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The Real Estate Syndication Show is a 7-day-a-week podcast where Whitney Sewell interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the commercial real estate business. The show was created to help every active investor learn how the syndication business works, improve their business and help passive investors understand where to invest when wanting to diversify into real estate.

The Real Estate Syndication Show Whitney Sewell

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The Real Estate Syndication Show is a 7-day-a-week podcast where Whitney Sewell interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the commercial real estate business. The show was created to help every active investor learn how the syndication business works, improve their business and help passive investors understand where to invest when wanting to diversify into real estate.

    WS1617: The Secret to Break Through in Real Estate Investing | #Highlights

    WS1617: The Secret to Break Through in Real Estate Investing | #Highlights

    In this #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with Charlie Stevenson and Jay Helms. Charlie and his wife are passionate about traveling and a leap of faith led them to where they are now – real estate syndications. Find out Charlie’s secret that helped him break through in real estate.

    Jay also takes us back to the first property he and his wife bought. It was their first big, scary step into real estate. They were living paycheck to paycheck then and it felt like they were taking the biggest plunge of their lives. Like Charlie, Jay had something that helped him get past that first scary step into real estate. Listen now to discover their secret to breaking through in real estate investing!

    Key Points From This Episode: 
    Charlie shares his background before his breakthrough into real estate.What Charlie and his wife learned from being landlords.Charlie got into syndication to gain economies of scale and leverage the systems they built.How did they learn the process of getting into syndications?Adding value to the operators they learned from through authenticity, candid communication, and complementary skills.The issues when exploring new markets and how they overcame.Jay’s initial background in real estate investing.Why Jay believes that the first scary steps should always continue to happen.How Jay and his wife arrived at a mutual decision to take their initial biggest plunge in investing despite the fear of bankruptcy.Jay’s tips on how to break through the first scary step of real estate investing.

    “A really important inflection point for us was attending a conference.” —Charlie Stevenson

    “Those first scary steps should always continue to happen.” —Jay Helms

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    Akras Capital website
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    Jay Helms on LinkedIn
    W2 Capitalist website
    WS1377: Overcoming Fear of Real Estate Investing | Jay Helms

    About Charlie Stevenson
    Charlie, together with his wife, Kristina, co-founded Akras Capital. Their mission is to help people achieve freedom, breaking free from the constraints of money, time, and unfulfilling jobs. Having worked for a decade in corporate America as Investment Portfolio Managers and Product Directors, Kristina and Charlie no longer felt inspired by their day-to-day lives, earning salaries and living according to their career tracks. So, they quit and took off for Asia and Europe, exploring 30+ countries. This freedom was fueled by the passive income they’ve generated renting their home in Boston. After founding Akras Capital, they’ve directed it to produce this same freedom to others.

    About Jay Helms
    Jay Helms is an Amazon #1 best-selling author. He has been featured twice on BusinessInsider.com, and is the founder of the W2 Capitalist, a mastermind community for aspiring and experienced real estate investors. Jay now owns over a million dollars in real estate assets and escaped the rat race after just 6 years of side hustling in real estate investing. Knowing that closing on the first deal is the biggest hurdle and mental roadblock for new investors, Jay has a goal to help one million people create multiple streams of income, achieve financial freedom, or build legacy wealth through real estate investing. When their family of five is not traveling the country, Jay and his wife, Cassie, reside in Gulf Breeze, FL with their three kids.

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    WS1616: Find Great Opportunities in Different Niches | #Highlights

    WS1616: Find Great Opportunities in Different Niches | #Highlights

    In this #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with The Prolific Investor, Chris Odegard and Cashflow Ninja, M.C. Laubscher. Chris talks about conventional versus alternative investments and the pros and cons of conventional and alternative investments. 
    M.C. speaks on cash flow investing strategies in specific niches that people rarely discuss. Consider adding these niches because they are recession-proof and provide balance in your portfolio. Tune in and start thinking out of the box!

