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Driving Your Leadership Forward

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Driving Your Leadership Forward

    Season 3 - Episode 5 - Danny Bauer

    Season 3 - Episode 5 - Danny Bauer

    Danny’s Leadership Journey

    Innovative, Story Teller

    Dislikes the phrase, “What’s best for kids”

    Based on one's own opinion

    Don’t use data

    Ruckus Makers do school differently 

    What shift do you want to make?

    Better Leaders, Better Schools Motto: 

    “When you are able to show up AUTHENTICALLY and experience BELONGING with a group of trusted peers, you can be CHALLENGED to take your leadership to the next level.”

    Current Leadership struggle/opportunity 

    What’s Next: District-level support 


    I’m hopeful that there are more good guys than bad guys.

    The map is not the territory 

    Calm in the Chaos



    Dr. Jeff Prickett

    Adam DeWitt


    Dr. Jeff Prickett

    Adam DeWitt


    Principal Leadership Lab

    Dr. Jeff Prickett

    Adam DeWitt

    • 35 min
    Season 3:Episode 4 - Camp

    Season 3:Episode 4 - Camp

    Developing a competency based curriculum from the ground up – and how the school has communicated it to teachers and students used to traditional grades

    How a competency based curriculum develops fairness and equity for students

    The role the curriculum plays in advancing student skills and knowledge, and how teachers assess where students are at without traditional methods

    Creating a model designed to foster innovators and entrepreneurs, and how they have designed a school and curriculum that encourages students to build products and ideas that are needed in the world while also being able to compete and achieve in a traditional post-high school setting=

    How the design of the curriculum is set up to create consistent improvement in students and meet the growing demand for skills-based hiring.

    • 36 min
    Season 3 - Episode 3 Attendance and Mental Health

    Season 3 - Episode 3 Attendance and Mental Health

    How is your school handling attendance and mental health. Listen in and join our Facebook page to continue the conversation. Your idea may be exactly what someone is looking for.

    • 20 min
    Season 3, EP. 2: Two Adams are Better than One

    Season 3, EP. 2: Two Adams are Better than One

    Join us and Adam Stolzer in this episode.
    Be passionate in all we do. Embrace what makes us unique. Reflect to improve. Take pride in who we are, where we are from, and what we do. Work daily to leave a legacy. And evolve to continue to move forward

    • 30 min
    A New Beginning 2024

    A New Beginning 2024

    Adam and Jeff are ready for another season of engaging conversation. We look forward to learning together and hearing about your trials in your learning communities.

    • 16 min
    The Principal Leadership Lab 2.0, with Cindy Bailey

    The Principal Leadership Lab 2.0, with Cindy Bailey

    Cindy Bailey, Dean of Northeast Wisconsin Tech College, sits down with Jeff & Adam, on The Principal Leadership Lab 2.0. 

    Some key highlights shared with us: 

    What you start with doesn’t have to be the ending.
    Pay attention to the doors, because there are opportunities on the other side.
    Always wanted to be on the sidelines, but made a shift.
    Worked with a trucking company to share the business with HS students….eventually led to the UW system despite not having the necessary credentials.
    The campus dean took a gamble on Cindy and her hunger for learning.
    Lots of preparation for her current role, lot of influences

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

rbreyer51 ,

Love the insight

Enjoy listening to the insight these two gentlemen share on different educational topics. Their experiences and ideas shared on the show will help leaders at every level improve their own practices.

MTHartin ,

Great discussion

I have enjoyed this podcast. Keep it rolling gentlemen! The dialogue, which is often unscripted, is exactly what I’m looking for as a fellow educator and admin. I appreciate the viewpoints of leaders in both rural and urban settings!

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