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Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

The Resilient Recruiter Recruitment Coach Mark Whitby

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Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

    How Small Executive Search Firms Can Triumph Over their Bigger Competitors, with Bob Kondal

    How Small Executive Search Firms Can Triumph Over their Bigger Competitors, with Bob Kondal

    Are you a small executive search firm striving to stand out among large competitors in the industry? Fear not, for opportunities abound for those who dare to innovate and differentiate. While larger firms may wield extensive resources and brand recognition, small firms possess agility, adaptability, and personalized services that can be leveraged as competitive advantages in the ever-evolving recruitment landscape.
    I am excited to share this episode with special guest, Bob Kondal, a top-performing headhunter in Private Equity and Private Credit. This episode is packed with behind-the-scenes stories from twenty years of experience in recruitment that you don’t want to miss!
    Bob and I touched upon relevant topics such as winning clients as a small firm, storytelling in business, prepping for client meetings, MPC marketing, diversity, and how we achieves a 100% offer to job accepted ratio - that’s right, zero turn-downs. 
    Episode Outline And Highlights [02:36] Rocky start – Bob’s first recruiting job at Huxley Associates; how he progressed from being on the verge of quitting to becoming the top biller
    [08:42] Bob’s journey from recruiting to equity trading to starting his own search firm 
    [10:50] Challenges and successes: Bob’s milestones as a solo search firm owner
    [14:27] How to shift client’s misconception that working with the bigger search firms will yield better results  
    [19:30] How to use superior performance metrics as a selling point
    [23:07] Storytelling in business: How to pitch against larger firms and win
    [30:01] Prepping for a client meeting
    [33:18] Memorizing teams: Bob shares why and how he memorized teams 
    [40:06] Execution: Bob's process that allows him to achieve zero job turn-downs
    [44:55] Opportunistic introduction: How often Bob uses MPC marketing to spark conversation with potential clients 
    [50:29] The trend toward Diversity in private equity and private capital recruitment
    [51:32] Discussion on “Thinking Fast and Slow” 
    [1:00:09] Investing in your copywriting skills and Bob’s book recommendation 
    [1:01:34] Why Bob practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and how it applies to the world of recruitment
    4 Ways to Stand Out From the Competition and Win New Business as a Small Firm
    Bob goes to great lengths to stand out from the competition. He believes that so many recruiters are looking for a quick fee, with little regard for the long-term results, and do not spend enough time understanding candidates or the employer they are representing. 
    He describes 4 different strategies he uses to stand out and stay at the top of our game.
    The power of storytelling:  Bob attributes their high interview acceptance rates and minimal drop-offs to the clarity of their approach. Instead of simply sending job listings, he advocates engaging candidates through a 30-45 minute discussion about their career. 
    Getting market research and execution right: You only need two things in search: research and execution to help you as an organization achieve zero turn-downs and maintain a competitive edge. This enhances attention to detail, which not only wins business but also cultivates stronger client relationships and satisfaction.
    Prepping for client meetings: One of Bob's key insights around client meetings is how extensively he prepares.  In addition, he runs the meeting quite differently to other recruiters, for example asking about their investment philosophy.
    Memorizing teams: Bob explains that the client, as a search headhunter, wants to know if you, as a recruiter, know their market inside out. During Covid, Bob set himself a challenge to memorize whole teams, including where they went to university, what they studied and what grade they achieved.

    Like me, you will admire Bob's refreshing, proactive, responsive, and highly professional approaches and how he delivers service to his clients. 
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    How to Turn Your Recruitment Podcast into a Profit Machine, with Mike Richards

