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Sharing stories about life, relationships, associations, business, the funny...and of course money!

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Sharing stories about life, relationships, associations, business, the funny...and of course money!

    What can scale do for you?!

    What can scale do for you?!

    Does that vision of greatness seem just out of reach? Ever wonder what might be holding you back? What does the next level even look like?  What separates success stories from everyone else?  My incredible guest @Brad Eisenberg, founder of BE Lean, is a Scalability Consultant with over 15 years of experience helping organizations breakthrough to the next level. He works with growing businesses that are at the point where everything that used to be fun and simple has become messy and complex. We discuss how to cut through the complexity, fix what's broken, and create smooth, streamlined, and scalable operating systems to help you get out of the weeds and actually grow! There are tips and tricks here for every kind of organization looking to move to that next level of success, so be sure to listen, share, and tell your friends!  #scalability #businessgrowth #leadership #businesstips #maximizeprofits

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    Delivering on the Promise of Employee Benefits!

    Delivering on the Promise of Employee Benefits!

    What you do for your employees says everything about you. And yet, it’s not just in offering “a competitive benefits package,” now the real winners are organizations that use those benefits to make meaningful improvements in their employee’s lives. We have a saying at our company, “A benefit isn’t a benefit unless your employee understands it and can use it properly.” My incredible guest @Joshua O’Gara is a fellow Employee Benefits Specialist and employment culture enthusiast and we dive into several key factors behind delivering an elevated benefits experience. We dive into the need for having a benefits strategy and address crucial topics such as the fact that employee financial well-being has hit an all-time low. How can employers support their employees’ overall financial health? What can employers do to support their employee’s mental well-being as much as their physical well-being? As leaders, let’s not just deliver the benefits our employees need, but do so in a manner that lifts them towards a better life!  #employeebenefits #employmentculture #leadership #cultureenthusiasts #culturematters

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    The Power & Responsibility of Foresight!

    The Power & Responsibility of Foresight!

    The future doesn’t negotiate, the future doesn’t cooperate. It will be what it will be, so how can we work to shape it as positively as we can on behalf of our association, stakeholders and industry? This episode’s guest @Jeff De Cagna, is an Association Contrarian, Foresight practitioner, and Executive Adviser of Foresight First, LLC. He and I dig into perhaps one of the most crucial issues for associations to grasp: the duty of Foresight. In order for us to better hear the signals of the future, we’ve got to be able to turn down the noise of the past. What noise from our past, what baggage are we carrying, such as our orthodox beliefs, that prevents us from engaging in the kind of intentional learning that we need to do to better understand where we are going and what we need to become and what we need to do to guide us towards the pathways we must travel. How can boards reclaim their agency to be effective today and set their successors up for years to come? We cover all of this and much more, so enjoy this episode and let’s all strive to be Foresight driven leaders that our future successors need us to be! #associations #leadershipmatters #foresight

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    Radical Generosity & Charitable Giving!

    Radical Generosity & Charitable Giving!

    If there was one thing we could do to make a difference 2024, what would it be? What if we could nurture the generosity within each person and bring resources for creating change in the world to everyone. That’s something I think we can all get behind, and it also happens to be the very mission of Charitable Impact. My incredible guest John Bromley, the CEO of Charitable Impact, is a two-time TEDx speaker, a Business in Vancouver Forty Under 40 winner whose life mission is facilitating benevolence. He and I enjoyed a fantastic conversation navigating how to help as many people as possible give generously, and rediscover how good it feels to give—and how powerful giving can be—when you do it in an even more intentional and personally meaningful way. See something in the world that needs to change? You can absolutely DO something about it!  Enjoy this episode and let’s all strive to be the change we want to see in the world! #charitablegiving #stewardship #leadershipmatters #bethechange

    • 46 min
    AI, Privacy, and Critical Digital Leadership

    AI, Privacy, and Critical Digital Leadership

    What if we could peer into the future with a VP of Meta! Well, it’s not every day you get a firsthand look at the front lines of the digital marketplace and what leaders need to know to not just survive but thrive. Maybe a better question is, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” My incredible guest Erin Egan, is the Chief Privacy Officer at Meta (the artist formerly known as Facebook!). From her incredible career journey to the fascinating stuff she handles each day, Erin walks through the critical things all leaders should know about AI, Privacy, and Digital Leadership. Enjoy this MUST LISTEN TO episode to find out how to keep your organization steadily pointed in the right direction to traverse our digital future!  #womenintechnology #digitalleadership #understandingai #leadershipmatters

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    Maybe DEIA is about future-proofing your organization!

    Maybe DEIA is about future-proofing your organization!

    What if one of the best things an Association could do was to create an environment where “people feel that they can find their peers and feel accepted for who they are.” What if workplaces focused on cultivating employment cultures that valued our differences as much as our commonalities? My guest @Trevor Mitchell, is the Executive Director of MENSA, a unique membership organization, and an incredible leader working tirelessly on the front lines of diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging. As organizations and leaders face headwinds and backlash, how can we press forward in a positive manner, build off our past successes, and pivot in the face of pushback?  Maybe it’s not about certain words, but about doing life better? Enjoy this episode to find out how to persevere because this journey is too important!  #perseverance #powerofassociation #diversityequityinclusion #leadershipmatters

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