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Podcast by Brady Leonard

    TNGP Ep. 599: Nick Lindquist

    TNGP Ep. 599: Nick Lindquist

    Nick Lindquist joined Brady to discuss Joe Biden's decision to debate Donald Trump, the latest inflation numbers, RFK Jr's impact on the election, and much more. Follow Nick @nick_lindquist and follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod

    • 38 min
    TNGP Ep. 598: Drew Holden

    TNGP Ep. 598: Drew Holden

    Drew Holden joined Brady to discuss his new project Holden Court (https://drewholden.substack.com,) Biden's plan to import Palestinian refugees, street communists on college campuses, and all manor of corporate media malfeasance. Follow Drew @DrewHolden360 and follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod

    • 32 min
    TNGP Ep. 597: Ian Haworth

    TNGP Ep. 597: Ian Haworth

    Ian Haworth joined Brady to discuss Kristi Noem's dog killing habit, Trump's VP pick, "death to America" chants on college campuses, and much more. Follow Ian @ighaworth and follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod

    • 1 hr 4 min
    TNGP Ep. 596: Tyler Grant

    TNGP Ep. 596: Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant joined Brady to discuss surviving the eclipse, the latest inflation numbers, the state of the 2024 race, and our thoughts on what the next era of American politics will look like. Follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod

    • 44 min
    TNGP Ep. 595: Andrew Donaldson

    TNGP Ep. 595: Andrew Donaldson

    Andrew Donaldson is an editor and writer for Ordinary Times and his Substack heardtell.substack.com, and the host of Heard Tell on YouTube and wherever podcasts are found. Follow Andrew @four4thefire and follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod

    • 1 hr
    TNGP Ep. 594: Jace Yarbrough

    TNGP Ep. 594: Jace Yarbrough

    Jace Yarbrough is an attorney, Air Force veteran, and the conservative candidate for Texas state senate district 30. Follow Jace @JaceYarbrough.

    Jace's campaign site: jacefortexas.com

    Follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod


    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Gabby Hoffman ,

Great host and podcast!

Brady covers great ground on a wide swath of issues. Highly recommended listening!

I live for this app ,


Love getting to hear his takes in such a candid and refreshing way. Also love the guest speakers he chooses

GirlDoc80 ,

Gone downhill.

I previously wrote a 5-star review but am now unsubscribing. This TNGP’s days of fresh takes and witty banter seem to have faded. Instead the host seems to be stuck on repeat. I get the POV. But just repeating the “dems are evil” slogan, in and of itself, doesn’t get us very far, especially when it’s coupled with a lack of analysis and self awareness.

For example, in recent episodes, the host and guests insult ppl who believe Q-Anon as well as ppl who believe there was election fraud in 2020 - laughing at them etc. Yet, without flinching, the host then parrots these groups’ core ideas by referring to a widespread anti-Trump conspiracy that involves the “deep state”, many republicans, and “the entire” business and education fields.

Even this listener, who is sympathetic to the POV, wonders about the inconsistency.

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