    How to Turn Your Recruitment Podcast into a Profit Machine, with Mike Richards

     Are you looking for innovative ways to elevate your recruitment firm's brand and solidify its presence in the industry? Podcasting might be the game-changer you haven’t tapped into yet.
    In today's episode, we explore the powerful impact podcasting can have as a branding tool in the competitive recruitment industry. Our guest, Mike Richards, CEO & Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company and host of the successful Treasury Career Corner podcast, shares his journey and provides a blueprint for podcasting to strengthen your brand's reach, authority, and engagement. 
    Tune in for actionable tips, inspiring success stories, and strategic insights on effectively utilizing podcasting to highlight your recruitment brand and deepen your connection with your audience. Whether you’re new to podcasting or looking to refine your approach, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways to help your recruitment firm stand out.
    Episode Outline And Highlights  
    [01:51] Mike’s background and what he does in the finance recruiting 
    [02:56] How Mike got into the recruitment space
    [04:31] Mike's highs and lows as a founder in the treasury recruiting space since 2002
    [07:20] 3 Lessons Mike has learned from over 20 years of building a resilient business 
    [09:40] Measures Mike has in place to ensure he doesn’t put his business at risk by overspending when he is doing well. 
    [11:26] Mike’s settlement period and how he makes sure he gets paid without ruffling too many feathers 
    [15:03] Policies to encourage prompt payment within the guaranteed period 
    [17:55] How much Mike has implemented from Profits First book
    [20:28] When Mike started the Global Salary Survey, they systemized it and how it works
    [24:45] How Mike uses Global Salary Survey for marketing purposes
    [28:48] How data empowers the provision of market insights and intelligence to your clients
    [29:43] What inspired Mike to launch his podcast and the keys to his success
    [34:29] Mike's podcast strategy and how his podcast has spanned off to other opportunities
    [43:42] How Mike manages the cashflow issues and the cost of running his podcast events
    [47:28] What Mike is doing in marketing that is working well for his company 
    [49:33] Mike's techniques for leveraging social media for his business 
    [53:46] Marketing engine: Getting in front of people who are interested in your offer
    Drivers of Success For Your Recruitment Business Mike and I discussed his recruitment company, Treasury Recruitment Company, which is a truly global treasury recruitment firm established in 2002. It specializes in global treasury recruitment and supports both permanent and interim assignments, giving its clients greater flexibility and choice. The company boasts a track record of successfully placing candidates at all levels, from corporate treasury to analysts and directors and across various sectors from multinationals to consultancies.
    During our discussion, Mike shares three invaluable lessons gleaned from over two decades in the recruitment industry, each contributing to the resilience and success of his business. 
    Firstly, he emphasized the importance of prudent cash flow management. Mike highlighted the tendency of many recruitment firms to overlook the economics of their spending when they are doing well, leading to potential pitfalls such as imprudent trips, expansion, or investments.
    Secondly, he underscored the necessity of closely looking at and monitoring your finances, income, and expenses and ensuring the fuel gauges are topped up for smooth operations. 
    Lastly, Mike stressed the interconnectedness of these lessons, emphasizing that financial health is the lifeblood of any business and that careful attention to cash flow, income, and expenditure is fundamental to long-term success.
    The Role of Podcasting in Recruitment Branding  
    Using podcasting to grow your recruitment business revo

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    TRR Bitesize #001 LinkedIn for Business Development

    TRR Bitesize #001 LinkedIn for Business Development

    Mike is a firm believer that you can win clients through LinkedIn. You will hear an amazing story about how Mike received an inbound enquiry from a VP of HR at a billion-dollar company because of a story he posted on LinkedIn. That senior executive became a client, and gave Mike a lot of repeat business, which might never have happened without that LinkedIn post. 
    Mike also shared how consistent posting helps build a “continued relationship” with potential leads that you may have a cold called before. Here are things that you will find insightful in this section of the episode:
    Why consistent posting can win your clients in the long run. Overcoming fear and imposter syndrome when posting LinkedIn content. How to generate ideas for your LinkedIn content.  -----------------------
    Follow Mike Williams on LinkedIn: 
    Carnegie Partners website link
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    How Recruiters Can Help Clients Achieve Employer Branding Success, with Bryan Adams

    How Recruiters Can Help Clients Achieve Employer Branding Success, with Bryan Adams

