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Every week on The Music Video Podcast, hosts Ryan Burkett and Chris Coffin discuss and dissect all the good, the bad, and the green-screened the genre has to offer. Tune in for trivia, gossip, and expert hot takes they are definitely not qualified to give.

The Music Video Podcast Ryan Burkett & Chris Coffin

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Every week on The Music Video Podcast, hosts Ryan Burkett and Chris Coffin discuss and dissect all the good, the bad, and the green-screened the genre has to offer. Tune in for trivia, gossip, and expert hot takes they are definitely not qualified to give.

    MOVIE NIGHT: Drive! (w/Carly Heiser)

    MOVIE NIGHT: Drive! (w/Carly Heiser)

    Buckle up, because this week The Music Video Podcast takes a detour to 2011’s Drive. Our guest Carly Heiser helps navigate the neon lights, moody slow-motion, and dreamy synthwave score of one of the most Music Video films in recent memory. Join us at the movies for ultraviolence, dialogue-free romance, and non-stop driving metaphors. Wear your coolest jacket.
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    • 1 hr 15 min
    Maroon 5 (w/Emily Walters & Kennon McKinney)

    Maroon 5 (w/Emily Walters & Kennon McKinney)

    This episode we’re focusing on hit-makers Maroon 5. Along with our guests, Emily Walters and Kennon McKinney, we’re finding the inspiration for every tattoo, celebrity cameo, and explosion (more of each than you remember.) We’re digging deep, whether perpetual main character Adam Levine is escaping a bank robbery, getting turned on by a meat locker, or crashing way too many public events. Subscribe! Rate five stars! Move like Jagger!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Ladies Marmalade (w/Colin Rourke)

    Ladies Marmalade (w/Colin Rourke)

    This episode we’re retracing the paths that led us to one of the seminal moments in music video history: 2001’s Lady Marmalade. Somehow, the fates brought us Missy Elliott, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, and Christina Aguilera, strutting their stuff down in old Moulin Rouge. Along with our guest Colin Rourke, we’re taking another look at the videos released just before this legendary collab, and determining who worked the hardest to earn their corseted slot in the group. It’s an episode full of medium-difficulty choreography, broad comedy, and of course, that thing where Christina Aguilera’s hoodie is unzipped and inside there’s another Christina Aguilera. Listen! Subscribe! Rate 5 stars!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Whitney Houston (w/Damon Royster)

    Whitney Houston (w/Damon Royster)

    Every week Ryan says, “This isn’t a songs podcast,” but this episode begs to differ as we focus on one of the most beloved vocalists of all time: Whitney Houston. Along with our guest and Whitney superfan Damon Royster, we’re tracking every step in a videography that includes mistaken identity, a secret affair, and of course, a fur coat floating out to sea. Listen! Subscribe! Rate five stars!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Dolly Goes Pop (w/Robin Dafforn

    Dolly Goes Pop (w/Robin Dafforn

    This episodes brings us a legend of stage, screen, generosity, and wigs: Dolly Parton. We’re focusing on Dolly’s 1980s’ rise to pop and movie stardom, with no (rhine)stone left unturned. Helping us sort through all the high heels, acrylic nails, and angelic harmonies is none other than Robin Dafforn! Listen, subscribe, and rate five stars! Follow us on Instagram @musicvidpod

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Britney Before Blackout (w/Jessica Joy)

    Britney Before Blackout (w/Jessica Joy)

    This episode brings us the ultimate pop star: one Miss Britney Jean Spears. From the not-humble-at-all beginnings of the instant classic Baby One More Time to the not-that-innocent Mars invasion of Oops I Did It Again, we’re covering every moment of choreography, the lowest jeans in history, and the most aggressively lip synced Ls in the business. We’re joined comedy superstar (and Britney superfan) Jessica Joy!

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    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

JacqJnsn ,

Lambily approved

Chris and Ryan, your first episode was excellent and not just because Mariah is queen. It’s very clear that you guys did your homework and truly took the time to understand an often overlooked legend of our lifetime. This episode sounded like an auditory version of Pop Up Video. (I miss that show so much.) I have been a huge fan of Mariah since the Daydream era and it’s been both fun and excruciating watching some of her choices in music videos. My top 3 of Mariah’s videos would be 3. Fantasy 2. Honey (Bad Boy Remix) 1. All I Want For Christmas Is You (2019). Keep up the great work and thank you for covering such a niche podcast topic.

Laate2theGaame ,


I love this podcast, format and the energy between you guys. I appreciate the amount of work that goes into the top 3 lists and it's always fun to hear your reasoning for the ranking. One slight drawback is the uneven audio between your respective mic feeds or the guests input.

crypticmeta ,

A podcast only imagined in my dreams

You guys are my favorite podcast! Truly an glimmering gem in the drudge of podcasts. Music videos are probably my favorite form of entertainment just like Ryan who said as such in the first episode.

Chris and Ryan are insight, witty and creative in their choices and remarks on any given subject of the week. The guests are always on point and match Chris and Ryan toe-to-toe. Every episode hosts a boatload of quotables that can stick in your head for weeks. You guys are very pleasant company.

The magic of this podcast is listener participation is optional but when taken on, the source of a talking point (aka a music video) can be easily accessed and seen in a matter of minutes, unlike, say, a tv series or movie podcast which unfortunately presents obstacles to the listener if access of a show or film is limited. That’s what makes this podcast crazy fun. The things you guys have made me watch! From the Janet Jackson’s If to the Meatloaf video starring Angelina Jolie. And don’t let me forget the number of times Jewel is brought up. Who knew there were so many things to say about Jewel!

Chris and Ryan always pick up on the little details in music videos too. It shows they care and feel strongly enough to try to understand what message and what purpose does a particular music video serve. If I see something odd or significant in a video, they usually bring it up, and in turn if they mention something that caught their eye, it’s always worth rewatching a music video just to understand the reference.

So thank you, Chris and Ryan! I look forward to every episode and can’t wait for what you all have in store next! (Also waiting for the inevitable Janet Jackson episode with bated breath! That one will be absolutely phenomenal. Maybe even iconic, dare I say.)

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