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Dee Lanier and Ken Shelton are brothers, intellectuals, and equity-enthusiasts, just having regular conversations about things that matter to the culture. For the record, we're not late talking about these issues, you just may be late in hearing it! Find us on Twitter: Ken Shelton: @k_shelton Dee Lanier: @deelanier Brian Smith Sr: @BrianRSmithSr

The Liberated Educator Ken Shelton and Dee Lanier

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Dee Lanier and Ken Shelton are brothers, intellectuals, and equity-enthusiasts, just having regular conversations about things that matter to the culture. For the record, we're not late talking about these issues, you just may be late in hearing it! Find us on Twitter: Ken Shelton: @k_shelton Dee Lanier: @deelanier Brian Smith Sr: @BrianRSmithSr

    Culture Conferences, Putting Policy To Practice, The Truss Transition

    Culture Conferences, Putting Policy To Practice, The Truss Transition

    You are in for a special treat and special guest Joe Truss joins the CPT conversation to dismantle a few things like

    C: Culture Conferences
    P: Putting Policy To Practice
    T: The Truss Transition

    Regardless of the alliteration, you need to pay close attention to the knowledge passed down on this drop.

    Joe Truss is committed to dismantling white supremacy culture in schools. He is married to a High School teacher and a father of 2, soon to be 3 children. He brings 16 years of education experience, and originally grew up in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. A first-generation college student, he graduated from UC Berkeley, before attending Tufts University where he got his teaching credential. He began as a high school Spanish teacher in East Oakland. After attending UC Berkeley's PLI program, he started school leadership work and now has been the Principal of Visitacion Valley Middle School in SFUSD, for 6 years. There, he has worked to grow Project Based Learning, restorative practices, and reading intervention. In 2018, he started his blog CulturallyResponsiveLeadership.com, where he writes about school leadership and racial equity. He also offers workshops on antiracism and provides team coaching. Last summer he trained over 3000 educators and has presented keynotes to nearly 10,000. He works to empower educators to engineer for equity.

    Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Conference 2021
    June 14th-18th
    Twitter: @TrussLeadership

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    Comics, Prince, and Trademarks

    Comics, Prince, and Trademarks

    This is a first, a game show embedded in the Liberated Educator Podcast as Ken and Dee welcome their good friend Jesse Lubinsky to the pod. Check out this conversation as the boys make some interesting correlations to education with the CPT for this episode.

    C: Comics - The influence in today's social culture
    P: Prince - Yes, the artist formally known as
    T: Trademark - Is it giving credit due or credit to?

    Jesse Lubinsky is currently the Chief Learning Officer of Ready Learner One LLC and has nearly 20 years of public school experience as a teacher and administrator. He is co-author of “Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality” (January 2020) and "The Esports Education Playbook: Empowering Every Learner Through Inclusive Gaming" (November 2020). He is also a co-host of the Partial Credit Podcast and the Ready Learner One Lounge, a virtual reality show focused on innovations in teaching and learning. He is a Google Certified Innovator & Trainer,  a CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader, an Adjunct Professor of Education Technology at Pace University, a member of the Google Earth Education Experts team, and a frequent keynote speaker and presenter who has recently done educational technology presentations across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

    Twitter: @Jlubinsky

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    Consumption, Playing Both Sides, Teaching to Think

    Consumption, Playing Both Sides, Teaching to Think

    Just a phone call away, Dee and Ken simply get together to have real conversations that just need to be recorded. This episode is just that, two brothers chopping it up for some good CPT with one another, this time covering:

    C: Consumption - Do we blame the producer or the consumer

    P: Playing Both Sides - the difficult yet typical straddle in education

    T: Teaching To Think - Are you taking the Blue or Red pill

    Music: All can be found and licensed at Soundstripe.com (Use the code TLEP20 for 10% off a yearly or monthly subscription) 

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    Community, Power, and Transformation

    Community, Power, and Transformation

    It's the #Bonnerville episode that we have been trying to get done for a while! Ken and Dee sit down with Michael Bonner and mix it this CPT convo to address:

    C: Community - The desperate need for it.

    P: Power - That needs to be created.

    T: Transformation - What we all need to go through

    Michael Bonner is A teacher infusing innovation into education by focusing on SEL and critical thinking. Teacher - @ronclarkacademy  International Speaker - @premierespeakers

    Music: The Musical Hermit

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    Competition, Policy and Teacher of The Year

    Competition, Policy and Teacher of The Year

    Ladies and gentle, right out the gate please welcome back Fernando Chavez for Part 2, this time while Dee is in the booth as well. Together with Ken, the fellas have a really engaging CPT convo over: 

    C: Competition - Exposing the unfair competition in education and calling our the setup that it is. 
    P: Policy - Not being conducive for those who will speak up against the inequities and that's why they'll never be...
    T: Teacher of the Year - It's truly an unfair competition and not meant to truly identify those who start from way behind the line in a staggered start to the 100-yard dash.

    But remember this work towards liberation is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Fernando Chavez, MA, NBCT
    Born in Los Angeles, California, and growing up in what is considered a low-income/at-risk community section of the San Fernando Valley, overcoming systematic obstacles has been at the forefront of Fernando’s empowerment. Being a child of undocumented immigrants, Fernando used education and a vehicle to access, equity, and empowerment. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Sociology, he decided to pursue his passion which was (and continues to be) empowering, inspiring, and motivating traditionally marginalized youth. He received a credential in Exceptional Needs and a MA in Multicultural/Multilingual Education from California State University, Northridge. Concurrently with his masters, he became a National Board Certified Teacher. As a teacher of Diverse Learners (Special Education and ESL), Fernando has empowered and motivated scores of students to see their true potential. He has taken his experiences academically and professionally to develop students of diverse backgrounds, support his colleagues, and champion positive change both locally and nationally.  His keynote centered around understanding the contemporary diverse learner. He speaks to challenges students face and pushes the thinking of educators by having them reflect on their implicit bias and pedagogical approach. 
    Email: FChavez1980@gmail.com
    Twitter: @uclafern

    Music: The Musical Hermit 

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    Cross Stitching, Passing, and Trauma Porn

    Cross Stitching, Passing, and Trauma Porn

    In celebration of #WomenHistoryMonth, Victoria Thompson comes back to the podcast to provide a rich touch to the CPT conversation around -

    C: Cross Stitching - Who does that? Or, what hobbies do you have that allow you to escape for sanity sake without having to turn it into a side hustle. 

    P: Passing - What are you really doing with the time you have and does it have value in taking the best care of yourself

    T: Trauma Porn - Knowing when enough is enough and setting those boundaries to what is not acceptable for your self-preservation in triggering moments.

    As you know, You can find more information about Victoria and connect with her resources at Welcome to VictoriaTheTech including her phenomenal blog and STEM Cooking Resources

    Music - The Musica Hermit 

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4.7 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

StevieRFrank ,

Thought provoking

This podcast should be listened to ALL our educators so we can reach ALL of our students. Great conversations are being had here!

Atypical87 ,

Good content, just can’t hear it well sometimes

I love the feeling of most of these conversations, even (& perhaps especially) the ones that make me uncomfortable. I was confused by the inclusion of Lil Nas X in the last conversation, because there was an implication that he did something wrong, which I didn’t follow at all.
One other critique I have is that I often feel the background music is a bit too loud, and it makes it difficult to hone in on the actual content.

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