    Effective employer branding is not just about attracting candidates but also about retaining existing employees. A positive work environment and reputation increase employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. As a recruiter, how can you partner with your client companies to achieve employer branding objectives?
    To answer this question, I am delighted to have a very special guest, Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, an award-winning employer branding agency with offices in Liverpool, London, San Diego, and Auckland. Bryan shares insights and strategies on creating an effective storytelling framework to apply this branding philosophy: repel the many and compel the few.
    Bryan helps his clients define their essence as a company, both in its uniqueness and what it stands for, and then crafts and aligns those aspirations with the people his clients are looking to attract. They’ve worked with famous brands such as Apple and Nike.  He is also a two-time best-selling author. His latest book is Give & Get:Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose, and Belonging. He has written for the Harvard Business Review, Inc.com, the Entrepreneur magazine, and has been featured in Forbes. 
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:22] How Bryan launched his branding agency.
    [05:45] DIscussion on employer branding and the philosophy of attracting the right people.
    [13:01] Roadmap in helping your client attract the right people.
    [18:02] What are the components of a good employer brand?
    [27:41] Bryan gives us key stories from his book, Give & Get Employer Branding.
    [30:36] What mistakes do companies make concerning employer branding?
    [37:31] How can recruiters partner with their client companies in achieving the objectives of employer branding? 
    [43:00] Book recommendations and references on storytelling.
    [48:10] Employer branding case studies on small to medium-sized businesses.
    Repel the Many and Compel the Few - A Guide on Employer Branding
    Recruiters are ambassadors of their clients. Understanding the employer brand of the company they represent is crucial to attracting the right candidates. Effective employer branding is critical for attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. It goes beyond just salary and benefits; it encompasses the company's values, culture, work environment, opportunities for growth, and overall employee experience. 
    Contrary to the notion that the correct branding should attract as many candidates as possible, Bryan believes that doing it right should only compel a few, well-screened candidates. He said:
    “And it's interesting still in a recent survey, 70% of employer brand leaders still cite an increase in volume of applicants and traffic to their career site as a success metric when delivering an employer brand. I've never met a TA leader, a talent attraction leader who just wants more applicants, more noise, more admin, and more work to get to the people who are ideally matched.”
    Bryan shared case studies of corporations and small-medium businesses they worked with and how the right employer branding worked well to find the right people. Bryan pretty much defined the right approach to branding when he said “The idea is, if you're confident and clear enough to know your culture and what it takes to drive the organization forward, and you also can answer some fundamental questions of not just why people join, but why they stay, then you can craft a give and get proposition which is a two-way value exchange of not just what you stand to get as an employer but actually what you're willing to give in return candidates and employees alike can make very informed career decisions as to whether it's an ideal match.”
    How to Strategize a Good Employer Brand 
    Bryan shared the mistakes companies make when envisioning and strategizing their employer brand. He also shared vital pointers and elements to consider in desi

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    How to Lead the Hiring Revolution: Strategies for Hiring 4.0 Industry Leaders, with David Perry

    How to Lead the Hiring Revolution: Strategies for Hiring 4.0 Industry Leaders, with David Perry

    Are you familiar with the term “ 4.0 Leaders”? If you are, then you understand the value of hiring such leaders in whichever niche you serve, especially in this age of the industrial revolution through artificial intelligence. 
    I am excited to share this episode as we have a returning guest, the Rogue Recruiter, David Perry. We recorded this episode on his birthday. And you know that it will be an episode packed with exceptional expertise and behind-the-scenes stories from 35 years in executive recruitment.
    David and I touched upon relevant topics such as building strategic, long-term client relationships and the art of placing the right candidates within a company's culture. We also covered how their project, workinsight.io, can change the current hiring landscape. Lastly, David shared his insight on what recruitment will look like and why hiring 4.0 leaders is a critical role of recruiters.
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:09] Pool Table Analogy - David reveals the strategy in his 35-year career in executive recruitment.
    [08:02] Pointers on pre-closing deals and establishing long-term client relationships.
    [19:22] “Executive Recruiting for Dummies” - Why David writes the questions and runs the candidate interview with their clients.
    [26:06] Educating your clients on the cost of a bad hire while quantifying your added value to their organization.
    [29:00] Be inspired and don’t give up: David shares his story about his early struggles in his recruitment career.
    [32:24] What is Workinsight.io and how can it be a game changer as a matching platform for candidates and employers?
    [52:18] Teaser on David’s new book - “Revolutions Need Leaders”
    [1:00:05] David shares why they send a 27-page proposal to their clients.
    [1:07:00] Book recommendations from David and why he never stops learning from others.
    Strategize Your Recruitment Like a Pool Master
    Before we recorded this episode, he had recently closed around 750K in fees. I wanted to get his insights on how he can consistently deliver in the industry for 35 years. 
    If you are familiar with the game of pool or billiards, you will relate to David’s analogy about his strategies that keep him at the top of his game. He describes his approach, “You play pool, right? Most people and most recruiters are usually good for sinking a shot. Maybe a second one, okay, rarely a third one, yep. Rarely can someone clean the table. So this is how we think about search. We get a lot of inquiries to do work for companies… That's like playing pool. Before we do a deal we want to look down the table and go, okay, what's the next ball, what's the next ball, what's the next ball? And oftentimes we won't take a search because we can't see the next one.“
    David elaborated on the following techniques:
    Focusing on client relationships, investing time to understand their culture and what fits in their organization. Doing so can make placing three people with one company easier than three people with three different companies.
    How to pre-close a deal through an intake call with the client via Zoom call that will lead to a face-to-face discussion.
    Running the interview questions to the candidates, with the clients on the side.
    Like me, you will admire David’s tenure and expertise and how he delivers his service to his clients. 
    Democratizing the Job Search Process
    David and I discussed their exciting website project: workinsight.io. Work Insight is a recruiting platform designed to be candidate-centric by allowing them to have a level of anonymity. The approach is inspired by dating sites, like Bumble or Tinder. The goal of the platform is to democratize recruitment - “This is designed to help people get the right role. That's why it's free. It's free for recruiters to use and post. It's free for job hunters to come and find jobs and post credentials. So we're trying to democratize the hir

