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'The Goats Of Growth' features exclusive interviews with GTM Leaders who discuss topics such vision, leadership, strategy, execution, and other insights into how start-up can build a successful go-to-market function.

The Goats of Growth Jay Webb

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'The Goats Of Growth' features exclusive interviews with GTM Leaders who discuss topics such vision, leadership, strategy, execution, and other insights into how start-up can build a successful go-to-market function.

    Instrumenting A Go-To-Market Organization to Enable It To Scale, with Andy Hershey

    Instrumenting A Go-To-Market Organization to Enable It To Scale, with Andy Hershey

    In this episode Andy Hershey, Chief Revenue Officer at NS1, shares his journey and drops gems of wisdom on various aspects of successful teamwork and marketing strategies. We dicuss the critical importance of alignment and collaboration within go-to-market teams, explore the power of cross-functional partnerships and the magic of shared goals, as well as why prioritizing lead quality is paramount--especially in challenging business landscapes.
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    Aligning Goals with Cross-Functional Teams [00:03:19] The importance of building strong partnerships and aligning goals with the CMO, CFO, and CPO for successful scaling.
    Investing in Relationships and Building Trust [00:05:09] The value of investing in relationships and getting to know team members personally to foster collaboration and effective teamwork.
    Focus and Alignment for Successful Execution [00:08:15] The significance of having a clear focus and aligned goals to drive execution and achieve desired outcomes.
    The importance of revenue and focus on pipeline [00:08:57] The speaker discusses the common goal of revenue and the opportunity cost of investing in a new product.
    Aligning go-to-market teams [00:10:49] The host asks for advice on how to achieve cross-functional alignment within go-to-market teams.
    Career trajectory and steps to become a revenue leader [00:17:22] The speaker shares the steps he took to transition from an individual contributor to a revenue leader role.
    The trade-off between quantity and quality of leads [00:18:41] Discussion on the importance of not solely focusing on the quantity of leads, but also considering the quality to maximize closing opportunities.
    The challenge of managing leads and labeling [00:19:26] Exploration of the age-old question of how to balance the trade-off between quality and quantity when it comes to leads and developing pipeline.
    Closing remarks and call for guest nominations [00:19:32] Speaker 1 wraps up the conversation, thanks the guest, and encourages listeners to subscribe, rate, review the podcast, and nominate potential guests.

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    How To Properly Instrument a Go-to-Market Org to Enable Scale with Mike Conti

    How To Properly Instrument a Go-to-Market Org to Enable Scale with Mike Conti

    In this episode, I spoke with Mike Conti, VP of Sales at Copado, about how to properly instrument a go-to-market org to enable it to scale.  We delve into the importance of aligning sales with what buyers really want and how companies can revamp their product descriptions and marketing materials to emphasize the benefits of their products, leading to increased sales.
    Mike also walks me through crafting a winning sales plan, which includes implementing a tiered pricing strategy and offering different product bundles to cater to various customers to boost revenue while improving customer satisfaction
    Finally, we discuss the importance of getting everyone at the top on the same page. He shares a story about how Copado's leadership team came together to define a clear vision for the company's growth, which served as a compass for all their strategic decisions.
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    Finding Your Buyer [00:03:13] The importance of finding the right target audience and marketing the problem rather than the product to attract qualified leads.
    Aligning Sales Process with Buyer Emotions [00:07:33] Understanding the emotional journey of the buyer and aligning sales activities with each stage of the buyer's emotions to move prospects efficiently through the buying cycle.
    Instrumenting a Scalable Sales Model [00:10:00] The process of continually tweaking and optimizing the sales model to make it scalable, including lead generation, qualification, value demonstration, and post-sales activities.
    Finding the Buyer [00:11:05] Discussion on the importance of understanding the organization's structure, decision-makers, and their motivations to navigate the sales process effectively.
    Building a Strategy to Win [00:13:06] Exploration of the need for executive alignment, commitment, and investment from early customers, as well as the significance of their role as references in crossing the chasm.
    Instrumenting a Scalable Sales Model [00:13:30] Explanation of the process of hiring and scaling a sales team, ensuring resource alignment, enablement, and the exploration of additional channels for growth.
    Building teams and businesses [00:22:25] Mike discusses his motivation for building teams and businesses, and the importance of developing salespeople and seeing a business succeed.
    Finding the next exciting opportunity [00:23:00] Mike shares his goal of finding a challenging new opportunity by January.
    The future of AI in biotech [00:25:18] Mike discusses the potential for AI to make advancements in the biotech space, particularly in genomics and the development of cures.

