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A podcast about the culture, history and politics of Ireland by Naomi O’Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. Taking on the knowledge gap since 2017.

The Irish Passport The Irish Passport

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A podcast about the culture, history and politics of Ireland by Naomi O’Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. Taking on the knowledge gap since 2017.

    Conquest: The Ulster Plantation

    Conquest: The Ulster Plantation

    In the fourth episode of our Conquest miniseries, we take on of the most defining moments in the history of Ireland: the mass-plantation of Ulster. We'll see how the arrival of thousands of colonial settlers in this erstwhile Gaelic stronghold transformed the geopolitical dynamics of Ireland, Scotland, and England alike. We'll look at how the Ulster project and the settlement of Virginia took inspiration from one another; we'll explain why the redistribution of land in Ireland became so important to the emerging concept of "Britain", and we'll find out why local Gaelic populations were never fully "replaced".

    The texts from the Ulster Plantation Papers can be found here.

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    Halfpints: What the EU election results tell us about Ireland

    Halfpints: What the EU election results tell us about Ireland

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    In this edition of Halfpints, we answer questions about the recent EU and local elections in Ireland, and break down what the major consequences might be for the Irish and European political landscape.

    • 51 min
    Uppity Catholics

    Uppity Catholics

    In February 2024, Michelle O'Neill assumed the position of first minister of Northern Ireland, making her the first person of an Irish-identifying, Catholic background to hold this most high-profile post in the devolved government. And yet, the difficulty O'Neill faced when trying to take her seat at Stormont highlighted the fact that, for a minority in the territory, Catholic nationalist are not seen as having a legitimate role in Northern Ireland's society. In this episode we look at the phenomenon of "uppity" Catholics - people who have been perceived to rise too far above their station, and who have thereby become targets for abuse and even violence. We speak to Pr Colin Harvey from the Human Rights Centre at Queens University Belfast about becoming a political target in the wake of Brexit, and we hear from Irish Times journalist and Author Martin Doyle about growing up in an aspirational Catholic family during the Troubles whose successes in local business fostered dark resentments in the local community ...

    Martin Doyle's award-wining memoir, Dirty Linen, was published by the Irish Academic Press in 2023, and can be purchased here.

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    This episode featured ‘The Moon Got Tangled in the Branches’ by Aleksey Chistilin

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    Conquest: Rise Of The Gaels

    Conquest: Rise Of The Gaels

    The most expensive, most all-consuming war in Elizabethan England was not waged against France or Spain, but against Ireland. In the third instalment in our Conquest series, we see how the great clan chiefs of Ireland united under the banner of "Arch Traitor" Hugh O'Neill to stage a momentous uprising against the colonial English state. From Gaelic pirate ships sailing up the Thames to fearsome crowns of peacock feathers gifted by vengeful Popes, we follow the dramatic events that led to Ireland's disparate clans combining to form an unprecedented front of resistance - one so seemingly unbreakable that it threatened the financial ruin of England itself.

    Special thanks to Gráinne Smyth, who sang "Óró sé do bheatha abhaile" for this episode.

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    Who is Ireland's incoming Taoiseach and why did Varadkar resign?

    Who is Ireland's incoming Taoiseach and why did Varadkar resign?

    In this political update, Naomi and Tim sum up the background of the incoming new Taoiseach Simon Harris and discuss the sudden resignation of Leo Varadkar and the different factors behind it.

    One of them was Ireland's two recent referendums aimed at changing some of the more Catholic-influenced conservative language in the 1937 constitution, which ended in a resounding defeat for the government. What were the proposed changes and why were they rejected by the public?

    Finally, we look ahead to the bonanza of elections that are due in the coming year, and how the different parties sit in the polls.

    What are your thoughts on the resignation of Leo Varadkar and the incoming Simon Harris? A bonus episode where we take listener questions is coming soon for supporters over on Patreon.

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    Conquest: Scorching The Earth

    Conquest: Scorching The Earth

    Part two of our Conquest mini-series explores the violent occupation of Gaelic Ireland by Elizabethan adventurers between 1560 and 1590, heralding an age of terror and genocide that would ultimately lead to a full-scale war between the Gaelic clans of Ireland and the English crown. From the demise of the Old English Lordships to the tentative plantations of Ulster, this episode lays out the very foundations for the colonisation of Ireland.

    A bonus debrief episode is available for Patreon supporters over on https://www.patreon.com/theirishpassport

    You'll find a link to the book we mentioned in the show here: https://www.fourcourtspress.ie/books/2017/nine-years-war/

    You can find a link to the London Irish Centre, here: https://londonirishcentre.org/

    • 1 hr 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
296 Ratings

296 Ratings

Hawlistic ,

With Gratitude

I came across this podcast as I sought to learn more about Ireland and what it meant for me to travel there from America. I have learned a lot about Ireland and the world. I have also been uplifted in troubled times by your deep humanity.
Thank you very kindly.

MaeveTheFae ,

Wonderful podcast, excellent hosts, and very informative

This is an amazing podcast and I am so glad to have found it! It is very informative and formatted in such a thoughtful way. They cover things in a very investigative way and are very thorough. They are also clear about any bias they might have, instead of just pretending that you can report without a bias, and do an amazing job of looking at all angles objectively. The hosts are lovely and intelligent and listening to them discuss things is very enjoyable. They give quips and levity as needed and I just don’t know what else to say to encourage you to listen. If you want a comprehensive, informative podcast about Ireland, its culture, history, current events, etc. than this is the podcast for you.

Palunargar ,

Excellent podcast on Irish issues

I’m glad I finally found a podcast made by Irish people wish brings a different perspectives on topics where I only heard the British point of view. The hosts explain difficult or sensitive issues with a humane perspective. Specially, I recommend “The Famine” episode. I can’t wait to listen the “war of independence” episodes. I hope one day to visit Ireland and North Ireland!

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