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    Easter Message

    Easter Message

    Hi everybody. This is a short Easter message I put together a year or two ago. It's been up on the Martyr Made Substack (https://martyrmade.substack.com/) - which you should all go subscribe to at your earliest convenience - but I thought I'd release it here for everyone. I hope everyone had a blessed week, and that you have a blessed day. Happy Easter.

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    The Prodigal Sons - Nietzsche and Dostoevsky (Novitate Conference, Nov 2023)

    The Prodigal Sons - Nietzsche and Dostoevsky (Novitate Conference, Nov 2023)

    Hi everyone. Here is a talk I gave about Nietzsche and Dostoevsky at the first inaugural Novitate Conference (https://novitateconference.org/) in Washington, DC. Novitate was created by Luke Burgis (https://read.lukeburgis.com/) to explore and celebrate the work of French scholar René Girard. Luke is the author of Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life (https://www.amazon.com/Wanting-Power-Mimetic-Desire-Everyday/dp/1250262488).Please support the podcast by subscribing to the Martyr Made Substack (https://martyrmade.substack.com/) for just $5 p/month, or $50 p/year. For that, you get access to tons of exclusive essays (w/audio versions for those who prefer to listen), podcasts, interviews, and AMAs, as well as a discount on all MartyrMade gear. This is a 100% listener-supported operation, and I'm only able to do this because of you guys.Link to the Martyr Made Substack: https://martyrmade.substack.com/

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    Blacks and Jews (Complete Series)

    Blacks and Jews (Complete Series)

    Hi everybody. This is the audio version of a six-part essay series called Blacks and Jews. I wrote it for my Substack a while back, so if it sounds like I’m reading instead of speaking naturally, it’s because in this case I am. I decided to release this to everyone on the main feed because, in light of the recent uproar and brewing Democratic Party civil war over the Israel-Palestine conflict, it’s suddenly become quite timely. Black and Jewish Americans were uniquely united until the late 1960s, when the civil rights movement was subsumed by a Third Worldist outlook that caused the Black Panthers and other activists to turn on the State of Israel, and then on American Jews. It precipitated a split in the so-called Black-Jewish alliance which had been the backbone of the civil rights movement during its glory years, and led to some of the worst outbursts of public antisemitism in American history. The intra-left wing conflict over the current conflict in Gaza is not a new story, and in fact is an example of scabs being torn off old wounds that had barely begun to heal. I wrote this series as I was preparing the most recent episode of Whose America, Inner City Blues, so those of you who’ve heard that will be familiar with some of the material, but there’s also a lot of material that wasn’t in that episode.As I said, this was previously released on my Substack (https://martyrmade.substack.com/), so if you enjoy this kind of content maybe you’ll show a little holiday cheer and help support the podcast by becoming a subscriber for just $5 p/month or $50 p/year. This is a 100% listener-funded show, I don’t have sponsors or any other kind of funding except what you guys contribute, so your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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    The Complete Jeffrey Epstein Series

    The Complete Jeffrey Epstein Series

    I'm re-uploading all the podcasts from a new hosting service, so I thought I'd go ahead and put the full Epstein series up while I was at it.

    This series deals with some very dark material. It is not for listening with kids in the car or where other people can hear it at work.

    If you appreciate this podcast, please consider helping to support it by subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack for $5 p/month or $50 p/year. The Substack includes subscribers-only essays, and a subscribers-only podcast feed w/exclusive episodes and audio versions of all Substack essays. This is a 100% listener-funded show, so your support is greatly appreciated.

    It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
    *Correction* A few people have informed me that my description of how a hedge fund manager calculates his cut is off in Part 1. I meant to correct it in the show, but I forgot. The general point remains, however: there is no way Jeffrey Epstein made the kind of money he was showing by managing one guy’s account over the years.

