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The dark comedy podcast for the true crime, supernatural, and conspiracy fan with a sense of humor.

The Midnight Train Podcast Jonathan Sayre, & Logan Sayre

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The dark comedy podcast for the true crime, supernatural, and conspiracy fan with a sense of humor.

    The Most Dangerous Gangs; Part One of...

    The Most Dangerous Gangs; Part One of...

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    So thank you to a beautiful and wonderful listener, we decided to do an addendum to our top police stings and follow it up with the top most dangerous mobs/gangs of all time. 

    La Cosa Nostra

    One of the biggest threats to American civilization from organized crime is the Cosa Nostra, sometimes referred to as the "Mob" or the "Mafia," which sprang from the Sicilian Mafia. The term "La Cosa Nostra," used by the US government, and "Cosa Nostra" by its members literally translates to "this thing of ours" or "our thing." This international organization of criminals, made up of many "families," is committed to combating crime and defending its members. These organized and major racketeering activities are being carried out by these crime families or groups, which are connected by kinship or by conspiracy. A wide range of illicit activities, including as murder, extortion, drug trafficking, government corruption, gambling, infiltrating lawful enterprises, labor racketeering, loan sharking, prostitution, pornography, tax fraud schemes, and stock manipulation are also engaged in by them. The Cosa Nostra is most prevalent in the urban areas of New York City, New England, and portions of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago. The Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese families are among the prominent ones in the New York City region. Sometimes, members and associates of one La Cosa Nostra family collaborate with members of other La Cosa Nostra families to carry out joint criminal activities.


    Within these families, members collaborate on "crews" that are commanded by a "capo" or "captain," who is in charge of overseeing his crew's illicit actions and offering them assistance and safety. The crews are made up of trusted outsiders known as "associates" and "made" members known as "soldiers." An associate must be of Italian heritage, have proven their capacity to make money for the Family, and have shown a willingness to use violence in order to become a "made member" of the Family. The three highest-ranking members who manage the Family are the Boss or Acting Boss, the Underboss, and the Consigliere, or advisor. Cosa Nostra has its origins in Italian organized crime, although it has existed as a distinct organization for a long time. It still collaborates with many criminal organizations with Italian headquarters today in a variety of illicit operations. 


    Labor racketeering, in which it attempts to dominate, manage, and control a labor movement in order to have an impact on associated businesses and industries, is one of its main sources of income, power, and influence. Organized criminal organizations may profit greatly from labor unions, particularly their pension, welfare, and health funds. The mafia tries to regulate these schemes by giving businesses "sweetheart" contracts, cordial worker relations, and weak work regulations, or by manipulating union elections. Large cities like New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Philadelphia that have robust industrial bases and labor unions tend to be the epicenters of labor law infractions. Additionally, there are several organized criminal characters in these cities. Labor racketeering costs the American public millions of dollars annually through increased labor expenses that are ultimately passed on to consumers, according to many FBI investigations.


    In order to investigate potential violations of labor law, the FBI collaborates closely with other governmental organizations and uses methods such as electronic surveillance, covert operations, use of secret sources, and victim interviews. The passing of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in 1970 was the one event that helped more than anything else to deter organized crime. The agencies were able to work more effectively as a result of this action because they could t

    • 2 hr 12 min
    Suicide Pilots

    Suicide Pilots

    A pilot who intentionally crashes or attempts to crash an aircraft in an attempt to commit suicide, often with the intention of killing other people on board or on the ground, is said to have committed suicide. This is occasionally referred to as a murder-suicide. It is known to have caused some commercial aviation crashes and is likely to have contributed to others. In general, it is challenging for crash investigators to pin down the pilots’ intentions since they occasionally take deliberate actions to obstruct recordings or other inquiries. Pilot suicide is therefore sometimes impossible to establish with absolute certainty.

    • 2 hr 19 min
    ”Hell’s Belle” Gunness, aka Lady Bluebeard, aka ”The La Porte Ghoul”

    ”Hell’s Belle” Gunness, aka Lady Bluebeard, aka ”The La Porte Ghoul”

    Belle Gunness, the female serial killer that got away with it. Maybe. We think so. Possibly...

    • 1 hr 37 min
    Crazy Sting Operations

    Crazy Sting Operations

    Sting operations! Undercover legends that stepped up and dove into the most dangerous roles of their lives!

    • 2 hr 20 min
    Creepy Uganda

    Creepy Uganda

    We’re stoked to be in the top ten on the podcast charts in Uganda, so in honor of that amazing achievement, we’re talking about the creepy side of that beautiful country! Oh... and there’s some sacrifices. Like, seriously. Sign up for Patreon at www.themidnighttrainpodcast.com

    • 1 hr 51 min
    The F’n Electric Chair

    The F’n Electric Chair

    The electric chair! How did this form of execution come to be and how many dogs were sacrificed to do so? Listener discretion is always advised! All aboard the Midnight Train!

    • 1 hr 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
95 Ratings

95 Ratings

CuJo Preston Spain ,

Love your show

Hey guys. My name is Preston from Dinwiddie, Virginia now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve listened to yours guys show for a little while now especially since I’ve come back home from over seas. I just finished my 8 years in the VA National Guard as an infantryman and every since then I’ve never been huge on podcasts really I started listening to you guys. You are absolutely fun to listen to and I laugh everytime. I do have a story on a creature called the Hellhound when I was in Pennsylvania back in 2014 that changed my perspective on paranormal or mythical creatures. If you like to hear my story please let me. Thank you guys for doing what you do. And Jon im visiting Columbus at the end of May for a family thing and want to know your bars name to raise a glass to you, Moody, and the whole crew. Thanks guys.

Mxsandy12 ,

Hilarious take on horror and true crime!

Adore this show!

lawgak ,

Love this podcast!

I love the combination of horror and comedy, can’t wait for the next episode to come out!

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