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Hosted by Skye Jethani and friend (and former Big Idea employee a long, long time ago) Josh Lindsay, "The Movie Proposal" is a deep dive into movies from two thoughtful Christian guys. Check it out and tell us what you think!

The Movie Proposal Skye Jethani and Josh Lindsay

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Hosted by Skye Jethani and friend (and former Big Idea employee a long, long time ago) Josh Lindsay, "The Movie Proposal" is a deep dive into movies from two thoughtful Christian guys. Check it out and tell us what you think!

    Episode 86: Da 5 Bloods

    Episode 86: Da 5 Bloods

    TMP 86:
    Something Old:
    Josh’s: Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
    Skye’s: Forrest Gump (1994)
    Something New: Da 5 Bloods
    Josh’s Proposal: You better know your history in order to fully appreciate Da 5 Bloods
    Skye’s Proposal: Like a lot of spike lee movies, this one is very preachy, the problem I have is that he violates one of the core tenants of communication, Keep it Simple Stupid.
    Something Borrowed: Josh’s Vietnam Game
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s: This Much I Know is True
    Skye’s: Star Wars! I guess? Kind of.
    Jason’s: The best Magnum P.I. scene of all time
    Jeffrey Lieber’s break down of the Magnum P.I. Scene
    What if Jesus was Serious?

    • 51 min
    Episode 85: The Vast of Night

    Episode 85: The Vast of Night

    Something Old:
    Josh’s: Gattaca (1997)
    Skye’s: Jaws (1975)
    Something New: The Vast of Night (2019)
    Josh’s Proposal: The Vast of Night is a great alternative to the mainstream for real movie lovers.
    Skye’s Proposal:
    Something Borrowed: The Vast of Night director was 'the last person to know' about his DIY sci-fi film's success
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s:  The Amazing Johnathan & Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary
    Skye’s: The Volume & What if Jesus was Serious? & Ducks Vs Locusts
    Jason’s: Watchmen (2019) & The Official Watchmen Podcast

    • 46 min
    Episode 84: Extraction

    Episode 84: Extraction

    Something Old:
    Josh’s: Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
    Skye’s: Commando (1985)
    Something New: Extraction (2020)
    Josh’s Proposal: Extraction is a decent action film, with good old fashioned male bravado redemption.
    Skye’s Proposal: Extraction is the 2020’s version of the classic 80’s genre.
    Something Borrowed
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s: Dead to Me & Contagion
    Skye’s: The Last Dance & Star Wars News
    Jason’s: The Big Sick

    • 48 min
    Episode 83: The Gentlemen

    Episode 83: The Gentlemen

    TMP: 83
    Something Old:
    Josh’s: The Shawshank Redemption
    Skye’s: A Fish Called Wanda
    Something New: The Gentlemen
    Josh’s Proposal: The Gentleman is a morality tale that sends mixed messages about morality.
    Skye’s Proposal: The Gentlemen proves why Guy Ritchie should stick to making comedy crime movies with an ensemble cast. (Like Aladdin)
    Something Borrowed: The Best Movies to Watch in Quarantine According to Famous Directors
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s: Assassin 33 A.D., Greater & Leave No Trace
    Skye’s: McMillions, The Mandalorian Behind the Scenes on May 4th & Hail, Caesar!
    Jason’s: Barry & Bad Education

    • 45 min
    Episode 82: Onward

    Episode 82: Onward

    Something Old:
    Josh’s: Paper Moon (1973)
    Skye’s: Dr. No (1962)
    Something New: Onward (2020)
    Josh’s Proposal: Pixar movies fall in one of three categories: Great, Just OK, or Sequel.
    Skye’s Proposal: Of all the PIXAR Films, Onward has one of the most emotionally impactful endings, but overall, it was just mediocre.
    Something Borrowed: Onward Is Already Getting A Prequel, But Not How You Think
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s: Once Upon a Time in the West & Molly’s Game
    Skye’s: Leadership in Turbulent Times & The Roosevelts
    Jason’s: The Nice Guys

    • 43 min
    Episode 81: 1917

    Episode 81: 1917

    Something Old:
    Josh’s: Raising Arizona (1987)
    Skye’s: Saving Private Ryan (1998)
    Something New: 1917 (2019)
    Josh’s Proposal: 1917 should have won best picture.
    Skye’s Proposal: 1917 shows the power of intention.
    Something Borrowed: ‘1917’ Editor Lee Smith on Why the Film Has Way More Cuts Than You Think
    Something Blew:
    Josh’s:  Amazon Prime Video Presents the SXSW 2020 Film Festival Collection
    Blood Father (2016)
    The Crown
    Skye’s:  Tiger King
    Jason’s: Yesterday

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
217 Ratings

217 Ratings

Amybucky ,

Very Entertaining!

I discovered this podcast through listening to The Holy Post Podcast also featuring Skye. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud while I’m driving and listening to this group of guys banter. Even if I haven’t seen the movies they discuss, I still listen in because it’s so much fun. It’s like hanging out with a group of friends exchanging lots of witty dialogue with some insightful spiritual/meaningful moments sprinkled in. Great podcast for a commute.

Commercial Guy Ty ,


Entertaining, thoughtful, informative, and all around GREAT!

Menonitefury ,

For Everyone

Not a movie buff here, but I still like tuning into the witty banter between Skye, Josh and Jason. Keep up the great work!

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