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Ever dream about buying an online business or building and selling an online business? Since 2007, we've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who are doing just that or helping others buy, build, and sell online businesses. In this podcast, we are sitting down to talk about their insights and experiences. Whether you are in the world of SaaS, ecommerce, Amazon, content, or any other online business, we will explore how you can scale, build, sell, or acquire assets in the online space.

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Ever dream about buying an online business or building and selling an online business? Since 2007, we've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who are doing just that or helping others buy, build, and sell online businesses. In this podcast, we are sitting down to talk about their insights and experiences. Whether you are in the world of SaaS, ecommerce, Amazon, content, or any other online business, we will explore how you can scale, build, sell, or acquire assets in the online space.

    How to Handle Any Problem on Amazon with Steven Pope

    How to Handle Any Problem on Amazon with Steven Pope

    Reading Time: 1 minuteOn this episode of Quiet Light, we talk to Steven Pope about how to handle any problem you’re having with Amazon.
    Steven is the founder of My Amazon Guy, a full-service Amazon agency, currently assisting 80 clients. They seek to help their clients and others with all of the possible Amazon travails businesses face.

    How and why Steven started his agency.
    Dealing with Amazon account suspensions.
    Best ways to rank organically on Amazon.
    The outlook for American-made products.
    The number one action item in advertising.
    A major success story for Steven’s agency.
    How to hone in on what changes will make a difference.

    My Amazon Guy
    My Amazon Guy YouTube Channel
    My Amazon Guy Podcast
    How to Appeal Account Suspensions
    Listing Reinstatements
    Marketplace Launch Assistance for Walmart, Ebay, and Etsy
    SEO Articles
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    Campaign Segmentation Articles
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    Top 5 Ways for Buyers to Gain Instant Equity

    Top 5 Ways for Buyers to Gain Instant Equity

    Reading Time: 22 minutesInspired by a video course that we had to re-record this week, we are going to discuss the top five ways buyers can gain instant equity. Tune in to hear these great tips on how to maximize your business.

    Why an Ecommerce business may be undervalued.
    What makes it hard to identify gross profit trends.
    Rewards vs. cash back credit cards.
    The less-than-obvious ways to gain instant equity.

    Examples include:

    Renegotiating costs.
    Net 90 terms.

    The China Magic Mastermind’s methods and why they’re so effective.

    Mark: So, Joe, recently Chris Moore, our chief marketing officer, came up here to the Twin Cities. He rented an Air B&B and he and I sat down for a day to record or rerecord the course that I recently put together on how to sell a business for six, seven, or eight-figures. I got to tell you, I’m not a fan at all of recording things at least in video format. I know you’re a natural at it. You used to do commercials; direct commercials?
    Joe: I wouldn’t say I’m a natural. I’ve seen you and I’ve seen me and I think you do a great job.
    Mark: Well, that’s very political of you. But you know something during the course that I wanted to get across because I was going through some of the tips that we’ve talked about for sellers about how to maximize the value of their business and one of the points I wanted to make is that a lot of maximizing the value of your business isn’t so much taking an accounting trick and it becomes magically more valuable. It’s more about not artificially or accidentally discounting your business because you just don’t know what you’re doing, right? Or you don’t know how to run the right financials or you don’t know how to do an add-back calculation. Well, on the buy-side; this is two sides of the same coin. On the sell-side we want to make sure that we aren’t artificially discounting our businesses and that we’re taking advantage of some of the really natural, low hanging fruit that we can do to make sure that that we’re getting full value or capturing full value for the business. But on the buy-side sometimes there are opportunities when somebody doesn’t want to put in the work, for example, to switch from accrual to cash, which we’ve had. Some people say it’s just not worth it for me to take that time. So today, I think you and I, we’re going to talk; I mean I’m going to bug you and pester you with questions and grill you as much as I can about ways that the buyers can add some instant equity, get that instant jump in valuation by buying a business with certain characteristics.
    Joe: Yeah, and then for sellers it’s important to listen too because if you ever think you’re going to sell your business either through Quiet Light or on your own; especially on your own, you need to pay attention to this because you don’t want to be taken advantage from by the buyers that are listening to this. If they’re listening now, they’re going to learn some things and potentially buy your side, they’re going to learn some things that if you hang up halfway through you’re not going to understand and make sure you’re maximizing the value your business. And every time I say that I feel a little wonky. Really what you’re doing is you’re not jacking up the seller’s discretionary earnings, you’re actually getting what you deserve. You’re learning to understand the true value of your business, which is your most valuable asset more than likely so pay attention to it and make sure you understand what they are. So it is just Mark and I on this podcast and we’re going to talk about maybe five things that buyers can do to gain instant equity in their business. And the first one that; and this is me thinking if I’m out there buying on my own, which I’m not give

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    How to Build an Algorithm-proof Ecommerce Business with Joe & Mike Brusca

    How to Build an Algorithm-proof Ecommerce Business with Joe & Mike Brusca

    Reading Time: 26 minutesOn this episode of Quiet Light, we talk with Joe and Mike Brusca. We discuss Ecommerce and how they built an Amazon publishing business. It’s a really interesting look at one Ecommerce business model and how it works. Tune in to hear us discuss the right and wrong way to drive traffic and why their business is such a success.

