated a significant spike in workplace hostility, which has been exacerbated as more people return to the office. Biden’s new vaccine measures Friday prompted some company owners to express concern about the costs of technology and labor required to verify that workers are vaccinated or that they have tested negative every week.
    Surgeon general: New vaccine policies neither illegal nor unusual - Politico
    More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces, classrooms and sporting events - CNN
    Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate is further stressing the supply of rapid tests, prompting suppliers to increase production and pharmacies to limit purchases of at-home tests in an effort to meet demand. Americans criticized that the price of a test – which currently sits at $10 or $15 – is still too high for regular use. The Biden administration said consumers could soon get discounted tests at Amazon, Kroger and Walmart, but companies argue further federal support is needed.
    Your vacation is around the corner. But first: time to scramble for a coronavirus test. - The Washington Post
    From zippers to glass, shortages of basic goods hobble U.S. economy - Reuters
    @hnorms: Germans pay less than $1 per test. Brits get them for free. Why do Americans still pay so much more for rapid covid tests?
    While all federal employees will have to be vaccinated, a group of people who get paid out of the federal treasury will not be subject to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate – Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously said there would not be a vaccine requirement for members of Congress and their staff, and the president does not control the legislative branch. Though the exact number is unclear, available data indicates about 81% of the members of Congress have reported getting the shot.
    What Makes Vaccine Mandates Legal? - JSTOR Daily
    Can Biden legally mandate Covid-19 vaccines for workers? - Vox
    Biden’s New Vaccine Requirements Draw Praise, Condemnation and Caution - The New York Times
    TikTok, Reddit and Facebook have recently dealt with waves of content about ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug that has been touted as a COVID-19 treatment despite a lack of evidence. Many social media influencers who focus on natural remedies and holistic health have also promoted vaccine hesitancy. Social media platforms can target large accounts known for spreading misinformation, but find it harder to police tens of thousands of smaller accounts.
    COVID, vaccine misinformation spread by hundreds of websites, analysis finds - USA Today
    What happens when your prescription drug becomes the center of covid misinformation - Technology Review
    Internet Vigilantes Are Fighting Ivermectin Misinformation With Memes And Explicit Horse Cartoons - Forbes
    @US_FDA: You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.
    "Fewer Pediatricians, More Cooks Seen in Dismal U.S.

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    United Airlines to place unvaccinated employees on temporary unpaid leave - September 10, 2021

    United Airlines to place unvaccinated employees on temporary unpaid leave - September 10, 2021

    President Joe Biden announced a federal vaccine mandate calling on all businesses with 100 or more employees to require vaccines or weekly testing for workers. Federal workers and contractors will also be required to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. Some academics praised the move as essential for creating safe work environments, however it remains unclear how weekly workplace testing will be financed particularly as the supply of coronavirus tests has fluctuated.
    Should Your Company Implement a Vaccination Mandate? - Harvard Business Review
    Vaccine mandates pick up steam, but few employers say they'll fire violators - Fortune
    @SherylNYT: Biden's biggest move was ordering businesses with 100+ employees to mandate vaccines or weekly testing for their workers. All told his vaccine mandates cover 2/3 of the American workforce. w/ @katierogers
    Microsoft indefinitely postponed its call for employees to return to U.S. offices, citing uncertainty around COVID-19 as the delta variant drives a spike in U.S. cases. The move falls in line with similar measures taken by companies in the U.S. such as American Express and Macquarie.
    Remote work made life easier for employees with disabilities. Advocates say the option should stay - Boston Globe
    Study of Microsoft employees shows how remote work puts productivity and innovation at risk - GeekWire
    To spur innovation, should tech workers return to the office?​ - Christian Science Monitor
    Some economic observers have argued consumers are likely to have higher spending capacity in 2022 than businesses will be able to deliver in terms of goods and services. The argument falls in line with economists’ predictions that supply chain shortages will continue for the next two years due to complications stemming from the coronavirus. Rutledge cited further port closures and labor shortages as catalysts for more supply chain troubles, but said growth will be net positive.
    Supply Chain Lessons Learned From The Covid-19 Pandemic - Forbes
    Supply Chain, Labor Shortages Hamper Hurricane Ida Recovery - Construction Equipment
    Supply chain challenges continue to plague restaurants - Restaurant Business
    United Airlines said it will place unvaccinated employees seeking medical or religious exemptions from the company’s vaccine mandate on temporary unpaid leave beginning October 2 while the company implements further safety measures. The airline went on to say that employees whose exemption requests are not approved and still refuse a vaccine will be terminated.
    Airlines end a strong summer, but the Delta variant stifles momentum. - The New York Times
    As Travel Falters, Airlines Are Still Mustering for the Post-Covid-19 Battle - The Wall Street Journal
    @Yamiche: President Biden showing a spark of anger says unruly passengers who are fighting with airline crews or TSA should "show some respect."He also announced that he is ordering TSA to double the fines for people of violate mask mandates.
    Comedian Patton Oswalt cancelled shows in Utah and Florida after some venues refused to comply with the performer’s request that attendees show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests. While Oswalt’s requests are in line with those that have been made by performers such as Jason Isbell and The Eagles, Live Nation’s president said demand for live shows has remained high despite vaccine policies.
    Dr. Fauci: ‘I don’t think it’s smart’ to attend live sports right now. Here’s why - CNBC
    Joe Biden Urges Entertainment Venues, Movie Theaters To Require Patrons Be Vaccinated Or Show Proof Of Negative Test - Deadline
    @SeanPMeans: I went long on this @pattonoswalt cancellation announcement, because the way Utah law keeps @uutah venues from setting COVID-19 proof-of-vaccination requirements is interesting (and a little complicated).
    "The US was a world leader in vaccination. What went wrong?" - Vox / S

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