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A chronological journey through the filmography of composer Jerry Goldsmith.

The Goldsmith Odyssey Yavar, David, and Clark

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A chronological journey through the filmography of composer Jerry Goldsmith.

    Gold Shavings - Shop Talk with Chris Malone

    Gold Shavings - Shop Talk with Chris Malone

    Revised Description:

    Hey, it's an Odyssey bonus feature! If you look at the average runtime of our episodes, you may have concluded that we like to talk. It's true. In fact, we like to talk so much that sometimes we even talk outside the sprawling boundaries of the program itself. Sometimes, that bonus conversation gets recorded. And this time, we've cobbled some bits and pieces of that bonus conversation together for your eavesdropping pleasure. Before and after recording the Caboblanco Soundtrack Spotlight, your humble hosts Clark and David spent some time casually chatting with guest Chris Malone about... well, about soundtrack stuff. If you like soundtrack stuff (and we have a feeling that you do), you might enjoy the conversation.

    Note: If you are planning to use this show as accompaniment to this year's holiday fireworks display, we recommend starting your grand finale near the end when Chris says, "It's an interesting time at the moment," as the grand display of colorful explosions will help subtly accentuate just how interesting the moment is.

    • 44 min
    Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - Seconds (1966)

    Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - Seconds (1966)

    Trapped in a life that doesn't fulfill you? Struggling with the feeling that too many years have been wasted? Uncomfortable with being forced to confront your own mortality? If so, why not trade in your increasingly fragile body for a gloriously youthful one? With your vitality restored, you'll be able to participate in a host of high-energy activities, like painting, socializing, grape-stomping, and - best of all - listening to The Goldsmith Odyssey! This time around, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark place the Soundtrack Spotlight on Quartet's new release of Jerry's Goldsmith's haunting score for John Frankenheimer's Seconds! They're joined by returning guests Chris Malone, who restored and produced this new album, and John Takis, who wrote the liner notes. You'll hear about Goldsmith's assorted thematic ideas, the challenges of removing dialogue from certain cues, the key differences between this release and the previous one, the different ways the film strikes certain viewers, and more! Lots of good stuff here, so contact The Company at your earliest convenience, settle into your thrilling new life, and press play!

    Seconds is here:  https://quartetrecords.com/product/seconds/
    Talk to us:  Mail@GoldsmithOdyssey.com

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    Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - Matinee (1993), with Joe Dante and Marshall Harvey

    Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - Matinee (1993), with Joe Dante and Marshall Harvey

    Yes, the atomic podcast is terrible. But more terrible still are the effects of atomic podcast mutation. Hello, we’re your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark, and we want to warn you about something that could happen… something that does happen in our latest podcast. Observe the Soundtrack Spotlight: a miniature marvel of focused conversation on a single CD release. But if a Soundtrack Spotlight and a large group of guests were exposed to radiation simultaneously, the result would be terrible indeed. What began life as a simple chat about Intrada’s expanded release of Jerry Goldsmith’s charming, intuitive score for Joe Dante’s “Matinee” was shockingly transformed into a wide-ranging conversation on the entire Goldsmith-Dante oeuvre. For this very special show, we’re joined by none other than director Joe Dante himself, along with Dante’s longtime editor Marshall Harvey, liner notes writer John Takis, and Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson of Intrada Records. Suffice it to say this is a can’t-miss production. Presented in AtomoSound: the new podcasting miracle that puts you in the action!

    As ever, here is your Matinee Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight -Track List!

    Get the new Matinee CD!  It's really good.

    Where can everyone be found? 
    Joe Dante's podcast: The Movies That made Me
    Joe and Marshall (and others!) can be seen talking over movie previews at Trailers From Hell
    John Takis writes liner notes for  Quartet Records, La-La Land Records, Intrada and used to do the same for GNP Crescendo and Film Score Monthly Records.
    Roger and Doug can be found on Intrada's website (and the old one is kinda fun!)

    And here's a link to that Dick Jacobs CD Marshall used to score MANT!

    The Goldsmith Odyssey?  