    How they got their start during the “wild west” period of Ecommerce.
    How to structure your business when you get paid “per page reads”.
    The Right Way and The Wrong Way to drive traffic.
    Building an algorithm-proof business.
    The “right” types of books.
    Delayed profitability and building your back-catalogue.
    How Joe and Mike are planning their eventual exit.
    The four pillars of value.

    Joe: One of the cool things about what we do, Mark, is that we’re exposed to so many different business models. There are a million ways to make a living both on and offline. You can do all sorts of things offline, but online, it’s not just writing content and producing affiliate revenues or building a brand and selling it on Shopify or e-commerce or building on a SaaS business. And we have the luxury and privilege of talking to so many people and learning what they do and how they do it and how they make money. There’s not just one model for everyone. And you had Joe and Mike Brusca, is that how you pronounce the last name?
    Mark: I believe so.
    Joe: On building an Amazon publishing business to sell. And, I talked to somebody a year or so ago that did a similar thing and wanted to sell. And unfortunately, folks, he didn’t have his numbers together. He didn’t have any financials. He just had a lot of high-level details and it’s not something we thought we could sell because we want to protect both the buyer and the seller. In this case, these guys were doing a very similar thing; building out a lot of content through actually having books published and earning revenue off of that. How did that call go?
    Mark: It was fascinating. I mean like you said, we get the chance to see different people’s business models and look they made no allusions to anything other than the fact that they are looking to build this business and eventually sell it, which is where it became a really interesting conversation for me to have. There are so many different business models out there and we know most of them that exist, right? There’s SaaS, there’s content, there’s drop shipping and e-commerce in general but what they’ve started is a publishing business and leveraging a different part of Amazon, which is really how Amazon got to start and that is their publishing and selling of books. We dug into what that business model looks like; how are they making money from selling Amazon Books and primarily, this is where their difference is, right? They’re not just selling books for the face value of $10 to download this Kindle book but they’re utilizing Kindle Free Time, which is an Amazon-specific program that’s generating, frankly, quite a bit of money. In fact, they mentioned the best month so far is $25,000 in a single month of revenue for content that once it’s built, it’s built and it’s ready to go and their back catalog perpetuates itself.
    Joe: That’s called cash flow folks. If you’re building a product business, you’re constantly putting money in inventory as the business grows. That’s a beautiful model.
    Mark: These guys are classic Internet entrepreneurs. They’ve sold a few dropship businesses in the past. They have some other e-commerce businesses that they’re building to sell as well. So if anything else, this is just a fascinating conversation about building a business that maybe you don’t know exists out there. I didn’t really know much about this and I’ll confess after this I spent about half an hour researching what the top bo

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    Priceline’s Former Controller Talks About the Three Pillars of eCommerce with Matthew DeWald

    Priceline’s Former Controller Talks About the Three Pillars of eCommerce with Matthew DeWald

    Reading Time: 23 minutesDuring this episode of Quiet Light, we talk to the former Controller of Priceline about TACOS and the three pillars of e-commerce.
    Tune in to hear on discussion on these topics and more.

    How working in accounting led Matthew to where he is today.
    The three pillars of ecommerce:

    Inventory management.
    Website management.

    Assessing your sales.
    Managing the core elements of your business.
    Tracking customers.
    Keeping an eye on the value of your inventory.
    Why commingling expenses is harmful.

