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In The Jenesis Gems Podcast, we unpack tips and ideas to amp up your marketing with marketing superstars and guest financial advisers who have made it happen so you can to.

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In The Jenesis Gems Podcast, we unpack tips and ideas to amp up your marketing with marketing superstars and guest financial advisers who have made it happen so you can to.

    #22 Being a family business

    #22 Being a family business

    Join host Jenny Pearse in a heartwarming episode of Jenesis Gems as she sits down with the dynamic family trio - Terry, Ben, and Mia Johnson from Keyman Financial Services. Discover the incredible journey of this family-owned and operated financial advisory firm specialising in risk insurance.
    Founded in 2009 by Terry Johnson, Keyman Financial Services has become a trusted name, serving nearly 800 clients from diverse backgrounds. In 2017, Terry's children, Mia & Benjamin, joined the family business, each completing their Graduate Diplomas in Financial Planning.
    In this episode, Ben and Mia open up about their individual paths to financial advice and their experiences working together in the family business. They share the lightbulb moments that led them to realise that this was their true career path. Terry reflects on the pride he feels watching his children evolve, discover their niche, and meet professional standards through shared studies.
    The family's success is attributed to mutual support, well-defined processes, and open communication. Terry emphasises the importance of leaving pride at the door and treating everyone as equals. This approach has created an environment where everyone learns and grows together.
    Listen in as Mia and Ben discuss how they've unintentionally adopted Terry's style in soft skills and storytelling with clients. Their skill development is grounded in lived client experiences, shaping their unique specialisations.
    Keyman Financial Services goes beyond traditional financial advising. Mia's drive led to the creation of Keyman Claims, an addition that adds value to clients and supports pro bono work. Meanwhile, Ben is spearheading Keyman Wealth, an up-and-coming venture, with Keyman Legacy on the horizon for the future.
    Tune in to this inspiring episode of Jenesis Gems to witness the power of family, shared values, and the entrepreneurial spirit that propels Keyman Financial Services to new heights.

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    EP#21 Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive

    EP#21 Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive

    In this captivating episode of Jenesis Gems, your host, Jenny Pearse, welcomes a true visionary, Andrew Griffiths - The Entrepreneurial Futurist, accomplished author, and an all-around great guy. Together, they embark on a profound exploration of Andrew's latest book, "Someone Has to Be the Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You."
    Andrew's journey as an entrepreneur and business owner began at an astonishingly young age. He boldly acquired his first business, a dive shop, at just 17 years old, setting the stage for his remarkable career. As a true entrepreneurial spirit, he readily admits to making all the expected mistakes and surviving the rollercoaster ride of small business. This early experience shaped everything that followed.
    Drawing from his vast experiences, Andrew authored "101 Ways to Market Your Business," a book that marked the beginning of an extraordinary 25-year journey. His key message resonates with many: "I help people of substance to build businesses of substance." He understands that navigating the uncertainties of small business ownership can be challenging and, in his own words, "If you can't deal with a lack of certainty, then maybe small business is not for you." His empathy for fellow small business owners stems from having weathered the ups and downs himself.
    One critical issue that Andrew tackles in his book, despite its focus on being the most expensive, is the concept of self-worth. He acknowledges that this issue often manifests itself in the world of business. While his book advocates for positioning oneself as the most expensive, it's about understanding the sliding scale of value and pricing. Andrew recognises that different strategies work for different people, and he's here to guide individuals in finding the approach that best aligns with their unique strengths.
    Join Jenny Pearse and Andrew Griffiths in this enlightening episode of Jenesis Gems and learn how to embrace change, find your unique value, navigate the challenges of small business, and confront the concept of self-worth in the world of entrepreneurship.
    Andrew Griffiths specialises in future-proofing businesses across virtually every industry and in every corner of the planet. With 13 bestselling books sold in 65 countries (and he has just released his 14th book) and a client base that includes organisations such as the European Union, CBS, Hewlett Packard, Hertz and Telstra, to mention just a few of the 500 organisations he has worked with, he is clearly sought after to provide advice and wisdom for the smallest of businesses to the largest of organisations.
    Andrew’s advice is a combination of street-smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard-learned lessons with his own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by both the really successful and the really unsuccessful.

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    Creating Your Style of Impact

    Creating Your Style of Impact

    In this inspiring episode of Jenesis Gems, join host Jenny Pearse as she welcomes a very special guest, Dawn Thomas. Dawn, a self-proclaimed "forever financial adviser" who has now found her "forever home," brings her wealth of experience and creative wisdom to the forefront, revealing the secrets behind her unique personal brand and her journey to authenticity.
    Dawn's philosophy is simple but profound: "I don’t know how to be anyone else but me." She firmly believes in coming from a place that is honest and genuine, and at her core, she is deeply committed to achieving equity and positive outcomes for women and diverse groups.