    Key Points From This Episode: 
    Chris shares how he got into the real estate business and became a prolific investor.What are conventional and alternative investments?How can you move from being a conventional investor to an alternative one?Chris elaborates on how to use your 401k to invest in alternative options like real estate or notes.What is an in-service transfer?What are the pros and cons of alternative investments?How to get conventional investors to invest in your syndications.Chris talks about his hierarchy of investors.M.C. talks about different cash flow niches.Know about agricultural niches, specifically timber and teak.Why do many wealthy and successful people invest in agricultural niches?Know about technological niches like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.Know about the hospitality niche.
    “So, everything that’s publicly traded – stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, those are conventional investments. Everything else is alternatives.” –Chris Odegard

    “My line and my focus has been people — finding the greatest people in different niches, learning and studying everything that I can, and immersing myself into a space before I invest my money there.” –M.C. Laubscher

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
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    The Prolific Investor website
    WS1090: Conventional vs. Alternative Investments with Chris Odegard
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    WS1129: Cash-Flow Investing Strategies for Different Niches with M.C. Laubscher

    About Chris Odegard
    The Prolific Investor is Chris Odegard. Chris is an average guy who had a white-collar job in the corporate world and followed the only thing he knew for decades, conventional wisdom and conventional investments. This worked relatively well until 2009 when he experienced an illiquidity event where he lost 55% of his assets and thousands of dollars per month in cash flow. Then, Chris read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, and his mind was opened to a different type of investing, investing in real assets and private deals mostly insulated from the volatility, risk, and taxation of the stock market. In just nine years, Chris recouped the 55% he had lost and multiplied it many times over and now shares his experience and knowledge with you through this alternative investment blog.

    About M.C. Laubscher
    M.C. Laubscher is the creator and host of the top-rated business and investing podcast on Itunes, Cashflow Ninja and also the President & Chief Wealth & Investment Strategist of Producers Wealth.
    M.C. Laubscher grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Economics and a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from the University of South Africa.  M.C. is Grant Cardone Certified Coach and an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner and member of the Nelson Nash Institute.

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    WS1615: How to Mitigate Risks in Investing | Dani Beit-Or

    WS1615: How to Mitigate Risks in Investing | Dani Beit-Or

    Investing is an excellent way to grow your wealth over time, but it can also come with risks. As an investor, it's important to understand that there's no such thing as a completely risk-free investment. However, there are strategies that you can use to mitigate those uncertainties and increase your chances of success. 

    Simply Do It Real Estate Investments founder, Dani Beit-Or, talks to us about the most effective ways to mitigate risks in investing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, his insights can help you gain informed investment decisions.
    Key Points From This Episode: 
    What are some strategies and things he found most effective to be successful in the current market? How does he define ‘normal’ in the market? As a veteran investor, what investing methods did he follow before?What are his best tips for mitigating real estate risk?How should investors ensure that they are prepared for a downturn? What’s his best source for meeting new investors right now?What are some of the most important metrics that he tracks?How does he give back to the community? 
    “Let the pros come in and use that opportunity.”

    “A lot of the beginners are sitting down on the sidelines and watching the veterans and want to say, ‘Hey, obviously I'm sensing there's an opportunity here.”

    “Seller agents are now learning to work a little bit harder for the commission as they should.”

    “Sellers are starting to get to the point that they don't put the house in on Friday, and get multiple offers by the end of the weekend. And that's good, that's healthy.”

    “We're seeing a lot of people scaling down from flips. That actually means an opportunity for people who know what they're doing to step in and find that flipping opportunity.”

    “If you buy quality property in a good neighborhood, in a growing market, you will probably continue to enjoy a demand for that piece of property from future buyers and future renters.”

    “If you buy quality, hold it long term, you will very likely increase your hedging against the downturn, meaning you're already in a place that has chances to, to appreciate.”

    “Why panic and sell? You're not executing a loss, right? So just weather the storm, be patient. And it's easier to weather the storm when it's a quality [property].”

    “Give it time. It will probably do very well for you. Just be patient.”

    “It's really finding what fits into your lifestyle more than if this one is giving you $100 more in cash flow.”

    “The best generating source is my clients. I try to make sure that every client that I work with becomes not just a happy client, but an ambassador.”

    Link Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Simply Do It website
    Dani Beit-Or on Facebook
    Dani Beit-Or on LinkedIn
    No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy

    About Dani Beit-Or
    Dani Beit-Or is the founder of Simply Do It Real Estate Investments. He has been a real estate investor since 2002 and since then have personally purchased multiple properties and have consulted thousands of investors. He leads hundreds of investors with hundreds of real estate property transactions in 8+ real estate metro areas.

    Dani earned a degree in Industrial Management from Coventry University.