    Mark:             Joe, we’ve been kicking out these podcasts on a weekly basis. We talk about a lot of different things on these podcasts; everything from inventory management to how to work with suppliers to SaaS metrics that you should be looking at. And this week, you talked to the former controller of Priceline; a very smart guy, worked a long time at KPMG as well and you guys talked about TACoS.
    Joe:                Yeah, it’s total advertising costs for those…
    Mark:             It’s not the crunchy tacos?
    Joe:                Not crunchy. No. We might have mentioned that, but not in detail, yes.
    Mark:             Okay. All right, so you talked about TACoS, but you guys were specifically talking about three pillars of e-commerce. Now, we love pillars here at Quiet Light Brokerage. We have the four pillars of value, which we talk about quite a bit, a simple mechanism to understand what influences the value of an online business; risk, growth, transferability, and documentation. He has the three pillars of an e-commerce business, which are three areas that you should really be focusing on that build up an e-commerce business. You guys went into detail on it, which included tacos, but not the yummy kind.
    Joe:                Right. Yeah, so these are his pillars. He came up with them. I asked him, what do you look at first when you work with a new client? What Matthew does now is CFO advisory services. So he’s a fractional CFO if you will. We met at a local mentoring facility here in Davidson, North Carolina; it’s part of Davidson College. And I introduced him to a client of ours, somebody that I’m not going to mention his name because of the details and we chose not to mention the name in the podcast, but somebody that sold the business for 7,000 and then his next one was 20, his next one was 220, his next one was just under 9 million, and his next goal is to sell a business for a hundred million. So when I met Matthew I saw him do a presentation on fractional CFO services; a very referral based business that he had done on a website and I thought, you know what, he should talk to this particular individual. The individual liked him so much that he ended up flipping from a paid per service to a piece of the pie for the eventual sale of his business. He wrote to me, hey, buddy, I can’t thank you enough for the intro to Matt. It’s so great to work with him and he really became one of the most important people at my company. Without him, I would be lost. No joke. So Matthew went through these three pillars and what he talks about. And it’s not just a total number-crunching geek type of thing. It’s looking at number analysis across your business; across your e-commerce business. And it was really interesting to see, especially from a guy that comes from Priceline, which is obviously an e-commerce business, but not where you’ve got a physical product. It’s more affiliate digital. So it’s fascinating and hopefully, the people that listen to this that get all the way through to the end are going to start to understand the importance of some of the things that you and I talk about all the time. But it’s not for us this time. It’s from somebody that was a vice president contro

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    Persevering Through a Painful Exit with Brian Lejeune and Janine Do

    Persevering Through a Painful Exit with Brian Lejeune and Janine Do

    Reading Time: 33 minutesToday’s episode is another show about incredible exits. We got the chance to speak with Brian Lejeune and Janine Do. They chat with us about their intensely difficult exit and the challenges they faced.
    Tune in to hear our chat with Brian and Janine about their experiences as entrepreneurs.

    Brian’s typical entrepreneurial journey.
    How Janine’s parents influenced her career.
    When they started to see sales.
    Why you shouldn’t get stuck on branding on packaging.
    Why there are no excuses for working less.
    When to consider the exit process.
    Why Mastermind groups are important.
    How much Brian and Janine made on their exit.
    Logic over emotion.
    How their level-headed nature was key to their success.
    Their emotional response to their exit.

    Mark:       All right Joe, I know that Jason Yellowitz sold your business. I actually sold Jason’s business before he came on board as a broker at Quiet Light Brokerage. I often referred to the story of selling Jason’s business to potential sellers to explain that sometimes when you’re in the process of selling and getting closer to that closing date, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And that happened with Jason’s business. His business that he was selling these baby gates and dog gates. It had the worst three day period of sales in its history and of course, the buyers started freaking out; understandably so. This happens with deals sometimes when you’re in that due diligence period where all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and you kind of have to figure out what’s going on. I know you just went through an incredibly painful exit with a client who had that sort of scenario but it worked out.
    Joe:          Yeah, and it wasn’t painful for me necessarily because I’m at arm’s length so it was okay but, Janine, I think stopped eating at one point. It was that incredibly painful. I remember I was at eCommerceFuel down in Fort Worth this year and we were about to close and something went wrong. And I don’t want to give the details away here in the intro because you’ve got to listen to this. What could have gone wrong; went wrong and to the nth level; this is like deal killer, account close, things are over kind of gone wrong but Brian and Janine; the owners of the business, remained level-headed. Even though, like when I called him from the ECF event trying to cheer him up and like, hey, how’s it going today? We got over this hurdle and I could hear it in his voice something else happened. Like he was kicked when he was down on this second hurdle that we had to get over and it was incredibly painful. That aside, these two are incredible people. They are pharmacists by trade. Janine has her PhD and she comes from a family with six children, five of the six have Ph.D. They’re immigrants. They lived in the projects in Roxbury, Massachusetts and it’s just an incredible story all around; incredible story, incredible exit, incredibly painful with light at the end of the tunnel. And they’re actually now under LOI buying another business so it’s a full story. They launched another brand, another business before they closed this transaction and so they’re already generating another income stream and now they found an opportunity where they’re under LOI buying another business. And that’s really within 60 days of closing the last transaction so it’s an incredible story all around.
    Mark:       That’s fantastic. Let’s get to it.
    Joe:          Hey, folks. Joe Valley here from Quiet Light Brokerage and we’ve got another Incredible Exits episode here. We’ve got Brian and Janine Lejeune on the call. Welcome, guys. How are you?
    Janine:    Good. How are you, Joe?
    Brian:      Very good, Joe.
    Joe:          Now, listen, we normally call this Incredible Exits but I wa