    Throughout this episode, Dawn delves into the importance of authenticity - finding your place, role, and message in the world. As a values-driven individual, she highlights the necessity of telling your own story authentically when no one else will. She encourages the audience to experiment with their views and values to represent themselves genuinely and inspire those who are not yet ready to share their own voices.

    Dawn's insights extend beyond personal branding; she shares valuable lessons on developing your audience and keeping them engaged. With a nod to her own journey, she emphasises the significance of trial and error as a crucial path to growth and learning.
    Beyond her financial expertise, Dawn Thomas is a multifaceted individual - a self-professed superannuation nerd, financial adviser, part-time Ph.D. student, mother of three, and passionate food enthusiast. She also serves as the National Chair of AFA Inspire, a group dedicated to empowering women in the financial industry to thrive. When she's not offering financial advice, you'll find her unwinding by cooking for loved ones or engaging in her love for hockey.
    Tune in to this episode of Jenesis Gems to learn from Dawn Thomas, a remarkable individual who has not only found her authentic voice but also uses it to empower others on their unique journeys. Discover how to create your style of impact and leave a lasting mark in your field.

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    EP#19 Choosing to be a Risk Advice Business

    EP#19 Choosing to be a Risk Advice Business

    Phil Thompson from Skye Wealth joins Jenny to chat about his decision to move from holistic financial advice and become a dedicated risk advice business.
    Having spent past 10 years in financial advice, Phil has shifted over the last couple of years to an insurance only advice business. Phil shares his motivation to de-risk his business for a sustainable future and his experience in building and growing his risk only advice business. By only doing one thing, Phil has refined how to do it really, really well and shares some of the fundamentals for those that are considering taking the step into a risk only advice business.
    The demand for risk advisers continues to grow and this episode shares some key tips why you could consider this style of advice as an option for your advice business.
    As the Director and Financial Adviser at Skye Wealth, Phil helps young professionals and young families sort out personal insurance fit for their individual needs. He provides customized personal insurance advice to make sure people get the right cover by securing the best plans possible from insurers. Phil’s favourite part of his job is providing clients peace of mind knowing tomorrow will be taken care of no matter what happens in life.

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    EP#18 Balancing Pro-Bono Advice in your business

    EP#18 Balancing Pro-Bono Advice in your business

    Financial advice is a vehicle that can change people’s lives, but it is the trusted relationship with a financial adviser that is the key to helping people. Of course, not everyone understands or has access to financial advice, least of all people that are going through a difficult health situation.
    Nicola Beswick, Financial Adviser and Chair of the Pro-bono Advice Network (PFAN), joins Jenny to share her pathway into financial advice and discuss the role of PFAN and its purpose. We learn about the amazing financial advisers already part of the pro-bono advice network, how you can get involved, and the skills needed to provide this style of advice. If you are considering how to participate in providing Pro-bono advice, listen in to this illuminating episode!
    Nicola Beswick is a financial adviser, mentor and confidante who empowers people to create a financially certain future free from stress and uncertainty. Today, Nicola works with all types of clients in various situations, circumstances and portfolio sizes to ensure they are working towards a life they desire and deserve.
    In mid-2019, Nicola became involved at an advisor level in the Pro-bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN). PFAN specifically provides advice to individuals who have experienced a health crisis. She was subsequently elected as a director in late 2019 and then Chair in July 2021.

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    EP#17 Adding Aged Care to Your Advice Offering

    EP#17 Adding Aged Care to Your Advice Offering

    Co-founder and Director of Aged Care Steps, Louise Biti, joins Jenny Pearse to dive into an area of financial advice growing in demand. Louise is a thought leader and one of the pre-eminent experts in aged care, with over 25 years of experience in aged care advice.
    Together, Louise and Jenny discuss how the demand for aged care advice has changed and the essential steps for financial advisers wanting to expand into this area of advice. Louise shares her experiences over the years, bringing us to where she is today, supporting financial advisers to implement aged care solutions in their planning practices.
    Highly qualified in her field, Louise shares her views on the importance of emotional intelligence in this style of advice and how financial advisers can demonstrate their value and price their offering to suit their business.
    With demand outstripping supply in this advice area, more and more advice businesses are electing to add this to their value proposition, particularly as their clients mature. The episode will provide an outline of not only why but how you can become an aged care specialist too.
    Louise Biti is the author of ‘Don’t Panic: age the way you want where you want’ and is a regular speaker at conferences. She has professional designations of a SMSF Specialist AdviserTM, a Certified Financial Planner™, a Chartered Tax Adviser, a registered tax (financial) adviser and an FPA Aged Care SpecialistTM.

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