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The MxU Podcast. Hosted by Jeff Sandstrom, Spencer De Young, and other special guests. Join in on conversations about audio, lighting, life, concerts, and interviews with the industry’s best.

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The MxU Podcast. Hosted by Jeff Sandstrom, Spencer De Young, and other special guests. Join in on conversations about audio, lighting, life, concerts, and interviews with the industry’s best.

    #170 - Do You Really Need a New PA?

    #170 - Do You Really Need a New PA?

    This is episode 170 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff is joined again by Nate Ellis from MxU, filling in as co-host in the absence of Spencer this week. Together, they’re joined by Joe Henson - System Engineer for Sam Hunt. They answer the age-old question “Do I really need that upgrade?” Or in other words… “Can I get by with what I have?”
    Service Review (13:46-22:52)The team reviews a submission from The Point Knox here in Knoxville, TN. Despite limited resources and an older console, Jeff and the guys commend the mix's clarity - specifically around the drums - and offer some tips for improvement. This does pose the question, however, do you really need to be broadcasting? It's important to balance existing resources with real needs.
    Do You Really Need a New PA? (22:53-37:29)Speaking of balancing resources and needs... the guys discuss whether or not you really need that new PA. Whether it's a PA or another large upgrade, purchasing costly pieces of equipment should be a well thought out endeavor. Here's the key: maximize your existing infrastructure. Work with an integrator or other local expert to determine when is the right time to upgrade or if there's an alternative option available like replacing drivers etc...
    Upcoming Content (37:30-38:10)We're releasing a new course tomorrow all about the basics of Resolume Arena! Caleb Shamblin walks through every aspect of the interface from basic navigation to more advanced features. This is just the first of three Resolume courses we'll be releasing over the next few months. Whether you’re manipulating media, creating effects, or just playing back audio & video content… Resolume Arena can do it all.

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    #169 - Do You Need an LED Wall?

    #169 - Do You Need an LED Wall?

    This is episode 169 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff is joined in the co-host seat this week by Nate Ellis from the MxU team. We’re celebrating with Spencer and his family as they welcome their third child into the world! Together, Jeff and Nate are joined by Chad Rose from ReveLux and Corey Miller from Jeff’s home church. They question whether or not your church needs an LED wall.
    Tip: There’s a difference between a want and a need. Think through where your current technology is in their life cycle and make an educated decision.
    Service Review (05:05-15:54)This week, the crew reviews a service from One Church in Columbus, Ohio. They balance modern worship with a bit of a gospel flair. The crew gives insights on the engaging vocal sound and dynamic energy and offer some constructive feedback on instrument clarity and lighting.
    Upcoming Content (15:55 - 22:11)We’re releasing a new mixing course tomorrow all about Waves LV1! This is sort of a “part 2” to our previous release on Setting Up & Configuring Waves LV1. Jeff takes us through a full breakdown of his mix on some tracks from Chris Tomlin. We’re also giving away Jeff’s plugin presets for free. Stay tuned in to our social platforms for tomorrow’s release where you’ll be able to watch the new content and download those presets!
    About Grace Church (22:12 - 28:02)Corey Miller is a returning guest to the MxU podcast. He talks through the mission and vision of Grace Church to not always focus on the best gear possible but rather to build an environment that works for their volunteers. A volunteer-focused
    Do you need an LED wall? (28:03 - 39:41)There’s a need for intentional, tasteful, design choices in church. This is especially true when you’re managing a giant canvas like an LED wall. Grace Church has just recently made the decision to invest in an LED wall from ReveLux. Take a listen to their journey from first asking the question “Do we need an LED wall?” to installation within the next few weeks.

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    #168 - Should You Be Broadcasting?

    #168 - Should You Be Broadcasting?

    This is episode 168 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer sit down with two familiar faces to the MxU community, Jeremy Bagwell & Jeremy Lommori. a.k.a "the Jeremys" The crew discusses broadcasting and whether or not your church, and churches in general, need to do it. The overarching principle is this: we're in a new digital age and technology is changing rapidly, do what's best for your church.
    Service Review (7:25 - 26:35)Every week, the crew takes some time to review a church service. This week, Heart & Soul church in Knoxville TN is reviewed. Jeff & Spencer give their thoughts on the mix and the broadcast while the Jeremys give their insight on the video side. Set up & tear down is no joke and sometimes hard to make look good, props to the team at Heart & Soul!
    Upcoming Content (26:36 - 34:35)Tomorrow, we're releasing another course with Todd Elliott, founder of FILO. This course is all around the idea that volunteers can be leaders too. The course encompasses the "Leadership 360" mentality to lead up, lead down, and lead laterally. No matter where you serve or in what position you serve in, you have the same capability to lead.
    Should You Be Broadcasting? (34:36 - 1:16:55) Streaming has quickly become a part of most churches, fueled by the need for online services during the pandemic. The church can lead in technology while also staying true to its mission, and that is the most important thing to recognize. It's important to ask the right questions before you invest money into something that may come at the cost of your in-person services.
    Jeremy BagwellJeremy Lommori
    MxU Pop-Ups
    Send your service review submissions to ‘support@getmxu.com’

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    #167 - Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