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    WS1614: Grow Your Passive Investments to Leave Your W2 Job | Victor Leite

    WS1614: Grow Your Passive Investments to Leave Your W2 Job | Victor Leite

    There is power in taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone. In this episode, Victor Leite talks about leaving his full-time job in healthcare to pursue his passion for real estate investing. He shares how he has acquired and managed over $30 million worth of multifamily assets and generated enough passive income to achieve financial freedom. 
    Listen in as Victor also speaks about how the multifamily deal was a success with the help of experience, confidence, and a careful approach to underwriting and finding the right team. Tune in now and also get tips on what questions you should ask your operators so you know they’re the right fit for you!

    Key Points From This Episode: 
    Victor‘s backstory about his personal life and why he left the American Dream and pursued real estate.How did Victor and his wife transition their focus and skill sets to multifamily space?The importance of not just figuring out what you want to do but figuring out where you want to end up.Victor talks about his first multifamily deal, how he found it, and how he raised money for it.What gave Victor the confidence to move into a large multifamily deal and know that he will be successful?Questions passive investors can ask to ensure that the operator they are investing with has the right team for their projects.Victor’s predictions for the real estate market in the next 6, 12, and 18 months.How is Victor prepared for a possible big downturn?Victor’s biggest source for meeting new investors.The important metrics that Victor track.
    “You reached that level of American Dream that everybody's in search of. But five years plus into it, working private practice 60 hour plus long work weeks, overnight on call dealing with the medical business world, it just started taking a toll on me. You felt this burnout coming, you felt the stress coming.” -  Victor Leite

    “In real estate, it's a place that anyone can get started and could reach some form or some level of financial freedom.” -  Victor Leite

    “Everybody's trying to figure out what they want to do, how they want to do it, but they never figure out where they want to end up. Where is your outcome-driven goals? And you need to start at your outcome-driven goals, and work your way backwards and focusing on prioritizing the do's, the don'ts, the defers and then the dumps. You have to figure out that plan.” -  Victor Leite

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Twenty-Five Eight Capital Website
    Twenty-Five Eight Capital on Facebook
    Twenty-Five Eight Capital on LinkedIn
    Twenty-Five Eight Capital on Instagram
    Twenty-Five Eight Capital on TikTok
    Passive Income Brothers Podcast on YouTube

    About Victor Leite
    Victor Leite is one of the founder of Twenty-Five Eight Capital, a real estate investment company focusing on multifamily syndication.  

    Victor attended the George Washington University School of Medicine, and has been practicing clinicians for over 13 years. Through real estate, he has been able to generate enough passive income to leave his full time W2 jobs in healthcare. He now enjoy spending his past time raising his two kids in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has a passion for helping other busy professionals attain the same level of freedom in their own lives.

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    WS1613: Running a Wholesaling Business Model | Kyle McCorkel

    WS1613: Running a Wholesaling Business Model | Kyle McCorkel

    Wholesaling properties is a lucrative way for investors to quickly acquire properties with little capital. However, it may not be for everyone because it requires sound knowledge of the market, strong negotiation skills, and a network of potential buyers. However, some investors’ success in the field serves as an inspiration for many.

    Safe Home Offer owner, Kyle McCorkel, shares with us how he became a full-time real estate professional with a focus on wholesaling after serving a decade in the consultancy industry. Josh McAllen of syndication company Accountable Equity sits in for Life Bridge Capital’s Whitney Sewell as host in this episode.
    Key Points From This Episode: 
    Why did he make a move from a consulting role to a real estate career?How does his website fit into his ecosystem? How important is full radical transparency in his business?How much does he spend each month on marketing?What is his long-term goal?How does he manage a property once he buys it?What is his basic targeting strategy?How much does he invest in his virtual team?  Tweetables: 
    “Passive income will be great. So eventually, that got me started on real estate. I started buying some of my own properties in 2015.”

    “I then started with buy and hold. Then I started flipping and then I started wholesaling. So I think the reason that that happened that way for me is because I was just always looking for deals.”

    “I started finding good deals, and my only strategy was to buy them and hold.”

    “So right now I just do like an overall portfolio snapshot. And I'll say, this is the amount we made in the portfolio this month. I think it helps to keep me accountable to my audience out there.”

    “There's another entity that's the wholesaling entity that actually feeds deals into the buy and hold.”

    “I'm very analytical on the wholesaling side as well.”

    “In the past four years since I've been marketing very heavily, I've gotten even more kind of fine tuned.”

    “We're trying to go bigger. But the biggest we've done so far is like a four- or five-unit property.”