    • 2 hr 58 min
    Episode 35 - The Desperate Age - Westinghouse Studio One (1958)

    Episode 35 - The Desperate Age - Westinghouse Studio One (1958)

    Your friends want you to go out with them, but you keep turning them down. Your mother wants you to go out on a date with one of your old high school classmates, but the idea doesn’t interest you. Everyone’s worried that if you don’t get more proactive, you’re going to end up alone. What they don’t know is that you’re already seeing someone. Three people, in fact: David, Yavar, and Clark, the humble hosts of The Goldsmith Odyssey. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you steal away to a secluded spot to listen for a little while, keeping the volume low. Their latest installment spotlights the Studio One episode “The Desperate Age,” starring Barbara Bel Geddes as a young woman whose situation mirrors your own. The melancholy Jerry Goldsmith score seems straightforward and simple, but contains surprising subtleties and complexities. So double-check to be sure no one is watching, and press play!

    And here is your friendly, neighborhood Jerry Goldsmith's The Desperate Age Track list!

    • 1 hr 57 min
    Golden Opportunities: Create a Goldsmith-Filled Future on Kickstarter

    Golden Opportunities: Create a Goldsmith-Filled Future on Kickstarter

    We’ll be back to our regular scheduled program momentarily. But first, a word from our sponsor!

    Leigh Phillips’s Kickstarter campaign:

    • 8 min
    Episode 34 - Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story (1961)

    Episode 34 - Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story (1961)

    Hyah! Hyah! Odyssey Ho!

    In our first regular episode of 2022, we join the long-running western series Wagon Train to discuss the episode "The Ah Chong Story," featuring a lively Goldsmith score that fuses eastern and western elements. In this one, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark discuss the painful stereotypes that hamper the show's effectiveness, the creative ways Goldsmith finds to blend his assorted thematic and textural elements, and much more!

    Before the episode analysis begins, you'll also be treated to an exploration of an early Wagon Train soundtrack album featuring music by the likes of John Williams, Laurindo Almeida, and Roy Webb. If you've got a little time to spare, why not join the wagon train for a while?

    Our direction is westward, our pace is slow, and someday we aim to reach the land of 1962. Enjoy!

    And here is The Goldsmith Odyssey's Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story track list!

    Please send your correspondence to mail@goldsmithodyssey.com.

    Check out our friends at Settling the Score — their regular Jerry Goldsmith episodes at present include Episodes 8 (Planet of the Apes), 18 (Chinatown), 33 (The Omen), and 52 (Alien).

    And here is Settling the Score's Patreon page; support them here to get bonus episodes including Goldsmith’s Freud (1962).

    • 2 hr 59 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Postcard from Risa ,

Brilliant Show

The Goldsmith Odyssey is brilliant on all levels. A team of reviewers critiques every film or TV episode that Goldsmith scored in chronological order, discussing both the music and the film itself. I've discovered not only some excellent music I'd never heard before, but also some great TV shows I've never watched. It's a wonderful odyssey through the career of Jerry Goldsmith and the history of American screen entertainment.

Zarm R'keeg ,

Concert, Commentary, and Comedy Routine, all-in-one!

The Goldsmith Odyssey is filmscore nerd nirvana, yet entertaining enough for the casual fan to enjoy just as much! Wonderful Jerry Gildsmith music is matched with nsightful analysis and comparrisons from throughoutt he breadth of the composer's work, film review, and a steady stream of witty banter that ensures that even a several-hour deep-dive into the scores of not just major movies, but produced-live television episodes, concert pieces, and more never cease to entertain. A variety of different show-types keep the content fresh, with more contemporary pieces mixing in with a comprehensive review starting at the beginning of Goldsmith's filmography. This is my favorite podcast out there right now!

John Thornberry ,

An Amazing Resource

This is a stellar podcast about my favorite film composer. Yavar, Clark, David and (from earlier episodes) Jens are excellent hosts—they’re clearly knowledgeable as well as hardcore Goldsmith fans themselves. As of this writing, the Odyssey podcast is only up to 1960-61, but this deep, chronological dive into Goldsmith’s canon is already an incredible resource for fans and for students of film music. I look forward to future episodes.

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