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    War All the Time: Israel vs. Palestine, 1948-82 (Bonus Episode)

    War All the Time: Israel vs. Palestine, 1948-82 (Bonus Episode)

    This episode will cover the period from 1948 - the year of Israeli independence and the Palestinian Nakba - to the Lebanon War of 1982. It is not meant to be a thorough history of that period, as Fear & Loathing was of the pre-1948 period - to do that justice would require another ten episodes, not just one. This one has a narrower focus. The story we’re gonna hear today is not about every figure, and event, and motivation relevant to the conflict, but is specifically about how the level of savagery escalated over the years, the steps by which those escalations occurred, to bring us up to the where we are now, with virtually unrestrained violence completely normalized on both sides. It’s not a pretty story, and several sections of this podcast are not going to be for the faint of heart.

    Please consider subscribing to the MartyrMade Substack page. The show is 100% listener supported, and Substack subscribers is the only way I'm able to keep doing this. Thanks for everything.

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    Sticky: #23 – Whose America?, pt. 2: Inner City Blues

    Sticky: #23 – Whose America?, pt. 2: Inner City Blues

    The Great Migration of 1915-1960 saw over six million African Americans move from the rural South to the big cities of the North and West. It was one of the largest mass migrations in human history, and one whose consequences defined American domestic politics throughout the 20th century. But it wasn’t the first time the industrial cities of America had experienced massive demographic transformation, and the black migrants would run smack into the immigrants of previous generations. In the 1960s, frustration and anger turned to conflict, as race riots drove what was left of the white ethnics out of the inner cities. Today we tell the story of the battle for control of the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school district in New York City – a topic which might sound a bit dull, but was one of the most intense periods of racial conflict in recent American history. The conflict captured the attention of the country for months, and led to a split in the alliance between American blacks and American Jews that had powered the civil rights movement until the late 1960s.SUPPORT THE SHOW!I don’t use sponsors for this show. I work for you guys. If you’d like to help out, become a subscriber to the MartyrMade Substack (https://martyrmade.substack.com/). It’s just $5 p/month or $50 p/year, and you’ll have access to subscribers-only podcasts, essays (w/audio versions), interviews, and more. New subscribers will have some catching up to do. If anyone would like to be a subscriber, but can’t swing it right now, just shoot me an email and we’ll get you hooked up. I appreciate you guys letting me do this show.

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4.8 out of 5
4K Ratings

4K Ratings

LunchbucketJoe ,

Great podcast..!

Wish I would have found this pod years ago… hope you continue the great work..!

CredibleReviews ,

Anti Israel under guise of moral equivalence

Anti Zionist case without ever coming out and actually saying it. Reminds me of other leftwing anti Israel takes, like from Horton and Mate and others, constantly coming up with reasons to bash the tiny Jewish state. Needless to say, a book could be filled with the omissions here. You could listen to the entire series and have no idea that the Palestinians were offered their own state under the UN, and they rejected it and have started wars ever since and teach their children from birth to despise Jews, still today. Indeed, the point of this series seems to be to reframe the issue as one that not so subtly blames Israel for the problems of today. This isn’t to say there is nothing valuable in it, but, it should be combined with other stories to get a fuller more balanced perspective. Listen to “Call Me Back” Podcast with Dr Einat Wilf or the great historian Benny Morris, for a bit of balance. Best to listen to everything to get widest perspective.

Dantheromo ,

This should not be free

I drive a lot for my job and have listened to many podcasts. Always trying to discover good material that’s worth mind engaging. This is hands down the best podcast I have found so far, in the long format. I don’t want to describe it, you just have to jump on it. Darryl is one smart, deep, well read guy. He has the brains, the will and the guts - he is one of those 1% that put his life on the line - a soldier. Sir, you have mu respect!

Update - recently I have listened again to the entire series Fear and Loathing, in the light of the current events. This really helped me understand things in the Middle East. At this point I think I am shy of 50 hours of deep dive on the subject. What I see or hear in the media is incomplete. This is the comprehensive story. What an amazing work! Thank you.

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