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    Why Prioritizing Health and Well-Being is Essential for Recruitment Success, with Scott Eastin

    Why Prioritizing Health and Well-Being is Essential for Recruitment Success, with Scott Eastin

    In the fast-paced world of recruitment, you’re under constant pressure to deliver results for your clients and achieve sales targets. So what’s the secret to maintaining peak performance without burning out? 
    In this episode of The Resilient Recruiter, our special guest, Scott Eastin, provides a fresh perspective on achieving sustainable, long-lasting success in recruitment. Drawing from his own successful career, having navigating many ups and downs, Scott emphasizes the pivotal relationship between prioritizing health and recruitment success. 
    Scott is the Director of Eastin IT Security. Over the last 13 years established himself as a leading Microsoft Security consultant. He’s worked with major organizations such as Coca-Cola, American Express as well as state and local governments. For the last 5 years, he’s built an IT consulting and staffing firm winning high-value, long-term projects that generate recurring revenue.
    In this episode, Scott unpacks his remarkable transition from being a software developer to becoming a successful recruiter. He divulges his four cornerstone strategies for business development. Most importantly, emphasizes why prioritizing physical health is a non-negotiable component in maintaining his overall productivity. 
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:25] Scott’s journey from being a software developer to a successful recruiter.
    [10:14] Insights on challenges when transitioning to a career in recruiting.
    [14:47] Sharing a story of how embracing an idea that was not done became a game-changer.
    [24:00] Scott’s Top 4 Business Development strategies
    [30:35] Hosting networking events - an effective way to engage with your community.
    [36:15] Comparison of consulting practice versus permanent direct hire models in the tech space.
    [44:36] Managing cash flow challenges in a consulting and IT staffing business.
    [54:40] Mindfulness, health and well-being.
    The Advantages of a Consulting Business in the IT Space
    Is it easier to manage an IT consulting business model versus a permanent direct hire practice? For Scott, having a consulting business model works well for him for the following reasons:
    Trusted Independent Contractors - He has already established a network of reliable independent contractors, which makes it easy to take in projects from his clients. 
    Long-term Contracts - Because of quality service delivery, he can secure long-term contracts that assure him six-digit revenues at the beginning of the year.
    If you are running an executive search firm or permanent hire practice, you might want to consider exploring the option of a consulting or contract service as an additional revenue stream. Scott believes that this is a great time for such a business model:
    “Quite frankly, if you look at the statistics that are coming out now, more and more people are interested in contracting and independent consulting work. I know I was reading an article from the staffing industry where I think they said literally 38% of the U.S. workforce has done some type of gig work.”
    Of course, there are also challenges in this type of business model, such as cash flow management - sometimes you would have to pay your contractors before the client even pays you. Scott shared how he solves this.  He also elaborated on his approach to business development.
    The 4 Cornerstones of Scott’s Business Development Strategy
    Scott describes himself as a “reluctant salesman.” Before becoming a recruitment business owner, he had this preconceived notion about salespeople: “Selling is somewhat, maybe a dirty word for some people in the technical industry.” 
    Part of his journey is getting over that mindset. Scott’s primary principle regarding selling and business development is “Great service, great people, and great value.” He shared four key pointers about this topic and elaborated on how this helps him to

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4.9 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings


#1 recruiting podcast for full desk recruiters

Mark asks great questions and gets into depth, in the right categories. I spend a lot of time listening to YouTube, podcasts and really anything educational in the recruiting industry but a lot of them are okay, I don’t walk away feeling like I learned a lot or was given a lot to think about. When I listen to Mark’s podcast I walk away feeling like I was implanted with an extra year of experience through listening to a 1 hour podcast. Also, the guest he interviews are great!

ninjago green ninja ,

Great for Recruiting Firm Owners

The Resilient Recruiter is both informative and entertaining. I only wish I would have found it sooner. It's a great resource for recruiters of all levels, but particulary recruiting firm owners that are just getting started. Mark's interviewing style is excellent and he has a great line up of guests.

Ima listener ,

A new favorite!

What an informative + entertaining podcast! I look forward to the content put out and never want to miss another episode! Highly Recommend A++

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