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    Writing Press Releases for Ecommerce Businesses with Norm Farrar

    Writing Press Releases for Ecommerce Businesses with Norm Farrar

    Reading Time: 23 minutesOn today’s episode, we talk with return guest, Norm Farrar, about moving into the world of PR. Norm loves to create standard operating procedures for even the simplest of tasks, but finds that it streamlines life significantly.He owns a company called PR Reach and uses various SOP’s to run his business. Today, we discuss how to get more organic traffic through PR.
    Tune in to hear our discussion with Norm.

    Norm’s experience with Ecommerce.
    Why his company still does press releases.
    The benefits of a press release for Amazon sellers.
    The importance of consistent press releases.
    The popularity of his webinars.
    Blogging and keyword stuffing.
    Brands for which PR works best.
    What to do when your keywords drop in ranking.
    Checking in on competitors.

    Mark:       For a long time, Joe, I had a number one podcast recording that we’ve done on our list of all time. It was with Shakil Prasla and so I thought I would have a reprise and I would bring back Shakil and it didn’t do as well. I mean it’s still a really good episode and I recommend people listen to it. It was on how to hire CEOs. Your challenger to my number one episode back then; I know that you have the number one right now, but your challenger was Norm Farrar, who had an amazing story, and you brought him back on to talk about moving into the PR world and over the traditional world.
    Joe:          Yeah. Let’s just get it clear that a long time as in your case, it was, what, two or three days. So in your world, that’s a long time. But in the rest of the world, that’s not very long at all. Shakil Prasla, a great guy, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, folks, please do. Shakil is a longtime friend of Quiet Light’s and just a good all-round human being. But yeah, Norm Farrar came on to talk about SOPs. Who would have thought that the audience would have gravitated so much to SOPs? And Norm is in the top 10 for a long time. He had SOPs on how to make coffee. He has SOPs on how to create SOPs; SOPs for VAs to hire other VAs. It was very, very thorough, made his life and the ability to run multiple businesses much, much easier. And Norm is an old school type of individual. He helps a lot of eight-figure Amazon sellers and seven-figure Amazon sellers with a third prong approach to rankings. The first being, people do sponsored ads, second, a lot of folks do search, find dime, many chat, things of that where you get into a little gray or blacked out stuff. But Norm does PR for a lot of folks. He owns a company called PR Reach and he finds that the third approach really helps when somebody has a listing that’s doing incredibly well and somehow gets hit by competition and the organic ranking start to fall. And they go on to on a monthly subscription to do PR work to keep that organic ranking up. And he finds that it works with social media influencers; they reach out to social media influencers to get links and even online magazines and news outlets as well. It’s a great story, great information, and it’s a bit of throwback. People think, hey, this is an online world, online business, we shouldn’t; we don’t need PR, but it definitely works and Norm talks about it quite a bit in the podcast.
    Mark:       You know, I think this whole idea of PR, especially from a buyer standpoint, is really important because when you buy a business, there’s so many opportunities in that first year or two years for PR opportunities to be able to go out and get some really good juicy links, help out the SEO get some natural exposure and get that ROI back up. So it’s an exciting and very relevant topic to be talking about for anyone who’s looking to buy a business or recently has bought a business, use that, and use all the changes that you’re making to get PR. Let’s listen to what Norm has to sa

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4.8 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Walker's Disciple ,

Great Source of Education

Wanted to give a big shout out to Joe Valley, Mark Daoust, and the rest of the team at Quiet Light Brokerage.

As a buyer, I’m not a big fan of brokers in general but this team is phenomenal.

They really focus on educating both sellers and buyers before even focusing on closing sales.

I look forward to each and everyone of the podcasts. They are always so informative, actionable, and motivating.

Keep up the great work!

csvalue ,

Legit, pratical advice on buying and selling businesses

Quiet Light knows their stuff. Joe and Mark are straight up guys who openly share what it's like to buy and sell online businesses. Great interviews and insights from behind the scenes of the broker world.

Ry Reed ,

Great for any entrepreneur or buyer!

Fun and totally actionable information. I have actually hired vendors that have been interviewed on these podcasts that I would not have otherwise heard of, much less engaged professionally. Thanks guys - keep sending great content!

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