    #167 - Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

    This is episode 167 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer are joined by a familiar face, Dillan Howell of WKND Ready & EVNT Ready. They give the lowdown on what’s been happening in Dillan’s life, including a tense interaction at a baseball game. Here’s the question for this week’s podcast: “Is the grass greener on the other side?” - the guys & Dillan give their take on whether or not the church down the road is a better option.
    Service Review (04:30 - 14:41)
    Dillan might not have much to offer when it comes to audio feedback but he along with Jeff and Spencer give their thoughts on a service from Christ Chapel Bible Church. They evaluate the mix, the energy, and provide insight on the importance of an engaging opening. Submit your services to ‘support@getmxu.com’ or in our #peer-reviews channel on our slack community.
    Upcoming Content (14:42 - 17:07)Dillan might not know much about Waves LV1 but we’re in luck because Jeff does. Tomorrow, we’re releasing a course all about setting up and configuring Waves LV1 in your church. Stay tuned for the course release in your inbox as well as on our social platforms. We can’t wait to see how this course helps you and your church.
    Where Is The Grass Greener? (17:08 - 42:59)
    “Should I leave my church?” “Am I being treated fairly?” “Where can I go that I will have more opportunities?” These might be some of the questions you’re asking yourself as you decide whether or not your church is right for you. Dillan, Jeff, and Spencer share their insight on whether or not the grass is typically greener on the other side.
    MxU Pop-Ups (43:00 - 52:59)
    We’ve been having a ton of fun at our live events for this year which we’re calling “MxU Pop-Ups” and we would love for you to join us. Dillan shares some of his thoughts on this year’s events and explains a little bit about his role within them. Our next Pop-Up is in Columbus, OH on June 11th. We can’t wait to see you there!
    Dillan Howell
    MxU Pop-Ups
    Send your service review submissions to ‘support@getmxu.com’

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    #166 - You Might Not Need a Broadcast Console

    #166 - You Might Not Need a Broadcast Console

    This is episode 166 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer sit down with Phil Bledsoe, FOH engineer for Sam Hunt and a returning guest from episode 15 of the podcast. The guys chat about mixing for broadcast, and whether or not your church needs a broadcast console.
    Hint: You probably don’t.
    Service Review (06:30 - 10:53)
    There’s still debate around the MxU office on what to call this new segment, whether it’s “Turn up for MxU” or simply “Service Review.” Regardless - Jeff, Spencer, and Phil review a broadcast mix submitted by a member of the MxU community, Daniel. We’d love for you to submit a mix or service of your own for review, which you can do by emailing them to support@getmxu.com. If you’re a member of our slack community, post yours in the #peer-reviews channel.
    Upcoming Content (10:54 - 24:45)
    Tomorrow, we’re releasing “Basic Effects” on the MxU platform. This is a course by Phil Bledsoe designed to help you and your teams understand reverb and delay. It all starts with the basics and effects could be your simplest way to improve your mix in minutes. Stay tuned in to our social accounts and emails for the course drop!
    Broadcast Mixing (24:46 - 45:59)
    Do you need a broadcast console? Do you even need to be broadcasting? Jeff, Spencer, and Phil share their thoughts and insights on what seems to have become a hot topic in the church community. Here’s a suggestion: do what’s best for your church, don’t look to other churches on social media for what yours should be doing.
    MxU Pop-Ups (46:00 - 47:00)
    We still have a few more live events this year that we’re calling “MxU Pop-Ups” and we’d love for you to join us. Our next event is in Columbus, Ohio on June 11th. Head to our website to get your tickets, they’re going quick!
    Everything we mentioned in the podcast in one space.
    Phil Bledsoe
    Audience Mics Can Be Simple
    MxU Pop-Ups

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    #165 - State of the Union

    #165 - State of the Union

    Welcome to the first episode of the revamped MxU podcast! To see the video form of this podcast, head to our YouTube channel.
    New Segments
    With the changes we're making, we figured it time to introduce some new components to the podcast. 
    Service Review - Each week will include a service review segment of sorts where Jeff, Spencer and other guests will provide constructive feedback on submissions from our community.Upcoming Content - Every Tuesday, we aim to release a course on the MxU platform. Get a sneak peak into what we're releasing the day before it drops.Lee Fields
    As some of you may have noticed, Lee Fields is no longer a part of the MxU podcast. Take a moment to reflect on his contributions to MxU and watch some of our favorite moments.
    MxU Pop-Ups
    Our events for this year are moving ahead rapidly! We're already almost halfway through our event agenda for 2024 with the next Pop-Up happening in Columbus Ohio on June 11th. Head to our website to get tickets soon as spots are filling up quickly.
    Upcoming Content
    Tomorrow, we're releasing content we shot with Todd Elliott from FILO centered around the core values of church production. From asking the right questions to pursuing excellence over perfection, the posture we have towards our church services will ultimately determine their outcome.

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4.9 out of 5
270 Ratings

270 Ratings

kaptuang ,

Audio Bible

MXU is my weekly audio Bible. MXU change my Monday to Friday because most podcast episode drop on Monday . MXU gave me strength, encouragement ,knowledge ,information and life experience . Even those I’m not yet pro build my heart to pro.. Whenever I have struggles I refine and listen again some episodes because I have not been that saturation when the first time I listened. Thanks you so much MXU team. May God bless more and more.

Nathan Robb ,

10/10 podcast, Great people and Great knowledge.

I have listened to this podcast since day 1. The content that Lee, and Jeff and there friends bring is incredible. I have Laughed with them, I have cried with them (RIP: Andrew) and sometimes I end up doing a lot of research to figure what the heck they are talking about 🤣🤣. (I’m a video guy) keep up the great work guys! Your origin story is incredible of just wanting to help people and you have come so far. Keep it up! -Nathan from Ohio.

FOHMusicMan123 ,


This podcast is great. I have listened to all episodes multiple times and find new information with each listen. Keep up the great work guys!

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