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    The Keys To Building A LATAM Go-To-Market Team, with Daniele Di Nunzio

    The Keys To Building A LATAM Go-To-Market Team, with Daniele Di Nunzio

    In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing, Daniele Di Nunzio who serves as the VP of Sales at Storyly. We dive into Danieles role, their remarkable success in securing key clients, and his keys for expansion into the Latin American market. We also explore the challenges of conducting interviews with non-native English speakers, underlining the importance of evaluating soft skills. Wrapping up our discussion, we venture into the world of mobile industry opportunities and the boundless potential of AI across various fields. See timestamps below.
    Building a Motion for the Americas [00:01:49] Our guest discusses his role as VP of Sales at Story League and his responsibility to build a motion for the Americas, specifically North America and Latin America.
    Keys to Building a Team in Latin America [00:03:35] Daniele shares insights on building a team in Latin America, emphasizing the importance of understanding the market, localization, and leveraging the talent pool.
    Financial Technologies in Brazil [00:10:40] Daniele explains that the financial technologies in Brazil are advanced, with top-notch remittance and online payment systems, surpassing those in the US.
    Localization and technology [00:11:07] Discussion on the importance of investing in technology to ensure localization of websites and content for different markets.
    Building a local team [00:12:22] Exploration of the preferred approach of building a local team in Latin America to ensure cultural understanding and market expertise.
    Talent acquisition challenges [00:15:52] Discussion on the challenges of finding the right talent in Latin America and the importance of validating credentials and focusing on skills rather than just language proficiency.
    Overcoming language challenges in interviews [00:22:31-00:23:35] Discussion on how to overcome challenges when interviewing non-native English speakers and the importance of seeking help from consultants or headhunters specialized in the market.
    Importance of soft skills and cultural fit in hiring [00:24:31-00:26:18] Emphasis on the significance of soft skills and cultural fit when hiring, rather than focusing solely on language skills or technical abilities.
    Motivations, goals, learning methods, and personal interests [00:26:36-00:29:05] Rapid-fire questions covering topics such as motivation, career goals, preferred learning methods, hours of sleep, and favorite activities outside of work. The discussion also highlights the connection between cooking and sales, as well as the changing landscape of jobs due to technological advancements.
    The opportunity in mobile [00:32:29] Discussion about the current opportunity in mobile technology and creating the next big thing.
    The future of soccer in the US [00:33:11] Exploring the growth and popularity of soccer in the US, especially with Messi joining Inter Miami.
    The biggest opportunity with AI [00:33:36] The potential of AI in video editing software and its ability to make the process easier and faster.

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    Operational Differences and Skillset Needed to Go From a Domestic Leader to Global GTM Leader with Amy Slater

    Operational Differences and Skillset Needed to Go From a Domestic Leader to Global GTM Leader with Amy Slater

    I noticed this skills gap during a recent leadership search, which is why I made it the focus of this episode. The gap was between candidates with global GTM leadership experience and those without.
    How do you go from leading a domestic GTM team to leading a global GTM team, and what skills do you need to acquire?How do you build and inspire confidence when applying for a global role if you don't have the experience? What are the first steps you should take once you've landed a new global GTM role?
    All questions I asked Amy Slater, Vice President of GSI Global Sales at Genesys.
    She has a wealth of experience leading global teams and was kind enough to share some of it with me, so I can now share it with you. 
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    What To Expect From Your New CRO During Their First 90 Days

    What To Expect From Your New CRO During Their First 90 Days

    In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shawn Green, a seasoned CRO and go-to-market advisor for startups. We go deep into the crucial tasks that every new Chief Revenue Officer should prioritize during their initial 90 days on the job as well as the importance of tailoring your approach to the specific stage of the startup you're joining.
    Assessing the current state of the company [00:02:17] Sean discusses the importance of spending time understanding the company's current revenue generation process, strategies, and overall revenue goals.
    Developing a revenue growth strategy [00:02:17] Sean emphasizes the need for a comprehensive revenue growth strategy, including setting clear revenue targets, identifying new market opportunities, and creating a roadmap to achieve company revenue goals.
    Building and optimizing the sales team [00:03:40] Sean explains the importance of assessing the current sales team, identifying gaps in skills or resources, and making necessary adjustments such as restructuring, hiring new talent, and providing training and development opportunities.
    The skills gap assessment [00:12:35] Discussion on how to assess the skills gap in a sales team and the importance of aligning skills with the company's go-to-market strategy.
    Failing fast and constant pace [00:13:43] The significance of failing fast and maintaining a constant pace in revenue growth, and the need for internal and external validation in decision-making.
    Rapid fire five [00:16:34] A quick Q&A session covering topics such as motivation, preferred learning methods, sleep habits, and favorite hobbies outside of work.
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    Why I'm Changing The Format Of This Podcast

    Why I'm Changing The Format Of This Podcast

    I've changed the format of this podcast. This short episode will explain why and what you can expect going forward.
    Please let me know what you think. Also, if you enjoy this podcast please subscribe, rate, and review. I'd appreciate the support. 

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5.0 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Love the energy ,

Actionable content from people doing the work every day…

I’ve been listening to a few episodes and I appreciate two aspects of Jay’s interviews in particular --

1/ His guests are out there every day doing the work — sales leaders, CEOs, sales trainers.

2/ Jay does a great job of asking questions and then getting out of the way — simply letting his guest answer thoughtfully and completely.

Well done — definitely recommend.

Blob232323 ,

Great for any level of sales

Jay does an amazing job of extracting the most meaningful information, and successful parts of the sales playbook. Each podcast I’ve listened to is loaded with nuggets for people from all levels of sales. You can find value in these podcasts if you’re applying for your first SDR role, or if you’re running a company.

mastersonj ,

Great conversation.

Jay gives a great interview, glad I found this podcast.

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