    “I've been wholesaling a lot more, the kind of the percentage of deals that I'm wholesaling has been more like 80% over the last 12 months.”

    Link Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Kyle McCorkel on Twitter
    Real Life Rentals

    About Kyle McCorkel
    Kyle McCorkel worked as a process improvement consultant for ten years, traveling 90 percent of the time. The fast-paced lifestyle allowed him to work with various organizations throughout the United States. After starting a family, he shifted to real estate, buying rental properties in 2015 before going full-time in 2019. He started his wholesaling business in 2021. He now focuses on buy and hold, flipping, and wholesaling as the owner of the Greater Harrisburg Area-based real estate investing company Safe Home Offer.

    Kyle earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University.

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    WS1612: Vetting Sponsors and Leaping to Passive Investment | Isaac Satten

    WS1612: Vetting Sponsors and Leaping to Passive Investment | Isaac Satten

    Ensuring your sponsor’s values align with yours and they are putting your best interest as an investor are the key points you should consider and are the most important. Today’s guest, Isaac Satten, shares his experience vetting sponsors and leaping into passive investment. He also shares his current reverse engineering goal and how passive income has helped him create core memories with his family and make significant changes in his career.

    We also delve into his learning process, how long it took him to deploy his capital, when he started listening to podcasts, and how it helped him set up his financial life. Tune in now and learn how passive investment has allowed him to achieve this work-life balance! Don’t miss it!

    Key Points From This Episode: 
    Isaac shares who he is and what he does in his day job.Isaac’s story on how he got started in multifamily investment and syndication and his portfolio.How long did it take for Isaac to deploy his capital from his learning process and when did he start listening to podcasts?What was going through Isaac’s mind when he got a hold of sponsors?Isaac talks about what’s on his mind after receiving his first Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and how long it was.How many syndications is Isaac in now?Isaac’s metric or system in dividing which asset class he’s going into.Why is it important for Isaac to look for his sponsor’s materials and communication?Isaac explains what reverse engineering goal he’s currently working on right now.How passive income helps Isaac make core memories with his family and make big changes in his career.Isaac’s secret on how he keeps track of of many different syndications.Isaac’s advice to new investors about where they should start. Isaac’s advice for advanced investors and what he suggests them to press into and pursue. 
    “I have these vivid memories of just consuming hours and hours and hours of podcasts content, of course, finding my way to the BiggerPockets forums, reading as many blog posts as I can.” - Isaac Satten
    “The goal was just to see kind of a sizable cash flow come in month over month and transform both my personal portfolio but then also what influence can that have on my lifestyle.” - Isaac Satten
    “I think the thing that stands out to me are the sponsors who actually want to get to know me and understand what my motivation is for investing. If they're really good, they'll be able to zero in on my concerns pretty quickly.” - Isaac Satten
    “In terms of diversification, I'm still attracted to the physical diversification across the country, but I think I'm getting more comfortable with when you have those good jockeys, you stick with them. I think that's really important, finding the sponsors that you trust that are going to do right by the investors no matter what.” - Isaac Satten
    “I think just because this particular deal says they're going to have the highest prep or the highest IRR, and the shortest amount of sale period, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best deal. You have to dig deeper, and maybe at the point where you're okay with the sponsors, who are saying, hey, you know, this is more of a realistic picture. If you can hit the realistic picture versus maybe get to the ideal situation, I'll take that realistic picture every single time.” - Isaac Satten

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    The Family Board Meeting Book
    Isaac Satten on LinkedIn
    Millionaires Unveiled Podcast

    About Isaac Satten
    Isaac Satten is the Director of Client Communications for IBISWorld. 

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
288 Ratings

288 Ratings

Dan Frey REI ,

An Essential Passive Investing Resource

The Real Estate Syndication Show has been an essential resource for me. It has been one of the foundational educational platforms that has increased my knowledge and confidence in investing passively. It ultimately led to me getting started with a couple guests who Whitney interviewed and asked inquisitive questions to reveal the syndicators' motives, values, and what drives them to succeed in their life, business, and for being a great steward of their investors' capital.

BBRock7 ,

Amazing Show!

Love this daily show! I’ve learned so much from Whitney and his guests. This is definitely a “Go To” podcast for my daily/weekly knowledge of all things real estate investing.

PaigeBPodcasting ,

Great Show!

This show is chock full of amazing content, stories and lessons to learn. Each guest has an interesting story and advice to share. Highly recommend this show!

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